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tv   Doc Film - Siberia - Champions of Prehistory  Deutsche Welle  July 28, 2018 4:30am-5:00am CEST

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promised to his son charlie when told return to the concrete and glass jungle of new york. the result reverse culture shock. was a. song from the forest starts aug ninth on w. . her her. her her. set of jeezy muff belongs to what's become a rare breed he's a visionary a pioneer here in the extreme north of siberia above the arctic circle he's at the
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from tier of ecological research this is a book. heal our those. understood our legs as i doll soup in the dope. we can afford. to much militancy and it's in my genes. are always knew i had a mission of i want life to return here the killing of hundreds and hundreds of kilometers of this huge region resemble a biological desert complete scientists are the only species that drive fairies and life. here in this industry simple landscape said gay created one of the most important research the cities in the arctic the northeast side station comprises just
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a scattering of buildings surrounded by the tiger the boreal forest. past . the region has been said james harrison for more than thirty years apart from a short span of the university of berkeley in california to geophysicist has never wanted to be anywhere around us today he's a member of the russian academy of sciences and an internationally recognized expert on arctic ecosystems until warming. the research station is now run by his son nikita. right now regarding the area that was the big garden earlier but you're a bit more but i think you're more for the thing about the start of prison camp
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than discover number of additional have risen the river. and yet nowadays a completely different tragedy is unfolding in the melting of the permafrost a vast underground place here that stretches from siberia to alaska more than twenty percent of the planet's land area. most of the words of the world we're in to money are the only place in the world where you can actually see with your own eyes more than ten kilometers of permafrost because the river has swept away the embankments what shining over there is ice the location is interesting because you can see the permafrost thawing right in front of the executive board if we can do to global warming or the entire region will soon look like this is the those who pay. well but bet a million square kilometers will look like this is a similar students this ship and that in the ice age thirty thousand years ago
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there were endless steps here just populated by all sorts of animals all use the all you need to find paleo ontological fossils is a shovel that will never come. there's a little i found the tooth of a baby mammoth of the world and part of the jaw more into the teeth of a full grown mammoth or this big this or this is a small one based on the bone remains here it is possible to estimate how many animals have lived here in the past a steel worker will study school as you see the world is all. per square kilometer and they would have been one mammoth five bison seven horses and fifteen reindeer the fool has revealed the past the christ the scene more commonly known as the i see. nothing at the moment for sure this permafrost this dates from the age of the mammoths couldn't get off here and you can see the grass roots here this
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is fresh organic material to see if. the disappear of the standards. this is ice. oh. one of those each of these veins each formed within a year it's given kind of the poles not the dish that is you i mean you see. the turn those trickles on the mountain face on a warm day twenty centimeters of ice can melt a year that i've done this summer it'll be three metres further back or more when i was young this wall was still a hundred metres further over there near that sand bank super bowl still.
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gets news let's get the sense you have microbes have been dormant in the ice just tens of thousands of years. it's you know the ice is starting to thaw and the microbes are reviving very quickly literally within minutes yeah you festival then he she would then they're terribly hungry they haven't eaten for twenty thousand years and this soil contains a lot of organic material that they never had enough time to eat in their youth i pursued by soon we should live now that reviving and doing what they didn't have time for back there is. only done when the climate is dry you know they eat the organic material and produce you know two. human conditions are moist they produce methane. does both our greenhouse gases will. if these vast quantities of gas are released he's there will accelerate global warming to the point that it will become unstoppable he needs.
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one point six trillion tons of planets warming combin dioxide along in the well it's come a frost if it was just still it would have the same effect as been in all the forests on the planet two times over. because the skipper musial lives with him meanwhile you see clear for at least ten years the temperature has not fallen below zero on summer nights it doesn't freeze any more he'd prefer in the past it was impossible to grow potatoes here they couldn't survive the night frost much more effort for years nothing is frozen at night now even barley grows here i
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will miss that was a modest. he said gay is on a mission to restore the region's long lost ecosystem he's waging war on the tundra and taiga the two predominant ecosystems of siberia. less than ideal is full kill i mean we're five hundred metres away from our park and we've stopped here because i want to show you what it looked like before we began our experiment. with on soft it's a very hostile territory inaccessible. just for a swamp area with dense thickets of scrub and roots she was and now we're going to the park and you'll see the difference is a major general as it's. this
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landscape to sergei's experience pleistocene past here in these vast grassy steps said gays reintroducing large herbivores one forces bison yaks moose and rain dean. this is what it must have looked like in the ice age when woolly mammoths trimmed the land. to the top the list of similar parks this is places to see in the hard. sell still we staked out international one hundred actors and created an eco system as a pilot project there's a lot of dakotas and we introduced the same density of animals in the pleistocene era that's ten tons per square kilometer is really quite a thump and in the surrounding area we've developed another two thousand five
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hundred s. but that's not yet so densely populated with animals as on your body so there's been less impact on the environment so far and. sandy's idea is as radical as it is simple in some of the steps silvery sea of bras reflects the some night and absorbs less heat than the doc treatments of the time. in winter when it's forty to fifty degrees below zero celsius animals roaming the steps would play a vital environmental role provided his project expands beyond the boundaries of his palm. but he doesn't have his balls n'est there is a realistic chance of stopping this ticking climate bomb which he's. at. my c.v. the landscape in northern siberia as far as alaska must become step again she says it's a matter of restoring the original ego systems no shows to get more generally was
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it unspoiled nature regulates the temperature of the permafrost by itself the mean will sort of even at forty degrees below zero on the earth's surface the temperature under the snow cover is only minus ten supported the suit of this know is an excellent insulating layer of the ground underneath doesn't praise for a much less on our pastures the animals dig for grass and trample away the snow it's like pulling your blanket off on a cold night you'd be very cold it's the same thing yes the pool if you resettled large populations of herds in this environment they would trample away the winter snow exposing the ground to colder temperatures and preventing the ice from melting so quickly. it just was a tug but it was. the right now we're in the better of a cave but that's very typical construction of many fishermen sitting in the region
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to help make those much more of course but. that's the way for them to cover their fish in the firmware and store them so it's negative temperatures here here are. just outside the park a set of instruments wrist where we should measure temperature in the winter and on the depth of meter in march when what's the coldest temperature drop down to minus seven centigrade so where the snow was and dark but in the forty's where we could also for any was which trampled all year round and they trampled on the snow the temperature in march was minus twenty four on the same depth so seventeen degrees difference so if you make that. happen on dubious skills that will prevent prevent us from melting woodlice post ball or and so all the proceeds to buy as many of the
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kids and that's very critical because once the permafrost is melted it can not be stopped you know all this going to stop it so that's why we need to create those steps quickly and that's where we need people to take action now. the first affects of the following panda frost are already visible. in chad ski buildings are cracking and subsiding because the ground has become too unstable. cesky is the nearest town to the. a two hour boat ride away. life here in the coldest inhabited place on earth is how. the town isn't even accessible by road only by plane and there are just two flights a week cesky has lost three quarters of its inhabitants since the soviet union
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collapsed lenin still overlooks the colima harbor it's a place haunted by the case of the past. year skinny guy trask is unique he was the strategic starting point for expeditions to the soviet arctic so we see this was the best place to earn money and enjoy our standard of living but after the collapse of the soviet union everything went under within just a year in the past there would have been fifty ships here at any given time now there's just one of. them. back at the research station dumped this is why i said again and nikita live foreign scientists also conduct research here in the region. you nikita has taken
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over from sergei as head of the research station the reserve is funded with subsidies from european and american research programs coverage or quarter but a fair debt. debacle off. the team of researchers from the us is currently on site for two months that everyone meets up in the evenings to eat together. whether alexander is researching the growing incidence of forest fires yet another consequence of global warming it's a seven students here in siberia that i feel like family now i mean after many many years and they have been so helpful for me and are not only in terms. logistics but also just helping me think about the science helping me understand how the system works and so you know rather concerned with what's going to happen ten twenty thirty years from now and so i think that. there's siberia in russia it's
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incredibly and unfortunate that so having research based here in this is tremendously important for all of us. pretty windy here. from. women amounts of the claim a reason to keep the has rounded up some men to help him catch reindeer. leading us to do what i did where you're going to. be right now we are hundred kilometers north of the station and we will disagree boards that big want to pick up during the years to the right because this little island which is about how to be a white there is treat for us to the north pole the slow and so chaotic itself with
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the old and dangerous police. and. how's it going boys. the range you heard as a child and indigenous people they live in the tundra with their hands. normally the animals are sold for their meat source but today a different face awaits them. but what do we do next. go to the food first the herd has to be surrounded so the animals can't escape.
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the. wind could cause him off by and transport all the animals with which they populate their reserves by themselves just reindeer are the easiest animals to come by they can be collected by boat from the tundra only a few hours away at three hundred dollars a head several for the cheapest but bison and musk ox which nikita and said game
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need most urgently cost ten thousand dollars per animal and they're not found here in the region here we. really won't get we only have a few young adults wolves attack them in the spring of seventy five reindeer were trampled down in the paddock when the bears came and they're a plague. well that's good we also had bears in the reserves until a few days ago just because you didn't just believe we killed two. that she was there with. you but you know we're going to. take. another twelve hours in the boat then the rain team will be released into the wilds of the resent hewitt and you.
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are going to go. they are all stressed of course you know tell us more to me it was never a nice picture on the same. bill now and tell them what the most and up. and then they will be much better. i don't i need to break open up. the future. we have woody to mold pretty far in this very complicated thing to build a park here so that's a hole was a challenge so what we face today was oh absolutely nuts and it's once we went through on the go i want to list on the same boards to pick up moscow it was seven days to go. because we were it's open to close in the us fourteen drifted through some goes through the dresden ice and then on the way back
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we had a horrible storm and for two days we were briefed in the open ocean so it was quite the expedition then next year was to go and sailed so we scooped twenty five days of driving through into russia it was pretty very complicated and extremely extremely dangerous trip my truck was the last one that season was friends with sex and we did just because. trucks which were driving behind them drawls well the nicest thing about my work is not that i'm still a wife but suppose the. housing cultural part of the women. in. the most honest fearless family. has wife and their three daughters live with him in the research station until the pound on nights and seen in winter they go to
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school a novel c b m school four thousand kilometers away. from a dorm for the reindeer have finally arrived in pleistocene park will be released soon but before they join the other animals they spend a few days in the paddock getting a climate time. doctor alert right now on the other leg of mr richard bush era from asia watch your head miners. have picked. are you. thanks pretty good kind of. next year will be no less demanding nikita's planning to import bison from the us.
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a regular kind of science experiment experiment so work of thousands of acts of software and every door was. important but on a global scale that's a tiny effort which is negligible and in order for us too. make this kind of influence on climate work with we would have to make it on the really big scale so pretty much what we aim for is we want to make high productive stuff across systems everywhere on the planet well most places in the planet which i look at by the humans in the future where if wife ever ordered you know maybe ten thousand effect a system which is already function if i would be inside the smallest there from that point because it would expand foster. to resurrection of the woolly mammoth in the us geneticists at harvard a hard at work on this project could this normally extinct species really be brought back from the dead to stampede across siberia said gay hope so yes i need
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most. i need maybe fifty souls a mom's for beginnings but no one. don't give me. give me so much money as it's probable. but i believe that this is good chance it's. because fortunately a difference sort of way chill no gentleman moments exist and no better more for us and gentlemen science develops all fussed. maybe you don't need to make a star fool mommas my view we need change in the tilt janov of malden early fonts for adaptation in support quite. unknown shrugging only the abandoned radar antenna is man made. everything else
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here is preternaturally fast a man ski he teaches will santa gaze vision and their conviction that only nature can save mankind yes yes. half. my question do not care about animals that much i care about you was way more and i have kids and i want them to leave on a better planet in the future and. that's why i did the first it's difficult for me but markets affected it's really yeah it's basically got a one off that we swallow them and just survive on this planet and develop in the future past. the world to have more people to join our force for you know as long as it's a rope
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a cross to give all doesn't matter how far it's right still you can a going to since the world witnessed two people. thank you feel.
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