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moderate b.w. and top experts who are going to want to come up and open their two thousand and ten stores and other circuits are going to double up the moment playing cut the law. legal even the odd new leaf. hello and welcome to kino coming to you as always from the german capital in today we're at the city's landmark brandenburg gate for a special edition on the sell you lloyd city early in on film the roaring twenties the nazi era the cold war the fall of the berlin wall the cool of today pearl in
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has often been at the cutting edge of history and this is inspired numerous movies this is our definitive list the top ten in movies so hold on tight and join us for a cinematic rollercoaster ride through berlin's turbulence past. when one and a noted but in a number of places both motoring and the bustling metropolis where young this film is a declaration of love twenty four hours in the life of the city from saturday so sunday evening. the script is written by the city itself with a little help from legendary film director billy wilder. five young people meet up at the berlin like. they fall in love and they
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dream five of palin's four million inhabitants. number ten is a film in which palin and berliners of the star. nine hundred thirty one palin is dancing on the edge of the volcano. the city is a place of freedom and loose morals this is the ballin of cabaret the muse who picks up because an english writer arrives in the city and meets irrepressible don't sally. have a strange mystical feeling about. balinese cosmopolitan it attracts people who are happy that here they can just be themselves but the storm clouds are gathering few
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cities have been shaped by history in quite the way that berlin has the party will soon be over and the nazis will sweep to power. the darkest chapter in the city's history is about to begin. fifteen years on world war two is over and berlin lies in ruins a new beginning for the city and for cinema a holocaust survivor returns from a concentration camp. three. daisy. touched she has to share her accommodation with a bit war veteran. that it was. just. a city in trauma it's not just the victims of war who return which is the perpetrators back to. which option but you got to tune it to the why not
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redefine. the theme here is crime and punishment the law and justice. liberates in berlin in one thousand nine hundred eighty one the hollywood director was back in town to make a political fuss about the divided fronting a city a burning and cold war comedy coca-cola wants to use berlin as a staging post to conquer the eastern territories behind the iron curtain that made all of those you're not of arkansas. any means are justified when it comes to getting the russians on board. but while the film was being shorts communist east germany erected the pearl in war the cold war had taken a serious turn spelling tragedy for many the clash of ideologies was no longer
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a laughing matter. the right film at the wrong time and in the wrong place decades later it was rediscovered and became a cult hit. more than half a century after one to another hollywood director and another cold war drama in berlin when i shot the scenes we've built a lot of the wall we've built you know probably a good three hundred yards to the wall. i looked at the wall and i just said did this really happen and american lawyer is in the divided city to negotiate an agent swap with the soviet union and east germany communists but then is a place of heightened political tensions the drama is based on a true story divided berlin had more than its fair share of spy he's the bridge was the gateway to the west the film perfectly captures the menacing atmosphere of the time.
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these stones marked the exact position of the hated bird. in war that divided the city for almost thirty years when it fell it was the end of an era and affected the lives of all those who lived through it it's time now to look at how the collapse of communism and life in the reunited city has been depicted in the best berlin movies of more recent times. on the ninth of november one thousand nine hundred eighty nine the berlin wall fell. our number five with the tale of a berliner who misses the dramatic events because he was imprisoned when he comes out the east german state he grew up in no longer exists the city has changed. exits and. i new era has begun
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the film shows the shock of the new and the fears that this triggers that's one article because. it is also true for us was it was a good video that you know what so i thought of. a new beginning not only for the city. thousand and six it's just another summer in berlin time for more personal stories and trust reasons film is an intimate portrait of two women's friendship they spend a lot of time on the balcony. if. you wish to visit my see fashion. as was mine. ballin is now a single city and finding the right man is a tough task. with.
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strong emotions in hard times in the first decade of the new millennium the situation is desperate but not serious. number three and we've almost arrived in the present the berlin of today the meanderings of a city slicker in search of a symbol cup of coffee. to go yeah. i got. the microphone. just scraping by in berlin can be a full time job the low budget a coffee in berlin one germany's top movie on a melancholy and poetic portrait of the city and its quirky inhabitants. in two thousand and fifteen another berlin film won the german film prize number
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two is victoria. the movie which is just one single shot taking us through the night. so we can show you if you want to follow. the burning guys made a spanish girl in a club what starts out as an adventure soon becomes a nightmare after a bank robbery there on the run in is wild and chaotic victoria is a mesmerizing hypnotic tour de force. few directors have succeeded in creating a story that is timeless and universal despite it being set at a very specific moment in history the inventors is one of them he created a movie monument to the divide. and ensured that the city would forever be associated with angels are number one movie and
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a location that has changed beyond recognition. director vin mendez at potsdamer platz revisiting one of the main locations for his legendary berlin opus wings of desire. there are angels in the city watching over the people below listening to. the west of the city closed in behind the wall frozen in low intensity conflict a bizarre standoff that had already lasted decades. stops. we shot in the winter of one thousand nine hundred six that time the war was as impermeable as it ever would be but angels could walk right through it over.
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the angel see into the homes and hearts of trouble didn't have a chance they hear the endless streams of the thoughts. on. wings of desire is the ultimate berlin film in which all the shadows of the past meets up infused with the city's ultimate love of life. rest assured cinematic journey will continue there are many more stories waiting to be told. so there you have it all personal choice the bird in movies perhaps you disagree drop us a line with your comments and visit our website for more about on film until next
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time been. here this may. take. i know i feel taliban it's nothing fast. sinking the brief a visit to estonia is not just national.
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brown really love at all for hitler. or did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's mistress. only an insignificant concert at his side pursuing her own ambitions. no other woman got so close to him around life and death with a fury in forty five minutes on d w. sorry joe just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. deep in the rain forest in central africa. to play their culture that the state was. only
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a promise to his son charlie when told to return to the concrete and glass jungle of new york. the result of reverse culture shock. from the forest starts caucus night w. . after. everyone welcome to our highlights edition of euro max with the best picks of the week here's a look at what's coming up. in the air at the top of the eiffel tower in paris. under the sea underwater sculptures off the coast of london so it ought to.


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