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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 29, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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and were determined to bring something new for the next generation the indian team barman series of three thousand on t.w. and online. this is day to day news coming to you live from berlin democracy under tress in cambodia following national elections the country strongman ruler is expected to hold on to power in a poll that opposition groups say was a sham voting stations were due to close moments and go we'll go live to combo d. is capital also coming up. housings of migrant arrivals seeing spain overtake
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a semi as the main landing point for those arriving to your advice be to take heed to a new flashpoint for migrant crossings to the continent. and here in britain hasn't turned out for one of europe's biggest gay pride gatherings christopher street day . i mounted on a welcome to the program while national elections have been held in cambodia today where the winner is all but a foregone conclusion cambodians trickled into voting stations in a poll that human rights groups have labeled a farce prime minister hun sen is expected to sales a victory extending his perch tree year grip on power is opponents called for a boy cost after the country's courts dissolved the main opposition party leaving no child. the world's longest serving prime minister has become increasingly heavy
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handed restricting human and civil rights in cambodia here's more. the votes have not been counted but no one is holding their breath. and there is little doubt that this man will stay in power can send the prime minister remains firmly at the head of the ruling cambodian people's party for c.p.p. he's been in power for thirty three years making him the world's longest serving national leader that he has survived the khmer rouge pushed the country's royalty aside and outlawed the rival c.n.r. p party his only viable competitor because of that and a crackdown on media critics call the election a sham. although he's. prepared to do anything. to cling to power so he
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hasn't date to suppress. rights. this is cambodia six election since one thousand nine hundred three after decades of war and one cent has made it very clear that he wants a big turnout. a poor showing could be seen as support for the band opposition party. anyone who opposes elections destroys the nation and democracy and should not be forgiven the. as polls close in cambodia consensus seems assured of his seventh straight term as prime minister further securing his name in the history books. some of the other stories making news around the world. at least ten people have died and forty injured after an earthquake struck the indonesian island of lombok the quake has early in the morning and reportedly lasted for just seconds damaging
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several buildings in the popular tourist destination. israel has released palestinian teenager i had to meet me from prison the seventeen year olds to meet was jailed for eight months alongside her mother for slapping and kicking two israeli soldiers near her home in the west bank israel says she's going to be used by her family for political reasons for palestinians she has become a symbol of resistance. people in mali are set to vote in a presidential election today it's expected to be a tight race between incumbent ybor him go because he is seeking a second five year term and opposition counter this. see say in the polls come as the country bottle of a wave of ethnic violence and jihad is a. agricultural ministers from the g twenty countries have committed to steer clear of all necessary obstacles to business amid growing trade tensions the
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ministers who are meeting in buenos aires have raised concern over increased protectionism which has rocked agricultural markets recently there's been a dramatic decline in the number of undocumented migrants reaching europe this year overall fifty five thousand people have arrived that's how the figure for the same period in twenty seventeen but one race has seen a surge in illegal crossings with spain overtaking italy as the main landing point over a thousand migrants have been rescued crossing from morocco since friday. pursued by a police boat apart from morocco lands on a spanish beach. a group of migrants jump and disappear into the surrounding dunes. the scenes were captured on friday off the straits of gibraltar the narrowest body of water separating north africa and spain it's become
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a key migrant ruesch more than twenty one peasant people have made the crossing so far this year that's three times more than in twenty seventeen. about seven hundred people are reaching our country daily but mainly in and elisia the surge is concentrated in southern spain the pressure is not as noticeable in madrid we only have forty arrivals daily but it's getting more and more. your. image or its old ten migrants look for a better future two years ago a rona from senegal reached the spanish enclave of so utor the e.u.'s only land border with north africa now he has a work permit under job to reconcile in order that would he will don't leave their homes because their borders social and economic forces make them take the hard decision to leave their families behind and it's a little. earlier this week hundreds of migrants celebrate after reaching european
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soil and so uter they wrist injury and attack security forces to storm a heavily fortified six metre high border fence it's another incident highlighting the pressures facing the spanish authorities reception centers are overflowing and peasants more undocumented migrants are waiting to attend to crossing the e.u. already works with morocco to prevent illegal border entries as additional measures now looking never simple will be of no they bring you. in this again will now put pressure on the european union to give morocco more resort. to stop the migrants maybe you. towns in southern spain are already sounding the alarm saying they fear being left alone to cope but they also want to be prepared like here enough to syria's. authorities are readying new reception centers to accommodate more arrivals. every summer he says sins of
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young russians attend summer camps with a difference as well sitting around campfires and sleeping in tents they learn to fire goans and simulate clearing a building of terrorists the so-called patriotic summer camps are growing in popularity. for a summer holiday playing war these kalashnikov machine guns may not be loaded with real bullets but it was a bit but camp the boys are learning how to handle them. the kids here are aged between ten and sixteen. but it's like the world over i know that. little it's nikita's first time in the military summer counter the fifteen year old is from nearby moscow like many of the boys he wants to try out life as a soldier here to decide if it's for him. you don't feel like a normal russian citizen hears if you like
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a soldier maybe even in another country and on a secret mission it's totally different from normal life so. today the boys are swinging into action to clear a building of terrorists. the instructors say these are current real life scenarios from the russian army's operations. structures in the camp of the military background several are even actively serving soldiers though the program is open to girls the camp counselors see it as a male rite of passage. to me i would make them sleep with their weapons each with their weapons i mean should always have a weapon with him it's his job to protect the weak and to protect women if he doesn't have a weapon he's not even a man anymore because. but it is a private camp and receives no government funding but the idea matches the mood in russia
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a recent government survey shows that over ninety percent of people in russia feel patriotic. and. so far military summer camps are the exception rather than the rule in russia but a recent law promoting education in the country praises the camps it says they're a good way of instilling patriotism in young people. or. need a strong generation we should all know how to protect the country and bring up decent kids. if you like we missed out on bringing up a whole generation in the ninety's after the fall of the soviet union. compensating for vets and that's why the government is also putting an emphasis on these military patriotic carols. and i think. the battalion gathers to review the day before. the organizers insist the camp is about teamwork and not about patriotism or preparing
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a new generation to fight for russia patriotism is important to me as the law for your home country when she had become but also plays a role if you have the feeling already develops here it's impossible not to be patriotic here. nikita is still deciding whether the army is for him in the long run but for some of the boys this camp has clearly kindled a flame that will be hard to put out. there for the annual christopher street day parade here was the force of time the event has been held in the city it's one of europe's biggest events and the main party at the brandenburg gate ended early this year called off the event due to storm warnings in the german capital. but geyser has been in every bill in pride known as c.s.t. since it began the seventy three year old is one of the pioneers of the gay movement who did this i always as excited as i was the first time the excitement
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doesn't stop when he colgan was the first c.s.t. in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine nearly five hundred people demonstrated in west berlin at the time public opinion was hostile towards people who didn't identify with the hetero normative mainstream. but then i found that we got some positive reaction that was very relieving for me that gave me courage. to use the is a big party but it's also a political demonstration a year after germany legalized same sex marriage the fight for equal rights and acceptance continues a quarter mile of the movement at the moment is that sexual identity should be protected under germany's basic law there are also calls for better education in schools homophobic slurs the still common. descent had ever we're not there yet there's still a lot of injustice we have to deal with and i think this is a wonderful way of doing that. as you heard in the show you are a public people should not hide i hope this is about freedom and not having to hide
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anymore you can be yourself signs of. crime statistics however show that identifying is l.g. b t q i can be dangerous in berlin alone there were three hundred twenty four confirmed homophobic attacks last year according to victim support center they argue that the unreported number is significantly higher the motto today my body my identity my life. has all but sealed victory in the tour de france the hour cyclist held on to the yellow jersey with a strong performance in saturday's time trial and now he just has to make it to the finish line in today's final stage to win the overall race. the moment karen thomas has dreamed of the tour de france title is as good as his thomas produced another excellent display in the penultimate stage he finished the time trial in third place and crucially retained a lead of almost two minutes in the general classification. two on the biggest
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stage of all. over three weeks. since a. time trial world champions home to milan won the stage an outcome that keeps the dutchman in second place overall. he finished narrowly ahead of chris froome the four time toda france champion has had a difficult few weeks but will at least end up on the podium in paris but barring a disaster it's his team sky colleagues thomas who will take his crown as the holder of right cycling's most prestigious title. and not surprisingly there have been celebrations in gary and thomas his hometown the west capital cardiff is the hall and parliament where lays open yellow the color of the ages jersey to mark the first ever win by a welsh rider and cycling's biggest race the festivities will no day continue as the tour a procession heads into paris facing this option is. just
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a reminder of the top story we're following for you can both dns have been voting today and national elections and which incumbent strongman prime minister hun sen is expected to return to power human rights groups have criticized the crackdown on dissent and opposition say the election was shot. here today and you're watching details you need to stay with us at the. where i come from we had to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers with official information as a journalist i have worked at all the streets of many cantrips and they had all the start all.


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