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tv   Doc Film - Eva Braun - Life and Death with the Fuhrer Part 2 Until the...  Deutsche Welle  July 29, 2018 5:15pm-6:00pm CEST

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the over at the beginning of one nine hundred forty eight up brown went on a skiing tour with the furious adjutants she had been cut off hitler's lover for almost ten years but only few in the immediate circle knew of their relationship the twenty seven year old had long accepted the fact that she could only live in the shadows in fact if a brown was a very unhappy woman. she was in good need to feed on each bucket and she lived in a golden cage she wasn't even particularly good and she was caged in. if he is born sylvia unique and it's perfectly natural to be unhappy in such a situation. well you can express yourself if you sign so i'm a decision so i'm i'm with she had already tried to take her life twice before me once with a pistol and once with slipping nails as one who for whom i think those attempts
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were a cry for help and it worked in so far as hitler cared more about her after that was intensely focused on. the war changed everything when hitler stated oprah's on spared the alpine residents became the few who helped courtier the furors headquarters after defeating poland hitler was planning his next campaign against france he had little time for his lover. is dusty as even we know that he treated her like a wife at home he needed someone like her who was loyal and trusting someone he could rely on as she supported him mentally and emotionally until the end he missed some sloss. who was the woman hitler married shortly before his suicide and what was life like with one of the greatest mass murderers ever.
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by this time nobody was surprised that eva brown as a matter of course was acting as the lady of the house at over salzburg she was addressed as guinea pigs why line madam or for line brown miss brown the staff called her the boss. during the war the image of the ideal world of overzealous baggage and the fake idol of the backoff and its inhabitants was presented to the public up there the dictator seemed untouchable he continued to take his long walks there. sometimes not only ava's women friends were allowed to accompany him but also outsiders like actress magda schneider romy schneider's mother.
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only close confidence such as the architect albert speer still had unlimited access to the dictator but there's entourage soon complained about his growing an approach ability eva brown's passion for photography was still unabated she put all of her photos in albums that were only discovered by chance after nine hundred forty five . christmas new year one thousand nine hundred thirty nine one thousand nine hundred forty. hitler taking care of his nine month old german shepherd dog would. she didn't give up filming either which is the reason why the same scene also exists in sixteen millimeter color film. the man of the house also let himself be filmed having coffee and cake with albert
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spears children the architects family lived near the back home normally hitler's residence was off limits for the little ones but at christmas and on the first birthday they provided a welcome facade to create the illusion of a normal private life. one of hitler's secretaries later wondered how was that possible a ruthless warmonger and fanatical mass murderer enjoyed lighting christmas tree candles at the back off and had a distinct need for the joys of family life. this is how much we have to hitler that in whole or it's hard to imagine him he the man who ordered the holocaust as a nice and pleasant person in private. for the germans in particular and for people in general after nine hundred forty five it was easier to picture him as a monster
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a demon just to distance themselves from that period of time off it was easy to separate yourself from him like that and people from his immediate surroundings are kept their political and personal distance from him in their own interests or knitted off so not much was known about his real private life causes him tested on how to pollute the sort of the posters of this town's glow puffs him up. on new year's eve one thousand nine hundred forty the dictator hosted a reception for the backoff staff i wish hoffman his personal photographer from munich was also invited even during wartime the fear is old comrade made millions with postcards and photo books and hitler received a good share of the profits. the new strongman it over salzburg was party secretary martin bormann you had to get past him to approach the dictator bormann carried out
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all hitler's unpleasant tasks. brown was also part of the inner circle she shared her older sister's passion for film and photography almost every year everybody gathered for a group photo. these photos from ava brown's album clearly indicate how she openly staged herself as hitler's partner. by. when hitler wasn't at the over salzburg eva retreated to the little house in munich that the furor had given her as a present she and her mother francisca and sister gretel held big parties there. her father frederick also reconciled himself to the fact that his daughter's
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relationship would remain a marriage without a certificate eva brown still edited short films from her color film recordings which were then screened at the back off going for walkies is the title of this short sequence she most likely shot in early one nine hundred forty at vassar borger street in munich. from the beginning of april nine hundred forty the dictator took up residence at the back off again for months hitler had been planning his war against france the furor was confident that if he could achieve victory before great britain gained a foothold on the european mainland the british would have to sue for peace in the meantime the dictator was focusing his attention on scandinavia. hitler had ordered detailed plans to be drawn up for military action on the norwegian sea. on april
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ninth one nine hundred forty operation vai's or phasor exercise began leading to the veil mox successful invasion of norway. the small entourage of adjutants secretaries and old companions of the fewer such as albert speer assembled on the terrace it was claimed later that hitler never talked politics in the presence of women. after the war the surviving members of the inner circle claimed that the dictator had left them in limbo about his war plans nevertheless eva brown's biographer doubts that the entourage was surprised by the attacks on holland belgium luxembourg and france on may tenth one nine hundred forty. one which hoffman claimed in his memoirs that even during his trip to the western front he believed
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that occupied norway was the destination his profession as photographer meant that he was own ways at hitler side and he most likely had more information than he later wanted to admit. eva and gretel brown's films document how casual life at the back off was while the furore talked business with his adjutants the ladies set on the wall near by. hitler's reputed tendency toward utmost secrecy may have been a convenient assertion of the inner circle to avoid tiresome questions sometimes eva brown couldn't wait for her lover to leave the back of one of the bodyguards later reported the limousines were still driving down the slopes of the mountain and already the preparations for festivities were underway one minute she was acting like a demure governess then she switched in an instant and started behaving in a playful almost childish way.
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he'll despair at most one recall when the furor let himself be filmed at over salzburg he like to surround himself with the architects children their father later recalled he never found the right relaxed way to deal with them a few gracious words and he turned to the next one he considered children as offspring representatives of the next generation he enjoyed the way they looked blond blue eyed their stature sturdy healthy and their intelligence bright and active rather than their childlike behavior he didn't win over any of my children with his personality. these photos from eva's albums show that at off hitler and eva brown behaved like
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the married couple in private but the few are still ruled out marriage. they couldn't offered us if up all of his that he had lost the only reason the buy he and eva brown didn't get married inside an angsty because he was afraid of having a wife afraid she might make a legal claim he's. even said that clearly in his talks that his main headquarters after nine hundred forty two months outside fits. and that he was afraid of the claims the wife might have on him before didn't aspersion our love always remains something casual. she has no claims. and she stays dependent he has even kind of a such poor here's the blight upping it. it's also unclear whether this was a strictly platonic relationship even today there is speculation about hitler sexuality eva's cousin didn't believe that it was an intimate relationship. ritual
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was a cry for help this. ideally suited as a regular relationship. it was more like one between father and daughter. be soit i may still believe that. because i don't want it to be true. that the dug the thought of this man touching her is unbearable as of monday. there is for me. at the bare cove a small passage led from eva brown's bedroom to hitler's she had her own living quarters but the photos of those rooms in her album don't give away any private details. as come on anybody intimate it is a bit ceilings are. going to come to any conclusion about the intimacy of this relationship as there is no proof and he provides it is obvious to him
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a few that in their own tiny letters from hitler to eva braun. even though historians have searched for his they still haven't found any. escape there also no letters from ava browne to hitler everything was destroyed most probably before their final hours. it's quite possible that after the end of the war the brown family also destroyed any letters they had nothing and it screams. out much recalled i was surprised that she and hitler avoided anything that could imply an intimate relationship but still in the evenings they went upstairs to their bedrooms together. after the war former servants were asked repeatedly if they had noticed anything they spoke of ruffled bed clothes but there was nothing more concrete. one historian has even claimed
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that the furore was a homosexual whose relationship to eva brown was only a pretense but there is no evidence for that theory either the fact is that eva brown's tear. years negroes jealously watched their mistress's door. as the veil mocked invaded friends and occupied paris within a few weeks eva brown spent her time at the results back then she was allowed to come to berlin to celebrate the victory. the dictator returned to the russian chancellor rhee on july sixth one thousand nine hundred forty as a victorious field commander eva brown filmed a scene from a window. flowers cover the streets where ever our fewer goes josef goebbels wrote enthusiastically our people are wonderful people. meanwhile hitler's companion had
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her own rooms in the fears living quarters at the government headquarters as spare wrote in his memoirs she entered via a side entrance and stairway she stayed in the rooms below only when familiar faces were present. eva brown turns twenty nine on february sixth one thousand nine hundred one her partner was not present she celebrated with her family as usual he had jewelry sent to her as a present in the presence of her father free to wish mother francisca and sister gretel eva brown was happier than usual everybody profited from her special relationship with hitler nobody reproached her any more. the dictator was in high spirits at the beginning of june one nine hundred forty
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one by vend he had brought most of western and northern europe under german control . by his side s.s. commander sept ditto and old come. that of his from the early days of the nazi movement since december one nine hundred forty the dictator had been working on plans for a war of extermination against the soviet union and these were developed further during meetings with his commanders at his alpine refuge operation barbarossa probably got its name from the panoramic view of the interest back this mountain is said to be one of the mythical places where emperor. was said to have lain asleep for almost a thousand years. the camera is presented to the commander in chief eva and gretel brown filmed the scene their film shot only a few weeks before the attack on the soviet union was called at the back.
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it is unclear if hitler shared his plans with his loyal partner or biographer is sure that he somehow revealed them to her the furer intended to destroy what he called the scourge of jewish bolshevism and believe that great britain would stop fighting once moscow was defeated after a swift attack. as hitler and his generals prepared for war against the soviet union the women traveled to italy. the group consisted of the brown sisters their mother francisca two friends and margaret a dishpan florence was their first destination they were able to go shopping without being recognized as italy was ruled by friendly dictator benito mussolini.
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the women from hitler's entourage remained fashion conscious despite the war hats dresses and suits were tailored in berlin or sent to them from occupied paris. then the small group travelled to naples to visit the ruins of pompei and herculaneum in the year seventy nine b.c. both towns were caught off guard by the eruption of mount vesuvius and completely destroyed. brown visited the ancient amphitheater wearing an elegant trouser suit. a year later the backoff community assembled on the terrace to be filmed and photographed. one thousand nine hundred forty two was the year when the dictator's
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luck changed one defeat followed another this was evident in the furors appearance albert speer later recalled that hitler became less flexible in his thinking and wasn't really able to develop new ideas. he was basically running on a fixed track and didn't have the strength to change direction he wrote in the meantime the holocaust in the east was in full swing the deportations from germany and the occupied countries had begun. c.s.v. it's about it's very hard to tell how much the other women knew it was. called these people want just spectators. they were privy to men i things that happened to him and if a brown lived in munich and after nine hundred thirty three you could see how jewish citizens there were disenfranchised often one talks you read in every
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newspaper about the area in isolation policy the other is you know i'm crunched up so the only question is whether they knew about the physical annihilation of the jews that they were being killed in the concentration camps was since the dust you would in constant touch since laga a moderate voice it's hard to tell out and. up but we can be sure that everyone in hitler's in a circle shared his anti semitic view because hitler and isn't it is was tied. by that time eva brown was partner to a mass murderer friedrich brown had been conscripted into the veil mocked the family photo also shows his eldest daughter is a who worked for albert speer as a secretary but unlike gretel she was not part of hitler's entourage as didn't earn a lot of a center ten marks every month. but she wrote that she could not ask the fewer for favors for her family when her sister criticized the dictator's politics ava
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forbade her to ever mention the topic again supposedly saying if you're ever sends you to a concentration camp i won't be the one to save you. in eva's garden in munich the browns and their friends appeared to be in good spirits and content but the fear is thirty year old lover had changed. is a brown noted in her diary back then eva has become arrogant to radical and tactless toward her family because she mixes with the v.i.p.'s she behaves selfishly and sometimes cruelly she gives away her discarded clothes as if she were the queen. in the summer of one nine hundred forty two heavy suitcases were carried out of the house in vasa booker street. the brown family and some of their friends were going
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on a holiday again with the furious permission of a brown brought along her camera this was to be her last trip to italy. an airplane from the pier as fleet took them from munich a dream airport to the sunny south the furious chief pilot hans fowler was at the controls in war time a costly pleasure trip was a rare privilege german citizens weren't allowed to leave the country without special permission and they could only take small sums of money with them. their destination was the beach resort of portofino near general where the browns had holidayed several times before.
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ava and gretel enjoyed their time by the sea. unlike at the back off they drink a lot of alcohol the browns spent four weeks with their friends in italy as german troops reached the caucasus in the soviet union press his skin and credal passed their time with handicrafts. far from war and destruction eva brown appears to be especially happy in this scene her dreamworld still existed.
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at over salzburg hitler secretary martin bormann had taken special precautions to protect the fury against attacks from the land below or from the air. the overzealous parent could be shrouded in fog generated by a special cannon at the beginning of one thousand nine hundred three hitler tested out this countermeasure for himself he still felt safe from the allied air forces that had begun to raise german cities to the ground. since the surrender of the sixth army at stalingrad the furor had been aware that the third reich could actually form. he confided in propaganda minister gerbils such a fall could only be the result of the german people's weakness he said if the german people ever become that weak they will deserve to be annihilated by
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a stronger people they won't deserve any pity then. the daughter of eva's friend had to schneider often had to pose for photos and films eva's biographer believes that she staged this family idyll to express her wishes for her future private life. when these photos were being taken jewish children were being systematically killed in the death camps in the east. the thirty two year old ava brown was becoming more and more important to hitler for the first time joseph goebbels mentioned her in his diary. the furer praises the quiet intelligent and down to earth character of eva brown she will be a valuable support for him.
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it can't be denied that hitler age visibly and during this war he couldn't win in quanta and the only stages of his parkinson's disease started to show psych. it's a harsh contrast to the elephant as in films that have a brown shot of him and he is up on from his luggage i thought. the propaganda minister noted on march fourteenth one thousand nine hundred four when i'm brown showed us several color films in her room we could see the fewer during peaceful times i have never seen him so relaxed on film before but it was also apparent how much the pure has changed during the war. imagines a few in fits and in march nine hundred forty four the war was basically over the final defeat had become just a matter of time. also dust off the back of this doomsday feeling had spread
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throughout the backoff and he says it what's your theory if the fact that they rescreened evil brown's old films shows they wanted to escape that reality. and talk back to the happy days and peaceful times they want spent then not the fleetly kids hiding when he. thought the psych off the nk. is a soft these people had a special bond. and they wanted to feel united again as hearing aids day is a good minds on kites the shrew envoy it. on april twentieth hitler celebrated his fifty fifth birthday at overs on spec eva browne frequently complained about migraines and hitler patted her hand in concern . in public they now behaved much less formally on june third one thousand nine hundred four eva brown sister gretel married s.s.
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group and furor herrmann figure line in salzburg hitler secretary martin borman was one of the witnesses say the line had been the commander of an s.s. cavalry brigade in the east that had killed tens of thousands of civilians hitler secretary christopher schroeder later claimed that eva arranged the marriage in order to see her sister finally wed and also because she was and not with faith aligned herself as as commander heinrich himmler officiated at the wedding. according to the secretary ever brown said i want this wedding to be as beautiful as if it were my own. the celebration took place at over salzburg the bride enjoyed her big day. fake a line was going. sigurd
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a womanizer and krista schroeder believed that he rather liked the idea of being a kind of brother in law to the fury. gave us supposedly said i'm grateful that figure line married my sister now i'm somebody now i'm figure lines sister in law. at the great hall of the bag the dictator posed for a group photo with the newlyweds eva brown wasn't in the picture. later when fake a line fled the furious bunker in april nine hundred forty five hitler was to have him arrested court martialled and shot. for the wedding banquet at the cato stein martin bormann had food and drinks served from the bare cough still bulging storage rooms three days after the feast the western allies landed on the beaches of normandy it was the final phase of the second world war. hitler left for eastern prussia leaving ava behind when she received the
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message about the attempt on his life on july twentieth one thousand nine hundred four she had a nervous breakdown the slightly injured dictator center a souvenir of the a song. about hitler the fact that hecla send his shredded uniform off to july the twentieth nine hundred forty four high shows how much he meant to hanoi easy for him how to him going up but of course he was also trying to inflate and emphasize his prowess as a soja. this is how i fight for my country came from i'm doing everything in my power to reach my goals mind it see that. i'm going to going on bus accounts on the reality was different up at the board of the wolf. he was shut off from the world. it's remarkable that he wanted her to see his friend it uniformly forms
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that's the type he was basically acting like any normal man in his relations with. two days off are. in the following weeks able brown traveled back and forth between munich and back to scott and her family did not accompany her to oprah's on spec and because she felt lonely there she asked her cousin care trial to come from vienna and visit her the nineteen year old was finally allowed to travel to munich in august one thousand nine hundred forty four. to s.s. men were waiting for me one took my suitcase and the other said get in the car will take you to your cousin ok i still thought they would take me to munich as i wanted to be there with her. but we drove out of the city and i asked where are we going the driver said we're taking you to overzealous bears. once hitler had left with
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his military retinue it had quieted down at the alpine refuge sometimes there was an air raid alert but the british and americans hadn't dared to attack the back off the restricted area was still under heavy guard by anti aircraft units and soldiers of the s.s. it was gonna go for i had to open my suitcase and empty it i said i don't know what this is all about only what it is my cousin. ornge dolphin not been but they ordered me to empty it and i did just that and afterwards i received a note that said guest of the figure said the book we've been gusts through was. still recordings from better days eva brown with her family and friends at a waterfall above the koenig's a lake. of
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his father enjoyed the benefits of his daughter's relationship until the bitter end in the meantime gretel fake a line had become pregnant she would give birth to her child during the chaos of the last months of the war her husband had begun an affair with an actress from berlin. after an s.s. soldier had caught him in the act carmen fagan line became persona non grata at overzealous back. in the late summer of one nine hundred forty four eva brown went swimming with her cousin again she always gave a happy go lucky impression. these diflucan. of fire and her happiness was so garish it was obviously fake it does feel i have shown. it best i realise that it was only a facade. bussmann i thought needs to cover up things that shouldn't be seen by
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others. were. after a swim the small group sundays that can shine plateaux. the women even smoked which was frowned upon in hitler's presence eva brown liked to smoke along just to annoy her partner she apparently often hummed the american song smoke gets in your eyes she only became interested in the war's progress when the allies reached the borders of nazi germany. yet as foolish ignobly at this again she completely ignored it until one day when we were at the tea house. dogs in a dozen large you saw a radio there and said that i wanted to move out of my room and into the teahouses
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the house he's on at. them which she agreed and she just remarked you want to listen to the radio so if you know i said yes i want to know what's happening there was no radio no newspapers there are only a few fashion magazines mostly from out of the country one we were secluded from the world up crystals and from there so then i started bringing her the news. in september nine hundred forty four the news was not encouraging paris had been liberated the americans had reached him and the red army was advancing through eastern prussia. you see it's even in much. time and she got more and more serious and was in the midst of. and yet we've done out says autumn came and we didn't go swimming anymore and pushed cuckoo and i had breakfast and retired during the mornings and. he's
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a flourish tight in the frantic joyful as was sky and. he stopped i think she was woken up by the news one day and then started planning her future path through life or to death a young vital games order in toward the blind. after the failed attempt on hitler's life she supposedly wrote in a letter the authenticity of which has never been confirmed my love you know i always told you that i would die if something happened to you i swore to myself from the first day we met that i would follow you everywhere you go even to the death you know that i only live for your love yours eva. muses c.s.e. a bite of the fuses i soon realized that his phone calls played a crucial part in her life as was the guns guns. from two oni in.
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the states as she always waited eagerly for them. they didn't talk very long not for hours maybe ten minutes. norden fear mongers out there who would watch a movie or the phone would ring and somebody would run outside to get it and then say oh it's for you the film of adequacy she ran out of the room and we continue with the movie the calls weren't really on and i don't know what they talked about see out of the arm off as you well know but it was very important to her starkest bottom borden is was it betters need of us to each use our own chips or boss reese just does uncle. or and well he's called we can leave now it's always called as we can drive to munich now on. let's go for a walk. she always waited for his calls and counted on him or the governments in the if he hadn't called she would have been very sad but the calls always came to
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his numbers you see because. if a brown rarely drove to munich any more since her hometown had been bombed the future appeared so bleak to her that she dictated her last will and testament on october twenty sixth one thousand nine hundred four leaving all she possessed to her family . of mention before and after the bombs had started falling on munich she realized the end was near. yet it's remarkable that a thirty two year old woman wrote her last will and testament basically declaring that she was certain she would die together with hitler and nothing on. about dom it's clear she wanted to die with him no matter where guns are thus emitted lashed out if he'd stayed in eastern prussian would she might have taken her own life in munich last poison to believe in the other that is not because she didn't know how
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the end would come. when she read her will she had realized that when hitler die she would die to last a test on methods iraq large been. stablish hall at the beginning of march one thousand nine hundred forty five she took her last trip to berlin he thought if up all it's not. this trip to berlin had most probably been arranged it didn't just come out of the blue. it was quite clear that she would go there to dine with him for after she didn't just show up at the bunga. the wedding at the end was a spontaneous decision on something he must have thought he owed it to her and her loyalty through our shoulders yet all you. get psyched up. she said her goodbyes to family and friends during a four week stay in munich and had already left overzealous back in october of one
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thousand nine hundred four and for a long time believed that her cousin had stayed there until the end. happened that if a knock out at i sent a letter to the bear her dress but didn't hear back from her. up says he don't waste no phone i heard it on the news that mean yes the first they said that hitler had died a hero's death. and i still didn't know about ava. but in june they mentioned for the first time that he had married and took his life together with his wife. this. much but as i got the impression that she somehow wanted to let her family know that she got married after all. does he in. that. she lead the life of a mistress and her family wasn't happy about that list of it no matter if she was the mistress of hitler or anybody else. up to see its new test of a new clothes of a new human us. but in the end she became
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a married woman or. even if. that's going to before i can imagine that this was very important to. news and a marriage a sick old man a murderer a criminal. and has made her last act was going to her death with. it and you let sequence of events get so who do you mean thoughts of. the dictator marrying eva brown during the night of the twenty eighth and twenty ninth of april one thousand nine hundred forty five what their union did not last for even forty eight hours at half past four in the afternoon of april thirtieth eva hitler poisoned herself with potassium cyanide i don't hitler committed suicide shortly afterward their bodies were soaked with gasoline and burned.
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a time bomb is ticking in the siberian wilderness. the permafrost soil is melting and that compound dramatic consequences would want to. crush the physicists want to fuse there's more to do that they're going to need a lot of pre-historic and. such during all champions you maureen history. thirty minutes on d w. war. my first vice i was a sewing machine. where i come from women are balanced by this notion for something as simple as learning how to write and by say that isn't. since i was
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a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle of my home and it took me years to been despite. finally they gave up and went on by me and my saviors and returns because solo machine sewing i suppose was more apropos really for girls than writing advice as now i want to reach out to those moments back home where volunteer by their duties and social norms and inform them of all the basic rights my name is the matter of the home and i work at some of them. indeed. into. the. crucial presidential election gets underway in the incumbent you.
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can see his ballot in the vote that's hoped to bring peace to the west african country of fears of violence keep other voters away. for more coming up. cambodia's ruling party wins the general election critics say the vote is a sham after the main opposition party was barred from participating. and.


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