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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Mevlut Cavusoglu  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm CEST

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i think. there's a. turkey is not an easy ally for the west to manage viciously insulting if it doesn't get its way it alternates between pressing hard for membership and pretending it no longer needs it my guest here in the german city of golf is the turkish foreign minister flute travel scholer are the differences between turkey and the e.u. becoming impossible to reconcile.
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welcomes converts on thank you to recognize these comments naziism is still widespread in the west the netherlands are nazi remnants and fascists now those are the capital of fascism tulips were sent to holland from turkey during the time of the ottomans it seems that the tulips have not made the prime minister and racist politicians in the netherlands real men well comments from you and your president do you see any reason why the e.u. should deal with you as a candidate member if you're going to insult them like this while last year when the netherlands didn't want to allow us to meet the turkish people in the netherlands there was a passion and the tory was very high and it was coming from both sides and i didn't start that. and when the want to take when you bend it what they call you when the prime minister of the netherlands. told me that i can go to
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netherlands to see the tulips but i cannot see the turkish people how can you define that it is not it is when when when the when there is a case such cases you can criticize any country when there is this isn't going to says and does not vicious you know it's not as he wishes it is vicious is no it is not it's not that you this is how you do your people not his diplomacy your hairstyle is it you have your own you have your own understanding of democracy and when you fire the democratic stand that you said it is so or and so how can you try to teach democracy to turkey then who gives you the right that if you have if you think that you have the right to criticize turkey for this and that you should also accept that i can criticize any country when they while a democratic stand that you have to do it you have done no knowledge to your
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relations with europe because two months no i did the european commission reported by law to relations with several e.u. member states not deteriorated which one really at times offensive and unacceptable rhetoric you mean one example this is what they say two months ago just as what the european human being that whatever european countries and whatever european union say is right and whatever we say wrong i'll tell you what it is it this is this is your problem you think that you are the boss you are the first class country you are the first you are the first class nations turkey is the second class country turkish people said anything about second class this is this is called you second class you don't have to say directly but this is we receive this from the very the from the point that you are how you are treating turkey and turkish people. and are you i have tried to be an hour late being treated their exercise their right to tell you whether you can give a speech which now would have security implications how about the rhythm of us
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around. freedom of speech and you have trying to humiliate is of this is your double standard no it is not my levels are the double standard you are you are complaining about a lack of democracy if you read absolutely the double standard of the europe and the west unfortunately at this moment which i will show you are complaining about a lack of democracy in europe at the same time as the united nations is telling you that you have violated the rights of hundreds of human rights of hundreds of thousands of people in your own country no that is not so so this is the talk received an analogy a litany not hypocrisy it is your hypocrisy and for what the united nations is a hypocrite is a you know we faced a terrible attempted coup and then i had to take the measures my security sequitur of my people is important more important than your comments and your understanding you don't want to understand what happened in turkey and many countries in the us
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supported the plotters now many countries in the us actually giving different type of status asylum to all these plotters including the former military officials why don't why didn't you support a democracy in turkey when we faced this military coup so should i sit and stay there and till they come back and they took over they took they threw over the democratically elected government and democrat this to destroy the democratic institutions in turkey so they look at the show and israel i don't know i am a modeling my religious right we'll see i made it because german foreign minister the foreign ministers have been watching with me and i have been working with them i had been normalizing my the turkish relations with our syria because a new foreign minister can assure the don't know country let me be clear i am letting you are ignoring or now i'm trying to ask you some course you are not yet you are not letting the speak you ask the question after my first sentence you cut
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and you make me. no comment then i mean put the question let me answer and if you have to respect you don't even have respect. to me and you don't have plenty of respect no i'm just trying to get an answer to a question this is not the way to make the interview you said ask the question make your comment and wait until i give the answer this is how we do the interview if you think that now you are trying to foreign minister late in the foreign minister of turkey like this this is not the way and i'm not trying to humiliate she said what you have been trying to ask you are in such a long ago that a question here's a question here's a question put the question last july yeah foreign minister zygmunt gabriele of germany complained about your imprisonment of the dual national journalist danny as usual and he said your president was trying to muzzle every critical voice so mr other one hit back telling him he should know his limits who are you to talk to the
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president of turkey he said how old are you. do you expect european governments to bow down and flatter your proud or well when we criticized the german authorities and we get also similar similar comments and they have been also insulting me from the time and its victorious high unfortunately you see the statements coming from such statements come from both sides this is why i later on i worked with the same foreign minister the khmer gabrielle to normalize the relations i visited him at his house he offered me a key and turkish did and we work together to normalize the relations and we have made a lot of progress why don't you focus and pay more attention to this process but only the negative aspect of our relations which was in the past what is extraordinary in the light of your comment over the last two years is that you are now pressing to join the e.u. within the next five years this is according to your deputy prime minister ratchet
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tagg what he told the german newspaper developed a few days ago he accused the e.u. of acting unfairly allowing several balkan countries to join first and he said turkey deserves to join the e.u. earlier than any other can have turkey has been waiting for sixty years and in the last sixteen years we made a lot of reforms when we had the best relations with the european union i mean two thousand and six immediately after we started the negotiations and some countries france and also european union conscient bloc several chapters and those days we didn't have any better relations with the europeans it was excellent so what he's trying to do that is to say that my deputy prime minister is one when we do the reforms and when we reach the opening and closing banks fans of the chapters unfortunately due to the political off because we haven't made any. yes so why
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don't you respect his opening he's the deputy prime ministers and you question every statement of one turkish politicians but when you never question the european side or the obvious stuff because we have of course we question the european side but you don't represent europe so i'm i don't know than we were i don't know because you are assigned to devolve turkey i must tie up our names i am planning member of the council of europe my friend and i share the parliamentary assembly of the council of europe for two years when you are foreign minister and we are also a member of nato we are member of the o.e.c.d. and we are the party iotas we are not asking for us either we are part of the europe like it or not we are part of that you are mr foreign minister why if you want to continue did your president tell parliament in ankara last october to tell the truth we don't need the membership anymore so which is it you want to do what i view or you don't want to do anymore which is a this is the reaction. this is
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a reaction. when european union behaves turkey that on the turkey needs european union turkey needs european union and european union needs turkey we are everywhere of this but some european countries unfortunately don't see the fact so why so you don't leave you any man or you said your needle tongue trees in the european union actually against turkey your membership may beat my shirt off the e.u. countries you member states actually are in favor of turkish actually you know one membership anymore he said and you struck not you have the accuracy of the reactions yes or the reaction of the country who has been waiting at the door for sixty years ok sixty years so i was away that it is turkey is a mistake so why they said yes so why threaten europe in march last year when the diplomatic running what can what kind of threatening in march last year when
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there's a magic route with germany was at its height your president said that if europe continues this way no european in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets that's what he said. that's a threat that's a direct threat no it is not a truck and that not being a threat it is not a threat it is the actually he is warning the europe if you are in hypocrisy in our fight against terrorism and if you are the terrorists to active to be active in your countries if you. believe that the batteries but is the best one if you allow them to raise money forcibly if you are their illegal activities in your countries and in defeat. then nobody will be safe because what the president wanted to say that do not support the terrorist organizations and take the same measures against all the terrors all sorts of terrorists without
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any double sided residency i say what is it is not a threatening this or are you like to interpret in april you received the most damaging assessment of your progress so far by the european commission they spoke of major steps in the wrong direction and said turkey had suffered serious relapses in the areas of justice rule of law fundamental rights and freedom of expression and cited measures taken since the attempted coup is widespread dismissals arrests and detentions all of which raise serious concerns the way do not by i do not want to reject some of these critics and why should i what should i do with the persons who are actively involved in the attempted go. there walking into the three hundred it's really easy thousand people have been arrested no that is not true not because of the there are people who. do banks there are murderers there are rapists there
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are the rock traffickers you know do you need to curtail what do you do what do you do with this kind of people in your country do you have some advantages right now i'm going to question let me give you asked me a question yes i cannot speak who has used it i'm trying to answer and what would you do for the people who are involved in the crime in your country there are more than two thousand turks from turkey not the turks living in germany in the prison why did you put them in the prison then. why because maybe they are involved in the crime i cannot say that they are innocent because you have the judiciary here rest of the world isn't buying these explanations is it the chief human rights if you like and i justify it if you like i say the question if you don't like you don't you don't buy it this is the offer you think the senior boss yeah not the boy i'm talking about or syria i'm joking about the senior human rights official of the united nations who is concerned by arbitrary mass dismissals of civil servants and
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private sector employees arbitrary closure of civil society organizations arbitrary detention the use of torture deal treatment during pretrial detention restrictions on free expression and movement arbitrary expropriation of private property those are things that he is concerned about not me he's concerned i'm talking about the chief security right sophisticated or my people is more important than what he's saying and he's a biased person and there's a conflict of interest i know him very well ok and this people this assertions blong to the top which also which is who i don't know is for to the very end oh i don't know is a terrorist organizations and i was a motorist because people don't know because many western countries were very happy . on that night ok because. he attempted the coup but he failed and in the morning many western countries who like him very much regretted
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that the coup failed therefore for you he is a good man but for turkish people which western country rejected for the core who is a good man and poor others and for turkish people and for many other friendly countries this is a terrorist organization that's why many countries are closing their networks and the schools in those countries which guess which western country hailed the coup which western country approved. of the unfortunately the majority of which which was given amy more than even that it mattered even if you can't name me one i can give you which one which one of many european kind which won many of one of them almost all of you can't you can't give me one you are divorcing why nobody came to visit us after the coup you can give me a single one almost all of them really yes and you can't give me a single name almost all of them you can't pick i want you to quote almost all of them pick one almost all of
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a sentence almost all of the really yes you have no evidence for that what so i have the evidence of that i many ministers that night actually question me three o'clock in the morning ha turkey was going to treat this plotters instead of asking me how i was doing personally and how the situation was in turkey who do you think people are going to believe the un human rights official who speaks out against human rights violations in the world or you representing the ministration which is charged with massive abuse of human rights we are going to be going to be up to you and it is up to the people if you think you think human rights are just artificial obstacles note you know because your president said in a recent interview i call on the e.u. to remove these artificial obstacles artificial obstacles means the political obstacles to the rise of racism islamophobia some countries are against turkey's membership this is exactly what i meant you know president is what he's
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saying that turkey is ready to continue their relations with the european union on the basis of the standouts democratic standards but if you look at the obstacles because of cyprus or because of sarkozy because of that all of them are artificial and the political one ok. mr foreign minister let's talk about fattal a girl and the islamic cleric in the states you've asked the states to is a terrorist organizations are here now that you tell me and i know can i give you the question first yes but you have other you have to disagree with you have asked the u.s. just as well that didn't look it when you were close to us these are an authorized his is a he's a promoter and he's a terrorist i understand what you say you like what he did in china that's why you said islamic cleric this is exactly what i meant now you answer i'm not you i'm not going to use your lane are you are asserting the here isn't that you put you here
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yourself you want the u.s. to extradite him yes. what is causing increasing concern in the united states is the fact that in april twenty sixth you're arrested an american missionary andrew branson apparently to hold a bargaining chip unless and until the u.s. extradite school and the reason we know that is because you know that this is what's how this is what you're this is what your president admitted in the speech last autumn he said about the americans give us the pass the back they say you have one pastor as well meaning delenn given to us then we will try him branson and give him to you what is that if not hostage diplomacy is not how all of this diplomacy my friend what is it that branson offering in exchange is accuse and the indictment is there if you have if you spare five minutes to read the indictment you will see what kind of accusations there are in the indictment it is
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a poorly judicial process it is not a particularly motivated process so why are you offering to trade you know we didn't we never offered you get no we didn't give us the pastor back nor have the one we have given to us we'll never try and give him to you he never did that but when that there are agreements between between the countries including between turkey and the united states actually to extradite the people or to xchange of the prisoners to it to sometimes when the prisoner the sentence for instance you can send it to him or her to. her or his host countries these are the agreements it can happen but if you're offering arcturian or we had we didn't offer an i am telling you that there agrement no no no no give us about i give you the quote this is how you are interpreted and we have we have never been in this kind of bargaining with any country my friend and only sometimes the intelligence
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is actually walk together to. diet some terrorists or when there is a serious situation this is a kind of cooperation between the countries but pastor is has been detained he has not been charged but there are serious accusations you read the indictment and you can see yourself what kind of a future show that the next year minister let's talk about syria you're playing you said a leading role in the political process with syria you therefore have to take some of the blame for the fact that this process has got precisely nowhere has it geneva a stand such as the russians have allowed president assad to basically keep winning the war and have cemented his position you said you wanted assad out you are further away from achieving that goal that any time or two well we believe that. that cannot rule this country anymore because he has killed almost one million
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people and it is it is not only after me you know you're playing a leading role in the talks and i'll tell you it is up to the syrian people actually at the end to decide to whom actually who should going to rule the country maybe that's why we need to prepare the country for the democratic elections turkey has been playing an important role crucial role at different platforms and since aleppo we have been working we started working with russia then we included iran as well because you like it or not iran is also an important actor we disagree with iran on different issues including as that but this is a major issue this is this is the issue and they are well they want your interest not but they now you have got your best friend this is that they are not my best friend i have been working with them but you don't have to agree on everything with
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a country or person to work together sometimes you can't put this this egg. remit in the brackets but asked on a process for instance have been very helpful to actually. consulate date the ceasefire the escalation zones and also action to take some confidence building steps between measures between the regime and the opposition including the paolo the man who has killed a million people in cairo your by your accusation you cement his power that's no no no that's not true it's about that is after we have never changed our position the russians are not going to let russia all your know that this is a very serious problem syria it is not only my problem i am trying to explain what the situation is and what we have been trying to do ok asked anarky such as it was only once and wheeling sochi to geneva the problem is nobody is paying enough
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attention to the geneva i mean the political process it is not only about russia and iran it is also about our allies in the call ition so without i mean get in without taking any steps forward all making any progress or achievements in geneva how can we be sure about the political solution now the constitutional committee has to be formed. and i am i pessimistic about everything yes no not not very pessimistic in in almost a year and a half we made a lot of progress but we still must do a lot more together all right and they love me or i'm going out of time ok i just and then well you know there was racial pay it call attention to both fighting terrorists and also to the political problems one last question in this to your elections are coming up in june parliamentary presidential elections you've invited
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the o.s.c. e the organization for security and cooperation in europe to monitor these elections as i mentioned before. as you did before and the ransom of your own planet ultimately rejected their criticism out of hand when they said to you that the vote last year had not lived up to the standards of the sea and the council of europe your president said i do not see hear or acknowledge the reports by the o. s. c.e. observer mission so why bother to invite them once again when you're going to reject any criticism no i don't object to criticism and we have been whiting or c. or c. order and parliamentary sam of the council of europe to monitor the elections in turkey every single elections when there is a local elections actually the council of europe it again or observes the elections last year some of the members of this at the committees unfortunately participated to campaign or. prop ekk party h.t.t.p.
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including under who go who is a german policy you don't like what they say you accuse so of being pro peace or play saw the observers should be or bijective and balance they can not take a site they cannot part i also observe elections in many countries during my years at the council of europe so. should be objectively and balanced we can not take a site we cannot participate the campaigns of any particular party and no less than give all the results you want they're going to be on our shit your call go out if you participated in propaganda you are biased if you support the p.k. k. you are a terrorist supporter very clear thank you minister very much for being on congress on. my. my. my my. my
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play live. this is news coming to you live from berlin international observers accuse him by always military of using excessive force after they killed three unarmed protesters at an opposition rally held over alleged vote breaking we'll have the latest from the capital harare also coming up levanon is pressuring syrian refugees to return to their country but what about those fearing reprisals from the assad regime.


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