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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  August 4, 2018 10:30am-11:00am CEST

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and the continent of africa the most stories about a motivational change makers taking their destinies into their. t.w. series for for. d.w.b. dot com. hello and welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven and europe is in the grip of a devastating heat wave it's been scorching farmland and triggering wildfires worst hit so far is greece which has seen what's been described as europe's deadliest forest fire in over a century at least ninety people have been killed in a number of others are still missing after flames engulfed
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a coastal area east of the capital athens hundreds of homes have been destroyed in the catastrophe now at the center of the conflagration is the small community of marty and our reporter norman sri go who's been there and spoken with some of the residents including constantino some are guests who return to the remains of his house. constantino somalia his front door was warped by the intense heat and he's trying to fix it after the devastating fire in martini erath and his family summer house is a tempting target solutions even if there actually isn't much left to loot. the fire them down from mountains and with such power because we have so many tourists right in the street so what separates are coming from the right. here is that. all the forest fires happen frequently in the region konstantinos never
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thought something like this would hit him and his family so hard. what do you do. we have all this years we had so many fires so many fires coming from mother but every time we are in the last minute of the work but now all of our neighbors lost the fires have left marty looking like a battlefield the ashes are still smoldering in some places and the whole town smells burnt a lot of people have been killed and the number is increasing daily many are still missing professional and volunteer rescue teams are searching for the victims you only smartly says from the red cross he and his coworkers are doing their best but they're repeatedly pushed beyond their limits both physically and mentally. it was a group that was shaken we might be trying to experience to know what to expect here but we're also human beings this gets right under your skin. sometimes rick
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confronted with things we've never seen before after. every fence every ruin could be hiding the corpses of people who were surprised by the fire and couldn't get to safety in time. to the rescue services say the old florida you should prepare the population better for such disasters in future. recover quickly when the school dinners that really need emergency evacuation plans. when they begin this this is a high risk area because of the layout of the road spoke up as the buildings and especially the danger very very. last this is. in the middle of the forest your only son tonight is took precautions cutting back trees to stop and spreading easily. his plan worked and his
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home survived. all dry and it's so windy and people don't clean up their lands and they're not proactive and the government is not proactive. then unfortunately this what happens you only saved himself by running into the sea but others would drown doing the same and rescue workers a searching the coast for bodies manya because anton husband a volunteer without people like them the situation would be even worse but they say coordination is chaotic. many many good people. the first hours game and all for themselves to help but there unfortunately because of day three three days after the wildfires those people nobody called them to come and help so they're coming alone they're going around the what they would of a fine but this is not you know organized. people like constantino snow have to.
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pick up their lives again mourning their did neighbors and their burnt out houses and another fire is bound to strike he sends. the nobody lives about as i cannot plan the government has to make this and it's not about this government although governments the government so i don't know i don't know where they're going to do now but i don't think they're going to do anything serious the author or a geezer now investigating what started the funds arsonists could have done so as so often before but whatever the cause no one expected it to end like this. and the greek authorities have been warning that further wildfires could follow after all the hot season is set to continue into the month of august now on a very different note it sometimes seems hard to believe but british exit from the european union breaks it is set to become a reality on march twenty ninth next year and many people are increasingly worried
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about what that change will mean for the sensitive border between northern ireland and the e.u. but there's another border concern it's an angry that's right angry low population fourteen thousand the tiny british protectorates in the caribbean that didn't even get to vote in the briggs's referendum the fear is that the island will be cut off from its immediate neighbor which belongs to france and the uncertainty is so great that people like d.j. hummer are thinking of going independent. good morning good what was the what is your hero class here six thousand five hundred kilometers from london brags that is on the morning news of the beaches of angry in the caribbean are not that far away from the european union in fact they're in it we have benefited from medicine you know from the european union so how will break that affect. the popular radio host d.j. ham or reach as many of and will as nearly fifteen thousand people and they're asking
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the same question. just across the channel is the french part of samar term the islands have long enjoyed close relations. but that may end with britain's exit from the e.u. . wi fi would be insulting because it will be affected directly. in what we want to be our soft water for years. and. that you know that doesn't prove the situation but i'm proud that in a little bit of. nearly all of angry lands goods and supplies are imported from the larger neighboring french island on boats like this. the british island has to bring everything in even drinking water. this port is a low first offering. is the only because this is the only board so.
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if for whatever reason this port closes down. and work itself just microsoft. since hurricane irma devastated the island in late twenty seventeen demand for construction materials has been high very many buildings were destroyed the school was hit hard. hardly any of the classrooms are still usable so principal joyce webster stewart says classes are held in shifts half the children come in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. i think county board up and you go in and get shelter not thinking that the place for you going in is life going to be nothing else that needs a shelter. when i saw it it was heart rending was for. the planned reconstruction is funded by the e.u.
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which is also and will as largest provider of development aid. that much of the funding a potential fourteen million euros is earmarked for education but after brags that nothing is certain but i shall be the united kingdom i would say ninety percent of the people that i talk to or british i have a clue that there's a place going well so you know i really think we have i don't think that we are big on the agenda of the british government. as one of the issues that they speak about . the islanders are afraid that should london fail to secure the breaks that deal it wants and needs and will or will be among the biggest losers they'll lose their development aid their passports and the open border to the neighboring islands. should have had an a chance to participate in the backseat and that no other people should decide on ground state but then britain has been. increasing home micro-managing which i
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think it puts us in a precarious position because. economically we might be at his advantage but. it does not make us feel i don't be a part of. it is secretaries is it fair to us. that meanly has no say because if you take the economy of i'm going to take the budget or bangalore has to be approved by england so we are just puppets in the air and the whole thing we don't look for we have a country and williams were not allowed to vote in the referendum and their frustration over breaks that has reached the point where some are calling for independence from britain d.g. hammer is for it. we can't borrow will be. shows the world don't have the time you know i'm looking for that to be a little bit demeaning go for the people. again and again t.j. hammer hears from people who are angry often fishermen and restaurant owners like
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irad gums. they need to close relations with their a unit. but none of the islanders knows for sure what the future will bring that wanted or have a say they don't get an exclamation of what's happened there so they completely get alienated and when you really need people they are always will take back an action . the action more and more and williams would like to take is independence if they had been able to a majority would have voted to stay in the e.u. now many would rather be part of the e.u. than of britain. now do you remember how fruits and vegetables used to taste so much richer it sometimes seems is that just nostalgia for times gone by no no says french farmer laurel betterer yeah he believes there's far less for royalty these days due to industrialized farming practices and strict norms on
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what can and cannot be grown he's part of a campaign in friends for greats of biodiversity and more flavor and the man dubbed the asparagus red bull is supplying some very popular produce. on thai asparagus topped with grated bonito fish pie nuts and asparagus mousse. last forever i would never dream of making additional like this with any old asparagus. head chef a gourmet restaurant or bear to shove a blunt near paris needs a very special kind. and this person lost a son to things different than plastic wise asparagus them all it takes is one thing to kid has a slightly bitter aftertaste to defeat all the flavor there is depending on it's for charity yeah those are. the only problem is officially this is speratus doesn't even exist and selling rever riot is like this is actually illegal in france but
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rather i has her sources. where said it all hello hello how are you to feel torn apart by an attractive well i said well i just wanted to know if you thought about my asparagus will this evening where i need five kilos of i think you know all. the contraband asparagus comes from here new very sort of was just outside paris here long period grows many kinds of heirloom vegetables he thinks they're just as much a part of france as champagne and that they must be preserved. to variety is typical for this area arjun toy is very good and point was cabbage all my grandparents plants and. i'm not going to abandon them to buy hybrids that don't have the same shape or taste. but these vegetables aren't in the official french catalogue which lists varieties whose seeds or plants may be sold in france its top
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criteria abundant yield in uniform appearance the french farmers association which major producers have the say enforces these regulations. these remotely close well be asparagus looks nice it might have its advantages but this variety simply doesn't yield enough a farmer has to make a living. so even if it pleases all the borzois but he means in paris if only half of the seeds actually grow it won't bring in enough revenue no. arguments like this make farmer laurent barrow you see read his asparagus is in no way inferior to standard varieties that although he's heirloom plants are more disease resistant they're not a sensitive we also need less fertilizer and less water with one of the. many farmers refused to follow the decrees of the farmers association they flout the regulations on principle with the support of illegal seed sellers. here in the
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south of france not far from toulouse nonprofit association kokopelli takes seed orders for heirloom vegetables grains and fruit kokopelli has been taken to court for selling non authorized plant for rabies but has refused to pay the fines. and wanted a court on a real safe smugglers someone else when i travel i always take twenty five thirty kilos of seeds along in my suitcase. we don't care what customs thinks polices mission is simply to preserve by law. diversities. to do that they've declared war on the restrictive french seat catalog which the kokopelli activists see as an instrument for monopolist like monsanto to control the markets and make farmers dependent on them rebel objective measurement in feeding people was never to go their only aim is power and. the more money they can make from nature the
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better keep your kokopelli believes nature's bounty belongs to us all whether it's white eggplant star cole robbie or asparagus they're really a likes to deliver his produce himself to gournay restaurants they appreciate that special something that his vegetables bring to find cuisine. so. there was no me this is what is trying to me it's all a balance introducing our customers to exceptional products. which are almost impossible to find anywhere else for so long. chefs like laurence tribe i intend to keep buying band vegetables so they can keep serving up the best that france has to offer. now people are always looking for new travel
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destinations so what about the legendary please visit so lakes national park in central croatia the only problem is the park isn't quite what it used to be activists say spoiled beauty is being put at risk by tourism traffic pollution and construction and as a result unesco is threatening to remove it from its global heritage list all reports are met up with one activist who is determined to prevent that from happening. pizza lakes park is one of the oldest national parks in southeast europe it so does a location for popular german westerns each a young lives in the area and comes here often he loves the countryside and the waterfalls. or not if the mere thought of this is one of the most beautiful spots
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on this planet. a natural wonder protected by unesco brought about you know everywhere that night if you will until recently the water here was among the cleanest in the world but now the illegal building has caused so much pollution that you can't drink it or even swim in it anymore. the lakes are critically endangered as a consequence of the nearly two million annual tourists unesco is threatening to revoke the park's world cultural heritage status because it hosts crowns like this and keep its pristine quality. there's no sewerage system for example if each year reveals where the sewerage ends up in one of the many holes in the forest some call them tongue in cheek the seventeenth like the stench is unbearable. the trees all around are dying. and
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the restaurant when the guests at the tourist village ask where the stink is coming from one of the people here tell them there's a pig farm around here somewhere. the waste runs into the ground unfiltered and seeps into the politically it's a lakes. the authorities analyze the lake water says of each other but the results were never made public he believes they didn't want anyone to know the water was no longer drink a bowl the local mayor insists that the problem is finally being dealt with then passes the responsibility on to the government in zagreb. the result for twenty years nobody has done anything about the sewage now it's five minutes to midnight and the governments realized that reacher is of national and not just local interest and we have no time left to lose the bargain. and yet construction is still going on inside the national park new buildings are going up all around
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this homeowner claims he did everything by the book which appears to be doubtful. the state seems to be turning a blind eye while corruption among local officials is rampant says of its and his comrades old war veterans. they are spearheading the opposition to the illegal construction. the building permits validity is rather dubious they say. all that was allowed here was the renovation of existing buildings and i'm certain that nothing more than a little house was standing here or there to a billion of which. now there are eight buildings that can accommodate up to two hundred seventy tourists and if you're there you can either but i think that they might just there's a pleasure. in that because the owner disagrees he maintains the whole
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village was here we've been working here for five years our quality is acknowledged we're the only ones with two five star lodgings. it's a luxury resort in the middle of a national park and with no connection to the water mains but the construction was actually subsidized by the e.u. someone sees the sign for target practice. if it's the show's a video about an illegal water pipe use is all around the park tap into it. business in the park is booming too wrists a coming in drives local business people who want to cash in opposing them as if it's only what please you're accusing people of taking water illegally but they haven't had any other source here for sixty years i'm talking about the pollution in the park and i suspect it then why did you wreck the water pipes because the environment inspector told us to leave it all going about i don't know not only that but you were the ones who brought him here. time is running out.
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it beats and his comrades who keep fighting. he says the veterans grew up here and they're determined to protect their world's natural heritage site. and it's not just once pristine landscape. risk of being lost they're also traditional trades that could disappear forever like dance of the mill or so let's go to the netherlands the home of what are surely the most famous wooden mills in the world those that are still functional tend to be kept running by dedicated veterans but what about the next generation well that's where young enthusiastic like ooh hi cope come in. on weekends couldn't hike ups classmates go out on the soccer pitch or to parties but couldn't head for the women alongside school the
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sixteen year old is learning to be admitted his apprentice to his team was in the one hundred thirty year old mill in dublin close to the belgian border. couldn't already knows the routine. just to put up the flag meaning. then the relative shop has to be lubricated with pork fat according to a centuries old practice called overlord and finally the sales are stretched over the rest of plates. my friends like what i do here but they don't really understand it when i talk about it they get bored pretty quickly. boring or not when mills are the emblem of the netherlands there are around a thousand in the country and nearly all of them are still running and not just for tourists. they're still used to grind grain power saw mills all pumped water into the low lying reclaimed areas called cold is but there's a distinct need for
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a new generation like couldn't says the master miller he is almost seventy. and so remote for what he calls are now days it's mainly retired people who do it as a hobby the mills can still be kept in operation but in ten fifteen or twenty years we will have a real problem and probably. part of the problem is that many dutch people view the windmills as props their flower comes from the supermarket. we don't know if you get a flower here i had no idea. this is more convenient for maybe your tastes better from the mellow. foliage and a lot of bad there's no question whether it's right wheat or spelt flour his mill in the town of oyster vic supplies the bakeries in the area. when the old mill stones sing as the saying goes home. and when the flower feel
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soft and slightly sandy. then we know the quality is good quality. of course tourists can also stop by to watch and listen to the traditional craft. these people have come specially from spain they have come here because he is really popular my land is with. the windmills themselves unlikely to last. about whether they will keep providing bake his with flour and where the young dutch people like couldn't hike up will be memorizing the blueprints of mills in the future that is increasingly unclear. and that's all from focus on europe this time around thanks so much for joining us and if you'd like to see any of our reports again just go to our home page on d.w. dot com with forward slash focus on europe whole visit our facebook page news
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stories and to come back next time until then bye bye functions. you out from. the outside the book. you are. the book. the book. the
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book. the book. the but. the bureau. installers deliver housing performances. cut me as flesh i am flamboyant as them a new come closer. and wish. culture. become seriously cold. cuts or fifteen minutes to double.
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fighting for the kids to be taken seriously in the words of what appears was coming out. of this talk on t.w. though they do use the superhero on a mission to change attitudes smart women smart trucks smart station image and there's him by no means missed out on are increasingly dangerous touch w. made. his creations and his brand a mistake about colored office icons of the fashion world. but what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of
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a great fashion designer. some special. effects start september not w. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. the music ologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found that deep in the rain forest in central africa and the little boy in the closing table book i left him with the one. minute leave the room. so. i did buy their culture but he stayed. only a promise to his son mates are known leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass but. the result reverse culture shock. from the forest starts is not. w. . player.
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play. this is the day of the news coming to you live from the end of the standoff over them bob this election shows no signs of being result president m.s.n. money god what is alleging the opposition to accept the result and move on to put up with the sunita nelson jimmy that is still adamant that he won and that he would challenge the outcome for the coming up.


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