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tv   World Stories - Denmark bans full-face veil  Deutsche Welle  August 4, 2018 4:15pm-4:30pm CEST

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when you take it pretty easily. bolt. hole a few. blocks to. the top. i can promise you they love. to. play los angeles dogs. me. play. things on beethoven. is worse than a goddess for turning up. the monster and facing. beethoven switched bombs twenty two. women are fighting for decades to be taken seriously in the world of war here's what's coming up. on this talk
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on g.w. oh they do use the still superheroes on a mission to change our attitudes smart women as spies smart trucks smart strange alleging this is by no means missed out on to bring creasing really dangerous times stuff that made. me cry. this week on world stories. spain calling time on franco. a bedouin village versus israeli settlement policy we begin in denmark where the authorities have opted to forbid the wearing of the muslim veil and indeed the burka it's all about women's rights says the government others are not so sure. come to my book. handing out flyers sarah wants to fight for her faith twelve
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years ago she made the decision to bail her face but from now on she'll be breaking the law. i feel very disappointed i feel like i thought we lived in a free society where people can believe what they want and they can wear whatever they want as long as they don't hurt other people born in denmark and raised by turkish parents sarah and her fellow activists are complaining while they still can trying to win support for a demonstration and they're getting that support i think it's a violation of human rights just one other time when men are deciding what women are supposed to be wearing i think you kind of pushing them more away from society and it's important that. you would you accept that there there's like a cultural difference in parliament sarah has an appointment with one of the initiators of the band mats for leader of the governing liberal party is convinced
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the niqab has to be prohibited even though fewer than two hundred women are affected they find no middle ground. you're very ignorant about facing sure we're all over the loss of this a sign saying we don't know why we're all i'm saying we love it why we need to look for things against the values i'm saying we live in denmark it's very sad in denmark we have to feed him a village and. that discussion escalates into an argument formats the kneecaps stance for the oppression of women that's why he thinks it should be banned. from. the cop shop. garments of that thought are all instruments. to end and that end is so for control of women and the not occasion of the female gender and we want to fight that the ban on face coverings is one of several lawless the government says it has introduced to integrate immigrants some
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critics say it will only divide society further and in the end to veils are rarely seen in the streets of denmark. sarah describes the new cup as a sign of religious humility but if she remains faithful to her believes she faces a difficult future in denmark her ideal of religious freedom could end in isolation within her own four walls. division one village of qana last marlise within the west bank most of which is controlled by israel the villagers have been ordered to take down their homes the authorities say the people who live there were never granted permission to build with time fast running out residents are becoming desperate. to small bedouin village of qana is threatened with demolition. this is what ied abu homies tensions sheep and goats in the occupied west bank
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a few kilometers outside jerusalem. for years he's fought in court against the demolition orders issued by the israeli military but in may the israeli supreme court gave the go ahead for the village to be raised it was the final appeal. and the people here are very worried and afraid. that they were hoping that the international community would help. but after everything that happened they became frustrated and desperate did. about one hundred eighty people that's thirty five families live in the village which israel says was built illegally but for palestinians the required building permits are almost impossible to obtain any israeli controlled areas see in the west bank in this decision and it's written and signed by three judges that the only argument the court will deal with is a question if the buildings here and the school building permits and as we all know
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they did not have been because the state was never giving building permits in areas state the bedouins so this is a way to push it out of here but israel has meanwhile approved more housing units in nearby jewish settlements human rights groups say that moving the bedouin population against their will amounts to forcible transfer contrary to international law. could totally reject the allegation that this is a transfer of people in the occupied territory. the fact that the territory is disputed that the status of these territories not clear does not mean that people are allowed to settle. in the legal way the school financed with european funds will also be demolished during the summer it's open for children to play it's the only nearby school for most of them especially the girls of the bedouin communities scattered around the area. the residents will be relocated to a different site most villagers have already said they won't accept being forcibly
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resettled to a new location. it's called for you delos traders are valley of the fallen a huge and controversy a monument to the dead of the spanish civil war here to lie the remains of the victor in that war general franco spain's new government says it's time to make some changes. to sylvia navarro a visit to the valley of the fall a new madrid awakens painful memories. the remains of more than thirty thousand people killed in the spanish civil war a buried here in mass graves one great uncle. but i mean really dark. whenever i come here i can't sleep the night before. or over there as i find it very upsetting. on the monument commissioned by general franco and built in part by forced labor as it was finished some sixty years ago many of those who lie here
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had fought for franco but the graves also contain remains of republican opponents later the spanish dictator was also buried here we're not permitted to film in the underground basilica but sylvia takes photos her uncle lives in an anonymous grave franco in a tomb behind the altar spain's new socialist government now plans to exuma franco's remains and turn them over to his family for sylvia that would be a first step. for now frank or your story and removing franco is important for our democratic culture. but for me it would also be important to remove our relatives from here or there after all the history and the origin of this monument is anything but democratic the luminosity the more practical. don't touch the valley says. this t. shirt killer gutierrez wants franco and the others to remain at the valley of the
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fallen she says the mostly him does not dishonor the memory of the dictators opponents an avowed franco supporter she's organizing protests now the eye or moment before no one has ever built such an enormous monument that also almost the enemy the dead opponents are worth more than one then where would you ever find more reconciliation than that. is. the protest in the valley of the fallen has drawn thousands who are here to honor the dictator's memory they chant long live spain and franco franco. some are carrying the flag of spain under franco or giving fascist salutes others are more restrained they fear that old wounds might be reopened the support of the new government is bringing unrest to our society instead of solving real problems the problems facing people who are out of work or retired or just stirring up the dust
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. or if you. were in the twenty first century and all of these things should be forgotten. the ship's doctor says sylvia franco's removal can't come soon enough only that can give spain a fresh start she says and the country will only find peace if the families of the victims are able to locate and reclaim their relatives remains. it took decades to develop effective medication in the fight against h i.v. aids and the cost of those drugs exorbitant much of the same story lies behind the development of a pill that can protect people from contracting that virus for up to forty eight hours one difference now though it's affordable. emanuel is a professional musician and he's hiv negative to keep it that way he relies on prep a medicine that can stop people catching it savy he has to take that great day to
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stay protected. till about two years ago i just use condoms. is always risky situations for college i started to mistrust condoms then i had about prep and it really sounded like a savior. but. i know that. until recently the medicine cost as much as eight hundred euros per month in germany alternatively it could be ordered semi legally as a generic struck a broad recently the price of the medicine fell to fifty cures the reason the manufacturers peyton will soon expire demand is high as had so few i reckon on project my constant fear away nor only in the bedroom but in everyday life for me it helped me get emotionally intimate again. before it's on every
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potential partner was also a potential danger to put in fairly good follow the combination of improved hiv therapy and prep has already produced positive results supporters of the new treatment. it isn't yet and i'm going to lend us to we are now certain that prep can definitely stop new infections in the u.k. a new infections have dropped significantly and we can see the same thing in san francisco we can have new successes in germany as well. and the. but the before pill also has its disadvantages doctors say especially if it leads to a decline in the use of condoms the pap should for the i phone the prep protects against hiv but it doesn't protect against syphilis or going urrea or other sexually transmitted diseases as a child abuse the most difficult to treat and the most severe of these sexually transmitted diseases that's what prep protects against the pat foye manual means
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freedom freedom from the once life threatening disease called h. i.v. . again she's sixteen years old so long as her own business and is helping to prevent water shortages in south africa. we're going to. do something about the water being wasted on her arms. so she installed an aqua phonics system. it's a simple idea that's really set an example eco africa. d.w. . european stocks deliver rousing performances.
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they sing about more time and battle. five seats to their own take on the morris. because. the power metal band. looking. to. exert you would like to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them as a planet didn't for you. so nothing is just the children who have always been the way and those that will follow are part of a new. plan they could be the future of collage. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made some minds. take it personally you went with
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a little bit wonderful to make the game so special. for all truth. my. lord chancellor online at a. local. club . hello and welcome to a fresh edition of you could africa brought to you by charles stevie dyson valen cade's here my name is now it's i mean been in city nigeria and i'm joined by my.


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