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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  August 5, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com click. your link time news from africa to the world join us on facebook. for. our want to welcome to our highlight show with the best picks of the week i'm your host meghan lee here's a look at what we've got in store for you today. the dream caribbean islands with a disgusting thing european claire. cool town counteractive is medieval home in romania. and trip of
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a lifetime eighteen year olds travel europe pre. we kick off the show with a trip to the caribbean now your max normally only highlights culture and lifestyle in europe but our next report will take us to a group of violence that have a strong affiliation with european countries we're off to the lesser antilles and they are politically associated with britain france and the netherlands so pack your bags for some international island hopping. the plane touches down in dutch territory but seven thousand kilometers from amsterdam. this is sin to martin in the lesser antilles islands a sun worshippers paradise it's. simple martini is part of the netherlands vacationers here can look forward to sun sand and duty free shopping. and they can
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pay in entering greeters in peak season up to ten cruise ships a day dock at the island just beyond the deep water for travellers can get a taste of amsterdam the cheese the city. which. i always grew up with split of cheese on my sandwich with some jam for evolution or sweet assaulter good combination. like hot sauce so that's where we also offer that sort of people taste a lot of people still want to come in. and they are snooty it's hot sauce or cheese but why not try it and they like it. fifty different types of cheese. she grew up here and loves the diversity of cultural influences in the caribbean. this is. the majority of scent martin's population are descended from african slaves and dutch colonialists added to the mix are the
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french who've been sharing the island's ninety square kilometers with the dutch since sixteen forty. came here for salt because they needed salt for their herring the sri salt was very important on the preservation of foods and we were a goldmine of salt and the french also needed their own stores of salt so we have salt paul on the front side of salt on a dutch side they bought split in half in the side to live peacefully. and from the dutch side to the french side the border is barely visible even from the year the somewhat larger french side is called some afternoon and unlike march and a real part of the european union. arrived eleven years ago she and her husband had originally set up to see the world on their sailboat. but once they stopped off in some lockdown they knew they'd
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found a new poll. on their phone to sell the phone figuring fallston all our flour comes from france are better to buy has been makes everything by hand with no artificial color but are baked goods are made only according to traditional recipe. that one was to. the customers who are every bit as demanding as in paris the baker says and they pay insurance. to join. this is the culture of the entity that's a blend of the caribbean and europe. that's a blend that elsewhere in the lesser antilles includes the british too just a twenty minute boat ride away is under population nearly fifteen thousand is deserted beach is an excellent snorkelling make it a hot tip among travellers to this corner of europe in the caribbean.
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i never thought i'd walk. in and get at the legal tender is the east caribbean dollar bearing a portrait of the queen today the former colony is a british overseas territory representatives of the crown take care of foreign financial and domestic security policies. there's a lot of cricket and there's a lot of football on the island. there's a lot of. traditional british good morning good afternoon old fashioned respect ladies wearing hats to church on a sunday a lot of that still exists. as does british food if fresh lobster doesn't tickle your palate traditional british roast beef and yorkshire pudding are available right on the beach. pub owner clare lynch came to the island with her parents over
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thirty years ago. the way that we serve our food as well as almost like you eating at grandma's house like you saw how the beef came out it's just we want you to be for them it's like grandma beating you up play a food you know. british beef dutch beer and parisian style that gets all enjoyed under the caribbean sun. another unique place to put on your bucket list of travel is brand castle in romania it was built in thirteen seventy eight on the eastern border of the transylvania region and served as a fortress and customs post now it was also the residence of the last king and queen of romania but most notably brand castle was made famous by the irish writer bram stoker in his novel dracula i recently went on a discovery tour in romania to find out how much of the dracula story is based on
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truth. this is brand council in romania otherwise known as dracula's castle it's one of romania's major landmarks and tourist destinations located in the small town of bran some two hundred kilometers north of the capital bucharest people flock here from all over the world to catch a glimpse into the gruesome world of vampires. after a very long journey i have finally arrived at brand castle here in romania and this place boasts six hundred forty years of history but it is most well known as the home of count. the blood sucking count of transylvania now although i know this story is based on fiction i have come well prepared i have my garlic to ward off any potential spirits and vampires and hammer rosary just in case part let's discover this castle says for it.
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when i go and there's a new tax penalty that i think of. as i enter i wonder if count dracula ever invited his victims to dine here. so as to tell me how much of the track to the story is actually true and related to this castle well you know you know a few lads and there is a small amount of through well dropping that was a historical character he really existed he was the prince all by off pedo and not of that a nice guy there are no for his bloody character and for his habit of paid so you see he really existed and brown still the irish novelist that throw down our draft heard about his story from hungary and teach a friend of his so he took our princess story engine. as for my views of the one of
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the famous vampire but in fact stoker never visited romania or brand council his book is based on a description of the castle and an illustration of a little to him at the time but what about vlad the impaler was he ever here during his reign of terror the council does indeed have examples of medieval torture methods used back then so as to know what is this american letter to the version from that. this is one of the first mechanized torture instruments they were used on suspected witches thieves traitors and the like. you have to make it. so so yeah that we don't want to do the real dracula used torture to secure loyalty from his subjects one of his favorite methods for getting
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rid of his enemies was to impale them let me introduce the real drop of blood. and let us say about him is this for us for other people he's a hero and we are still waiting for him to come back rumor has it he was only imprisoned in brand council for a short time flat dracula actually reigned from. one hundred kilometers south of ground this is where the ruins of his quarter brocaded not far from here in fourteen fifty nine he infamously had several hundred enemies impaled in what is now known as the sunday feast. bribes. were sure we were here. six years to live here and. you can see that we have surface problems but in fact more fiction it's brand council and the story of dracula the vampire that seemed to interest tourists the most. do you think it's
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scary here it's a bit scary especially dakota. it is the most daring disguise and it goes its everlasting popularity to bram stoker. so my tour of rain castle is coming to an end and my impression of this place is that it's really just full of history it's really not that scary although i don't think i would want to be here after dark and just in case there are any evil spirits to ward off i will keep this necklace close they have but it's time to say goodbye now from dr castle. and i make my way out of brown before it gets. dark when the vampires begin their nightly. and you can see i made it back very helpfully i had a great way to see europe is by train and currently fifteen thousand young people are doing this free of charge they all took part in
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a special draw to qualify for the free tickets for the project was the idea of two activists from berlin since two thousand and fifteen they've been lobbying politicians to issue all eighteen year olds free travel to promote international understanding we accompanied the young scot on the first stage of his interrelate trip. traveling to prague by train. student aid and gibson from edinburgh has embarked on an intra let venture across europe. he's fascinated by prague stunning old town and of course no visit to the czech capital is complete without seeing the famous fourteenth century charles bridge. and even says some things remind him of his native edinburgh.
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a lot of street music artists a lot of and so on. but i think prague is. it's very different i think actually nicer than i expected i think yeah the buildings are really amazing when you see it with your own eyes so very i think it's worse to come because it's nicer in person . this interim ticket has been paid for by the european union. after even proposed to travel reach and successfully answer to your a quiz a cheery picked him along with fourteen thousand nine hundred ninety nine other lucky eighteen year olds from the e.u. to embark on this unique trip through europe. the free interrail program is the idea of martin shapiro and vincent him on the hill who lobbied brussels to introduce a travel program for young europeans. the intro ticket itself has been around since one thousand nine hundred seventy two. motion shapira and vincent a man who would have been
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a free travel across the continent can help youngsters overcome stereotypes about the european neighbors. that's what the two of them experienced when they themselves went on and interact bencher years ago. these are. great hospitality we were invited to people's homes for dinner. cities we were visiting at the time. some would even let others know we were coming to the city a lot of those work he moments for us all those new connections those new friendships that we struck up to us that really felt like europe. have a place we got a whole new perspective on europe and truly understand that europe is not so much about its laws or politics but about the diversity of its people. many of the lucky fifteen thousand teens are sharing their travel experiences on social media describing their encounters with the europeans but does this actually help forge a sense of european identity. critics point out that it does little good if all
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these young travelers do is part of a nicer way. atum gibson for his past that's valid to spend time exploring the history of the countries he visits in prague museum of communism and its environs about the emergence of the former czechoslovakia and its times to the soviet union. he's one aware that after breaks that other british youngsters like him will no longer have an opportunity to win a free issue all ticket. he's deeply disappointed with the outcome of the referendum. i think a lot of people voted blindly initially and they didn't really know what they were buzzing about they were kind of following government propaganda like communism actually. and then it's time for a cold beer. this is after all the home country of the period.
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after two days in prague it's time for aden gibson to move on in trail could be described as a kind of speed dating that here you've barely gotten to know place and you're confronted with another stranger. and quite often you travel alone which is just what eighteen year old. can really meet someone you know. or so what travellers. actually make maybe make some difference over the way you know you can actually have a very good time traveling solo so i would recommend. the next stops for aid in vienna but it has and. he'll visit for european countries in two weeks and take lots of fresh impressions home to edinburgh. and you can follow his travels on our instagram site ok this is he is the mother of all invention but for you tube or an inventor i've been miranda his main goal is just to have fun miranda invents all sorts of objects from remote controlled beach cars to giant printers his inventions
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don't always serve a purpose but they have gained a large following on you tube we caught up with ivan miranda in action in spain. hi everyone we've got a going to make i've got. an attack with colorful account of. the ukulele from a three d. printer. a red beach buggy that we've been floats. well almost. these are all creations by spanish inventor even the rundown here years on sense of bastion bay at six thirty in the morning along with them is one of the contraptions he's designed disassembled them self. if that's what i want them in but i do this is a robot that can write anything i want in the sand. and yet i built it because i want
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to. know what's going on by you it doesn't have a purpose in itself. but when i have an idea and i quit i have to do something with it no matter how much. the inventor film toussaint drawing the robots first test run and uploaded it on to tube. within four weeks the video got more than two hundred thirty thousand hits the robot's writing was upside down at first but even loved it anyway. so. and this is our it looks right side up. to really be able to use the beach as his drawing board miranda had to get there early that's when the tide is low in the sand especially smooth and no sunbathers or swimmers have left any footprints yet oh wait it's not all coming out of it if
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anybody got it draws and writes everything i want in the sun that is so cold. when he's not testing his creations in the sand iran is tinkering with them in his workshop in the middle of sunset. bastion. today he's repairing his remote control technique. now thirty eight he's been fascinated by electronic and digital gadgetry since he was a kid. playing. in addition to his part time office job the family man can now we're in a living from clips like these he thinks being a you tuber is the best job ever. and i think. he said i had to give it this time because illegitimately project would be so serious we said it would take all the fun out of anybody to get in contrast where i can crash my tank it will matter and i can make it loud. anything i want and to get me to go
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to something i think that's what people like about my videos to get a look at you know without it. he has almost seventy thousand subscribers on youtube and they like the videos where everything goes wrong. the site. before he takes his writing robot out on the beach he programs the kind of lettering he wants. he runs inventions have a short lifespan he can't store them in a small workshop anyway usually either gives them away or has to scrap them. from the drawing board to completion it took even around three weeks to make his writing robot this time these printing a very special message on the beach in san sebastian.
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all right when it's hot outside the appetite tends to weight and so fish is always a good summer alternative to a high. ready meal for today's our card we're going to sample a specialty from northern spain and java is raw salt cod served in the salad perfect for this time of year during a summer vacation by the mediterranean nights of food seems to go down best. they can be found among the old cuisine dishes served at the sun boss questran in a form on a street name the next day my. shafik to call me as favorite dish is a sultan khan salad simple yet sophisticated. for me memories play an important role in dining that's when you need something that's top quality and at the same time it reminds you of your childhood and that's the best central
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experience you're going to have as a man you're the. leader of heartache sponsor already learned there's an hour trying to do that when they're not pure emotions about it makes dining out experience but i mean we here in the you know most of them they get us in the media . they take all my spines the vegetables from my salad at the street market in the nearby town of land as tomatoes as sweet green onions bell pepper and three beams. then leave heads for a fish bowl that only sell sultan trying to con preserve using a traditional method to contact almost no fat so it absorbs the salt completely through the pores and the fish doesn't spoil. it's that way by this piece here the mid section from the back of the british with
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the it's been soaked in water for five days and then another two days with the water being changed three or four times a day to draw out the salt. you know and i yelled. now it's become quite a bit thicker again. to take this piece here it's got its original coloring back and it's ready tailored to the local or. your very much current is a staple in catalan cuisine it's eaten the fried steam little roll it was once considered a poor man's favorite but now it features on the menu seven top class restaurants back in the restaurant it doesn't take long to make the sound it. has caught the green onions marinate them with sherry vinegar and set them aside.
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diced the tomatoes and green belt have. quickly blanch the fat beans challenge them into cold water and cut into slices. now the fish by hand. but again you do it by hand because you have to separate the fish from the white nerve fibers running through it. and you enter into it. you want to get rid of them to make the fish clean and transparent. that's a lot of work but it produces a wonderful purity of flavor. and i want to get to where that. makes the vegetables in a ball. dress the salted fish with chinese blossoms and on the foil. ideally steer it with a fork. now it's time to serve the salad layer for when they are first the tomato then the fish and then the rest of the vegetables.
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i love because they knew when a fish is deep frozen to preserve it as it is done nowadays that changes the tang. but i'll be honest remembers what it once knew that's rooted in our memory it's not less there's a lesson in all of this never if i can use the authentic tanks to fax the result of that's why soldier called as a pot of gold my cooking today helped. songs can't balance a traditional dish from catalonia that's the chief scout stain tense. and quite different from what regular with each hour that we come to the end of the show don't forget to keep up with us on facebook for all of us here your own max thanks for watching thi against their.
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own. my name is a long island power. and a mexican conductor. come with me and great musicians and friends from all over the world. a pretty normal guy canadian star pianist youngish jet ski backstage zurich reveals his dreams in the future. fifteen years. it looks like
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a bird. and flies a cub. but it's not. a robot. the robot a device helps keep airports blood free. explicit handle and reliable control landing the robot can be tricky to. thirty minute w. . moving around beethoven and. his work in the goddess fortuna. the monsoon and famous playing. beethoven finished bond twenty two.
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are fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of what here's what's coming up. on house talk on t.w. oh they do the feels. we're here on a mission to change our attitude to some smart women that was smart in terms of smarts tradition and legend you should by no means meant out i mean bring creasing lean dangerous time summer. make sure my. playmates ricky trish and her mum arsonist any play tyrant. the roman emperor nero. to do just get back translate three known historians are reexamining busquets rethinking nero as history been unfair to the infamous emperor starts aug fourteenth on d. w. .
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playing. the legislature. little easy. to see w. news live or lead with iran's economy on the brink leaders are taking desperate measures our easter audience have taken to the streets over rising food prices the falling economy with new us ancients to say come back this week the government is easing harsh currency rolls also coming out only in the sense that israel's president says yes survived a drone attack in the capital now the blame game nicolas maduro says venezuelans living in the u.s. perhaps colombia are behind the apparent assassination attempt.


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