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i am . and. this is due to other news coming to you live from berlin the tragedy of yemen a nation and the grip of famine and death. now the situation could get even worse for the people of yemen as the forces battle the only course of a lifeline for me who live to the unions representative that also coming up iran lashes out at the real imposition of u.s. sanctions saying it amounts to psychologically more warfare and president rouhani also dismissed those plans and donald trump support for direct talks between live
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today run for more. and of course delivers its verdict in the trial that shocked germany a mother and her partner sexually abused her song per year was amazing available to paedophiles on the dock mad. man. i am hello and welcome. to the united nations calls it the worst humanitarian crisis in yemen almost ten thousand people have been killed and some twenty million people dependent aid for their survival a military alliance led by saudi arabia is trying to drive out iran backed hooty rebels and the fighting has left the population on the brink of famine now it's fear the situation could get rust because of an ongoing offensive against the border city of who did homes as a lifeline for aid supplies the u.n.
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world food program spent several days inside the besieged city in the province off the next report shows what they witnessed. the lack of my luck is only eleven months old and starving. kids. together with other children she's being treated at a makeshift medical center in rebel held saddam province. the lack of food effects nearly every family here most parents can't even cover their children's most basic needs. saddam once the breadbasket of the nation has become one of the most affected areas by the fighting. the saudi led coalition has destroyed marketplaces and infrastructure making food distribution much more difficult and dangerous. but this used to be a family's home twenty three people were killed when it was hit by an airstrike the
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father was the only one who survived. people in saddam are living in constant fear of coming under attack. saturday and the women are scared to death. that every hour we see a plane. that is not lying soaps at sadler's album at the site of the missile for what we want is peace and safety. on the radio at it when she said i was about to publish in the port city of how data many have already given up more than half the population has left here. hutu rebels are preparing for a possible coalition attack this could have a devastating knock on effects. here that yes there is fright if. data support is the country's main entry point for humanitarian aid ninety percent of food comes from abroad like this ship load of wheat from australia.
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i disrupted or closed court would lead to even greater food insecurity. it could ultimately cost them and as the conflict heats up around the city the remaining residents of the data are growing increasingly worried. more than anything else here many people now desperately need peace with peace and stability we can start to get people back on their feet start to rebuild their livelihoods. before it's too late a political solution is not in sight and with more than forty percent of the population under the age of fifteen the situation in yemen has now also turned into a children's emergency. this may not join sunday's she is that united nations humanitarian coordinator for yemen in sun welcome lisa and the u.n. describes the situation in yemen as
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a once was to manage in crisis what makes it so devastating. and even the name and the group. they heard. reported our preparation. but there is no country in the world where i could have the population depend on america but this is why we care right here in the first cross so of course food is a big issue this island is a massive threat but there's also another bigger threat and that is colorado what can you tell us about that. if you will out a few words about the food crisis in two million innocent women even if you're going are food insecure what we mean by god is that they wake up the region in their country age and if not millions of civilians in yemen work now to not know
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where he will get their next meal from the us actually the driving continued by the end of the year another new ninny will be in exactly that bank situation that moved in. will be with increased conditions larger alert quick correction modern history impact of claiming they were more than a million human needs who were impacted by the crisis we've been doing absolutely everything we can for the last six months to damage the color at the democrats and try to prevent the second wave from developing this year so the condition for a lot of people in government is very different this seems least at hospitals and markets are being specifically targeted by the fighting at the same time the saudi led coalition recently said it would cease hostilities for a short while to give us medication efforts a chance how do you reconcile these two things. international.
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richard why are you. sure. and. we partnered with. the water lapping over. all. the. interest. we are. here in. which the coalition her. into. our operation because. it was not strong. and sure that humanitarian program can only get the people in need. right at least. this is humanitarian
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coordinator for yemen in the city of sana'a thank you very much for that assessment . he has lashed out at the renewed u.s. sanctions that took effect earlier this morning he said washington was trying to launch what he described as a psychological warfare and trying to destabilize iran president donald trump has reinforced many of the sanctions that were in effect before the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal with iran the sanctions will have an impact on millions of iranians. these people hardest by the u.s. sanctions measures suspended in twenty fifteen after years of suffering by iranians now brought back by the trumpet ministration. the sanctions target the iranian financial system including government purchases of u.s. dollars the trading of gold and not the precious metals and of industrial goods and software to stop their washington hopes the sanctions will force tehran back to the
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negotiating table well they could take up the president's offer to negotiate with them to give up their ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs for you and really verifiably not under the onerous terms of the iran nuclear deal which really are not satisfactory but iran's president hassan rouhani says offering negotiations while at the same time imposing sanctions makes noise since. they want to launch psychological warfare against the iranian nation and create divisions among the people and that so-called psychological warfare seems to be having an effect. on the entire sanctions have definitely had an impact whether it's on the currency exchange rate all the price of gold they have resulted in the loss of many jobs because you know if the dollar goes up the price of everything will go up but in
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the end the people should have some patience and tolerance towards the sanctions and on the house in the government but you know. if it continues like this we won't have a good life in the future. that is on any runs government is acknowledging these two with rouhani calling on a rainy and to unite in the face of the coming hardship. and for more on the story i'm joined by eric randolph the ted on correspondent for the and we just saw what's at stake for iran what impact do you think these sanctions will actually have a countries like china india and even the e.u. say that essentially ignore them. well a lot of the damage had already been done trump's hostile rhetoric caused a run on the currency in the last few months that's been quote quite around and the fact is that there were already u.s. actions in place all the long stocks
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a lot of foreign agent backs from doing any business in iran and never benefited hugely in the way that it hoped for the new could do. these actions on key sectors in the ones that really are the ones that come and go when iran spoils sidles are going to be affected and so you see a vital lifeline for the country i take it that the u.s. is is that these sanctions would bring iran to its knees and make it open to negotiating is that likely. but it's a very difficult position for a leader is there is going to be economic pain and there already is economic trouble across the country seeing protests in the last few days and strikes. but the problem is is that iran's pride is at stake. is will find it very difficult to return to the negotiating table when trump has been attacking rest of the trying to undermine the system try to mind their economy for so long. is not the kind of
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country that takes that kind of thing lying down. having to swallow. the fast fast and told the president of the house and don he's taken quite just a top stance of this is the united states he said the u.s. is internationally i summited with its sanctions but how much do these developments rican hasan rouhani he was a blunt point of view despite a reformer and the country. you know romney's position. in the week now on his right track to conserve to say he was naive to never trusted the us and now he has egg on his face the reformist plax see that out of his. you could at least build up the economy even that it's not working. any real progress on the political reforms that he promised the one saving grace might be that these sanctions will force the government to finally act and start cleaning up its game
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we've already seen some arrests for corruption. to finally start bringing in some reform measures so we'll see whether the pressure actually brings some positive positive evidence to the iranian people and here randolph in the iranian capital tehran thank you very much this may not be up to date but some other stories making news around the wild in venezuela a ranee mishandled support of president nicolas maduro often and this attempt on his life government employees say they were ordered to attend the macho in the capital caracas or do himself did not appear christian still remain on the subsidies reporting drilling attack critics fear the president will use the incident to fund it consolidate power. the son of a lobbying opposition leader has started a hunger strike outside the country's embassy in london and the ses his father has
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been denied vital medical care in the need to send to or to fuss and shame i was arrested in two thousand and eleven and sentenced to life in prison for is really pro-democracy protests. now here in germany a court has found guilty in the child sexual abuse trial that has sucked the nation for years the couple sexually assaulted the woman's son and made him available to paedophiles on the darkness in exchange for money the courts in tribal convicted the couple of rape forced prostitution and other sexual assault charges it sentenced the victim's mother to twelve and a half years in prison and the patna to twelve years. when chris john allen met his girlfriend and her son he was a convicted child sex offender fresh out of prison. but still he found a way to move in with both of them despite being banned from doing so what followed
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was a nightmare for the child investigators reviewed evidence of rape bondage and degradation committed by christian and the child's own mother and also by other men the couple prostituted the boy online for two years men across europe paid the couple thousands of euros to sexually assault him both confessed to the crimes prior to today's verdict and to psychiatry's had declared them capable of full criminal liability christian l. and the boy's mother have now been sentenced to twelve and twelve and a half years respectively less than what public prosecutors have demanded additional suspects believed to have raped the child in exchange for money are being tried separately some have already been convicted the boy is now ten years old he lives with a foster family many have questioned how the authorities failed to protect a boy who was so clearly vulnerable to abuse. i'm joined now by the
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simon youngest following this case a very distressing cases of abuse went on for years it involved a convicted paedophile and the child's own mother how did they manage to get away with this abuse for so long. well this couple built up a very successful screen of lies around what they were doing of course the authorities were aware of them were monitoring them perhaps treating them really as people who needed help they were aware that this was a single mother living on not much money and so on but partner as has been said shouldn't have been in the house at all he's a convicted previously convicted paedophile but in fact the judge in that previous case had said that he deserved a second chance so clearly he was very plausible in court you know and and perhaps the authorities were naive he was able to get access to another child and this boy
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over a period of about two and a half years was great prosecutors say more than fifty times. it seems they were fairly is to play levels because so many parties in the country to prevent just this kind of crime what went wrong here. yeah it seems that the different orthorexic is the youth work is the family courts and so on didn't work very well together they didn't exchange information properly so that for instance even when the boys' school raised the alarm no action was taken so even while the abuse was going on caseworkers were sort of writing reports working through the case not really looking into the welfare of this child and indeed state prosecutors have said that they are going to take legal action against some
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of the youth workers who should have protected the child in this case and someone before we talk any further let's take a look at how the docking it operates as we've had a sidebar under was where child prostitution is openly advertised sharing of photos and videos of child sexual assault is rife the document is unfamiliar in fact to most people those who access disturbing material there i usually looking for it. the dark net where photos and videos of child sexual abuse of rape are exchanged and professionally organized the websites are hidden making it hard for police to investigate child sex abusers you know. photos and videos of child sexual abuse online is not something someone would find by chance not even on the darkness a person looking for this material including on the dark know it would have to know how to find special sites how to access them whom to contact where to be invited for example. believes the most such
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a site german investigators uncovered the platform in the summer of twenty seventeen those wanting a user account had to upload images of child sexual abuse themselves site operators knew that this way even police would be liable to prosecution in many countries a treacherous way for perpetrators to shield themselves investigators found an inventory of photos and videos of children being raped sorted according to the torture of babies toddlers or young girls for example the fight against this kind of global network remains a challenge for police all over the world. deal with internet providers the market leaders have committed themselves to actively being on the lookout for images of sexual abuse of children and reported to essential i didn't see. from the us we received several hundred tips each day which we can pursue further over all the ip address is the first and most useful place to start an investigation into
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the perpetrators identities. but the exchange of these images takes place not only on the dark net it's increasingly taking place openly on the internet messaging services or chats and twenty seventeen about ten million tips about child sex abuse images were sent from the us alone to the rest of the world and enormous amount for police investigators all over the world. so turn into cars want to know what is the german government doing to crack down on try a sexual assault for the dock net. well meters was suggested there has to be a case of international cooperation because this is a global phenomenon as is everything to do with the internet of course and there have been successes such as that case with the elysium platform which is now gone to trial and one thing prosecutors have said is that they sometimes face the problem of data protection rules if they're required to delete evidence too quickly
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of course they can lose valuable digital evidence in that way another problem that they have is that in order to be credible and move around on these platforms and be sort of allowed to sort of snoop around and see what's there they themselves have to upload some kind of pornographic material or child abuse images and of course that raises all sorts of ethical and practical problems it's been suggested it could be done with computer generated images but it's a difficult not to crack and of course everything to do with the darkness is very secret right simon young thank you very much for that. yeah joins me now and you could have too much of a good thing germany is under pressure. that's right it always is but today german monthly trade figures have come out and there is indeed a mild surprise the seasonally adjusted trade surplus now it's just over nineteen billion euros mainly because import levels on a record high could come as welcome news to the critics of germany's massive trade
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just like u.s. president donald trump for example but the international monetary fund has also long criticized the imbalance and is not sure germany has done enough to counteract it in a moment we'll discuss what germany can and should do about it but first this report . today's figures from the german statistics bureau show that in june this year germany exported goods worth more than one hundred fifteen billion euros and imported around ninety four billion euros worth that's the highest monthly import value since foreign trade statistics were first published in one nine hundred fifty but the i.m.f. has been saying germany hasn't done enough to correct the imbalance its chief economist says this is nothing to be proud of in contrast to the common assumption a large trade surplus is not necessarily a sign of strength it can rather be seen as evidence of weak domestic investment obst felt wants to see berlin invest more at home in digitalisation and infrastructure then germans might consume more and perhaps even spend
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a bit more on imported goods. let's discuss germany's trade. fees from the hans voeckler foundation time of germany's confederation confederation of trade unions. the i.m.f. says germans germany's hesitancy to reduce its trade plus is contributing to trade tensions and adds to risks that could undermine global financial stability does the international monetary fund does indeed donald trump a point the international monetary fund has a point and in this criticism donald trump also has a point and basically he says this criticism not only with international monetary fund but also with the european central bank is the european commission and they are indeed right we are exporting much more than we importing which necessitates that the rest of the world does exactly the opposite then porting much more than they're exporting and they basically finances via debt so they increase their debts
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so we're living off our economic model is built on others increasing their debts and this is clearly not sustainable and this was also one like that don't we we like that because it's not us who make the debts it's the others but at some point they will have difficulties and we reached this point already this was the financial crisis of two thousand and nine and two thousand and ten you look at the euro crisis. so this is not only some abstract danger that lurks in the future we've already been at that point if we only come out of this crisis because of very low interest rates. management more government that bothers but it is likely that the situation might repeat in the future. is germany really to blame as many politicians say for the popularity of german products around the world so this is a little bit of a misconception the problem is not that we're exporting so much because we're doing because it's basically it's attractive the problem is that we're importing so
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little relative to what we export that's the real problem is it because we make everything ourselves no we don't it's because domestic demand for the last twenty years has been stagnant more or less it has been grown a little bit recently but not enough so that we can import more how can we increase domestic demand we can do it for instance by government spending we now have a huge surplus in government accounts huge takes of classes that we didn't used to have the government could spend much more for instance on infrastructure we have a crumbling infrastructure in germany because we have this debt mania we don't want to have more debts now we have to stop us if we could use the surpluses invest in infrastructure hire more people they would have higher income they would spend it and part of the spending would go into imports briefly if you count why on germany not spending its money we cause we have the debt break we have a debt mania we say public debt is. the worst and we're paying the price in a crumbling infrastructure for that. thank you very much. germany's economy
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minister says berlin now wants to intervene if the e.u. buys intent to acquire more than a fifteen percent stake from the german. new law being drafted right now would mean a further tightening from current rules allowing government intervention if a foreign company bought twenty five percent share of the german one it's a response to recent acquisitions by chinese companies that raised fears that might threaten national security and the loss of key technologies last week but instead it was or it was ready to block the purchase of mechanical engineering company life and that by chinese investors. facebook is after your financial data it's asking banks for uses financial information like credit card transactions and account balances its own wall street journal reported facebook wants to use the data for new features in its messaging service including updates and. it's also asked several financial service providers to discuss
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potential services it could host for customers the report is coming at a time where facebook has been under fire but privacy concerns. and that's all your business here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you iran's president rouhani has renewed u.s. sanctions psychological warfare sanctions came into force just a few hours ago as president donald trump promised to reinstate them after pulling the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal three months ago. you're watching the news from berlin more is coming at the top of the hour i don't but it can always get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site. thank you very much for watching.
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some places may be difficult to find on a map. but nearly everyone knows their names. they stand folk world famous products or inventions from. european tour of a different kind. now serious regional suzanne storms.
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