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this is good news coming to you line from a recording drunks jones vast areas of australia to dust it's the country's most special in fifty and across the globe reaching one fison in stream heat waves have scientists a reason to be alone the moon rising temperatures good. destructive ecosystems
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are also coming up. bulimic is in argentina of voting on whether a blue ocean should become legal issue has been highly controversial and divisive in the homeland of pope francis. and spain and germany make a deal on a refugee retellings on one of the first such agreements but in hopes to strike with on the e.u. countries what did madrid agree to and why. gloss in the next sixty minutes to a hero's welcome for some criminals to all does the righteous talk excusably to do about their recent ones cup protests and their latest stint in jail. and what's billed as the world's single biggest showcase of all some culture is under way in scotland and edinburgh fringe is includes waves and as d.w. finds out there's something for everyone.
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but in a way will will continue i'm. australia's most populous state is gripped by its once drought in fifty years with postures turning to dust a heat wave is scorching parts of asia including china and japan wife eyes are raging in portugal spain and the united states so what's behind this extreme weather in a moment i'll talk to a climate policy analysts but first this report on the high temperatures and fears that the ecosystems could be. disrupted. it's been more than fifty years since the state of new south wales in australia has seen a drought like this farmers pray for rain as their crops and livestock die some are forced to shoot starving cattle well others face the prospect of having to simply abandon their land on the other side of the world
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a similar story the french version mountains are simply too dry about half of this farmer's corn crop has already died in the us record temperatures are fueling the worst wildfire in california history the twin blazes dubbed the mendo scene a complex have exploded to cover an area the size of los angeles in less than two weeks. scenes like this are likely to become the new normal according to an international research team's latest study they call the trend hot house earth i said. when the climate is much warmer today three to four degrees. four to five degrees warmer than in the previous climate. international climate targets aim to limit the earth's warming to two degrees celsius but scientists now think even that is too high setting in motion processes which could create
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a domino effect such as glacial melting researchers argue that without putting in place specific human made climate protections the seas could rise by up to sixty meters so how to curb greenhouse gas emissions scientists say we need to cut industrial carbon travel less by plane and car and eat less meat they say already the earth is on the brink of irreversible warming with severe effects like those in australia the government there has announced a multi-million dollar relief package for farmers but with dry conditions forecast to continue that may not be enough. joining me now is the sun she's a team leader for the desk and she joins us from our studios in a barn as we just heard one of the states in australia is in hundred percent with one of the driest winters on record how does one explain that. well it's common
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to have drought in australia it's one of the dry as it is the driest continent on earth but what was predicted was that climate change would make the continent hotter and drier and what we're seeing now is that it's happening so. in terms of like the weather pattern for new south wales is that apparently the rain is has a shift to the south and it is now falling in the ocean and no longer in the state of new south wales so that's what's happening in australia and what about the other places we're seeing extreme weather patterns in many countries in many parts of the well very hot temperatures what lies behind them on that link to climate change do you think. well i think that you can say with some certainty that they are that heat waves are natural and droughts are natural parts of the earth cycles but what we're seeing is an increase in both the frequency and the intensity of these cycles
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so what we're seeing now for example the heat wave in europe there was a recent study that came out saying that it was made twice as likely as a result of ongoing human caused climate change forest fires as well are something that are made much more likely due to climate change and this being a new study warning a bomb the hothouse so is that the direction we're going with this increasing and the intensity and frequency off these the heat waves. well this study it was it was quite alarming and it's a bit of a wake up call what what the researchers did was look at the past and look at the present and then model the future and they said that even if we do manage to limit global warming to under two degrees celsius it could lead us on a path of irreversible warming to this hothouse scenario of four to five degrees above pre industrial conditions now that's one scenario that doesn't mean that it's certainly going to happen but the fear is that it will provide
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a song in. death thank you very much. lawmakers in argentina and you to vote today to decide whether or not to legalize abortion it's a controversial decision with fiercely polarized campaigns for the for and against the proposed bill the catholic church has been campaigning to get the upper house of congress to reject the measure but there has also been strong support for the poor choice lobby especially amongst the younger generation in june congress is sponsored draft education by the narrowest of margins but this time it's widely expected to port sort off the votes necessary to pass it into real. now for more on this very divisive issue i'm joined by our ethics and religion correspondent has been closely following this story on abortion in argentina welcome martin as we mentioned this proposed bill will spot in the law house but
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it's expected to fail in the house what is your assessment when this afraid no there are thirty eight against thirty one senators that have a clear their vote intention in favor of the bill so would looks like it will not pass but we were in a fairly similar similar situation in june in the lower house with where the bill also started with opposition and then it sort of even out and eventually passed so you know it's hard to know but i mean as of right now yeah that's give us your perspective on just how divided the country is on this issue and how polarized people about oh it's a wedge issue no doubt about it but it's an issue that that's not have the same characteristics that you would see in europe and most certainly not in the u.s. i mean here we have. sort of a policy question that sort of runs not just among conservative liberal lines but you have actually many people inside the government which is by most accounts
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a conservative government that have essentially they're given a you know a go ahead to the vote the president himself which anti-abortion has actually allowed this thing. to go through and then he would not vote it should should the law get through so it is a very complicated set of elements it has to do with the fact that in argentina abortion already exists in most places countries around the world but it is strongly divided along the lines of class so people that have money can procure themselves of origin so outside the country people that don't have money are read used to be go of orphans that very often end up in very serious medical conditions or death let's take you can either abortions are illegal within the country now lot of people who approach choice. because so many get thousands of illegal abortions every other knowledge and you know and the official numbers about two hundred forty women die every year as a result on the post itself an illegal abortion is there not the danger that more and more women do you go down this very dangerous spot and you say well so two
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hundred forty people dead on sort of in the in the effects of illegal abortions it's really just official number very likely that you know the numbers are much much higher the number of the tele stations is about sixty thousand so it's a very very large number of people and it's sort of say my official so the issue here is relieved that i don't think it will push more people into illegal abortions that there are now i mean the numbers will remain constant i think that even if this doesn't go through we're in a very good situation the main reason why it is a good situation is because the debate has been open now it's on the table so that goes to say that if this doesn't go through you know there is enough of there is enough of a boosh and there is enough of critical mass to push the central into policy the big question that argentina and i think that by and large most countries that are grappling with this are trying to deal with this even if there are moral qualms with abortion it is very clear that the reality of abortion of origin us it's
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happening has to be in some way manage in a way other than criminalizing it and the question for all this is this country and right now is how right and that's a big question mark in doc thank you very much for that my plan is this. let me bring you some other stories making news around the world award winning bangladeshi photographer scheibel olim has again been detained by police after he was admitted to hospital and was first arrested on sunday after speaking out in favor of student led protests he says he was severely beaten in custody and a court ordered his discharge to a clinic yesterday rights groups have condemned his detention. internees in efficiency the death toll from sunday's earthquake in long book province has risen to one hundred thirty one aid workers have been struggling to reach victims in remote areas and many are still believed to be buried in the rubble over one hundred and fifty thousand people have been displaced by the quake
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. zimbabwe's mean opposition party says it informally challenged the result of the country's presidential election nelson chamisa and his m.d.c. party narrowly lost the last three exposed to president most and when god was a zanu p.f. the result sparked protests that were met with deadly force by the country's military zimbabwe's electoral commission has dismissed allegations of fraud. germany has wrapped up a deal that will send migrants and refugees who have been registered initially by spanish authorities back to spain to live deal with come into force on saturday spain has become the main entrance points for refugees crossing the mediterranean sea more than twenty three thousand migrants and in spain in two thousand and eighteen and that's the number given by the united nations as many more than in greece the deal with spain allows german authorities to reject those refugees who
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have already been registered as asylum seekers in spain german chancellor angela merkel wants to reach similar agreements with austria italy and greece. for longer so you listen to a political correspondent a simony unfun what's been agreed with spin tell us more about that agreement first well i mean as he said this agreement affects people who have all very already been registered as migrants by the spanish authorities that is to say their names are listed in the european refugee database called euro dak but they then go on to arrive at the german border this agreement gives the german or thora tease the power to return those people to spain as long as they do it within forty eight hours that's the nuts and bolts of it and the return of these refugees and migrants is always been of a controversial issue and most countries are not willing to take them back why has been agreed. well i think spain like germany has an
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interest in limiting the amount of secondary migration within the e.u. it would like to see a fairer system for spreading people around the european union but that hasn't been possible to organize so at the moment madrid is saying that this will affect very few people but it's also worth saying that the german government spokesman said today that misspend have not received anything in return for its agreement even though the spanish prime minister said back in june that he expected germany to be covering the costs so there may be still a little bit to clear up as far as that goes the thing to realize from the german perspective is that this deal is part of a solution to a battle within the german government about migration which threatened to topple chancellor merkel just a couple of months ago essentially the bavarian conservatives the c.s.u.
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want more powers to send back on prevent some migrants are entering germany and you know this kind of deal will give them some powers to do that and they want to reach more agreements with italy and greece in the future as well right simon young thank you this is goals ben chief executive ilan moscow wants to take the electric comic a private tesla shares surged by eleven percent on the news before trading was halted more than an hour on tuesday on wednesday the board of directors said it's going to evaluate the plan. if musk can succeed in taking tesla private it would be the largest leveraged buyout in history. musk tweeted on tuesday that he was considering taking tesla private at four hundred twenty dollars a share saying that he'd secured funding ideal at that price would represent a price tag of about seventy two billion dollars he didn't say where the funding was coming from shortly after his tweet musk published
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a letter to tesla employees on the company's blog where he said that going private would be the best path forward and would allow tesla to operate at its best free from distraction and short term thinking going private would also be one way to avoid close scrutiny by the public market musk has feuded publicly with regulators critics short sellers and reporters some analysts believe he would prefer to have less transparency the company is still trying to overcome production challenges which have held up its new model three sedan on which tesla's profitability rests that hasn't stopped musk from announcing major projects like multibillion dollar facilities in china and europe analysts have expressed skepticism at those plans statements about taking the company private are facing similar doubts but if followed through this could be a make or break moment for the silicon valley company as competition from european automakers is poised to intensified with new electric vehicles from our t.
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and jag us with more rivals to follow suit next year. is this. must made this announcement and it won't be a surprise to a lot of his followers of course on twitter like any attention seeking person would these days it feels that the way to go when it comes to the private goings on but behind a corporate strategy well that's a very good question because twitter is relatively new in this context of course rules and regulations of how to make these ad hoc announcements so so it's very important but it seems to be legal i want to reach something to you from those rules on. fair disclosure as they're called and it states that companies are required and i quote to distribute material information in a manner received reasonably designed to get that information out to the general public broadly and non exclusively and that is of course precisely what twitter does it is certainly broad it is not at all exclusive anybody analysts investors
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anyone can have it so there you go it's a very literate it's so it's transparent but is it spot it's probably not smart and i would think it's probably not smart specifically when you look at the loan must because musk is a serial tweeter like some other people these days making the news are and he doesn't always take it seriously april fool's day this year he tweeted that test just went into bankruptcy now that is not really a joke when you're running a seventy billion dollars company that can really start shock waves and present the markets down not only for one company this is problematic you can't joke like that in such an irresponsible way as though of course people wondering with him specifically is this is a serious announcement is this the joke he names the number for twenty he wants to pay four hundred twenty dollars and people said well for twenty is the marianna reference it's stolen language is that a joke is that code nobody really knows and now the company is worth even more
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because the surge of share is set up the market valuation of the company of course makes it a muscular which he made more than a billion dollars yesterday just like that because he owns about thirty three million shares and they went up thirty seven dollars each so he made a tremendous amount of money but it's just about the same amount of money that short sellers lost those investors that are betting against tesla they lost over a billion and they actually lost over six billion in the last two years iran must must be liking that much more than his own riches of course briefly wouldn't mean is it also quite a bit going private i know why the big. carmaker has done this. i'm sure there are lots of advantages as far as the long mosque and his strategy definitely a very ambitious man or if he wanted to from there he held accountable to shareholders and regulated exactly well once you are listed on wall street you are not only accountable but your accountable to your shareholders on
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a three month basis quarterly numbers so of course wall street favors short term thinking and that of course means that as a c.e.o. you might have to make decisions every once in a while that help your numbers in march and june or so but that are detrimental maybe to your long term strategy into your vision. you want to keep the vision alive thank you. german ryanair pilots just voted to join their swedish belgian and irish colleagues in striking friday ahead of the announcement ryanair already cancelled one hundred forty six flights to destinations all over europe affecting more than twenty five thousand passengers its numbers are set to rise as the german pilots join the twenty four hour strike to demand a higher base salary by the pilot salaries and not too low pilots rules of flying the airline over base transfers the maximum number of flying hours promotions and annual leave. let's pull in our financial correspondent correct bouzid in frankfurt any sign at all of ryanair budging on this. no ben and if we token
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take into consideration how the management of ryanair has handled recent conflicts with the union it's likely that this will escalate further in ireland after pilots went on strike ryan air threaten to transfer planes from ireland to poland and force the employees to also move from island to poland the management in the negotiations with the unions here in germany has talked about potentially doing something like that here as well that's why it's so significant that in this case unions from four different countries of the european union acting together it's a first for such concerted action they're joining their forces in order the largest airline how's this going to hurt bookings. well run itself doesn't give exact estimates in the case of those island strikes the
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managers have said that they have had a negative effect on bookings and in the long run of course this indicates that the times of thirty to forty euro tickets are over as you know also ryan air will have to do something move and as you know now the. unions are acting in concert action on the european level it's not likely that you know the super low costs will hold at ryanair ok troubling times for flying europeans this caribbean in frankfurt thank you. and just briefly the trade war between the u.s. and china is set to enter a new round washington has announced further tolerance of twenty five percent on sixteen billion dollars worth of chinese products to take effect in two weeks from now and you judy's target industrial products like metals chemicals and electronics
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the trunk administration had already imposed high tariffs on chinese imports last month but china's foreign trade has so far shrugged off the dispute exports showed surprising growth in july at more than twelve percent compared to the same period last year. came on us with sarah now in a decade ago europe's first war of the twenty first century broke out and readers are thank you for. all of the time you look so similar. ten years ago today europe's first war of the twenty first century broke out between russia and georgia it erupted over the russian backed breakaway provinces some of the city and which most of the international community doesn't recognize don't recognize as independent states and the conflict killed several hundred people and displaced thousands it only lasted a few days but ten years on look who's on the boundary line still live in
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uncertainty our reporter emily shogun took a closer look in the georgian town of ditsy just across the district of boundary line from south to set here. but she is land falls on the fault lines of a frozen conflict some maps show the boundary line to the russian backed breakaway region of south a set running straight through his farm. signs in the distance read state border a line most of the international community doesn't recognize says russian border guards patrol the end of his cornfield british on the move. if you cross the line they can seize you fine you put you in prison. there. cross they take them. they walk around here and. they walk around with dogs with weapons and. in a certain psychological state all the time. during
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the war several bombs fell on land his eighty four year old mother vanessa says she lost one of her three sons. at night i sometimes. i'm afraid for my son but. still seem afraid that they will come back. in august two thousand and eight tensions between russia and georgia escalated into a war over the breakaway regions of. georgia moved to take back control of. russia responded with tanks and airstrikes it said it was defending russian citizens in the region. today there are russian bases in both breakaways including in south the city is de facto capital tskhinvali the e.u. monitoring mission acts as
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a mediator and it patrols the de facto border but the e.u. calls the administrative boundary line the. big number of. relatively close to each other and the middle of course is something that you have to monitor closely especially where there's no common agreement on where the a deal is running. carefully and that's why we are on the ground with two hundred twenty four for russia and. this is a state border while for georgia this is a temporary occupation line but for the people who live here this is a source of uncertainty even ten years after the war here in many places the border simply. moving boundary line has swallowed some of the property in the past now he's determined to stand his ground this farm has been in his family for generations. i have nowhere else to go this is my part of georgia this is my.
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country i won't even. drop going to anyone. for the younger generation living on the border the war is a distant memory but with the conflict still unresolved the threat of tensions boiling over. and is an ever present reality. that support by media news and many show when you watching do you news coming up ahead of the unusual is the cool ones at the edinburgh fringe are trying to stand out from the cost of thousands and generate buzz for their shows that story would be a door to you via dragon mondragón culture desk and don't forget you can always get g.w. news on the go just dunga absolutely zero from the office told doesn't give you the latest oh i took all the latest news and information from around the long as most push notifications school any breaking news you can also use these i'll be up to
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good moment the life of a great fashion designer. song smile. start september ninth. you're watching the news coming to you live from london i'm on top story as he claims the group is launching regions of the wild scientists say they fear rising temperatures could be to disrupt the ecosystems and at the plight of paris climate accord may not do enough to stop. by the full malaysian prime minister. has been charged with three new council money laundering at a cost in the capitol hill is already facing charges of breach of trust and abusing his position in connection with a multi-billion dollar scandal involving
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a state investment fund. denies any joint wrongdoing but the accusations have led to his stunning floor from power and a host of legal troubles. yes another day in court for malaysia's former prime minister not that he's accused of pocketing the equivalent of more than ten million dollars from a company linked to the state's investment found one empty baby not to pay did not guilty and was released on bail but this is just one small part of a much larger investigation that could see the former prime minister spend the rest of his life in prison if involvement is proved. emotions run high when our jeep was first arrested last month after police said he and his associates had stolen billions of dollars of public money from the state fund to finance a lavish lifestyle. raids on his properties turned up
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a trove of luxury items such as handbags and jewelry worth more than a staggering two hundred seventy million dollars fee. investigators also said nearly seven hundred million dollars was transferred to not chief's private bank account. in a recent interview he again denied the charges are worse nor didn't have any knowledge whatsoever of money is coming in i would not have. your partner. the investigation has now also spread to other countries including the u.s. this yachts was impounded in indonesia after requests by the u.s. department of justice it's one of thousands of luxury purchases they said were made with money siphoned off from the found. out about the allegations of corruption at the highest level of society have caused outrage in malaysia they
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contributed to not cheaps defeats in the general election in may it was the new government who insisted an investigation into an r.g.p. reopened after he had initially been cleared of wrongdoing while in office. now the hope is that justice will be done. now almost all social media platforms except for twitter have banned new tourists in us conspiracy theorists alex jones for promoting hate speech the some applaud the move while others are wired that this sets a precedent for mass censorship by big tech companies for more let me draw in our wonderful social media editor elizabeth so great to see you liz now little dears outside the u.s. may not know about much about alex jones and his in for was website who and what are their. well rita alex jones created the info wars media outlet about twenty years ago so he has the website he has he's the host of different t.v.
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shows over a number of radio shows and radio podcasts and he's best known for spreading conspiracy theories or through his media network and he's also very much known for really getting worked up when he's trying to make a point as you can see in this video right here so i mean he has made really a number of absurd claims over the last year is he believes for example that the u.s. government is putting chemicals in the water to turn frogs gay and he says that the u.s. government is behind the september eleventh attacks on the world trade center and maybe most famously he made the claim that the sandy hook shooting the school shooting where twenty six people were killed a he claims that that was actually a hoax and that child actors where used to stage that tragic accident so
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although he's saying a lot of things that really are not based on any truth he still has lots of followers ten million people who visit his website every month and he's very popular but at the same time also very controversial and that's why tech companies have now started knocking him. well these tech companies have been facing a lot of pressure from the public also from governments they are supposed to continue fighting hate speech and also fighting the spread of fake news so really in an unprecedented move we've seen big companies like apple for example facebook spotify you tube removing content from alex jones so it is his podcast the videos that were posted by him ah there is have gone ahead and really blocked him completely and they're giving different reasons as to why they're doing that for example we have the radio and podcast service stitcher they are giving this explanation on twitter they say we have received we have reviewed alex jones
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podcasts and found he has on multiple occasions harassed or allowed harassment of private individuals and organizations and that harassment has led listeners of the show to engage in similar harassment and damaging activity now the only major platform that still allows alex jones to have his own account and also continue spreading his content is a twitter and in fact the twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey he says that if we succumb and simply react to outside pressure rather than straightforward principles that we enforce and evolve impartially regardless of political viewpoints a we become a service that's constructed by our personal views that can swing in any direction and that is a not asked and in fact we're seeing a broader discussion right now about the power that tech companies have in fighting hate speech and also the spread of the spread of fake news but on the other hand they also have the responsibility to allow free speech so that is really where
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people are asking how much power these companies should have relevant for most social media thank you very much. turning now to russia and the protests to pussy riot has made an appearance made an appearance you might remember during the world cup final day last month one that got them into jail members of the group van onto the pitch dressed as police officers interrupting the match that president vladimir putin was said to be watching a detail record has fallen so rich met the recently released activists and sent us this exclusive report. that they are heroes to some to others just criminals pussy riot or russia's most divisive group we meet in a traditional cold moscow apartments. just an artistic and political collective we don't have
4:38 pm
a fixed number of members different people come together from various factions you would just. actions like the recent protests at the football world cup final in moscow games to highlight police violence play stop just pussy riot activists stormed the pitch wearing police uniforms they were arrested and sentenced to fifteen days in jail the protesters were freed only a few days ago i wish i could still exist then you know people don't understand what we're about we have to explain it to them that's part of our job and we've sick day he's just at the not quite normal for people not to understand our artistic approach but they do get our political engagement. when your server joined pussy riot she lost her job as a bar manager the running can be caution it does modeling and wants to be an actress p.r. to fasten office involved with independent websites together a breath of fresh air in russian politics even if not everyone approves of.
4:39 pm
most people don't like what we do. but that doesn't make any difference to us what you know. and the. papers claim that i'm not a model. they imply that i'm a prostitute but i don't care that i know what i'm doing and i'm happy with it yes no stage oh yeah that there are states at the russian pussy riot are aware of police surveillance and they don't expect fair treatment by the state controlled media i mean the last big attack us because they have to because pussy riot don't do what they want that's just the way it is the state media always attack opposition groups but their. personal right won't let that spoil the party for them the struggle.
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to put. rich avocados are a common sight in many supermarkets in many countries around the world but it was not orvis the case and their growing popularity is causing conflict in mexico avocado farmers are taking up arms to fend off gangs trying to steal the valuable fruit and to protect their crops from corrupt government. this farmer won't go out to his avocado plantation without a gun he doesn't want to be identified nor for his face to appear on camera avocado farming has become a dangerous profession in mexico ever since organized crime recognize that it's become one of the most popular fruits on the planet. i'm wearing a mask so that no one can identify me but. i have to protect myself no one can know. farmers here coal avocados green gold
4:41 pm
there's a lot of money to be made with them and anyone in mexico who are in a lot of money has to fear for their lives. to twice. my ribs and my fingernails gang held me for a month they killed two of my brothers. so he swore never again to go on armed and now carries weapons as if he were going into combat he belongs to a local self-defense militia that protects farmers' crops from organized crime no one here is waiting for help from the government anymore. the. government was so corrupt that they did the same things the gangs were doing. if we didn't defend ourselves they were. his farm is just one of many here in the region surrounding towns and it's the heart of avocado cultivation in mexico every day they produce avocados worth about one million u.s.
4:42 pm
dollars in the middle of an area riddled by filing. the radio transmitter is perhaps the most important weapon in his fight against crime. within this farmer's able to communicate with other farmers nearby of course also heavily armed. has its own fighters and they have about seventy checkpoints on the roads leading into the city and anyone they don't know is thoroughly searched. come to pick avocados we're asking them for. there are about thirty thousand people in tents itar oh it's a relatively small city where peace and tranquility seem to reign a comparative rarity in mexico. before the self defense militias were set up i've dumped in an extortion where a daily occurrence. proclaims itself the avocado capital of the world and the
4:43 pm
people are proud of their products many here live from of a condo sales and hope that the bad old days never return. on visitors it used to be so bad. so many people were coming to steal our condos. and they took them by the truckload. for the bank on the mill. but this newly won security has to be constantly defended that's why tense ataru has its own well trained protection force they're paid for by the citizens and tolerated by the mexican state their objective is clear to keep the gangs out. about four kilometers away to cartels or in armed conflict fighting for control of a small area that's why we're watching this area to make sure no one comes here. every single one of these men is hand-picked by the community council many have
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given up their regular jobs to serve in this special unit with about one hundred people they guard tents atauro city limits this is in response to the violence and gulf in mexico and the government's failure to protect them their message to others protect yourselves. and then we will piss into them it would be nice if people in other regions could band together and follow our lead. if we work together for the cartels wouldn't stand a chance. traveling through mexico it's easy to see the scars of the violence of recent years has left on the country in large areas the states authorities has vanished the citizens in uniform have armed themselves they've taken their destiny into their own hands and they're taking back their streets. we're now on our way to check on here people's livelihoods depend on looking the timber in the region is
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their main source of income but organized crime also saw this opportunity the result masti forestation. but then the citizens of children decided they'd had enough seven years ago they took back the city and drove out the cartels something said about them it was so sad to see how the criminals cleared hundreds of tech tears now i will be able to hand over a flourishing forest to my children. they have their own uniforms complete with the city's coat of arms just to show who has the final say here it's something the mexican state should be doing but the people here gave up on the federal authorities a long time ago now they themselves carry out the patrols through the forest this form of independence has made children famous in the country. people come from all over mexico to cheer on to encourage others they say go go. is it weird that all of mexico could be like. children is
4:46 pm
a small quaint town where sixteen thousand people live together in peace the place has its own rhythm and knows how to enjoy the little things in life if there are problems there are discussed at meetings you won't find any of mexico's major political parties here the town runs itself and doesn't take part in general elections. in a way that children is now a small mini state in the vast nation of mexico simply because the country couldn't protect its citizens any more. in our eyes children is not an example or a model for others but it is an inspiration because it shows how you can counteract mexico's crisis but are from. mexico a country of border controls and militia groups and children and ten sutanto are two cities with a distinct message to the rest of the country. for yourselves. to
4:47 pm
the european athletics championships underway in berlin on thursday and jenny's hopes rest on an athlete who overcame many odds to represent a country discus thrower cloud was born shortly after pensive arrived in germany from uncle or and sought asylum now ultra successful in jr korea accounting is vague to prove that she's europe's best. claudine v.t. has medals in her sights she's already thrown her personal best this year sixty five point one five meters and now she heads into the qualifying round of the european championships in berlin ranked second this is how moments. vettel i was in the stands at the two thousand and nine world championships in berlin as a fan now i can hardly wait to experience it all down on the field as an athlete and it. reads it was born in one thousand nine hundred six in frankfurt near the
4:48 pm
polish border have parents fled there from angola and spent many years in a home for asylum seekers they weren't easy times for the family but sports helped claudine to find her way in life and overcome plenty of obstacles including racial discrimination. it doesn't matter what skin color you have just long as you stay true to your roots and your country so i'm so happy that i can represent him he's trampy and ships. claudine beach that was already a force to be reckoned with youth level she grabbed gold at the under twenty and junior european championships and that's despite her rivals towering over her one metre seventy nine feet is a good ten centimeters shorter than the competition in the discus circle. and. i may be smaller than the others but i have very long arms which gives me a wide radius when i stroke. my belief the smaller you are the more nimble you
4:49 pm
are in the circle. and her coach usted combine those former olympic gold medal winner in shotput make the perfect duo ahead of the competition they're using every opportunity to make minor improvements maybe that'll be enough to help claudine v.t. bring home a european championship medal. the edinburgh festival fringe claims to be the single biggest celebration of othen culture on the planet and right now it's well underway in the scottish capital of robin merritt from death is head to get us all about it welcome robin the last day they were three thousand five hundred events in the range this year. do you know the real answer is nobody knows i've even spoken to the festival office on the
4:50 pm
phone and they come they won't give of i think that figure officially is about the same amount they ship the festival program is they stick it's like a novel it's a book and i cording to that there are about three thousand five hundred shows with fifty four thousand performances in these three and a half weeks of the festival but there's always performers who turn up on spec and hope to get a venue or something this illness as well people don't also some say by the way that the whole thing is much too big but i obviously believe you can't get enough culture. awash with this is far as i'm concerned so without further ado let's have a look of what makes the fringe aneta brust so special. every august musicians acrobats and theater troops converge on to edinburgh scotland for the edinburgh festival fringe and for more than three weeks the venerable royal mile in the historical old town becomes
4:51 pm
a stage for performers from all over the world. thank. god we fell full time and we have to look at the sixty sometimes they say much is just a well of creativity is unique. as far as i'm aware there's police else in the world where art just lives and reads it's overwhelming but i think that's the best part of frames where you go you get pulled into one direction or another you know what know what you're going to be missed most of the former spend the day trying to convince as many people as they can to come to their show. details that you can just show you up side by side out. the shows on offer range from cabaret to stand up comedy to classical standards and musicals competitions is intense. it's sad it's very difficult where i'm from nine o'clock in the morning just
4:52 pm
straight away flyer and i were doing silly stuff like gibril pillars to try and just drop the charges because there's so many people have got somebody different biggest shot. officially a side bar to the edinburgh international festival the french has been growing since it first took place in one nine hundred forty seven expanding to pubs theatres and hidden clubs anyone who can talk their way into one of the three hundred seventeen venues can join in. there's a cultural democracy that underpaying the frames or so it doesn't matter if your panel is brought out or you're an artist who's performing for the first time you get exactly the same coverage in the french program you get exactly the same treatment exactly the same slot in the end. that you don't always do. there's a kind of beautiful quality to it so there's something for everyone at the famous studies spring.
4:53 pm
something for everybody on the fringes those are quite famous with stand up comedy and it's a stepping stone for bigger and greater things with and without a doubt i mean it started many illustrious career is just one example of it when they started the comedy award back in ninety nine he won the first win is with the cambridge footlights review and three of the win is with the name stephen fry huge laurie dr house for other people and emma thompson the the great hollywood actress now i mean that they were they original is jumping forward to today a lot one of last year's winners was a very interesting australian comedian called hand eye godspeed and she has just made a one hour special for netflix which gong had refused like groundbreaking from vanity fair and the game changing from the writing style and the discussions she's driving and inspiring are going to be far reaching his a little clip of
4:54 pm
a taste of her unique and very thought provoking humor. if you're comfortable in a small town or going to be my legs on the situation. in a small town that's all wrong from a distance. people are all good. but nothing was taken for a man but i would want to be a straight white man fight or die the fight would be substantially i. do think i have to create comedy. i'm probably not the forum to mike such an announcement is good but i don't agree i added self-deprecating humor and i simply will not do that anymore not to myself or anybody who identifies. stand by the self deprecation its no humility its humiliation what i would have done to story like mine. do you wonder if everybody for
4:55 pm
you something like a book they did this is the most the range which is going on in edinburgh and that's the only that's you. fringe is some name because it was on the side of the main international edinburgh festival which started nine hundred forty seven evidently some offices turned up who didn't have anywhere to play they found a place to buy that to cut a very long story short with the start of the french also it had brought the moment is the editor of military time to write by the casa there's also the book international book fast starting on saturday and i think it's the end you know the full festivals as a right going all along i mean the scottish capital is awash with culture and i mean it could drive in it i think it's one of the fun so it's a mecca to play for you personally like you was. all been very reluctant to death great to have you on the program. that's it from robin metz my cousin just going
4:56 pm
for me on the thought she would do stay with me because more news is coming up for you shortly.
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i'm going. to try to move. a science fiction writer to bridge the real and imaginary my first. visit to the dot com futurist prophesies. something in a novel inspired a range of popular movie. a visionary of the digital. world according to an. official.
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my first boss like i was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bones by this ocean for. something as simple as learning how to write a by side that isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have them by cycle of my home and it took me as the first but. finally the game bob invented by me on my side and three times because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt to create fargo's than writing about as knowledge i was a reach out to those woman back home who are bones by their duties and social norms and inform them about the basics like. my name is the matter of the home and i work into. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds. and found that deep in the rain forest in
4:59 pm
central africa. the biochar people. looking a little. and looked a little misleading even to the. money little. he was fascinated by their culture history. only a promise to. leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock. was the cosmic documentary from the forest starts aug ninth w.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin a record drought turns back areas of australia to dust it is the country's worst drive spell in fifty years and across the globe raging wildfires and extreme heat have scientists raising the alarm they warn that rising temperatures could ever bursley disrupt a person ecosystems.


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