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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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reconcilable. aug nineteenth. this is news coming to you live from berlin israel your airstrikes against. three palestinians are killed including a pregnant woman and a child israel says it was in retaliation for rockets and mortars fired from gaza we'll go live to jerusalem. also coming up. among them.
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lies behind this crackdown on the media. i'm on the thought she the gaza health ministry says israeli airstrikes have killed a pregnant woman and her young daughter in the gaza strip one hundred five was also killed these really army launched the attacks after hamas militants five more than one hundred and fifty rockets into israel injuring at least three israelis the security situation in the region has been tense march palestinians began. protests along the gaza israeli border israel has warned hamas against for the escalation. and for the very latest i'm joined now by our middle east correspondent don there in jerusalem john it was an age as you can tell us about this incident.
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it was a situation seems to have quieted down in the past hour or so but it's not yet clear where this is going. we've seen such escalations in the past month or so already several times so it's always said i don't have an interest to take it any further but i think only the next hour will tell according to the israeli army about a hundred and eighty protect telesur fired from gaza into southern israel. about thirty of them were intercepted by the israeli defense system. and there's very obvious says they have targeted over one hundred fifty sites and locations in the gaza strip since yesterday three people there in the gaza strip where killed according to house official stare and people on both sides. and shouting you've just been in the palestinian territories let's first look at your report which shows the situation for the people in gaza has since gone the united nations agency
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responsible for some five million refugees there had its budget slashed. the sit in on roads headquarters in gaza city a few employees have even started a hunger strike all of them with their jobs among them is psychologists who were shot she would have to work part time for the next six months and they did to do was shut it like throwing us out in the street and thirty eight clinics all my husband doesn't work i have full clinics and we don't have any other source of energy in a way should apply for women to get them back most of the anger is directed at the agency hundred and thirteen people will lose their jobs with unemployment at more than forty percent in gaza work with the agency had been highly sought after the funding crisis is starting to bite after the u.s. slashed its support for on road back in january there is a ninety million dollars shortfall in its emergency fund which supports food
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distribution mental health and cash. well work programs we're trying the best we can to prioritize the food distribution and that means we have to borrow some money and do less of the other two programs a number of our staff staff roughly a thousand staff are affected by this some of them will continue full time their job some of them will have to move to part time so that we can fit into the budget the food distribution and how must control gaza the crisis over the agency which provides services normally supplied by state comes amid a tense political situation a ceasefire between hamas and israel remains elusive people here are very that the cuts in u.s. funding are only the beginning of a wider come pain to take the refugee issue off the agenda israel and the u.s. accuse the u.n. organization of perpetuating the refugee problem but people here say that without a little support they get the situation would be even worse. at the distribution
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center at the refugee camp people come for their basic items with the gaza strip sealed off by israel and egypt over eighty percent of the population are dependent on aid one way or another. every three months even in the picks up his family's ration of oil lentils floor and other items he's a tailor but hardly finds work was a little of all agency has reduced its own stuff so what will happen to people like me if i cut even slightly it will hurt. them today i'm getting seven bags but if they cut it by heart the quantity will not be enough. it will never be enough the food. like for him and his fellow two million gazans remains deeply uncertain. telling your report gives us a good sense of how desperate conditions are for the people of gaza and things seem
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to be getting even was how are people coping. well people in gaza live under different pressures from different sides and they have been living under closer for the past ten years now every time you see a military escalation like this and that also goes for people living in the south of israel there is a lot of fear of a new war now people in gaza be a likely looking at what's going on in egypt because there have been mediation efforts going on for the past several weeks with the help off the egyptians and the united nations on different tracks monitors to calm down the situation there will be looking at what they can do at this particular point in time but also there are reports that actually they're trying to program a longer term ceasefire between israel and hamas another issue they're looking at is the conservation efforts between hamas and fatah that have faded of the past and yes and another track would be to look at
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a plan to make the situation to address some of the hardships in gaza like the missing water problems and unemployment now with every military escalation of course the situation becomes more complex and we have to wait and see how this will play out donna kremer in jerusalem thank you. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world aid workers in yemen say dozens have been killed in an airstrike on a school bus in the north of the country most of the victims were children yemeni rebels have blamed the saudi led coalition for carrying out the strike started a busy market in the rebel stronghold of. a powerful aftershock a struck the indonesian island of lombok the six point two magnitude tremor is the strongest of hundreds of aftershocks that have hit the area since the deadly quake on sunday officials say the deaths two are from sunday's quake has now risen to two
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hundred and fifty nine tens of thousands remain homeless. japan has mark seventy three years since the u.s. atomic bombing of nagasaki in the closing days of the second world war the u.n. secretary general antonio good cherish a reality in tributes to the victims the bombing took place three days after the u.s. targeted. and killed eighty thousand people. authorities in belarus arrested a number of journalists on suspicion of illegally accessing information from the country's state run news agency among those detained is appalled york by god ski a correspondent for the russian service is apartment in miss minsk was searched for two hours by police. has launched a protest with the ambassador of bella who's here in berlin where his arrest followed police raids on some of the country's largest independent media outlets
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local rights groups say the detentions are part of a drive to muzzle the press. joining me now is a mikhail a bush us he's an editor with a russian service and he's been following the story we go welcome now you mike of ski and several other journalists who've been detained what more can you tell us. well i think the whole scale of the crackdown is only visible when you think that as for now at least ten journalists from four different belorussian media outlets has been either questioned or detained or all this together so it's all on the grounds of the fact that someone illegally read news from the paid segment of a state news agency five persons are still in custody and the investigators came yesterday to our man. because ski and his wife later told us that the investigators took all the gadgets they could. find even from his
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daughter so. the same happened to all the journalist. questioned or detained so you might imagine that all the information these journalists might have is now in the hands of investigators who mind intercepted it and if you try to cover and protect your sources now it means forget about it now but that is stealing news from the state agency that's the official reason for this detention is that what this is really about. well the story simple someone we don't know who yet tapped into this page segment. so it's the name of the state agency any tears being. his being there for two years now and then the bell to discover the problem in told the police and the police now thinks that at least three journalists from two
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respectable and independent outlets like. bell upon might have been the suspects but the problem is that the stealing stealing these news doesn't make any sense are told this is what journalist that i was talking to in minsk told me this page segment or the news feed in the paper segment last only fifteen minutes enough to after the fifth when it's available for everyone so does it make any sense i don't think so in fact most likely got something different because reporters without borders has commented on these latest arrests here's what johan did at the eastern european desk. these arrests are clearly an attempt to intimidate a leading independent journalist the raids and the confiscation of computers and on the devices suggests the death. so we can do you share that
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assessment we know that bennett who is believed to have a lot that was a part of ten regimes in europe but what does this all mean for the independent press and why now. well if the the case in the way of detentions doesn't really make sense from the point of view of law enforcement it does make a lot of sense from the political point of view because next year two thousand and twelve twenty. presidential elections even. think of the autocrat he's now ruling the country is preparing for full for them so. if you have an open case on so many independent journalists then you probably think they will just obedient and meek and you know quiet for as long as this case is open and also this has a personal touch to it for let's say three years ago personally name is u.t.c.
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surfer who is the founder of to buy and told one of. his staff in an open speech that i'm quoting i told you to get all the jews in the country under control and this. still you cannot normalize him end of quote so it's kind of personal for you are suggesting in the story as well you're right i'm a kind of bush who after all. russia seven thank you very much for that. to argentina now where the country's senate has rejected a bill to legalize abortions lawmakers voted by a margin of thirty eight to thirty one against the measure after some fifteen hours of debate the briley would have legalized abortion after the fourteenth week of pregnancy thousands of anti-abortion activists cheer the news outside the congress in bonus iris but many of the bills backers launched angry protests before police
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used tear gas and water cannons to disperse them. and in some sports years after standing for seventeen years the transfer record for a goalkeeper has been shattered for the second time in the space of a month capehart roofless replaces the words previous world record free for a goatee that was set only a few weeks ago when liverpool purchased brazil international only son from the roma for sixty two point five million viewers prior to that i listened to john moody before strasser from parmar to you then just held the record and that was fifty two point eight billion euros move taking place all the way back in two thousand and one. now after european athletics championships host nation germany has won his first gold medal of the games are to a believe it came first in the men's decathlon at berlin's in them big stadium finally giving home fans something to celebrate on day three of the proceedings.
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