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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin argentina the senate votes against legalizing abortion the result not a tongue debate thousands cheer the news while others launch angry protests in a country already intensely divided over the issue also coming up who's really launches dead heat as strikes against gossip freak honest citizens kids including a pregnant woman and her child israel says it was in retaliation for of rockets and mortars fired from gaza. and jailed and branded
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a terrorist. naval officer and nato diplomat speaks to do from exile in. class in the next sixty minutes a media crackdown. on this up arrested among them correspondent. steve rights activists warning it's an attack on free speech. and. from cornwall competition to party central a multimedia show paying tribute to its nine thousand nine hundred strong sublimation. continue. argentina's senate has rejected a bill to legalize abortion by
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a margin of thirty eight to thirty one the bill that would have allowed abortion up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy the issue has deeply divisive in argentina it's the homeland of pope francis and the roman catholic church campaign strongly against the proposed lol. the marathon session in the argentinian senate and it shortly before three am as the news broke opponents of the bill erupted in celebration abortion remains essentially illegal yet we came from the country and we're here to protect the rights of the unborn child i thank god and the senators. prior to the decision thousands of pro-choice demonstrators had gathered outside the senate building and the cold and rain the majority of them came here to protest the senate they're the ones responsible for all those women who have died during an illegal abortion they are murderers. a slim majority of argentinian senators
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eventually rejected a bill that would have legalized abortion. the decision came after heavy pressure from the argentinian catholic church which lobbied hard against the bill. now at the recent polls suggest that most option times back legalizing abortion the votes left many frustrated and disappointed beatings of violent protests in some areas. joining me now is a she is a journalist in bonus you said tell us more about the reaction there to that very emotional senate vote on abortion we just saw violence in the streets of going aside this. that's read after fifteen hours of the senator of being in the congress debating this bill they finally voted at three am and many many protesters stayed until that time to wait for the vote and some of them reacted in a violent way mainly from the pro-abortion side of course there compared to the
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scale of the demonstration this is a very small minority it's expected that it's estimated that about one million people came out to the streets yesterday and that people that are at the scene because of the violence are but for now it just seven men and one woman so compared to the scale of the them straight violence we can say that it was a very small part lucky but it's true that a lot of the demonstrators were sorting out stones and bottles police reacted with tear gas to some of the scenes last night at three where were quite violent and concerned things. you see why is the country so divided over legalizing abortion. well you mentioned it a bit in the report but the main reason is religion like many latin american countries argentina so while the catholic country over seventy six percent of the population is christian and the poll by the catholic church have come out strongly
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against this bill so in argentina a woman who undergo abortion can be jailed for up to four years but this is a lot of women it's estimated almost half a million women every year undergo this procedure. and yet the main division i think is is religious and it's very interesting because the abortion issue has divided even political parties in this case yesterday there's not one single party that voted as a block even the most conservative star even the most progressive socially progressive parties had at least one or two scenarios that voted against and it's also very graphic on the about it so the north of argentina is usually the more conservative nars than was really just region and all the senators from those provinces voted against the bill whereas in the center and the south of the country they what it's for the legalized legalization and you see it briefly now one of the implications of this vote for women who still want to go ahead with abortion you
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mentioned a half million women but you know estimated to have abortions can they do it illegally leave their health and face prosecution or will they just go abroad. no i mean they'll continue doing the like they've been doing it for all these years a half a million women are still undergoing legal abortion in argentina and there's no real eternity of our. closest country that has legalized abortion. they have legalized is since two thousand and twelve but a lot of the women that and then go abortion are very poor soul of their possibilities of going abroad and getting an abortion done somewhere else are very low for them so they'll probably continue doing it you legally it's very interesting because they are washington readies also a class issue there are a lot of private hospitals that are known to it's widely known that private hospitals perform abortions those abortions are only accessible to woman that kind
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of support it on the other hand the woman that don't have the financial means to pay for this procedure is in a private hospital under god in secure and unsafe conditions that are causing a lot of deaths over the past few years writing. this i psec you very much for that life update from there. well. with me this is you know i have religious and ethics correspondent. also from welcome us into we have to see if it is a whole lot of questions religion politics class let me begin by asking you as you know the country as they divided is this divide in your perspective based on religious than ethical grounds or political well i think both i think that there is a very strong sense of you know political division i mean clearly this cuts right along the line of conservatism and progressivism on the other hand it is true that
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there is a lot of cross police station so that is to say there are a lot of people that belong to what would be the center right that are mostly liberals or near liberals that basically have a proportion or a pro-choice position while you have people on the left that actually remember the history of argentinean which thirty thousand people disappeared many of them pregnant women those babies actually were never returned and that actually also defined a bit the way in which argentine society thinks about fetuses and pregnancy so i think it's a very complicated topic stree what do you think it's worthwhile pointing out is that by and large to one side and to the other there's been sort of a an agreement i mean a base agreement in the conversation that this is something that is in nobody's benefit that this is not something i mean that has to do with allowing or not allowing abortion this is a law that has to do or this discussion was about what happens with their organs that are already taking place those things are not going to go away and most certainly i mean what just happened will if anything rick night the debate as to
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what happens with the organs that are already happening absolutely and then all of this involved is a we heard figures about two hundred fifty full women die every year going through illegal abortions but now coming back to this is a look at the division. does also the homeland of pope francis of the catholic church they had quite a critical role in this campaign to get a report suggested a majority of the means would. supported this legalization of. many fears are very interesting one of them half of the women and half of the women senators that voted voted actually against the bill and so voted against choice there thing that is really quite curious is that the majority of voters against it came from very deeply got fairly provinces in the north while the south tended to be more progressive i think that what is important to point out is that while the church and evan jellicoe groups very importantly do have a lot of fluence the conversation indeed shifted in their reaction that most of the
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argentine community seems to be understanding it to go which is this has to be put on the table we cannot simply say that this is illegal and then put this question to rest this no longer works so there's still a lot of room for discussion masinga thank you very much for sharing your perspective on this very divisive issue of abortion in argentina. now the gaza has ministry says israeli airstrikes have killed a pregnant woman and her young daughter in the gaza strip when hamas fight it was oh it's a kid the israeli army launched the attacks after hamas militants five more than one hundred eighty rockets into israel injuring at least four israelis the security situation the vision has been tense since march when palestinians began staging reeking to test along the gaza israeli border israel has want hamas against the escalation. and for the very latest i'm joined now by a middle east correspondent on the crema in judaism john what's the latest you can
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tell us about this incident. well the situation seems to have quieted down in the past hour or so but it's not yet clear where this is going. we've seen such as collations in the past month or so already several times so it's always said i don't have an interest to take it any further but i think only the next hour will tell according to the israeli army about a hundred and eighty protect us were fired from gaza into southern israel. about thirty of them were intercepted by the israeli defense system. and these are in the army says they have targeted over one hundred fifty sites and locations in the gaza strip since yesterday three people there in the gaza strip where killed according to house officials and people on both sides. tony has just been in the palestinian territories before i talk to her again let's look at a report which shows the situation for the people in gaza since the budget cuts for
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. the united nations agency responsible for some five million refugees in the region. a sit in congress headquarters in gaza city a few employees have even started a hunger strike all of them fear for their jobs among them as psychologists who were shot she would have to work part time for the next six months and they did they do have a shot at frank's drawing us out in the street i'm thirty eight years old my husband doesn't work i have full kids and we don't have any other source of energy where should i apply for a new job i want to get them back most of the anger is directed at the agency one hundred and thirteen people who lose their jobs with unemployment at more than forty percent in gaza work with the agency had been highly sought after the funding crisis is starting to bite after the u.s. slashed its support for on road back in january there is
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a ninety million dollars shortfall in its emergency fund which supports food distribution mental health and cash for work programs we're trying the best we can to prioritize the food distribution and that means we have to borrow some money and do less of the other two programs a number of our stock staff roughly a thousand staff are affected by this some of them will continue full time their job some of them will have to move to part time so that we can fit into the budget the food distribution and how must control gaza the crisis over the agency which provides services normally supplied by state comes amid a tense political situation as ceasefire between hamas and israel remains elusive people here are very that the cuts in u.s. funding are only the beginning of a wider come pain to take the refugee issue off the agenda israel and the us accuse the un organization of perpetuating the refugee problem but people here say that
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without the little support they get the situation would be even worse. at the distribution center at the refugee camp people come for their basic items. with the gaza strip seared off by israel and egypt over eighty percent of the population are dependent on aid one way or another. every three months imagine how much in the picks up his family's ration of oil lentils drawer and other items he's a tailor but hardly finds work is a little agency has reduced its own stuff so what will happen to people like me if our coupons are cut even slightly it will hurt. them today i'm getting seven bags but if they cut it by half the quantity will not be enough. it will never be enough the food. like for him and his fellow two million gazans remains deeply uncertain. telling your report gives us
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a good sense of how desperate conditions are for the people of gaza and things seem to be getting even was how are people coping down at crema in jerusalem thank you. let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world aid workers in given say dozens have been killed after an airstrike hit a school bus at a market in a province most of the victims were children the selby led coalition said it was targeting rebel missile facilities in retaliation for rocket attack on bandstand. a powerful aftershock has struck the indonesian island off the six point two magnitude tremor is the strongest of hundreds of off the shocks that have hit the area since the deadly quake on sunday officials say the death toll from sunday's quake has not risen to two hundred and fifty nine tens of thousands remain homeless . japan has mocked seventy three yes since the u.s.
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atomic bombing of nagasaki in the closing days of the second was all u.n. secretary general until a good ten ish page tribute to the victims the bombing took place three days after the u.s. talked to two with the combined death toll of over one hundred thousand peter. christopher joins me now and jim is taking measures to ensure that foreign companies do not make inroads into key industries here christophe that is right on read up with one target in particular and that target is china for years beijing has been on a mission to buy companies that fit its strategy to develop into an economic world leader mostly market leaders in ten different key industry sectors like robotics or pharmaceuticals that strategy involves takeovers of foreign companies countries such as germany and the united states see their industrial advantages of risk and are now tightening regulation it's
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a move china won't like germany's government once brought a veto powers when investors from outside europe buy into local companies starting at fifteen percent stakes instead of the current twenty five. the new regulations come after berlin effectively blocked a chinese company from buying a twenty percent share in electricity grid operator fifty hurts chinese trade representatives claim they're being singled out however the sudden surge in chinese purchases is striking while the volume of chinese transactions in germany has comparably low in the years before twenty sixteen it's accelerated quickly since then a sudden surge to twelve point six billion dollars in twenty sixteen was followed by a new peak of thirteen point seven billion dollars in twenty seventeen. and it's not only the size of the investments that are ringing alarm bells in berlin. many of
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them are focused on certain sectors. those ten key industrial sectors president z. wants china to become world leader in the acquisition of robot manufacture a cooker for four and a half billion euros last year falls into that category. and this year lee shoe food c.e.o. of chinese carmakers sheely acquired ten percent in germany. now germany is slamming on the brakes by planning tighter scrutiny of foreign investments but german industry representatives fear the government stricter controls could deter chinese investors and that's not necessarily good news after all investors also provide capital and create jobs. now a twelve year wait is over earlier today ikea the world's largest furniture retailer opened its doors in india in the southern city of heider about now it's an outsized project the thirty seven thousand square meter showroom is expected to
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draw in seven million shoppers a year the store employees almost one thousand people more stuff than any other ikea branch in the world the swedish furniture maker says it will invest one and a half billion dollars in india a bet on the country's growing middle class nike says it wants to open twenty five stores in india by twenty twenty five for now the newly opened store in hyderabad features ikea biggest restaurant ever seating one thousand and serving both indian fare and swedish mainstays the famous swedish meatballs are offered only in chicken or vegetarian variations though pork and beef are off the menu now for more let's bring in correspondent song off on the car she joins me from new delhi sunnah good to see you. how have people received this big indian opening of ikea. i christoph well actually there was
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a lot of fanfare around this opening in that stall on the outskirts of hype about today though there was a large crowd that had queued up outside the store before the opening and inside they were greeted by hundreds of employees dressed in blue and yellow you know waving swedish and indian flags there was even a military band playing a number of high profile guests including sweden's abassi that said that it was a very is a lot of fanfare on this event and also a lot of coverage in the media and as i understand that ikea specifically prepared itself for the indian market by tailoring one thousand products tell us more about the. that's right to stop it's actually quite unbelievable the idea here is really kind of report its entire product lineup for the indian market to yours before the store opened employees visited about a thousand homes in indian cities to try and understand how people live live here and what they need and the product lineup really reflects that you know for
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instance ikea has introduced more color in its products introduced mattresses it's introduced dhaka so far fabrics because there's a lot of dough to dust in india it's also come up with alternatives to lead them because the cult is the will ship of india and i think most importantly ikea has really kept in mind that india you know with its abundant supply of cheap labor really has a kind of do it for me culture of that and do it for sales and and so i can has a full in-house team of people to help customers actually assemble the french and now india has been somewhat of a tough turf for western companies how is. trying to to. not share their fate. well it's interesting i mean you're right it is is india sort of india is a tough market to crack you know ikea did try to enter india earlier if you remember back in two thousand and six but at the time it was foiled by very strict
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foreign direct investment rules that basically required companies to sign up with a local park known now seven years later those rules were last like he has made it in but i can now face a stiff competition from domestic online for fun it should be tailors like that of try and open ladder it also has to contend with wal-mart which is picked up a majority stake in indian e-commerce giant flipkart which also has a range of home for missions and there are other problems too you know be huge pieces of land that i need some really hard to find in indian cities that are other other like high import duties which also make products very expensive so i think ikea entry into india and its subsequent filio or success will be watched very closely by other international so i never only go reporting on ikea's first store in india thank you so much. a group of b.m.w. owners in south korea has filed a criminal complaint against a german carmaker over alleged delays in recalling more than one hundred thousand
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cars that after over thirty b.m.w. vehicles caught fire this year in south korea the german carmaker apologized on monday blaming a faulty component but customers are angry saying the firm should have issued the recall sooner the timing of the recall issued last month is already the subject of a government program. and i'll have more business for you a little later in the show for now back to you on radar thank you very much krista we have now some sports news coming up here not the european championships being co-hosted by. glasgow i'm afraid we have some other than that you let me see do we have that story ok let's have some football transfer news the premier league is. we go to the premier league club chelsea had signed a goalkeeper kid these are from atlantic build eighty million euros and that makes
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it twenty two the most expensive goalkeeper in the history of the sport gave over to place to go to a whole has joined riyadh madrid caper made fifty three appearances in spain. he has signed a seven year contract the trophy. and now let me take you to the european championships being co-hosted by berlin and glasgow germany has won its first gold medal in the uk let x. competition. came first in the men's to catalan at the olympic stadium finally giving the home fans something to celebrate on day three of the proceedings afterwards the man known as king couldn't hide his emotion have a look. mind that was simply crazy at first at that moment you just hear the public scream then you feel your legs they were burning like hell. then you breathe then the pulse comes. then you stand there and think closer to crazy days
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hey you wanna know what just happened slowly the emotions come when you break down and realize you were just a small worm down here and you just run stage. in your own house. congratulations to him now for some tennis and the big names encountered few problems in the second round of the toronto masters champ signify another overcame both a rainy delay and a francis prairie to book his place in the next meanwhile second seed alexander sphere there remains on course to defend his title. alexander's ref certainly seems to be enjoying the hard courts of north america fresh from defending his washington title germans looking good to repeat the trick and. it's very very seeded second here and they have a few problems getting past bradley clan is blooming groundstrokes too much for the
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americans. last years very have beat roger federer in the final here and now he's safely through to this year's third round. seven if i. were six. top seed rafa nadal in red had to wait to get on court for his match against pak heavy rain in toronto delaying play by almost an hour but when things did finally start the dogs in no need to mess around was. there's no shortage of love for rafa here he breezed through six two six three in just under an hour and a quarter a spaniard ensuring the toronto france gets enjoy him for at least one moment. it watching the good news come to you live from berlin lots more coming up for you from christophe as it is for me to do stay with us if you can.
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ninth w. played. this is. and i'm going to have you with us. the argentinean senate has rejected a bill to legalize abortion and thousands of anti abortion activists shared the news side of the congress and by an aside but others launched an angry protest. and israel has lost a wave of strikes against gaza killing three palestinians including a pregnant woman israel says it was in retaliation for more than one hundred fifty . it's a five from. three. to now to a story from inside the turkish punches that of a former naval officer now branded a terrorist he was among the thousands of military personnel put in jail for allegedly taking part in a failed coup in turkey two years ago and he's now fled to turkey and has been
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given refugee status in belgium terry should spoke to him in brussels. peaceful days with his family or something former turkish naval officer just talk wasn't sure he'd ever happen again after president right up tie affair to one accused of the then lieutenant commander and most other officer stationed at nato of supporting the two thousand and sixteen coup top korea was imprisoned but escaped several months ago and returned to brussels where he tried to stay under the turkish government's radar until now either side the pope on behalf of me. for those who can't meet the press who can meet the journalists who can't meet their low youth you know that they are in prison and they can't prove their innocence i have to be helpful took a as ordeal began three months after the coup when he was lured from brussels back
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to under the guise of an urgent meeting instead his former turkish military colleagues had him arrested and thrown into jail for more than sixteen months turning him overnight from a high ranking international diplomat with nato's top security clearance to a so-called terrorist one of almost two hundred thousand people swept up in the massive purges ordered by air to one after the coup attempt top player was accused of being a follower of exiled islamist leader to the glen whom heir to one blames for instigating the coup he was also charged with insulting air to one on twitter the officer says the claims are absurd that he has no religious or political ties and never had a twitter account at that point a prosecutor even brought up his nato appointment as an allegation against him being less than pro nato is a big crime in turkey you know. he fled while on a temporary release from prison and awaiting trial tokyo says he witnessed terrible
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things while being held extreme physical and mental torture of people he's convinced did nothing wrong. now top kuya does have a twitter account and he's using it to share these stories sparking a backlash from the government controlled media in turkey which call him a traitor i feel relieved with each to me and i know. the bad guys are afraid of it takei as family supports his risky decision even after everything they've suffered his wife miscued is nervous about telling their story but agrees it's the right thing to do other purged nato officers however feel they must stay in the shadows as threats from continue one of them tells me in a written statement he fears turkish intelligence will snatch to shut him up. long arm is everywhere they try to find a live report on what we do and if they get orders they carry them out talk says
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giving way to fear emboldens the autocrats what use them courage is innocent people. being frightened or afraid so we are in the front we are on the right side we should be more part of the belgian government supports him on the same day you spoke with he received word that belgium has granted him refugee status protection from the government he thought he would serve all his life. authorities in barrow's have arrested a number of journalists on suspicion of illegally accessing information from the country's state run news agency among those detained by called ski a correspondent for the russian service his apartment in minsk was searched for two hours by police has launched
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a protest with the ambassador of belarus in berlin his arrest followed police raids in some of the country's largest independent media outlets local rights groups say the detentions are part of a government drive to muzzle the press moscow has reacted angrily to fresh sanctions from washington the u.s. state department announced it will sanction russia over the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in britain a kremlin spokesman said the measures didn't conform to international law one a senior russian u.n. representative slammed the sanctions as most hear tales of the absurd former spice or gas creep out and his daughter yulia are believed to have been exposed to nabil chalk among military grade nerve agents in the english town of swords very the u.s. and the u.k. say russia was responsible which the kremlin denies last month two other people find a container believed to have been used to transport the poison one of them died protests
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against our tramp have been almost a weekly occurrence in the u.s. since the controversial president was elected some twenty months ago now an unlikely group has taken their protest to the road lish show from a social media desk joins me now with that story. there you are liz welcome and i'm. trying to grow korea proof behind this and why. well rita the group is called the grannies respond and as the name suggests these are grandmothers who are protesting donald trump's policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the u.s. mexican border so this is what the grandmothers are doing last week and they get on buses in different cities across the u.s. we'll see where in port and others in new york others in medicine atlanta and they
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all drove to mecca allan in texas where one of the largest immigration facilities in the u.s. can be a found and on the way there they actually stopped in different cities also rallying and they're here for example they are in new orleans as you see that was lots of music people holding up signs and they even got into a dialogue with the local residents there talking about their action and their protests here you see the grannies that a different stop here in houston texas and as you may have noticed it's not only grandmothers who are taking part there but also young people who are joining them also a man who said ok we're going to be part of this campaign and out once they got to make al and they did different activities for twenty four hours some of volunteered there is went to the u.s.
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mexican border i just to get a feel of what immigrants go through when they are trying to get into the u.s. now a number of these grandmas have actually talked about what motivated them to join this campaign a so let's listen in. i did magic for a single moment any one of my grandchildren being separated from my family what's happening to mine is just unbearable. so i have. to respond i'm sure in their opinion because i'm working with their search around the country to raise awareness and see. so grandmas in the us fighting for justice and how has this protest by these a feisty grannies been received. well it's actually been received very well i mean
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it's something that you don't see every day getting on of us and saying ok we're here to protest so they're getting a lot of media coverage in the us and also outside lots of people praise them praising them on social media as well for example we have been sent here from chicago he says much love to the grannies a lot of buzz they are a true blessing and modern day saints here's hoping their protest in arms is a huge success in keeping of those a families together and there are other people who are supporting the grannies financially so they had asked for seventeen thousand dollars so that they can finance their trip but as you see there they have already received ten thousand dollars more than they had asked for and they're not done with their actions in macau and so they are returning back to their homes but they say they'll continue spreading the message on social media. show from the age of your social media this wonderful to have that story from you. i can move
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a lot now to venezuela a country that over fifty years ago was one of the first to wipe out malaria today experts say malaria is back on the rise at an alarming rate that's coupled with other diseases that magnet recession are hitting very is that as states hard and with it many of the indigenous peoples that live there did you have your reports from the region. already milk a river has flooded. but while some locals fish from the river others in the city of puerto are you could chill in venezuela's amazon a state are having trouble getting enough food. dr elvis works at the main hospital in a muslim the areas where patients are supposed to be treated are contaminated and there are few supplies these facilities are supposed to accommodate indigenous populations from remote communities but now they're empty. more than fifty children
4:40 pm
died of malnutrition here in the last few months in the midst of a national nursing strike. the hospital is no longer safe for indigenous people. there were even more fatalities that were not reported maybe out of fear of the world health organization that was. not going to join the lawsuit it's good that this situation has now been publicized world wyatt's. the chief of the p.r. ethnic minority has called a town doctor has met with an indigenous organization to treat the local children and deliver medicine. the number of children dying of malnutrition has increased in rural areas where malaria and measles outbreaks have recurred. one boy from the piano ethnic group was hospitalized until a few days ago until his grandparents took him home octavio castro is the chief of
4:41 pm
. where malaria is widespread more than half the community works in illegal mining operations they've neglected traditional agriculture. but we're trying to plan something for the sake of the children. while there are problems because sharman sick cannot heal these diseases or to is embedded made. a venezuelan researcher blames the resurgence of malaria on the boom in illegal mining throughout southern already know the deforestation and ditches filled with stagnant water lead to the spread of mosquitoes that carry the disease. yet is calling for joint efforts with international organizations to fight the epidemic. i mean if they don't tell you right the health ministry should collaborate with the pan american health organization and various health related n.g.o.s in venezuela
4:42 pm
along with the cademy as an international groups like doctors without borders because they know exactly how to tackle a problem at its current level while what about what only much we have an epidemic that's out of control. about. hunger epidemics and the economic crisis are bearing down on the children of amazon a state the future of venezuela's indigenous populations is under threat. christiane joins me now on this more commotion surrounding tesla found on must christophe that's right i'm reading your long lost twitter announcement saying he wants to take e-car maker tesla private has not only irritated markets it is now also become a matter of interest for the u.s. securities and exchange commission according to the wall street journal it's looking into whether musk statement were actually factual in other words. after all is burning for billions of dollars of tesla without even
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a hint of future profits. question some have called him the architect of tomorrow others call him a con man but either way elon musk is known as a highly driven individual and the south african born entrepreneur has achieved things many can only dream about. in one thousand nine hundred four he founded his first company at the age of twenty four by the time he was thirty he'd become one of the co-founders of online payment platform pay pal but musk is better known for his other headline grabbing projects tesla space x. and hyperloop tesla disrupted the traditional car industry with its nice electric models its achieved household name status while burning through more than ten billion dollars without ever making a profit but that hasn't stopped musk he aims to change long distance travel with hyperloop the idea is to send an electromagnetically levitated fickle through a long low pressure tube over thousands of kilometers. and his space x.
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project is aimed at sending the first people to mars to ilan must disguise the limit but here on earth he has real problems profit targets investor concerns and production setbacks reaching for the stars might have to wait once again for many gardeners across europe of brow is the new green and the heat wave that is currently sweeping across the continent most have given up watering their grass though a dutch entrepreneur has come up with a clever idea he sprays the dry grass with a clean liquid that way yards can appear like they would in a regular. between five and seven weeks it also contains fertilizer rich helps the grass grow once the intense summer heat finally comes to innit. and that's all for me for now back to merida and the ongoing battle against corruption in nigeria that's right kristoff you know transparency international
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ranking sure nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in the was last it was ranked hundred forty eight out of one hundred eighty countries now one organization is trying to change that its core cracka and it uses data from the public budget to fight corruption in nigeria's institutions and public spaces like this school in lagos. told before the shooting as they prepared to graduate from primary school thousands of children have passed through st paul since it first opened its doors more than sixty years ago. many of the school buildings have become de lapp be dated over time foreseen overcrowding as many as sixty five people is now have to pack them selves into a classroom originally designed for twenty five and a new school year is about to be game by. not remote rule many. people are children close to. two years ago
4:46 pm
the renovation of this block of classrooms was listed in the national budget for twenty four thousand euros contractors started the work but it didn't last long this project was suddenly stopped by the government and even the much heroes used in the question like this guy liked where abandoned most of which had been stolen by community who was seven months later and they still no sign of progress with the help of the local n.g.o.s d'etat is searching for answers just tell our works for charkha civil organization the money says government projects like this one across the country i want to last says he's called and sent letters to government officials responsible for the projects but is yet to get any substantial response we also reached out to these officials but none of them are free to speak to us.
4:47 pm
all the every world in this accountable. is all about control to all those people sometimes on the talk to us about it of course i'm hoping. it's going to get fixed just trust says one of the main challenges of his job is that the government officials hardly responses he spits asians and even walking with the people is sometimes difficult. in arrington our system people ok with the way things are and what was the thing ok i'm interested in these. both with time we are trying to. and while the students celebrate their graduation authorities are saying pause can only hope the classrooms are ready for the new ones who starts in september.
4:48 pm
and lives in the ocean are often called chip and voting became the playground for creativity in the capital a clapped out you're with the sadness musicians an artist or kind of the city up to it was you know had following the for want the money born in ninety nine. and to talk about all of this i have with me vol been narrowed from this was can robyn now you are one of those musicians who came to berlin at that time was that like amazing fantastic mind boggling you know they have this sort of anything goes spirit and i don't think i've ever experienced anything so artistically incredible i mean from seeing tanks buried sort of head
4:49 pm
in sand in the middle of the city as possible and all to install the installation where the wall had being to meeting crosby stills and nash who just came to berlin to hang out they didn't have a gig here it was brilliant it has been in for a few years later and it's such a buzz to the city how has the artistic scene changed since then well it has changed is still great but it's got more expensive and horrible word gentrification has loomed it's ugly head. rents are going up which right studio space more expensive just the artists for instance came here and they didn't have to worry about their art they could just create art was the important thing because they didn't have to pay too much rent now unfortunately also that the lots of artists take musicians there's too many sites offer this is so the whoever wants to harm can get them for a cheaper price because you know but the rents are going up they do say that forty
4:50 pm
to fifty thousand people are moving here every year. with famous architects designing flashy new buildings and luxury locks and condos fronting up everywhere berlin's fabled venues are fast disappearing culture is losing ground to capital. its most prominent victim. the sub cultural center of the ninety's and early two thousand right in the heart of berlin. for close leader and senator for cultural affairs it's a place with sentimental value. as i know one thing top the list was centrally located this used to be a hot spot it was surrounded by similar venues although it's hard to see it nowadays it was a kind of beacon emitter everything else gravitated towards it the dynamic at the time made it the biggest hot spot among many of its current it had huge symbolic power for the city of berlin and now that's fading it's left
4:51 pm
a gaping hole. after a long battle tullus finally closed in two thousand and twelve artists workshops are being edged out all over when more than three hundred fifty studios disappear each year due to rising rents. in the district of vetting is one of the last big studio spaces in the center of berlin they've also been sold to an investor so far artists have been paying their rent to three to seven euros per square meter they couldn't afford more with ninety percent of them getting by is just the subsistence level doing odd jobs to earn a living yet artists are fundamental to the city's image. is good enough and we don't want to have to put on a dog and pony show for new investors but what happens is we go somewhere we make the place attractive and then fancy restaurants move in. they start renovating and
4:52 pm
building big investors come and wear out just like last. week. and wag. he's moving on into the outskirts where rents are cheaper but it has lost its weight yet still retaining the city's special flair is a real challenge. it is a bit of a challenge because the club scene is still trying well yes it isn't it isn't what we here in the meter is about the major clubs i mean we hear about the trays or you know the world famous trestle club that you've been to i know you have big technophile but also a picture of barack on but the small with wonderful clubs are having problems i mean one example of this is bassy which closed earlier this year and is said to be replaced by a but very big house to the shock and horror of the locals i mean sort of but it is still a great place for culture but there's a feeling we're losing these subcultures these weird and wonderful autistic
4:53 pm
endeavors that are not mainstream exactly this but i mean the to use to have an edge and it is becoming slightly mainstream is anything being done to get out of the u.k. it is always but in vibe there is actually an almost political level too which is good but in culture sense a close later who we saw in that report just then is aware of this and is aware of the fact the office is calm and make place cool and the best is a right behind it with their tongues hanging out you know the way this is happening in the past and cities like london in barcelona for example so the cultural budget has been. increased by twenty percent and part of that will help to to. support small clubs and also keep rents down for the studios to quote him he wants to prevent the city becoming a gloss and concrete metropolis like so many others one final thing but lynn is themselves are against this and they're tough people but. there's a grassroots movement against this gentrification so we'll see what happens we'll
4:54 pm
see what happens and of course so many get up interesting nooks and crannies tailed in and you know and the exciting in stimulating fifty still yes that's why we get so many tourists here exactly and one your website absolutely d.w. dot com slash culture like it over there for like us to death thank you. here's a recap of the top stories that we're following feel the argentinean senators now you rejected legalized abortion thousands of anti abortion activists cheer the news on the congress. but others launched an angry protests and israel has the strikes against gaza killing three palestinians israel says it was in retaliation for more than one hundred fifty rockets and mortars fired from gaza have injured at least three israelis. that's it for me and. more news coming up in syria in a few minutes. if you get. the
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business i feel. cyber attacks on company and government. is growing more serious. it's anyone's if your head is going to sign the defense says. the talent victim. and security even toss a ball in the age of the world wide web. site the crime in fifteen minutes. so this is the view from my seat in the horn section. sara willis knows her stuff. thinks is going to be the most incredible. and conductor.
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this is the w. news live from bergland argentina the senate votes against the legalizing abortion the result comes after a marathon debate thousands cheer the news others launch angry protests in a country already severely divided over the issue. also coming up israel launches deadly air strikes against gaza to prepare.


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