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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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w. . this is. filled with children at least twenty nine children as they were traveling in. a stronger. coalition says it was targeting rebels also coming out. against legalizing abortion after a fifteen. thousand. in the country
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deeply divided over the. city. and the organization for security and cooperation in europe. of several journalists including. it says the move is excessive. it's good to have you with us tonight the red cross says that fifty people most of them children under the age of fifteen have been killed in an airstrike that hit a bus in northern yemen the children were traveling through a crowded market in rebel held. and it's thought that they were on their way to summer school the saudi led coalition that launched the attack said that they were targeting rebel positions and they said that it was quote a legitimate military action but the coalition is for. in condemnation from for
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these latest civilian deaths and for more on this airstrike i'm joined now by steinberg he's a middle east analyst from the german institute for international affairs and security affairs good was good to see you again these are dramatic pictures the story is dramatic survivor saying that the rockets intended target was the bus that was filled with school children i mean are these children paying the price of a proxy war yes they are and it's not the first time that the saudis have hit civilian targets in recent months and years they have funerals markets and now school bus it's nothing it's nothing new i believe the saudis that they wanted to hit rebel positions but i don't don't really understand why they had to school bus in a market area how can that be explained i mean we can't fathom that they would actually target a bus knowing that children are on board so what are we talking about bad equipment
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or you know in inept people who were operating the targeting devices i mean what could be behind it i believe it's it's in that people. doing the targeting might be inept pilots the saudis have no no experience in waltham the last war. was in one hundred thirty four in yemen it's the first war that they are fighting for for decades for for nearly three generations and it is quite obvious that even the force that is still working is not really up to this to this job and that that is why we have seen so many civilian casualties is especially in recent months and part of the reason is that most military targets now better better hated than in the past i mean are we talking about a war crime here if you know if it's alleged that civilian targets children were
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targeted and is it going. to make a difference i mean are there really consequences no there won't be any consequences why because saudi arabia is a relatively important country and it has got next to unconditional support by the trump and administration we have seen that in recent days in their conflict with with canada this strike bonet have any consequences and i personally do not believe that it's a what was because i do not believe that the saudi government its military. and the pilots wanted to have children the militarization of this proxy war through that huge arms sale from the u.s. to salty last year what impact is that having on this part of the war are we seeing it right now the fact that these types of accidents can happen even with more like this happen. it's very modern very lethal equipment american equipment that is
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used by non american pilots that's part of the reason why we see with the recipe for disaster that it is a recipe for disaster in saudi arabia. might be an important ally but still what i do what i don't don't really understand is why the united states is supporting this country unconditionally the united states would have the opportunity to end this war within one or two weeks by giving up maintenance supply is targeting they help with the targeting i hope they didn't have a hand in this action and even with aerial refueling and all these these kinds of things the saudis are not able to lead this war without the americans and that is why the american government is partly responsible for what is happening there right you know steinberg with germany to do it for international insecurities fears you know as always we appreciate your analysis and your insights thank you. in south
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america argentina's senate has rejected a bill to legalize abortion by a margin of thirty eight to thirty one the bill would have allowed abortion up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy now the issue has proved deeply divisive in the country it's the homeland of pope francis and the roman catholic church campaign to strongly against the proposal. the marathon session in the argentinean senate ended shortly before three am as the news broke opponents of the bill erupted in celebration abortion remains essentially illegal yet we came from the country and we has protect the rights of the unborn child i thank god and the senate says. price of the decision thousands of pro-choice demonstrate has had gathered outside the senate building and the cold and rain the majority of them came here to protest that abortions must be regulated by find any alternative just to unbearable. i was there in the senate
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they're the ones responsible for all those women who have died during an illegal abortion they are murderers. a slim majority of argentinian senators eventually rejected the bill that would have legalized abortion. the decision came off the heavy pressure from the options in ian catholic church which lobbied hard against the bill. now at the recent polls suggest that most times back legalizing abortion the votes left many frustrated and disappointed needing to violent protests in some areas. are them joined by the pay she is a journalist in. it's good to have you on the show i want you maybe to tell us a little bit about what has been the reaction there in the country now that we know that the senate voted not to decriminalize abortion. yes it's been a very emotional last few hours in argentina as you could see and they measured was
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the vote was out at three am there were hundreds and thousands of people still on the streets waiting for the final decision on the blue side of the album which is the pro-life side there was a lot of ecstasy there was a lot of happiness there were cement fireworks being in surround out but on the other side on the green side which is of probation inside. it were there was a lot of sudden this even though it was widely expected that if it wasn't going to pass. the situation that's where a young yesterday was very emotional people were crying and of course this emotion turned into some kind of violence from very small groups that were throwing out stones and bottles to police men. and reacted with tear gas but again this is a very small minority of the thousands of people that came out on the streets it's calculated that is around one million people actually were out on both sides of the aisle and overall he was very peaceful and their reaction has been of
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disappointment by going to the core what inside that it was that this issue that was also expected to happen is you know we have to remind ourselves it is winter in south america in argentina it was very cold last night and there were still thousands of people out on the streets protesting for or against this law but we're wondering tonight what about the implications for the women who do get abortions there were almost four hundred thousand illegal abortions conducted in the news that the women that are choosing to undergo this abortions the same conditions and the legal conditions are unfortunately still going to have to undergo this procedure is through in this situations every year again it's almost half a million women that undergo an abortion even though it's illegal even though it's penalize morman goal up to four year. in jail for for having an abortion. and
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means that these women one have a choice but to continue doing made this way it's very interesting because abortion is also in argentina a class issue it's widely known that in private hospitals the procedure is all served by it's by a high fee people have to pay a high fee but in the middle class and upper class are able to afford that whereas it is a poor women that these sites who undergo an abortion that are usually the ones that then suffer the health consequences of doing it in a crime this thing clinic that it's not safe for them so what do we do from here we understand that the grassroots organizations that want to decriminalize abortion they have veld to fight it to bring up another bill sooner rather than later and again force the parliament to vote is that we're headed for another divisive moment . probably yes so this specific deal of one be able to speak to
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read it again until the next legislative week ear which is in march of twenty nineteen but next week actually the national government was planning to to push forward a reform of the of the criminal penalty code and in it in one of the five hundred reforms that are included in that is a reform of the criminalization of abortion so basically this reform would say that woman quander go abortion shouldn't be penalized that this shouldn't be put into jail but it still keeps abortion illegal so what from here on we just have to see what happens next week the women that are pushing for abortion are also overall very optimistic because so far even the fact that the bill was debated that there was so much discussion about it that the vote was fairly close ok it's a very big step forward compare what to what we had before. hey reporting tonight from what is arts the see if they can very much. but here's
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some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world palestinians have held the funeral of a pregnant guns a woman and her toddler killed in overnight israeli airstrikes over a dozen were reportedly injured today a mosque militants in gaza have also continued to fire rockets across the border the u.s. has expressed its concern about the latest escalation of hostilities emergency services have rescued seven hundred fifty people from several campsites in southern france after flash flooding caused rivers to burst their banks hundreds of children at summer camp in the god region were among those evacuated one german man we understand is reported missing moscow says that it's considering how to retaliate against fresh sanctions from washington the u.s. state department announced the punitive measures in connection with the poisoning of former double agent sergei scrip hall and his daughter yulia in britain the u.s. and the u.k. say that russia was responsible the kremlin denies that. the organization for
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security and cooperation in europe has criticised the authorities detention of several journalists calling it excessive bella ruse has confirmed that it is holding six journalists including paul you because he from d.w. russian service it says they were accessing the state news agency they eat it without permission the it was seized says the arrest raises serious concerns about the respect for the independent media in bello roosts. yet another search this time at the independent bell a russian and russian language news organization t u t dot be why it's accused of tapping into the feed based state run news agency without authorization among those arrested as. a correspondent for deutsche avella during a raid of his flat police confiscated computers tablets telephones and memory sticks
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by cost he was working as a media analyst and had commented on recent searches of independent news organizations. his wife told he suspected of having unauthorized access to information. authorities say their investigation is still underway they say the state run news agency has been unlawfully accessed more than fifteen thousand times in the past two years. according to the owner of the t u t dot b.-y. website this could all be a pretext. but. it is clear that was our income we could surely afford to pay for a subscription to the news agency. but many questions remain unanswered namely why the arrests and how searches were carried out at all the organization for security and cooperation in europe has condemned the belorussian authorities actions as excess of caution is me and the previous bellerose has been under the authoritarian
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leadership of alexander lukashenko for twenty four years the opposition is severely restricted on a list of one hundred eighty countries reporters without borders puts belarus near the bottom in terms of press freedom at least one hundred journalists were arrested in the past year alone dozens were convicted if the six recently arrested reporters are found guilty they could face up to two years imprisonment. or the case of ukrainian film director although since all will be part of the talks on friday between french president. and russian leader vladimir putin that from a source in micros office the crimea born since song has been on the hunger strike in a russian prison since may and is said to be gravely ill since all was sentenced in twenty fifteen by a russian court in twenty years in a penal colony for planning terrorist attacks on the crimean peninsula russia annexed crimea in two thousand and fourteen cents of calls the charges against him
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and sixty four other ukrainian prisoners political social media posed by sense of family and lawyer the filmmaker is saying quote the end is near. our business news now germany's making it more difficult for foreign investors to snap domestic companies crystal that's right brant and one target is there in particular and that target is china on its quest to become an even stronger economic powerhouse beijing has for years been buying foreign companies mostly market leaders in ten different key industry sectors like robotics or pharmaceuticals now countries such as germany and the united states see there and thus through advantages at risk and are tightening regulation it's a move china won't like germany's government once brought a veto powers when investors from outside europe buy into local companies starting at fifteen percent stakes instead of the current twenty five the new regulations
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come after berlin effectively blocked a chinese company from buying a twenty percent share in electricity grid operator fifty hits chinese trade representatives claim they're being singled out however the sudden surge in chinese purchases is striking while the volume of chinese transactions in germany was comparable to low in the years before twenty sixteen it's accelerated quickly since then. a sudden surge to twelve point six billion dollars in twenty sixteen was followed by a new peak of thirteen point seven billion dollars in twenty seventeen. and it's not only the size of the investments that are ringing alarm bells in berlin. many of them are focused on certain sectors. those ten key industrial sectors president z. wants china to become world leader in. the acquisition of robot manufacture a cuckoo for four and a half billion euros last year falls into that category. and this year lease to
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food c.e.o. of chinese comic is easily acquired ten percent in germany's dima now germany is slamming on the brakes by planning tighter scrutiny of foreign investments but german industry representatives fear the government stricter controls could deter chinese investors and that's not necessarily good news after all investors also provide capital and create jobs. now musk's tweet on his plans to make e-car producer test private again earlier this week were the cause of much excitement on wall street the company shares jumped eleven percent adding billions in market capitalization by according to media reports the securities and exchange commission s e c now opened an inquiry into the matter in an e-mail to employees the tesla c. zero mosque and said he was serious about taking the company private.
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for more let's cross over to our wall street correspondents oafish in months q sophie it was a very short three just eight boards and one figure what exactly is the f.c.c. looking at here. sixty one characters by the way and chris of it is not the medium it is the motive behind this tweet because in twenty thirteen the f.c.c. rules that it is not a violation of their rules to publish stuff relevant information on social media so it is more the fact that must have been communicating something to the broader public that has a huge impact on the stock price he has repeatedly complained about this prize about charts cashing out on the declining stock and yes the stock price had been hurting and this one tweet has cost a significant bump of more than ten percent so this was very obviously a way of making the stock gain and charts lose money and then christopher there's the second part of the tweet
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a must stating secure funding this seems to be something off even higher interest for the f.c.c. as this is giving investors the impression that they will definitely receive four hundred twenty dollars per stock a premium of like some twenty percent from a secure source of funding if this is not true the law must can sell might be under scrutiny so far is only the tweet itself and so if you what happens if the r.c.c. concludes that this high impact news was shared without serious intentions well there would be either security fraud all manipulation because they would have been a lie or a speculation only publish to boost the stock price that this stuff manipulation to prove that harry puts a former chairman of the f.c.c. explained the f.c.c. would start scanning all the communication between mosque and directors and this would have a lot of consequences for must consult so few months to new york center. it's the
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height of the summer season here in europe and there's travel misery ahead a dutch court ruled on thursday that ryanair pilots in the netherlands could join a wave of strike action planned across europe friday as walkout said to affect over fifty five thousand passengers is intended to record of pressure on the cut price airline in aero over pay and conditions and as recent studies show it's not only staff that bear the cost of cheap travel. these passengers have to trek across open tarmac to get to the airplane but they don't mind by flying a low cost carrier they can save money but often a flight with ryan air easy jet and others can cause worse inconveniences than that in many cases flights face delays or simply counseled almost every budget passenger knows the problems we godless of strikes airlines blame the weather or understaffed air traffic control but it's a fact that cramming as many flights as possible into
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a day is part of their business model it's one way low cost carriers keep costs down experts say the budget airlines have overreached themselves with their super tight schedules a single flight delays can stop or a whole timetable and even if the plane shows up luggage doesn't always arrive with it in europe eight budget items pay one thousand passengers are reported missing each year passengers have no choice but to accept that a bargain flight comes with a certain degree of uncertainty it's a price many are still willing to pay. respects right now and the ongoing battle against corruption in nigeria is right christoph transparency international's rankings show that nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in the world last year you're right one hundred forty eight out of one hundred eighty countries one organization is trying to change that it's called truck and it uses data from the public budget to fight corruption in nigeria's public spaces like
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this school that you're about to see in law. told before today as they prepared to graduate from primary school thousands of children half past through st paul's since it first opened its doors more than sixty years ago. many of the school buildings have become dilapidated over time forcing overcrowding as many as sixty five people is now have to pack them selves into a classroom originally designed for twenty five and a new school year is about to be game by. remote rule many. people are. close to. two years ago the renovation of this block of classrooms was listed in the national budget for twenty four thousand euros contractors' start of the work but it didn't last long this project was suddenly stopped by the government and even the much cereal was
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used in the question like this grand night where abandoned most of which had been stolen by community hoodlums several months later and they still no sign of progress with the help of the local n.g.o.s data i.e. searching for answers just tell our works for charkha is civil organization that monitors government projects like this one across the country i want to last says he scored and sends letters to government officials responsible for the project but is yet to get any substantial response we also reached out to these officials but none of them agreed to speak to us. all the every. in this accountable. all about. all this people sometimes on the talk to us about it of course i'm hoping with the support from the committee that it's going
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to get fixed just trust says one of the main challenges of his job is that the government officials hardly respond to his bets and even working with the people is sometimes difficult. call up what is saw in our system. people ok with. what they want to see ok i'm interested in these. both with time with time to. allow these students celebrate graduation authorities at st paul's can only hope the classrooms are ready for the new ones who starts in september. do some huge football transfer news now premier league club chelsea have signed goalkeeper. from the cobell for eighty million euros that makes the twenty three year old the most expensive goalkeeper in the history of the sport fifty three appearances in spain's love league or for bilbao
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and has signed a seven year contract with chelsea. in terms of the price is just a price. i'm going to be myself the same way i've always been that i will do my best for the club without thinking about the label of the world's most expensive keep it at. france when i. received a hero's welcome when he returned to cardiff wales on thursday a sea of supporters lined the streets near the city's castle as promised the winner's yellow jersey did his victory ride with thousands screaming his name a ceremony congratulating thomas' achievement followed he's the first welshman to win the tour de france and the thirty two year old is still well in a bit of disbelief. mind blowing expect this. to know what to expect but the reception resistance say and just to see that the pride in people's eyes is
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a rite of passage in the passion and. the people of not a matter. just mind blowing you know kind of expected from my family and my wife obviously and my mates but the people i've never met and you know the low blow kids and things and i wanted to ride their bikes and. just. for free are to watch the doublings live from berlin after the break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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she's sixteen years old. her own business and is helping to prevent water shortages in south africa. something about the water being wasted on her street. so she installed an onyx system. it's a simple idea that's really set an example. go into africa sixty minutes on d w.
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caught the devil and rock n roll stones aug nineteenth on t w. there is almost no country in south america where abortion is legal and that includes argentina senators debated long and hard last night on a bill that would have made abortion legal in the home country of pope francis it didn't happen but it almost did and tonight that may be the real story i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. the photo.


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