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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 10, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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playing. video games. with the d w news live from the land turkeys currency in freefall the many diplomatic spat between washington and on iraq bill iraq plunges to record lows after donald trump abrams' up tariffs on turkish imports turkish president direction type everyone is defiant saying that his country would emerge victorious in an economic war. also coming up conversations in bucharest as expatriates
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romanians for term home to call on the government to resign they say that they were forced out of their own country if i could russia and zimbabwe's opposition party officially contest the results of the recent election and the inauguration of robert mugabe successor amberson i'm not god what is put on hold for plus a further fall from grace for the former tour de france winner yana over at the german cyclist is arrested on suspicion of assaulting a sex worker just days after appearing in a spanish court for allegedly breaking into a neighbor's home on my orca. and the camp where shacks and dreams go up in flames as more refugees arriving basically look at the park areas existence that they often face on spanish soil.
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i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. u.s. president donald trump has stepped up his political pressure on turkey with new tariffs sending that country's currency into freefall in a tweet early on friday trump said quote i have just authorized a doubling of tariffs on steel and aluminum with respect to turkey as their currency the turkish lira slides rapidly downward against our very strong dollar our relations with turkey are not good at this time. and times tariff increase appears to be over uncle reza refusal to release an american christian pastor pastor who is charged with terrorism offenses there is nosedives all european markets tumble. and turkey's president to tie fair to one has responded to the lyrics freefall addressing the porters he defiantly made calls for a national struggle. oh if there is
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anyone who has dollars euros oh gold under their pillows. they should go exchange it for turkish lira is at our barracks. this is a national domestic bottle well this will be my peoples response to those who have waged an economic war against those. of that coverage now of this we have team coverage in fact in istanbul dorian jones is standing by and in washington we have stefan demon's welcome to you both and dorian i'd like to begin with you because we just heard the turkish president saying that his country is in an economic war is it. well listen to the president he said this is nothing to do with financial economic reasons why the currency is on the pressure this is the result of unnamed western powers trying to remove him from power he said they tried to do this two years ago with a military coup they failed now they are trying to use the currency rate. as
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a new way of removing him from power and he said that this is a new war of liberation to defend the country calling on people to defend the lira by selling there are foreign currency for investors they say this is simply about financial imbalances that have to be addressed in the message from the want is causing panic among investors and seeing a resulting plummeting lire and with the message now from trump ramping up sanctions is only. going to narrative that this is a political conspiracy and what's the view from the united states on that stefan because you know the u.s. president donald trump he says that he wants to double steel and aluminum tariffs on turkish imports why is he going after turkey and why now. well the timing is great for president trump of the turkish lira is in freefall that last forty percent of the year towards the dollar in this year alone and it makes sense for donald trump to capitalize on this right now for two reasons at
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least one is the case of pastor andrew bronson. there was a turkish delegation led by the deputy foreign minister turkish deputy foreign minister just this week on wednesday in washington to talk about this washington had warned before that their imprisonment or detain detention of mr branson is not acceptable those talks on wednesday went nowhere and so trump and the white house ministration is. squeezing it a little bit here trying to. make the turks understand that if they don't cough rating and sticking to their reportedly weren't they had given to the u.s. to free branson that they have to face the consequences tariffs is one tool to do this and that is the u.s. president tries to squeeze president wanted to doing what he wants during i'd like to turn back to you because we heard erica won you know blaming the turkish economy's woes on the west but the turkish currency has been taking for months we
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have to mention i mean investors really concerned because inflation is at nearly sixteen percent of the central bank is reluctant to raise rates in response which is something that you would normally see a central bank do what is anyone's way forward here. well you're right i mean basically this is what i've been saying it's a slow motion train crash has been waiting to happen for a long time the trigger tensions with the u.s. but underlying it are these financial imbalances inflation is double digit it is key it can expect to get a lot higher because of the massive growth in spending the target is currently engaged in a policy that he reiterated he will continue to do and there are no and best to say the until interest rates go up this common currency crisis will continue but one of make if he doesn't believe interest rate increasing interest rate now works in dealing with inflation this impasse means the currency rout is set to continue. ok and dramatic movements today we have to mention dorian johns with the latest from
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istanbul stefan simons with the view from washington thank you so much to both of you. christopher cobber is following those dramatic movements on the markets looking to tell us we've heard about the nosedive to turkish lira hitting fresh record lows and starkest around the world have been retreating but the euro zone bank shares suffering in particular over their exposure to turkey now when pushing his political agenda turkey's president russia type out of one could no longer rely on a strong economy that changed turkey's economic boom was fueled by government spending but the upswing has come to an end for president the one the fault lies with western countries who she says are waging an economic war against turkey relations with the us or especially. that's why he's determined to forge better economic ties with countries such as china or russia. what's riding to
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the problem is that even many turks are fleeing the lira for the relative safety of dollars or euros. despite one's desperate plea for them to exchange other currencies into lira to try and stabilize the national currency markets are losing patience and that's taking its toll the lira has been sliding since the beginning of the year losing thirty nine percent of its value since january that stoking inflation which recently hit sixteen percent and the crisis also reveals turkey's underlying shortcomings. it's the lack of production nothing else these things wouldn't work without imports we need to carefully discuss an agricultural policy that pave the way for export and goods we can't do anything with industry or industries not well developed. this type of fluctuation caused this crisis in countries without
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a solid economy i lived in europe i didn't see anything like this i lived in germany for twelve years. as turkey people try to come to grips with the crisis the government has no easy options when it comes to regaining the confidence of financial markets. well for the latest on the turkish drama let's bring in the doubles financial correspondent konrad bosun and frank for the turkish lira is not one of the world's leading currencies why is its nosedive stooping so many investors today. investors are afraid that the european banks might be drawn into this you know banks in spain france italy have given out loans in turkey worth up to one hundred thirty five billion euros the exposure of german banks in turkey is twenty one billion and with the ongoing depreciation of the turkish currency of course concerns are rising that those loans might not be paid back today the turkish lost more than twelve percent to euro and
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in comparison to the u.s. dollar lost more than thirteen percent in the course of this trading day things look even worse temporarily now the turkish finance minister tried to calm down markets disaster noon with little effect it seems. yes with little effect you know the turkish finance minister who's also the son in law of the president is the other one he didn't really say anything new he talked about how the country wanted to cooperate with international stakeholders he said that the central bank should stay independent you know at the same time his father in law missed the one the president talked about how turkey was at an economic war and he also wanted citizens and turkey to convert their dollar and euro holdings into turkey turkish lira in order to help the country. and the people on the markets to not
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really believe that the government wants to cooperate capital controls is something they reckon with and also of course people are talking that the international monetary fund might have to step in their markets are rattled by a nosedive by the turkish lira connor do some reporting from frankfurt thank you. now at the peak of the holiday season ryan air pilots are ramping up the pressure on their employer pilots in germany sweden ireland belgium and the neverland spent on a twenty four hour strike on friday forcing europe's biggest low cost carrier to axe about one sixth of the scheduled flights on a recently ryanair had recognized unions for the first time in its thirty year history but it has been unable to quell rising protests over slow progress in wage negotiations. it's the biggest industrial action ever to hit europe's biggest budget airline the effect is visible here at frankfurt hahn airport where checking
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deaths are unstaffed and passengers nowhere to be seen many planes won't be flying today pilots union representatives in frankfurt say their message is ryanair must change. almost if not about defeating ryanair it's about sending a signal that they have to stop trying to defeat their own employees. some passengers were forced to spend the night at berlin the show in a failed airport many don't know when they will be able to fly out but some are showing sympathy for the pilot's demands. and it's unfair that the pilots have to pull the short straw just because passengers want to fly cheaply. and this is something from the shirts and i think it's a potential safety risk if employees don't stay at home when they're ill because they're on a freelance basis and wouldn't get paid so i do think it's justified. ryanair pilots are striking across europe for twenty four hours as they demand higher salaries and better working conditions that's led to the cancellation of four
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hundred out of twenty four hundred scheduled flights affecting more than seventy thousand passengers. spoke to sir more world news thank you so much christopher actually going to head to belarus now where authorities have freed a correspondent who was detained on suspicion of unauthorized access to the computer systems of the state run news agency called the color scheme russia service employee was one of a number of journalists taken into custody this week in what critics said was a crackdown on press freedom his apartment was also searched because ski says that he is still being treated as a suspect and is unable to comment on the investigation. a massive anti-government protest is underway in romania thousands of expatriates have returned to their homeland to demand what the country's left wing government that they that it resign some have driven all the way across europe to take part have already been angry
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clashes between protesters and police that have left some people injured many of those living abroad so that they left romania because of corruption low wages and a lack of opportunities. joining us now from the romanian capital book arrest is diana russo she is a journalist covering events for d w welcome to you what is the situation there right now. well the situation is pretty tense. hello to you we didn't expect this kind of turning of the vans police says use several times your gas over the past hour and there are families that are over one thousand one hundred thousand people according to a policeman i spoke with and people keep coming and this point there are many children and families and we don't know exactly what happened there are nice and they did brutal forces infiltrated in the middle of the person that had started.
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get away rocks and plastic bottles and the police the special police forces have. responded with tear gas a lot of tear gas this has not happened to any romanian protest since february two thousand and seventeen when. the social democratic party process started and now diana we know that the protesters they say that they're angry about the way that romania is being governed walk us through the main issues that they have. well first of all the objective of this process that as you said people from all over europe even from canada and u.s. and israel have come to romania rumanians have come back for described as their main objective is to have. big nation of the government of the social democratic that government and to have early elections their complaint is that they are forced to live abroad and to work abroad to support their families here even though
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romania is the european remember european union member for ten years and may have to work abroad from home. soon have a listen to that many of them told me that they want to come back there are people from all. the factories and also the second part is not only the economic. the economical way that the source of the democratic party's needing the funds rate but also of the corrupts. as you well. sorry to interrupt you there day and i just i quickly wanted to ask you before we go because you know more about the alternatives which which might present themselves if official action is indeed called what are the alternatives to the current government. actually we have to be honest political analysts have told us that we know the up of the sunnis. the opposition is really weak is not tonight see and people find that these
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solution is the present thing is the only way to tackle the government that is is this something that frankly this is what the what the protesters are saying the out sons are for the president's call for early elections but it's very hard there's a very very difficult procedure to who. people are hoping that maybe the other of the social democratic party. will these moves this government point out and try to write for earlier that soon. diana rousseau with the latest from bucharest on the streets there as we mentioned amid that unrest people protesting out on the streets this evening thank you so much for your life recording thank you. and the ex-pats are sharing their protest online as well for more on that let's
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bring in our lives but show from our social media task who is tracking developments so how is the protest playing out on social media. well there are a lot of remains who live abroad have been using social media even before today to announce that they are going to be part of this protest and also to document their journey from the countries that they live in growing and to remain so here's one user for example calls me and says that he flew in from italy just to be part of the protests today others will live further away for example these ones here in australia they couldn't make it but they staged their own form of protests he holding up signs saying they want the ruling party b.p.s. de party to step down so this is what we're seeing online and then using hashtags like resists to show that they are against the current government and how important is the presence of romanians from the diaspora online and offline. it's very important so that about three million remain who have left the country over the
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last years they say it is because of the corruption in the country also because of unemployment also and because of the general lack of opportunities in that their country so them coming back right now to take part in these protests shows a solidarity with the romanians who are still in the country and it also adds a lot of pressure to of the government and this is something that is also being said by a former prime minister here wrote these words on facebook and he says the presence of those a living in the diaspora here at home where they belong and where they have the right to ask for exactly those things they were missing when they left is a sign of awakening and as uming response ability it me i saw as of the same opinion he is a philosopher he's one hundred and two years all of thera he says the ex-pats coming home today are the ones who have felt the taste of freedom the ones who know the meaning of honest work and of dignity they are protesting against the fraud against the deadly corruption and these people are coming home now because they
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love their country and because they care well the thing a lot of rumania and they using social media to offer accommodation to the people who have travelled all the way from other european countries to be part of the protests on this is a journalist in romania has has a people those of you who are coming by train who have travelled the whole night or have spent days on the road to please if you need anything if you want to take a shower or to sleep for a couple of hours anything do not hesitate to contact me and i'll do my best to help elizabeth show thank you so much for your reporting. now let's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world in canada four people have been killed in a shooting in the eastern city of fredericton two of them were police officers police have confirmed that they have one suspect in custody and have now listed in lockdown the circumstances of the shooting are not yet known. aid agencies are warning of the potentially catastrophic effect of
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a heat wave on north korean crops they say that a full blown food security crisis is threatening the isolated country the population already faces food shortages and international sanctions and the reports suggest mounted traction among children could now were just. symbolic ways main opposition party the movement for democratic change has filed a legal challenge to deal lection results the constitutional court of appeal will delay the presidential inauguration originally planned for this sunday and d.c. leader nelson chamisa who is seen here in file footage has accused the rulings and p.f. party and the election commission of ballot fraud in the july thirtieth vote but the country's ruling party says it is confident the chinese has no case that election was the first in almost four decades where robert mugabe is not on the ballot for more on this let's bring in privilege was fun here in zimbabwe's capital harare welcome to you so zimbabwe's opposition now lodging this legal move
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to overturn the election results what is their reasoning. the reasoning is that the thirtieth of july elections with not held according to the dictates of the constitution in the electoral law when. defense counsel. or the leading opposition candidate nelson chamisa addressed the press when he was coming out from filing their papers. today he mentioned that they are seeking an allocation of the fifty july elections and. the one. you once he's pliant to be declared the winner and also if not to hold a fresh election. if the courts decide and considering the three decade run of former president robert mugabe we need to ask well this appeal be
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taken seriously by zimbabwe's courts. courts may take their case seriously only probably if the overwhelming evidence of irregularities and fraudulent activities. in their conduct of the july fifteenth elections but judging from the previous. you know the issues that were brought before the courts in terms of elections if you look at look back the opposition has brought before the courts. issues to do with elections and some up to now they haven't been decided there late morgan tsvangirai the leading opposition candidate in the past elections died early this year even before the cases that had been brought before the courts with tweet so. probably this time around
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we may see the opposition being into teens if they've got every day and enough to over ten results of the thirty july elections privilege just briefly before we go just last week we saw unrest on the streets there in zimbabwe how is this back and forth now this week going down with zimbabwe and what are they saying well as you can see there are correspondent was fine hearing there in harare we lost the connection with him but we're going to move on to some other news now because in southern france about sixteen hundred people have been evacuated to escape flash floods caused by heavy rain the hardest hit region is got where helicopters have taken seven hundred fifty people to safety here's more.
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flash floods reduced campsites to mud. or something at the campsite was here so the river swept right through it. rescue workers were supported by helicopters and evacuating campus in southern france. search teams including divers combed waters for german man who still reported missing it's feared he may have been swept away in his caravan the man who was accompanying children at a campsite when they got to the region which was hardest hit by the flooding. more than one hundred children were evacuated from the site. go to it started raining then suddenly a flash flood came down from the hills everything's flooded a catastrophe oh several people were hospitalized with hypothermia and minor injuries. no one has their suitcases we just have what we're wearing but the main thing is we're ok. with the storms and heavy rains that cause the torrents
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erupted after weeks of blazing temperatures. well if you ride a bicycle and berlin you may be in for a surprise cycle lanes in the german capital usually run straight along the side of the road but a newly created bike lane is testing even experienced cyclists as our correspondent found out. beilin is on a quest to make the german capital more bike friendly but does new bike lane seems to have missed him a more. i have never seen a bike lane like this. it's really difficult to stay in the way but it's also why. didn't you lane have left local residents in a bit of a spin. when i came here i couldn't
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believe how precisely the line had been painted. for the nearest. to tell us this is a joke but it looks totally absurd it's not really usable either for cyclists or pedestrians. apparently the bike lane is the result of a communication problem with the contractor who painted the lane then it's paid for you from the pro cycling group fox and shot found out says bin laden has a lot to learn from other european cities i didn't open in cities that are just beginning to improve cycling like paris madrid or barcelona they're spending a huge amount of money and redesigning their infrastructure that's yet to happen in berlin so berlin doesn't already know other cities are going to overtake it was by before god would. according to a bulletin city council member does exact lines will be repainted this time straight. that would be helpful you're watching t.v.
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news still to come on the program a swastika on a sidewalk prompts residents of an eastern germany village to take a stand after the accidental death of a syrian child. but more coming up in just a few minutes i'm sara kelly in for lent you're watching t.w. . european stars deliver roles in performance or. straight up rock with a reggae song. and a place that is one of the crime. well
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dot com. we make up oh but we quantize over half of the under thirty five we are the seven seven percent. being one to shape the continent's future to. be part of it and join younger to numb stares as they share their stories their dreams and their challengers. to seventy seven percent. platform for the journey. welcome back you're with me in news i'm sorry kelly in berlin our top stories turkey's currency the euro has crashed into a record low seven dollars i'm announcing a doubling of tariffs on turkish steel and aluminum tension between washington and uncle ron has escalated over the arrest of enemy. pastor by turkey. residents of
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a small german village are taking a stand after an ugly incident of vandalism a swastika was talked on a sidewalk after a syrian oil was killed in a nearby traffic accident locals have turned out to mourn the little boy publicly and to make clear their feelings about the sympathy. many people in shown back are disgusted by what happened on the sidewalk nazi symbolism following the death of a syrian child dozens of locals say it's a disgrace and want to send a clear message with their protest. it's absolutely hideous and totally inconceivable i categorically reject this whoever works with symbols like these knows what they mean this kind of thing does not belong here and shown back no way the nine year old boy was riding his bike here in early june he then lost control of the bike and was run over by a tractor he died a few days later in the hospital witnesses later noticed
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a swastika at the accident site which the town had removed but three weeks later another swastika appeared along with a mocking phrase one to nail. the boy's death is bad enough and if then some stupid reactionaries qual out of their holes and draw swastikas here it's totally unacceptable and that's why after a tragedy like this for such a young person to have this kind of vandalism it's unthinkable and it's so sad there are no words to describe it it's just horrible that this has happened. until now this northern german town of four thousand has not seen any right wing extremist incidents a couple dozen refugees live here all well integrated some locals reacted quickly to the nazi graffiti and painted over it with a peace symbol and flowers. but the atmosphere here is also tinge with populism and incitement to santa phobia according to these shin bank citizens. who for
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people that's a. huge amount has changed for the worse in this country and that also has the facts on whatever neo nazis that are everywhere and who are now able to more easily emerge from their cover. the police have investigated two suspects but the people have shown back did not want to wait for results before making it clear right wing extremism has no place in their town. right. now two palestinians were killed in protests on the gaza border with israel on friday the deaths came at the end of a week that saw further escalation in the region with hamas firing rockets into israel and israel attacking hamas at the same time we have learned of secret cease fire negotiations taking place war and peace all seem close at hand. as people run in a panic iraq at launch from gaza lands. right next to
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a children's playground in israel these are mobile video from step out this week israeli city is one of the main targets of rockets from gaza the likes of which israel hasn't experienced for a long time. wednesday night it was really crazy and there were more than one hundred fifty rockets were in the bunker i was shaking with fear that one hundred. at six o'clock in the evening the first rockets are launched from gaza here on. the projectiles are met by israelis military targeting hamas positions in the gaza strip and intercepting the rockets mid-air. on the israeli side several are injured in gaza three people die. this violence is happening in the middle of sensitive negotiations for weeks the u.n.
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and egypt have been trying to broker a deal a must as leadership were meeting this week to discuss the negotiations. how to compass has discussed its proposals such as a national unification a ceasefire and how the people of gaza can live in peace and security with its delegation from kyra. the goal a permanent truce hamas which runs gaza would cease its attacks on israel and return israel would ease the blockade that is strip people in gaza of livelihoods. the proposed agreement would encourage the building of infrastructure creating more jobs and allowing for the freedom of movement until recently unthinkable. and israeli security expert confirms that the government is participating in talks but he's skeptical. yes it's actually being negotiated but only if hamas feels it's a danger then they're ready to stop the fire for a certain amount of time. on thursday hamas declared the attacks to be over but
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rockets continue to fly targeting israel. and the israeli air force one several hamas locations it's quite a different picture to the proposed peace being tentatively talked about on the sidelines. a ship with eighty seven refugees on board has docked in spain after being turned away by italy and malta a spanish a group picked up the migrants off the coast of libya and those on board the most hazardous part of their journey is over but as our correspondent norman strega reports from the town of left and refugees life in spain is often are carious nothing is left of i posted it is hot but it caught fire during the night this live in this. in twenty fourteen city big came to spain from ivory coast to find
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work he ended up in this slum near the town of libya on the loose along with up to one thousand dollars fine as occur frequently due to the flammable building materials gas canisters and forty degree celsius heat. you know. many. dream of a better life in europe has become a nightmare he has no residence permanent and now he has no home. he can only work illegally on one of the many fruit and vegetable plantations. you know you don't have no money. you know. his friend. is in the same position except he's
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a newcomer in spain having recently arrived from senegal. he lives in this hot. he says the routes taken by refugees to europe are always changing currently entering europe via the western mediterranean seems to be the safest. route from libya to italy has lots of problems it's almost like a war you can get killed so now many of us are coming to spain through morocco. spain's new government is taking a lenient stance with migrants but the conservative opposition is in disagreement and the spaniards are worried. because how many immigrants could cause us problems that's just how it is. spain is a country with high unemployment. there's just not enough jobs for so many people. are the spaniards see things differently
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until you know how bad volunteers for an aid organization and supports migrants like i do any way he can. he help vegetables and takes care of red tape until new sees the refugees as an economic factor the plantations in the region couldn't get by without them. thanks to these people many others are getting rich. the immigrants live off what little money they can earn so they're cheap labor. but. they're not going to want the problem they have to put up with everything and never complain. they want people to know what's really happening in new york. but he's not ready to give up on his dream of a better life. a move. now
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i'm living. to get. my family. to help myself. you know. what my future it will be. eventually once he saved enough money to be intense to return to ivory coast. my son needs me he says all of africa needs us but that's in the future right now he's got to figure out where he can sleep tonight. is back and have a look at some growth figures coming out of japan that's right sarah and japan's economy is growing again expanded by half a percent in the second quarter that's more than analysts had expected after a contraction at the beginning of the year while the economic outlook has improved u.s. japanese trade talks made little headway this week japan is hoping to win concessions on threatened u.s. auto tears which could be detrimental to one of the most important sectors of the
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world's third largest economy. it looks like japan's economy has bounced back after a worrying dip in the first quarter of this year consumers are more confident and are spending more in an atmosphere of strong job growth providing a boost to gross domestic product from my pool to june g.d.p. showed a half percent expansion that was significantly better than had been expected the external environment however could be troublesome for japan's economy to. be a little boy to work our g.d.p. can be widely influenced by various external environments such as trade hostilities between the united states and china if there are unstable and unsure factors so i cannot say for sure it will continue to grow. for good deals. deals with you know the. us president donald trump is pushing tokyo to
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sign a bilateral free trade agreement and threaten to impose higher tariffs on auto imports including those from japan that would hit the export sector of the world's food largest economy. in the way of china's billion dollar investments in africa many small traders have come to the continent to set up shop low income households are hungry for cheap goods made in china now what looks like a win win situation has its challenges. you know jackie reports. flashing fairy lights toys and electronic gadgets galore do you want to shop has little for the last five years she and her husband have been running their store in cape town's chinatown shopping center her business model is simple but effective me shopping for maybe a couple shopping for men. is fine if i have been this is
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a thought i really fear. daisy yuan is one of an estimated one million chinese traders who've arrived in africa over the last decade. the influx was triggered by growing chinese investment paired with unemployment back home. showing louis daisy's landlord and the co owner of the mall eve recognized the demand among cape town consumers i did talk with and local people before this is to say it doesn't lie. to the oh you know something i got history chart. i got the words i could buy one char one clothes i can come to china town so much prize. money i get really close to success speaks for itself since twenty ten with his partners opened three malls and cape town with
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a total of one hundred fifty independent stores. but the demand for cheap goods made in china is not limited to the big cities a four hour drive away from cape town is the small community of ladysmith its population numbers just seven thousand but like many villages these days it has its very own china store. forty four year old chang young young manages the store a strategic partnership between south africa and china allies wholesalers to import a range of goods from china tax free retailers like young can then offer their customers cheaper products his customer base mostly low to medium income high told appreciate the savings. prices way better the quality isn't great but it's pretty ok and for us the shop offers the cheapest product. it sounds like
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a win win situation but the weak south african rand crime says expert ross antony pose challenges for many chinese traders. being. a. person on the premises banks and criminals because there's money available and the like. steve. young invested in c.c.t.v. cameras for security for him like many chinese traders the promise of good business in fact africa still i'd weighs the risk was. german cycling great young overage has been detained in frankfurt on suspicion of assaulting a sex worker it comes less than a week after the former tour de france winner appeared in court on the spanish island of my arca he was charged with breaking and entering the home of his
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neighbor the german actor and director till schweiger. now over if the cycling achievements were marred back in twenty twelve when he was found guilty of doping he was released from police custody on friday evening. he. was bringing his very own press harrington who is joining us from sports so i mean young over here he was really the golden boy of cycling but a lot has gone wrong lately tell us about this most recent episode in frankfurt that we just heard about well this is his second arrest this month you know you touched on you know the incident that happened as a you know with this recent incident he was in germany in frankfurt specifically for one reason to get rehab because he he made it known to the present he had an issue with alcohol and other drugs he was addicted has an addiction issue so he was in frankfurt waiting to have an actual reservation at a clinic for him waiting for him he made a stop at this luxurious hotel you know hard
8:47 pm
a sex worker and then we're with transpired and allegedly he strangled her until she blacked out he was detained the. he said that they detained him they did release him tonight we did see him leave the police station in frankfurt but he was detained because he was very drunk and high out of his mind according to what the police had to say and it looks like the charges coming his way could either be attempted manslaughter or grievous bodily harm so it just doesn't look good for young and it has been such a long time actually since his glory days back to mention he won the tour de france back in one thousand nine hundred seven so you know that's quite a progression that's quite a fall from grace take us through what's been happening in the past couple of years well you know he was the toast of the town in one thousand nine hundred seventy here in germany becoming the first german to win the tour de france even the sportsman of the year that same year here in germany you know but then he did sweet awesomest issues with substance he had a positive test for ecstasy in two thousand and two that was the first indication that he had an issue was
8:48 pm
a performance enhancing related but four years later it was he was caught up in this blood doping scandal so he had a huge fall from grace respected that he was banned in two thousand and six from the tour retired from the sport a year later and i think that's part of the issue because when you figure the psychological dependence on drugs he was caught up in that and clearly his admission of his addiction makes it clear that he is far from being out of the woods in terms of his issues and this latest incident is is you know. gives that issue i guess credence i mean he was seeking help in frankfurt right so obviously that did not go according to plan and tell us just briefly what do you think is next for him well you know the reason the he was trying to go to rehab is because he's a straight from his family you know his wife and he has three children with this a wife sarah is certain a you know but i think he's going to have to find someone close to him to try to get him out of the gutter because he clearly in every sense of the word is at
8:49 pm
a low point in his life you know doing drugs things like this he's high now he said it's ultimately los so him being a hero of the sport of cycling here in germany a lot of children and people look up to him if he still do despite the doping issues so i'm pulling for him you know to read harry cover and get back on the road to redemption always positive chris herren ted we love that and we do hope it does work out and dave press from appreciate it and. fay merican director spike lee is back with a shock comedy about the white supremacy supremacy group excuse me the ku klux klan the film is called black klansman it takes place in the one nine hundred seventy s. references to today's united states are hard to miss sheers the scene portraying former k.k.k. leader david duke today we are privileged. to be among white men.
8:50 pm
and white women. such as yourselves real warriors for the real america the america that aren't sisters fought and died for. the true white american race the backbone from whence came our great southern heritage. and i want to thank you. thank you so much. for never putting your country second. america first earth. wow you get chills just watching that david leavitt's from our culture desk is here with a little bit of analysis and you know the reason why that really resonates is the fact that a lot of people will recognize that phrase right this is no mistake this is spike lee reminding us that the k.k.k. was using that motto before donald trump picked it out and it's also no mistake that this movie's coming out this weekend this is the one year anniversary of the racist rallies in charlottesville virginia that ended in tragedy and that trump
8:51 pm
basically refused to condemn now the movie black klansman though it's based on a true story right yeah this is based on the memoirs of ron stallworth who was detective a black detective in the one nine hundred seventy s. who infiltrated the k.k.k. by posing as a white racist on the telephone now when it came so some real life meetings he of course had to send a white officer in his place here's a closer look at black klansman. this is ron stahl called who am i speaking of is david duke grand wizard of the ku klux klan that may be good god last time i checked what i do for well since you asked i hate blinds i hate jews mexicans and irish italians and chinese but my mouth to god's ears i really hate those black brats and anyone else really
8:52 pm
that doesn't have pure white area and blood running through their veins i'm not even talking to your white american god bless white america for the real run stallworth this film is highly relevant today. you've been subjugated to me very similar to what was happening with. this activity never goes underground. a lot of people say that the klan was dead and the plan is not relevant the plan is always relevant always has and always will be and whether you call yourself by claiming your nazis is being weird you have you seen my share of ideology and beliefs about race and these guys will descend the forefront right now in part because of who we have a little help. for director spike lee that relevance was a very deliberate choice. we now want this to be period piece and want people to walk out of the theater understand that history repeats itself and we're.
8:53 pm
in a very difficult time not only america but the world but he could have the film also makes a strong plea against complacency by contrasting the initial attitudes of the two undercover cops i'm risking my life to prevent someone that's from on a couple six on far this is the job problem that's my problem for you it's a crusade for me it's a job. it's not personal nor should it be why haven't you bought into this why should i because you're jewish brother the so-called chosen people you've been passing for a wasp white anglo-saxon protestant cherry pie hotdog white boy. it's what some light skinned black folks to they pass for white doesn't that hatred you've been here in the klan said it doesn't piss you off course it does and why are you acting like you ain't got skin in the game brother ricky that's my business it's our business. some great actors there you've got to hope for grace and nailing the part of david duke the smiling modern face of the clan. adam driver as the
8:54 pm
jewish detective and john david washington in the lead role he's actually the son of denzel washington and this is not his first part in a spike lee joint actually he was back and he was in malcolm x. when he was a little kid when his dad played the lead and it's interesting to say i mean it's such a serious subject such a serious topic but their delivery is at times comic absolutely i think though that there is a very serious message at the heart of this movie and it's the same message that the real life officer ron stallworth wrote in his memoir when to try to paraphrase it basically he said that if he as one black guy with the help of some decent white white folks and some decent jewish folks manage to take down or triumph over the white racists by showing them to be the idiots that they really are than just imagine what the country could do if like minded people came together talking about betraying america as division another filmmaker who often does that is michael
8:55 pm
moore and he's got something out that's right and he does like spike lee michael moore is very political he's a filmmaker his movies are meant as a wake up call and his new film is called fahrenheit eleven nine not to be confused with his film fahrenheit nine eleven that was about w. bush this is about donald trump and he takes a look at america now he takes a look at hate groups he interviews survivors of the school shooting this year in part in florida and he does what he does best which is painting broad polemical strokes. now in the trailer he says that trump will be built last president of the united states i don't think that even he quite believes himself but he certainly knows what he has to say to get people's blood boiling and to sell movie tickets this is an extreme look at an extreme situation that's what michael moore is there for and it's an. the movie that liberal america and probably europe are going to eat up the lots of stuff for us to have
8:56 pm
a look at perhaps some difficult topics character to high test exactly sure the weekend thank you to him for leaving us with something light we appreciate you as a little david leavitt's from g w culture thank you. you're watching t.v. you news we have more news coming up at the top of the hour i'm sara kelly in for lent thanks for watching have a great me kept. from .
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european stories delivered browsing performances. straight up rock with a reggae song. and her response is one of a crime. well
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most metal band skin drag. good concerts fifteen minute push. the knockout and they will not succeed in dividing us about i will not succeed in taking the people off the street so because we're tired of his dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made for minds. his creations. his brand stink of all colors got that high con of the session. but what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of
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a great fashion designer. on smash and. start september night w. . a lot of. rock and a lot of the luck. good luck sinful school condemned by the church. and all the evil feeling that you feel when you think. your castoffs of. stop the old no one is more popular than jesus. the religious more hours he preachers subversive. battle with some more potential by placing a warning label on music products. rock and religion a clash that brings many problems tonight. for the two really so irreconcilable.
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double broken rolling stones aug nineteenth two w. . mother's . legs. of the day that means coming to wind farm land turkey's currency in spring fall a maiden diplomatic spat between washington and the leader of one just record lows up and down from ramps up tariffs on turkish informal turkish president airline is defiant saying his country when english victorious in economic war also coming up.
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skirmishes in bucharest as expatriates romanians were trying to call on the government to replace the right thanks they they were forced out of their own country.


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