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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  August 10, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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global three thousand. things done betoken. his works and the goddess fortuna. the monstrous ten feet. long twenty. turkey and the u.s. go head to head on trade the result turkey's currency is in freefall and the us president is promising more tariffs just around the corner i'm sorry harmon in berlin this is the day. if there is anyone who has dollars euros gold under that pillows.
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they should go exchange it for turkish lira our banks. i have just authorized a doubling of terrorists on steel and aluminum with respect to turkey as their currency the turkish lira slides rapidly don't work against our very strong dollar . this is a national domestic bottle. this will be my people's response to those who would waste an economic war against us. let's look to. our relation to turkey are not good at this time. also coming up why no pilot striking across europe they want better pay and conditions at the budget airline. when there was the respective sort of movies we talked to all of the pilots and even the old school for discovering truth.
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and stories coming up but first it's always awkward when your friends fight but when the two friends are nato partners well the world can't help but stop and watch traders two are watching with concern as the united states and turkey swap tit for tat sanctions but while the spat is officially over tariffs at least part of the disagreement seems to stem from refusal to release an american pastor it's been holding on terrorism charges. president aired on tried to reassure a nervous public saying his government had the situation under control he promised turkey would ward off what he called an attack from abroad and called for an international struggle. if there is anyone who has dollars euros or gold under their pillows. they should go exchange it for turkish lira our banks. this is a national domestic battle. this will be my people's response to those who waged an
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economic war against as. the president trying to impose sanctions on turkey because of its refusal to allow an american pastor andrew brunson to return to the u.s. try and strengthen the sanctions in a twitter announcement which adds insult to injury in turkey's growing economic crisis. turkey accuses brunson of espionage and terrorist activities despite sustained economic growth the lira has lost more than a third of its value the turkish population is bearing the brunt. of course where frayed our income has less worth and prices are rising for food too that's worrying if the turkish finance minister promised state influence on the central bank would be diminished in a bid to win back investor confidence but it's unclear whether this will have a calming effect on the markets. all the work contagion was making the rounds on
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european stock indices today with traders worry the liras slide could develop into a full fledged european banking crisis as conrad bosun at the frankfurt stock exchange. the recent boom in the turkish economy was largely credit driven and many of those loans came from european banks banks from spain france italy alone gave out loans to turkish business worth up to one hundred thirty five billion euros and with the accelerated depreciation of the turkish lira of course it's becoming more and more unlikely that those loans will really be paid back and that is why the european central bank which is the major supervisor of the european banking system is taking a very close look at this and is on high alert all right let's get the view now from turkey do you get me correspondent doreen jones reporting for us in istanbul
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during turkey's foreign minister has said further pressure will only hurt bilateral ties he's about retaliation but how much worse can relations get. well the potential is to get a lot worse currently u.s. forces are working with a syrian kurdish militia just across turkey's border if you consider a terrorist organization and if they so wish they could put a lot of pressure on those u.s. forces and the kurdish militia they're working with that would ratchet up tensions further on top of that washington is looking for to enforce its new sanctions against iran has refused to do so given the current climate is unlikely to change that stance that again puts to nato allies on a collision course potential for a lot more difficult times ahead. turkish currency tanking for months now but investors seem to be really concerned now inflation as it nearly sixteen percent the central bank is raise their rates in response to what choice is just air to
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want to have going forward to manage this crisis. well present in the world one speaking today has made it perfectly clear that he doesn't believe this is anything to do with financial imbalances he believes this is a sustained campaign by our name western powers to remove him from power he said very clearly that in the twenty sixth failed military coup attempt that was some power supply list they say they failed and backed coup now they're trying to use the exchange rate to oust me from power that is why he's taking such a tough line that is why he's calling for national unity for people to unite against what he calls this economic war to remove him from power that will not take any of the measures that international investors are calling for a major aggressive hiking of interest rates that the fed in the currency that means more pressure on the currency investors more investors fleeing the turkish market but now it is just a currency crisis if these fools continue respect coming a systematic financial risk to the turkish system the banking system itself could
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come under threat that's why everyone is very concerned about the go in the coming days ahead ok happen briefly how does russia factor into their second. because the crime was that who in caldera to want to discuss this trade dispute. well that's always been turkey's card with his strained relations with washington that he says it will move closer to moscow relations have remarkably improved between moscow and nave never been closer most analysts suggest although there has been suggestions that i had reached the limit because of ongoing differences in syria but now this latest ratcheting up of the crisis from washington also just on crimean move even closer to moscow even though it may not be in its own interests as a way of punishing the u.s. that refer to rocketing tensions with washington and causing further concern among turkey's nato allies all right this story insurance for us in istanbul thank you. for a different view i'm joined now from our washington studio by gibson who is the correspondent
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for the turkish newspaper daily sabah which is close to president a cape party mr certainly thanks for being with us financial analyst say that president arafat won is at the heart of turkey's problems they accuse him of robbing turkey central bank of its independence is he responsible for the suffering of the turkish people. i mean if you look at the issue from the prison there lost perspective that he believes he has a responsibility for the central banks policies as well he says that if the economy doesn't go well the turkish people ask him not the central bank about unemployment and slow rate growth that's his argument but today turkish treasury minister had a presentation of bodies opinions about the long term and midterm plans of the turkish economy and he highlighted that he believes in crucial independence of the central bank and he also promised to. grow up to in order to basically
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reduce inflation and also. called to trade deficit and these steps are significant and more crucial done presents aired on statements because he's trying to be accountable who's constituency rather than just giving policy. in this rallies these are public rallies and they're not necessarily about his policies in general he's basically told king interacting with the people that he's trying to gather tomorrow himself and try to pressure them basically to resolve the situation shortly ok but turkey is still part of the global economic system just still largely dominated by the u.s. president trumps twee raising tariffs on turkish steel on a low and sent the layer up plunging. going it alone on this one. i mean look prison there dawn prison. have really good relationship but there are some dollars in this relationship. in the recent that your relation in turkish
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economy we can blame president trump himself to get to this point because before this threats and before dissensions took sick women wasn't doing very bad. as you suggested because of turkey's portion in the global economy basically scared investors just start to think that these tariffs and sections will there it will be more acting against him and the government will do something that can actually break their clinic cycle it didn't happen yet we didn't take any steps they didn't change the normative economy system in the country they didn't prevent the misters in going and going and going out there is no permanently designed currency rates so it's a free market there's nothing happened that can scare them other than just present
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problems or imposing a circuit of pressure turkey to release pastor bronson which is not very acceptable by prison there don't perspective if. this perspective that if he bowled stew for empowered to release a person from prison how he can explain this to his constituency by just saying that he just bolted for empowers you know pressure or he just needed to basically short circuit judicial system in turkey ok but he might have some other explaining to do at the turkish lira continues its decline we know that president arafat want telephoned with the russian president vladimir putin amid this economic turmoil does that indicate that he now turns out for help and not to washington. i mean both these are getting closer. mainly because of united states policies in syria and in the region in general there was this you know short time good news
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coming out of washington that from that aired on is getting closer so they are appearing to thais but i think it's all returning now and i think are doing is just trying to signify washington that you know he has alternatives it's not necessarily that russia is going to give turkey a credit or loan or something because turkey has other alternatives such as china just two weeks ago to a minister agreed to get a three billion dollars worth of credit from china so there are other alternatives is not assisted russia because you know what were the russia has the economy and they don't have much resources ok the international monetary fund says that turkey has not asked for help yet do you think they'll have to. i mean we will have to see from how being how from i.m.f. is not necessarily a bad thing turkey is a party of i.m.f. and sure and butorac is no wants from i.m.f. in two thousand and eighteen and other financial crisis happening in europe and
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around the world turkey didn't get credit for a lot of if you will. at the time to if you didn't force the growth rate and basically did the economy shrank in the same time to currency levels were going off all like this you know it was like a similar situation but they had another deal such as writing down a program to take treaty out of these waters at the time and it might be the same not this is simply taking too long for maybe taking their advice the brochure into financial markets that it's possible to take turkey out of this financial stagnation and the problem they actually taking loans from biomass because all of these are psychological if you can just sort of investors they will come back all right time will tell that's ragab silo he is the correspondent for the turkish daily newspaper the daily sabah which is closely allied to president came party raghav thanks for being with us and i think.
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all summer time is synonymous with travel for many people but if you plan your summer holiday using the budget airline ryanair you may have a bad surprise when our pilots held a quarter native twenty four hour strike across europe sparking cancellations across the continent germany was first hit with two hundred fifty flights canceled at ten different airports. it's the biggest industrial action ever to hit europe's biggest budget airline the effect is visible here at frankfurt airport where check in desks are unstaffed and passengers nowhere to be seen many planes won't be flying today pilots union representatives in frankfurt say their message is ryanair must change. defeating ryanair it's about sending a signal that they have to stop trying to defeat their own employees. some
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passengers were forced to spend the night or early in the airport many don't know when they will be able to fly out but some are showing sympathy for the pilots demands. it's unfair that the pilots have to pull the short straw just because passengers want to fly cheaply. i think it's a potential safety risk if employees don't stay at home when they're ill because they're on a freelance basis and wouldn't get paid so i do think it's justified. ryanair pilots are striking across europe for twenty four hours as they demand higher salaries and better working conditions that's led to the cancellation of four hundred twenty four hundred scheduled flights affecting more than seventy thousand passengers. chris october is here for business us to walk us through this. there are a lot of budget airlines are working conditions that ryanair actually worse than it say easy jet well there have been more complaints there have been numerous
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complaints about the working conditions a dry in air that's why pilots for example are fighting for a collective collective wage agreement something that doesn't exist ryanair says that staff pilots earn a lot of money comparable but there's two things you need to know the majority of ryanair parents aren't staff but they're freelance and the second thing is the basic salary is pretty low but then their premiums upon how many hours you fly i mean that's something that's beyond the control of the pilots and for example if a crew sits on the tarmac for two hours to do some technical difficulties or something that counts as time off the clock so naturally that's something they want to talk about and they want to debate. and we also have to consider that conditions for cabin staff are indeed much worse the wages of very very low flight attendants have to pay for their own training and the unions for the cabin staff have already said that they are supporting the strike because of those cheap tickets come at
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a price i mean why are if known for its bargain basement fares you can sometimes fly to a different european country for a few euro's but then they get you on the extras the baggage the nail the same reservation is that proving to be a bad business model you know it's been a very lucrative business model so far charging passengers for extra along with creative employment schemes let's put it that way but it seems like this model has reached its limits received drastic increases in delays and cancellations among european low cost carriers in the last couple of months and that is due to the fact because these carriers try to cram as many flights as they can in one day leaving planes on the ground for as little time as possible to get the. clean the refuelled and if something goes wrong during that process and there should be a delay that multiplies down the line so in my opinion i think the modeled as we've seen so far will somehow ease up in the next couple of months
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because you don't want hordes of angry passengers because their flights are delayed or canceled are those belts can't get any tighter briefly what flights to passengers have if their flights are canceled due to something like a strike well in this case ryan air said you can get either get your money back for the flight that has been canceled or you can rebook good extra compensation is pretty much off the table. because you missed the important business meeting or something ryanair says the strike was beyond their control and they have the backing of the european union and the us to travelers are going to be out of luck can we expect more strikes like this over the rest of the summer i think we do i think it will get worse before it becomes better ryanair c.e.o. michael o'leary despises unions only last year he was forced to actually acknowledge them in the first time in the thirty year history of the company but that that's not to say that both sides will reach an agreement and the time soon and the pilots have said they are ready to strike you all right buyer beware when
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you're back in the summer travel plans indeed all right chris alcoa our business says thanks for walking us through that. all residents of a small german village are taking a stand after an ugly incident of racism a swastika was chopped on the sidewalk after a young syrian boy was killed in a nearby traffic accident locals have turned out to mourn the little boy publicly and to make clear their feelings about neo nazi sympathizers. many people in schoenberg are disgusted by what happened on the sidewalk nazi symbolism following the death of a syrian child dozens of locals say it's a disgrace and want to send a clear message with their protest. it's absolutely hideous and totally inconceivable i categorically reject this whoever works with symbols like these
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knows what they mean this kind of thing does not belong here and shouted back no way the nine year old boy was riding his bike here in early june he then lost control of the bike and was run over by a tractor he died a few days later in the hospital witnesses later noticed a swastika at the accident site which the town had removed but three weeks later another swastika appeared along with a mocking phrase one to nail. the boy's death is bad enough and if then some stupid reactionaries qual out of their holes and draw swastikas here it's totally unacceptable. after a tragedy like this for such a young person to have this kind of vandalism it's unthinkable and it's so sad there are no words to describe it it's just horrible that this has happened. until now this northern german town of four thousand has not seen any right wing extremist incidents a couple dozen refugees live here all well integrated some locals reacted quickly
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to the nazi graffiti and painted over it with a peace symbol and flowers. but the atmosphere here is also a tinge with populism and incitement to santa phobia according to these shin bank citizens. so for people it's a. huge amount has changed for the worse in this country and that also has the facts on whatever neo nazis that are everywhere and who are now able to more easily emerge from their cover. the police have investigated two suspects but the people have shown back did not want to wait for results before making it clear right wing extremism has no place in their town. right. former tour de france champion down over it was detained in frame for early friday morning on suspicion of a something a sex worker will end of required medical treatment for her injuries and it comes
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less than a week after the former tour de france winner appeared in court on the spanish island of majorca where he lives he was charged with breaking and entering the home of his neighbor german actor and director to the fire or cycling achievements for huard in two thousand and twelve he was found guilty of doping. more on the story shaking the sporting world of red cross harrington from our sports with me cross and it's good to have you here thank you yeah laura he was germany's and golden boy of cycling but things are going a real wrong for him lately bad behavior tell us about this episode in frankfurt what happened with this latest episode his second arrest this week you know so things are looking very badly for a young owners you know but he was on his way specifically to rehab you know he came back to germany leaving spain after the incident with. specifically to check
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himself in a rehab clinic because he admitted to the press after that incident that he did have an issue with alcohol and he was seeking you know some sort of rehab and he had seen his family so you know this story seemed all in a lie that he was actually he did what the steps are you know you admit you have a problem you seek help then all of a sudden you know he was checked in this hotel and he hired a sex worker and according to reports he choked her until she blacked out and he was released from holding this evening from the frankfurt police station you know but there are two charges they could you know come either attempted manslaughter or grievous bodily harm so it doesn't look good in this is his second act of aggression you know so he is in my opinion in need of some anger management you know he just dest definitely needs about and. some jail time i mean these are these are very serious maybe how big of a sport for people who don't come from a cycling background and wendy's downfall sarkozy was also
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a doping scandal right yeah so it terms of cycling he is the only german to win the tour de france you know this is in one thousand nine hundred seventy and subsequently what happened in germany there was a bicycle boom so just imagine he was the toast of the town in the entire country you know but his first issue that came to light was a positive test for ecstasy this was prior to the big doping scandal that you know followed for ecstasy recreational drug he was suspended shortly for that moment so that let public know that he had an issue with substance abuse to some degree you know then later in two thousand and six he was banned from doping for doping from the tour a year later he retired you know so i think this moment and this let's not forget this was during an era were lance armstrong was competing lance armstrong is synonymous with open so his argument was he was just trying to compete level the playing field he doesn't feel badly about it unless that's what he's that the public know in terms of his doping you know but that's when it began in terms of
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his substance abuse and alcohol it's even rumored that his wife. he's astray from his family due to his alcohol issues you know so it's been something that's been hovering over his head you know for decades now it seems like we've seen this story a lot in the sporting world an athlete who becomes popular successful and then has a massive fall from grace sometimes addiction issues involved why do you think we see these highs and lows so often in sports you know it's hard to say but it makes me think of a child a kid getting into a balloon full with helium you tell the kid something right you tell them what don't let go or to go out and this is kind of like the ego of certain athletes because this level of adoration and fame basically because of what you do and not who you are i think leads one to have this false sense of reality you know you need someone to keep him grounded and clearly he doesn't have that i mean those closest
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to him his family he's a strange from them so he's going to i think a lot of athletes fall victim to this idea they need a support channel to keep their feet to the ground it's a sad story chris harrington from sports thanks for walking us through that ok. well the day is nearly done but as ever our conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at or at sarah harmon five three don't forget to use our hash tag a day system. on .
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the fast pace of life in the digital. shift as the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information from the week and interviews with makers and users. should in fifteen minutes. god help me go to spain now i'm living here. eventually i'll go to work to get some
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money to send to my family i think my future will better. he's been living in spain illegally for years he talks about how spent. society is changing as more migrants arrive. thirty minutes doubling. his creations and think his brand understandable carlock effect icon of the fashion world. look what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer. someone smashes. start september night
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two w. . coming. to mother mother. the birds. of the state of the news coming to live from far away and currency in freefall and that a diplomatic spat between washington and a layer of plunging walls out there donald trump the ramps up tariffs on imports furbish president ever want is to find him saying his country with him was victorious in an economic war also coming up.


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