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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 11, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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you know. this is d w news live from berlin antigovernment protests in romania turned violent thousands of x. factor may end up back home calling for the government's resignation they say corruption prompted them to emigrate police have responded with tear gas and rubber bullets injuring hundreds will be getting more in just a second from the correct. also on the program german chancellor angela merkel in spain for talks with a spanish counterpart petro sanchez migration flows have to top the agenda as a growing number of migrants arrived on spanish shores.
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hello and welcome my name's christopher spring eight thanks for joining us it's been a tense twenty four hours in romania with hundreds injured in clashes between police and anti-government protesters tens of thousands have been rallying in the capital bucharest and also in other cities across the country to demand the government's resignation they blame the ruling social democrats for endemic corruption and low wages the protests were organized by groups of romanians who work abroad they say their country's corruption and poor financial prospects effectively forced them to emigrate. a night of violence in the romanian capital. leaving hundreds injured. bucharest police fired water cannon and tear gas at
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protesters after some tried to force their way through to government buildings. it had started as a peaceful day of demonstrations the crowd swelled by thousands of remaining ex-pats. they'd return to voice anger what they say has forced them to leave the country low wages a lack of opportunity and above all government corruption. but what i'd like to change first the corrupted leaders in romania then the living standard a decent one. right age and it was one of them is that the government must grant us the possibility to be a normal country i came from bilbao in spain just for this protest of romanians living abroad we're fed up we must be united a victory for romania and there were many. protesters are demanding that the ruling social democratic party resign and call early elections earlier this year
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government attempts to wind back anti corruption laws sparked outrage inside the country now romania's powerful diaspora is joining the fight around four million romanians work abroad that's around a fifth of the population many are now hoping to force change in one of europe's most corruption plagued countries. remaining journalist who has been updating us on the situation in book rest victory square where protests have been gathering again she's also been telling us about the official reaction to last night's violence. wow. reaction we had one. of. them being the mind though they may be a force he had also heard the center of. the gates on the special forces and. the protests the peaceful. crowd. of special forces had
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a press conference. that yes of course was. a. people not to bring them to you know guns and i think the process because they are buying the fight and. by the way nobody. but the police and the prime minister. are not. diana reese is that reporting from the remaining capital book arrest. moving now to some of the other stories making news around the world police in the united states say a suicidal airline employee stole a passenger plane on friday and then crash it into an island central to me jets to deplane the unable to prevent it from coming down and sparking off a file of a no passengers on board the aircraft when it crashed. a jury in california has found chemical giant monsanto liable in a little suit filed by
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a man who allege the company's weed killers gave him count so the jury ordered the company to pay out two hundred eighty nine million dollars in damages on centers a unit of german chemical john baya and is facing thousands of similar lawsuits it cost the u.s. . staying in california there's no end in sight to the state's wildfire of emergency with a rapidly moving blaze breaking out north of san francisco and destroying dozens of hectares of land two major fires elsewhere in the state's north have been mostly contained but a massive blaze in the state's south has nearly doubled in size. now turkish president richard type edouard is vowing to defy the united states as washington presses ankara to release a jailed american cleric on friday u.s. president all doubled his country's tariffs on turkish steel and aluminum imports sending the country's currency tumbling with turkey falling deeper into economic
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crisis everyone has again called on turks to exchange their dollars in euros for lira in a bid to shore up the turkish ghodsee. president tried to reassure a nervous public saying his government had the situation under control he promised turkey would ward off what he called an attack from abroad and called for an international struggle. if anyone has dollars euros or gold under their pillows they should go exchange it for turkish lira is it our banks this is a national domestic battle this will be my people's response to those who have waged an economic war against us. president trying to impose sanctions on turkey because of its refusal to allow an american pastor andrew bronson to return to the u.s. try and strengthen the sanctions in a twitter announcement which adds insult to injury in turkey's growing economic crisis. turkey accuses brunson of espionage and terrorist activity despite
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sustained economic growth the lira has lost more than a third of its value the turkish population is bearing the brunt. of course where frayed our income has less worth and prices are rising for food too that's worrying . the turkish finance minister promised state influence on the central bank would be diminished in a bid to win back investor confidence but it's unclear whether this will have a calming effect on the markets. german chancellor angela merkel is in spain today for informal talks with the spanish prime minister petro migration likely to dominate the agenda of those talks the two leaders have been meeting at. all of a residence in the south of the country in recent months spain has become the preferred route for my current striving to reach europe that's after italy tightening restrictions on the arrival. of the talks two days after madrid
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agreed to take back anything migrants who reach many despite being registered first in spain. leaders have been addressing the media so let's get the. just all this with me now in the studio our chief political editor mckayla and standing by in spain journalist jaime velasquez welcome to both of you let me start first of all here in berlin with mckayla this migration deal with spain so important for chancellor merkel what she's been saying about it while she was actually also rectally why is it so important because it affects so few people and an estimate of just a couple whole week if anybody at all and her answer was that it clearly says that spain and germany see eye to eye that they've both believe that migration is something that needs to be tackled. as a pan european issue and not just states going it alone and well it's a very interesting line of argument that because she herself was against doing individual deals she wanted to go for the whole thing the big thing the europeans
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have buson and not have to do individual deals she got pressure from her own interior minister over that and there you go so the big question now is will germany be able to get similar deal or even best the one with its city in greece those are two press appoints for what is known as secondary migration those migrants who register elsewhere in europe and then come to germany ok because thanks for that turning to jaime in spain now what is the spanish perspective on this migrant return deal. well i think for spain especially for but there are signs that this is war. strategy i think that this is something that merkel in germany needed something to give to. in germany on the borders american government in germany. for spain if all the issues that are more important like mainly resources for them to manage the.
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war there your sense of want to address the situation in spain. agreement with america can work for the tyrant or and i'm sick of that right spain because they know that they are not going to manage to get to to germany or they go to germany that will be sent back to spain and it's not a very attractive country. for them to settle so for for maybe the asylum seekers that can be a deterrent which is going to compass manage the influx of migrants. over there and at the same time i think that for better sanchez and spain it's not the main problem. seekers are not big amount of people arriving to the coast it has to do more with. african migrants where
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there really a deal with the european union and climate just briefly you know we've been told that spain is getting nothing from germany for excepting this deal is that really the case briefly if you make. well i mean. it's have been reported germany will be. forced to. take. signals that manage to. show demonstrate. in german usually they already. i mean family germany they will be able to apply for asylum. began to refuse even in germany so this is what i believe. is reporting. movement yes ok back to mccain they are here in berlin also very briefly i mean you are beginning to
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outline that this is a symbolic thing really for chancellor merkel is that more of a signal that you sending by going to spain speaking personally with petro centrist was that i mean this was a meeting during both of their holidays and they clearly want to demonstrate that they stand in seeking a european wide solution but in terms of what spain would get back i mean as a country a major country of entry that's already seen more migrant survive on its source up until now than it did the entire past here it's becoming all the more important that the german chancellor will push for countries to be compensated for these costs in this city we remember that day there was talk that there might be some kind of unitive action in terms of funding cuts for countries like hungary well that's completely off the table now what the line that the germans house is pushing now is to actually see countries compensation for what's in that upcoming european union budget so it's kind of more the long haul where spain sees that it might get some more support in terms of
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a european wide solution if not that at least the upcoming budget ok mckayla cooper here in berlin home of alaska's in spain many thanks to both of you. we're going to switch now to some sports news french champions probably kicking off their to. advents against call tomorrow sunday with german coach thomas tools in charge of the french champions p.s.g. will be able to call on the world's most expensive footballer neymar as they aim for a repeat and i'm not even mentioning to date sensation and world cup winner kilian also part of the p.s.g. team now despite all that talent the former don't want coach field his side are a long way from reaching their full potential. there is a lot to do for our structure and the game for our for our intensity in the game and for that we have to improve is good that it starts now but we we have to focus on an every single day we have to use the time because there is so little
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time it's not that we are like ready to go and we see what's coming we still have a lot to do thomas to hold i have a new coach at french champions p.s.g. now at the european if i take championships in berlin germany is christine who song achieved a new championship record on her way to winning the javelin last night who song setting a mark of sixty seven point nine metres that was her first throw in the final and it was a massive six meters more than her nearest challenger of victory completing a german javelin double softer tomas also won the men's javelin a day before. in tennis great teenager stephanos fifty past has continued his fine run of form at the toronto masters beating defending champion alexandre spare ever since he passed battled back from a set and five two down to turn the tables on germany swear off in one thousand already upset novak djokovic should have lost. he saved two match points against
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a frustrated spare of to take the clash into a decider and then to pass completed this huge victory after a spare of.


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