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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2018 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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and the continent heard. stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies to their. w.c. t.v. series from. w dot com or call. hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe it is great to have you with us spain has become the new hotspot for migrants from africa they're heading to europe in search of a better life the vast majority crossed the mediterranean and rubber boats and land in port cities like it's in the first six months of this year more than twenty thousand people cross the sea to spain more than any other european country
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as europe tightens its borders the paths migrants are taking to reach the e.u. have shifted as well with spain now a main entry point but once they arrive their struggle is far from over in the south of the country migrants like apple seed of it are working illegally picking fruits and vegetables earning very little money and they haven't always been met with open arms either. nothing is left of his hut it caught fire during the night. this place to live in this might. in twenty four teens who came to spain from ivory coast to find work he ended up in this slum near the town of libby and lucio along with up to a thousand others fires occur frequently due to the flammable building materials gas canisters and forty degree celsius heat. because no one knew the blast. you know. how many of whom.
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were you know or betraying looking for. but believe the. dream of a better life in europe has become a nightmare. he has no residence permit and now he has no home. he can only work illegally on one of the many fruit and vegetable plantations you don't have no right to what. you know you don't have no money to see that living out to see that everyone wants you need to be in one thousand one you know you don't have a lot. we can go a long way his friend motor of it as in the same position except he's a newcomer in spain having recently arrived from senegal. he lives in this hut he says the routes taken by refugees to europe are always changing currently entering europe via the western mediterranean seems to be the safest. the route from libya
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to italy has lots of problems that it's almost like a war you can get killed so now many of us are coming to spain through morocco. but . the numbers of migrants coming into spain are currently at a peak and spain is still dealing with the effects of its economic crisis making the rising numbers of refugees a political issue. here and get that back on this but i will have to be pretty desperate to take on the journey in the first place i would be ok you know what i don't think they should bring them here they should help them to do better in their own countries. i guess than go to the. waste bins new government is taking a lenient stance with migrants but the right wing conservative opposition is in disagreement and the spaniards are worried. going down the middle here on board. because so many immigrants to cause us problems that's just how it is you can be in
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. spain is a country with high unemployment which. there's just not enough jobs for so many people but i got up on to him. the other spaniard see things differently antonio of odd volunteers for an aid organization and supports migrants like any way he can get it hello he helps plan festivals and takes care of freight takes. on tonio sees the refugees as an economic factor the plantations in the region couldn't get by without them roughly i get that from thanks to these people many others are getting rich at little grass the immigrants live off what little money they can earn so they're cheap labor officially they are given a part from the they are not going to want a problem they have to put up with everything and never complain. antonino thinks they can be proud of what they've accomplished so far but most of
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them are ashamed to be living in a slum in europe. you know getting through from they don't want their families to see them living here in these conditions that's logical and you can understand that . i don't think they ever lived like this in africa but if you are. not ashamed on the contrary he wants people to know what's really happening in europe. and he's not ready to give up on his dream of a better life. or move in model to us now i'm living here sometime i'll go to work to get more money to send to my family you have to go to help myself here you know i'm no i'm to die for my future it will be. eventually once he's saved enough money intends to return to the ivory coast my son needs me he says all of africa needs us but that's in the future right now
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he's got to figure out where he can sleep tonight. while migrants are facing an uncertain future across europe as governments step up deportations of those who've been denied asylum but it is a controversial practice especially returning migrants back to afghanistan and critics say the country is not safe in sweden and activists made headlines were refusing to sit down on a flight taking off from gothenburg preventing the deportation of an afghan man alan erickson has been celebrated by some for her courage and criticized by others for breaking the law we caught up with her to find out more. when and shauna gets together with her friends these days they usually talk about her protest which made headlines around the world she's still getting messages of support and refused to take a seat on
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a flight from gothenburg to istanbul in order to prevent the deportation of an asylum seeker to afghanistan a video of the incident has gone viral. took this step to protest against sweden's asylum policies. we're not giving the correct legal procedure that they have the right to we are the government and the migration officers are doing so much things that they possibly can use to make sure that they deport and react as many people as possible. and work for an association in gothenburg that provides assistance for under age refugees. most of them come from afghanistan. they see hope in people like you trying to keep them from being deported even if it means breaking the law. or your figure they're trying to deport me to i took them to court and i've been
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waiting for a ruling for a year so it could take another year you know i've lived in sweden for several years now and i have no idea how i'd react to being deported. over there was. action is have sparked debate about sweden's asylum and immigration policies and recent polls indicate that right wing populist son gaining ground ahead of september's parliamentary elections they blame immigrants for an increase in crime in suburban areas. and to stop the next government should stop immigration laws. does it event that. young people who face death at home are allowed to stay if we let in all sorts of shady characters. the conservative opposition party moderate turner says and sean committed a crime and says she should be punished for it but. we do know is going slow in
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sweden deportation cases are decided in a court of law not by politicians and you can't have private citizens interfering with that process or the suit but and sean says the courts ignore the dangers facing deportees in afghanistan and that's why she decided to protest. so in afghanistan we are when you are deported there they can see that you are from europe they can see that you're wearing clothes from europe that you have a different way of walking off talking and it's a really bad situation but if he. says that she now fears for her safety. right wingers have threatened her on social media networks so when she goes out in the city she keeps her eyes open. for that they write down my mind read my first number and such like that different side of you just trying to make sure
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that. this social media doesn't know where i am or who my friends are. says she plans to keep protesting because of the dangers many afghans face once they return home despite all the recent pressure she remains determined. so even guests like stuffing dictations to afghanistan then we probably do they still together and i hope so because they are part of my life now this. time now fanshawe need to give an english radio station an interview the debate over sweden's deportation policy continues. now london is facing a serious housing shortage the prime minister the city's mayor have vowed to fix the market and build more affordable housing but the british capital is becoming increasingly an affordable for normal earners and even for london's wealthy residents like robbie williams who you might know space is at a premium so if you can't build up or left or right there is only one direction for
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the rich and famous to go down of course think luxury basements with pools and sauna us but all that underground construction has the neighborhood up in arms take a look. so. we go. so this is the pool area which is one of the biggest names in this area i mean there is but normally you don't have the space. coast to steelman topless can barely contain his pride the property investor wants to show off what he's achieved the pool appears at the push of a button only recall ten metres below ground the house is on the market for a mere twenty five million pounds. we have a home mom. we have a shower. we have a sauna. it's hard to tell on the outside that there's so much below this villa in
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london's upmarket notting hill area the house has three visible stories and three below ground it's fully automated garage can house three cars. is a good space of words especially their conservation area like nothing. and there's restricted and in between the houses so the only ability to increase the volume of the house is to go forth. london is constantly on the move rising higher and higher wherever possible. the city is a magnet for investors and global money and its facade is changing fast. as are its foundations this is an unmistakable sign earth and rocks are being excavated by the truckload here they're digging twelve meters deep building another super basement.
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london is going deeper underground. train going to a road in southwestern london. home to bentley's and saudi princes as well as their nannies no pairs. this is the epicenter of the underground movement. twenty two houses already have mega basements they're like icebergs above ground it's all english and picturesque below there's a cool elegance sometimes three stories of it you might not be able to see anything but you can certainly hear it the ongoing construction noise is a source of conflict among neighbors. we sat between two amazingly enormous very noisy developments and. the it was it was absolutely the walls were shaking off and my son moved out couldn't stand it it was very very noisy. here an iceberg has triggered
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a major conflict the victorian fortress is a listed building owned by rock star jimmy page. the led zeppelin icon has lived here almost fifty years and was happy until another music legend turned up and wanted to start digging below ground. robbie williams bought the house next door for his growing family he has plans to build an underground swimming pool under his garden. but jimmy page thinks the project will cause irreparable damage to his house. he's been fighting the project for five years he lived a complaint with the local council and asked them to refuse planning permission. he likes his home too much. i've got to protect the building of. it it's a very special building and it's really difficult be able to talk about it because
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it's sort of building that when people go in there they feel it they feel the energy of it and then they and then when they start to see what's employed in the rooms and last upon the way it's just it's just it is unique. for the moment the project is on hold while it's reviewed the local council has decided to place more restrictions on mega basements there's too much infighting among the rich and beautiful. this is what interests roger burrows a professor of cities at newcastle university. he participated in a study of more than four thousand basements in london and the effects they have on the people in the neighborhood. one of the things that's emerging i would say so it's not simply a politically this interesting it's this kind of tension between what we call the haves and the have the between people who i would think of just being merely wealthy versus people who are believes and believe that. because just doesn't like
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the negative headlines about the underground building revolution he says the future belongs to the bold and those at the top simply need a space like this. while all that's missing is a private stop on london's underground now wailing season has officially opened in iceland after a two year break fishermen once again started hunting endangered fin whales iceland and norway are the only two countries in the world that allow commercial whaling despite a global moratorium on the practice but local activists are increasingly fighting back not only because fin whales are a protected species but also because whale watching is a growing tourist attraction. see video of him here make an whitaker takes people whale watching off the coast of iceland
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a dream job for the marine biologist. it's one of the main attractions for tourists here but they need to be patient. when a cure spotted something a mink a whale is eating its way through a school of fish. the whale only stays at the surface for a few moments. with a bit of luck the guests may even catch sight of a much larger humpback whale. in the same waters where the tourists are shooting their photos others are whale hunting for whitaker a cool business. the sound it was laid out skid like out that has nerves you can feel there's pain so there's a heartbeat that goes into the wild and explosion and then they bring these wells on board so it can take you know thirty minutes up to an hour for these files but it's a long painful process i only whaling station lies hidden
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at the end of a few org far from reykjavik the whale catchers have backed a fin whale the second largest mammal on earth and listed as an endangered species . animal activists record the stripping of the forty ton whales blubber. begin talks are is an icelandic activist working to stop the killing of whales. she posts photos and videos on the internet hoping to inspire others to act against whaling mainly her own countrymen. this is not a tradition here really it started with norwegian stone it's we have we have a long tradition of eating kale in iceland and growing kale so if kale not
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a whale. is the whaling company owner places no value on such criticism as a teenager he hearkened whales from his father's boat and ate the meat if you go to him you know where you mean it's. only me without any hormones i can guarantee you that but it's been banned in all e.u. . us due to some research but if this sentiment is going to take over here i don't think i think iceland will be. will not be actually seen as a dependent nation in a couple of years if you're going to use that argument these aren't the everything groups they want to ban all fisheries they're protesting everything. was that. these demonstrators outside the parliament building in reykjavik aren't protesting everything only for protection for the endangered fin whales. survey
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show more and more icelanders oppose whaling. the government could end the hunt at any time. instead it granted los suns whaling company a permit to kill one hundred ninety one fin whales in two thousand and eighteen. the uncle of our finance minister is the c.e.o. for the wally company so if this doesn't scream corruption i don't know what does but we have all the cards in parliament and they are against whaling and i hope that it will be forbidden by law to william iceland i hardly anything is left of the giant fin whale at the station the meat has generally been sold to japan the only export market for. this yarn most son has a new business idea he wants to make a compound to treat iron deficiency. we plan to preach there are even me.
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you get about thirty percent. of the meat that will be then ground down in powder. and used as a supplement a good as a pill or as or just as a pow to. biologist meghan whittaker reacts to such business ideas with sheer horror. just looking all the other threats these animals face a little take a long time for us to rectify and blaming is something we can stop here and now and there's absolutely no need for it is just as pointless for industry. recently the hunting of minke whales at least was halted it's a key victory for iceland's conservationists and their fight against whaling. now to roam the eternal city millions of tourists flock to the italian capital
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every year to visit ancient treasures like the colosseum where the pantheon or the trevi fountain roam is magnificent but it's also falling apart public infrastructure is collapsing especially streets and roads rome's administration has been accused of not doing enough mismanaging public funds the city is deep in debt so what can locals do well they're rolling up their sleeves and filling in the gaps them selfs. combat so must a low end his living on the streets of the attorney all sitting he has been a taxi driver here for three decades. millions of kilometers. but sometimes the job can get really dangerous every day must alone has to deal with countless paul tells. me so this problem isn't new the city's politicians haven't paid attention to the situation for fifteen years if i could write off tire damage on my tax form you see me i'd not have to pay any more income
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tax. no one seems to know how many parts hells that are in right. fifty states indicates that on average one turns up every ten meters in some parts of the city streets look like swiss cheese it's a real hazard. to local residents the potholes are simply part of everyday life but they've also attracted the attention of tourists city officials can't seem to get the hotel problem under control despite the fact that by that own admission they've spent a lot of money on st tropez. some residents have taken matters into their own hands a group of volunteers has started filling in the pot tells themselves. they call that group tap me all filmy they figure that they for pet nearly six thousand health so far most of the materials needed on donated by businesses city officials
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tolerate the group's efforts but provide no financial support. for all volunteers which we donate some of our free time to deal with this serious problem. potholes are a major threat for motorcyclists. and it doesn't do any good to just sit around and complain when i meet a bus and stuff will be the result we want to make a contribution. to remove it when it appears you want to get out of the us we've even got an internet site where people can contact us and warn us about really dangerous part of us i on weekends you can find. his crew which on the streets filling potholes the most they've ever done was one hundred in a single day but why does this work have to be done by private citizens and not city workers that work across the room blames the problem on corruption. when i look at my kid over the last twenty years the potholes in the streets of
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rome have been filled with bribes instead of tar. i think the politicians are just afraid to admit that they can fix this problem by themselves. i probably should maybe they think it would make them look bad but in situations like this you can't be too picky about how you're going to solve the problem about the what out in the middle of the models is not our mission in life we don't know what you want the war going to we just want to help out and solve our problems for the room hosted this year's general to tally up bicycle race and the riders had to keep their eyes peeled for part tells the attend all city and seemingly at ten no trouble spot. well if you were planning a trip to rome anytime soon please keep an eye out for those potholes that wraps up this edition of focus on europe from all of us here thank you so much for watching we hope to see you back here next week.
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going to move swept and all going to seasonal workers on the greek holiday island of santa maria the big most come from these to come down and put up with the street working commission the be. joining the allergists good season. some told sixty minutes on d w. so this is the view from my seat in the horn section. sarah with knows her stuff. is. going to be the most incredible. musicians and conductor. and she shows just how diverse classical music can be. sarah's music
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contemporary classical. on t.w. . the old. rock n roll. band. come back. sinful rhythms can tell by the church. i know the evil feeling that you feel when you think. the costumes of. stoppable. no one is more popular than jesus come the religious morality preachers or subversive. battle with some marketing potential by placing a warning label in music products. rock and religion clash that brings
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many parallel. for the two really so good reconcilable. come the devil and rock n roll stones all these nineteen on d w. come. the u.s. city of charlottesville in virginia marked one year since events surrounding white supremacist rallies claimed the lives of three people. commemorations kicked off with peaceful protests and a memorial service honoring the dead. more than one thousand police were stationed around charlottesville. police in the united states say a suicidal airline employees stole an empty passenger plane on friday near seattle .


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