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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 13, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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so millions can live. this. continues to stock markets around the world. president blames the united states president says his country's financial system is under attack. promising to do all it can to stabilize the league but who will stand in the way and will. be too little too late also coming.
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leaders who say the country's people to rise up after a presidential run off he says it was fraudulent to say he says he'll reject the yet to be a result. plus of nine people dead another thirty injured in a fire at a hospital in taipei for terminally ill patients and authorities want to know how the. hospital so long to alert the fire department. clause here in germany a debate about muslim headscarves for free choice and freedom of from. my choice you can't tell me what to genial not my pants he doesn't have custody of me because i make my decisions for me should the government be awhile on the wearing of headscarves by girls under the age of fourteen.
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i bring coffee it's good to have you with us tonight turkey's president richard pryor heir to wine is blaming the united states for his country's economic crisis well that's after saying she was in tears from washington tip the country's currency into freefall erda one says that turkey is under economic sea but analysts say the problems are of his own making by telling the central bank to keep interest rates artificially low he hoped to tame inflation and prop up the currency when that fill the central bank controlled by air to ones sun and wall was finally forced to act the letter has recovered slightly from the meltdown this after ankara central bank announced a series of measures to provide liquidity to the banks but the currency is still
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fresh out president richard type adeline attempted to assure his people that the economy will remain strong. solid a lot like us we're taking the necessary steps against these attacks together with the finance ministry and of the institutions and we will continue to take them. i believe that the currency rate will return to a reasonable level don't worry literature. the turkish lira has lost about forty five percent of its value against the dollars since the start of the year analysts say that is largely due to wary sit out at a once increasing control over the economy and a diplomatic spat between turkey and the united states but as a runner each awaited his view that the liras fall had no economic basis he accused the u.s. as turkey strategic partner of stopping ankara and the back last week washington imposed sanctions on turkey over its refusal to release a u.s.
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pastor causing economic turmoil now although at a one insists that the situation will be eased global investors are worried the president at awareness suggested over the weekend if the u.s. persists with sanctions and tariffs that it might seek alliances elsewhere we know that. russian president vladimir putin spoke over the weekend so i think that's probably what's troubling investors because at the moment we seem to be in a very much in a risk off mood. as turkey seeks to emerge from the crisis it has also moved to take legal action against what he calls economic terrorists or thors he's accused hundreds of social media accounts of provoking the currency's fall by posting this leading information they say they won't back down on what they call an economic war . we want to get is stamboul now our correspondent there in jones is following this
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story for us good evening to you dorian promises from the turkish or central bring tonight that it will stop the euro from falling further that means raising interest rates is there any reason tonight to believe the president ever to walk will finally allow that to happen. well i think that's what in the international investors are all around the world will be now looking on the central bank because that is all that they can do now to stem the collapse in the current sea and international investors are talking about a major hike a minimum of five hundred basis points possibly even a thousand to stop the run on the currency because there has been a collapse in confidence over the way turkish economy and the currency is being managed but there is little indication that the central banks will do this because the turkish president has made it perfectly clear he is opposed to interest rate hikes in fact at the weekend he reiterated his opposition to scribing interest
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rates as a tool of oppression so there is little indication the central bank will go against the president and then kill the central bank. independence there with little hope that the full on the currency will stop and in fact the sentiment here is now an internationally so much damage has been done even the central bank is independent and a major hike in interest rates may not be enough to stem before on the currency endure people turkish politics will remember that there was a recent election in turkey the constitution was changed giving the president more powers now how do you square that with the need right now of this acute need for. international markets that it is handed i mean can you square that circle. well indeed the president made very clear in the run up to. election victory that
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when he did assume these powers. would be to take direct control over the running of the economy and including the central bank he made that clear internationally as well as domestically say he's arguing that i'm only carrying out what i pledged to do and what i was elected to do but the problem is that international investors of which the turkish economy pen don't want a central bank to be independent and till that happens there's going to be no return of confidence and with that they little hope of more money coming into the atoki economy to sustain it and every year the turkish economy needs at least one hundred billion dollars maybe more of renewed long and new money to sustain the economy and that will not be coming until the central bank is declared independent and there have been rumors circulating around global markets today we've had economists actually saying out well that a bail out by the international monetary fund may be inevitable we've also had the turkish government today indicating that it may try to develop closer economic ties
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with russia. worst case scenario move away from its dependence on the west i mean how far could that realistically go. well for sure the relations between moscow and ankara have been deepening in the last few years and the russian president vladimir putin was quick to offer his moral and political support to the one with the announcement of these u.s. trade sanctions against turkey and we are hearing reports of possibly russia will agree to sell oil which is a key import for turkey in rubles rather than dollars that could possibly help to alleviate the problems turkey is going expected to face going forward but any hope that turkey can turn to moscow and receive tens of billions of dollars in support instead of from the international markets in europe in the u.s. it's just seen as illusionary they just russia doesn't have back kind of capital to
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lend to turkey it has its own problems another possibility is china now china does have deep pockets in moscow and the turkish president has been making comments about how turkey increasingly see parallels with the way china runs its economy and does see that there is possible synergies to be had but even that china is expected to ball at the size of the bailout that it would have to give to turkey to sustain its column e. so at the end of the day turkey will have to look to europe and the u.s. to sustain its economy otherwise it is facing a come the fall and a possible complete meltdown in the country briefly before we let you go you've been covering this story all day today the turkish president has not mentioned the name u.s. president donald trump one time in all of his criticism is accusations about the u.s. being behind this economic crisis how do you read there do you think there's a reason why he has not let the words donald trump cross his lips today.
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well that is very important and in fact he has been very reluctant to challenge donald trump to make personal attacks he did that at the beginning when trump announced these new sanctions and now he seems to be pulling back from that and i think there is this possible hoping that they can reach some sort of a deal with the u.s. the turkish foreign minister that they. spoke also his body had engaged in heavy u.s. rhetoric he also said that he is ready to talk to resolve that they do want some kind of deal because at the end of the day until they had some approach mom with us that the u.s. pulls back from its threat of more sanctions against the pressure on the road will be still there whatever economic and financial measures they take our correspondent dorian jones on the story for us tonight from istanbul as always thank you for and we'll have more on the turkey's currency crisis with kristoff a little bit later on in the show in our business section. somali now where
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presidential challengers who say has said that he will reject the results of a runoff held on sunday alleging cheating he's asking the people to rise up against what he calls the dictatorship of fraud no votes are currently be counted in the country's presidential runoff after a tense election that was marred by violence the incumbent ibrahim hooper car coming to is widely expected to win the vote the result is due later this week. string checks at polling stations security measures were once again stepped up for molly's presidential election runoff voters chose between the incumbent president evil him. and opposition leader. seventy three year old kay to said he was confident of victory after topping the poll in the first round of voting. but many in the country were unhappy with the outcome. and. i'm
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a bit disappointed without the first round went but unfortunately i don't expect much to change in the second round. the opposition are concerned about voter fraud demonstrating in the capital bamako at the weekend. plus many were unable to vote in the first round that's after around seven hundred polling stations were closed due to violence from groups but an opposition challenge to the result was dismissed by the constitutional court. northern money as a haven for islamist insurgents that temporarily took control of the region in two thousand and twelve three years later a peace deal was signed with the government now monitored by un troops the german army is also involved but it's a fragile peace attacks a frequent. we need peace and stability in that country because our economic development and social development everything at stake for
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mali cannot materialize without peace and stability. but. this will be the most important task for the future presidents. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world afghan military officials say at least one hundred troops and thirty civilians were killed in fighting with taliban militants for control of the city of god four days ago the taliban launched an assault on the strategically important city on the main highway linking the capital kabul with the cell. iran's supreme leader says he's banning any negotiations with the u.s. because of the country's quote duplicitous decision to reimpose a sanctions i had to ali how many also stressed iran had no intention of entering into a war meanwhile the country's defense minister today visited a missile hangar to view a new short range ballistic missile wildfires raging on the greek island of
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evian may have forced the evacuation of t.v. a legit and a monastery hundreds of firefighters are attempting to control the flames officials is saying no injuries have been reported three weeks ago the country's deadliest wildfire in decades killed at least ninety five people many of them in the seaside resort of mati. a fire at a hospital in taiwan has killed at least nine people and injured at least thirty others an investigation has been launched into the cause of the blaze it broke out on the seventh floor of the building which was used as a hospice for terminally ill patients. this was a ward for critically ill patients many who are bedridden they couldn't move when the blaze broke out hospital staff tried to remove them but for some help came too late. hospital officials say the victims included not just patients but also
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nurses and caregivers first responders raced against the clock to save those injured in the blaze nearly twenty remain in critical condition. the fire started early in the morning on the seventh floor of a public hospital in the taiwanese capital firefighters were able to contain an extinguished the place within an hour but its effects were devastating. sounds as though it wasn't on the months of me it was unfortunate that the wards told was open when the fire broke out. as a result the smoke came inside. up and. so there are many mattresses made from poly your thing so the fine sprayed very fast and was relatively launch as a result. the country's premier expressed his condolences. a fine broken to the ministry of health and well first time pay hospital and caused many deaths and injuries. i would like to apologize to patients family members and
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to society on behalf of the executive and. the police unions as important as that but. it's still unclear what caused the fire but firefighters say they suspect it could have been triggered by an electrical fault there had the nine hospital fires in taiwan in the past decade claiming thirty seven lives right now an investigation continues into the blaze and many patients who were already gravely sick are now fighting for their lives. or christoph now going to take us back to our top story and that is turkey's currency crisis that's right brant let's take a look at one of the strongest indicators of this crisis these change rate of the turkish lira not clawed back somewhat on monday after the turkish central bank said it would provide liquidity and cut reserve requirements for banks last week the turkish currency hit a record low against the dollar it shed more than forty percent of its value since the start of the year of the fallout from the nearest plunge sent the euro to
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a new thirteen month low and hammered emerging market currencies as investors worried about contagion now for some more analysis let's bring in. turkey expert at the institute for security and development policy welcome to the program garth how big is the chance that this turns into an international crisis. i think a lot depends on what happens next as you mentioned as the experience of contagion if one acts quickly and manages to contend for the search area the risk of contagion is going to go down but at the moment we're seeing no indication he's going to act very quickly and if we have a complete meltdown or to have course that's going to have international repercussions present out on says economic terrorists as he calls them would face the full force of the law for spreading false reports and plotting to harm turkey those are not of the right steps to contain this crisis i would assume in your
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opinion no trying to shoot the messenger is not the way to go that's what we've seen today with your people being arrested two hundred investigations against what they posted on on social media and it doesn't of course address the main problem which is the amount of the turkish air around the weakness of the church economy now turkey central bank plays a crucial role here yet many foreign investors seem to doubt its independence why would a political wall involvement in a central bank policy be particularly hazardous here. well you seem with adam on people he said he doesn't believe in interest he thinks that higher interest rates cause higher inflation which goes against the economic orthodoxy and we know that the easiest way to try to stand the hemorrhaging of the turkish there is the i.q. interest rates and we've seen a central bank do some other things which are really high class days where we need some really strong measures such as hiking interest rates and we are one hundred
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percent confident the reason they can't do that is at around himself i missed out on says this crisis is part of an economic war with the united states and after all us president donald trump triggered the at last week's events by doubling the import tariffs for turkish steel and aluminum so would you agree that this is an economic war against turkey by the united states no i think that the company of the tariffs on i mean steel was a political decision but what we been waiting for something to happen in the turkish economy for quite a long time the expectation was it was going to come in a month or two months later and this political crisis. with the u.s. is just really acted as a trigger and reveal the underlying weakness is that the turkish economy that's not the reason that turkish air is crashing so walk us down the line what does turkey what does the president of turkey have to do to restore confidence in his country.
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the first thing he has to do is to do something and it's now eight days since the crisis really broke and since us in person actions of two ministers but we still haven't seen any real measures the first thing that becomes that we've done it says substantial rise in interest rates just as the media it mentions are trying to stop this hemorrhaging and then needs to be doing house to show that it's going to allow the central bank to be independent and introduce a comprehensive plan to try to write some of the problems in the economy so the interest rate hike has to come darryl jenkins of the institute for security and development policy talking to us from istanbul gareth thank you so much. tesla chief executive in la musk says he's in talks with saudi arabia's sovereign wealth fund and other investors to take the electric automaker private musk says saudi arabia's wealth fund has been pushing to take tesla private and talks dating
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back nearly two years u.s. market regulators last week until he asked the company to explain musts claim made on twitter the financing for such a deal had been secured boss said that since his twitter post last week the saudi funds managing director had expressed support for the deal subject to financial and other due diligence. and for more let's cross over to wall street to sophie she monthly standing by so if you do investors think that he's making sense when with declaring the saudis were meant when iran must tweeted about the secure funding. i think we're experiencing some problem with the line there sorry about that we can hear our correspondent will try to get back to her later. and i think we're moving
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on inspector brant and a debate polarising germany. that the right christopher when talk about the muslim headscarf across europe right now a debate is taking place over wearing of the headscarf by some muslim women and critics say it is a sign of oppression by men supporters say in a democracy people should be allowed to dress as they please well the debate is coming to a head in the german state of north rhine-westphalia the local government there is considering banning the headscarf for girls under the age of forty. and three classmates three muslim girls so he that has been wearing a headscarf since she was ten it bothers her that some politicians want to forbid girls from doing so. well right because this time only twelve minutes they say you have to leave you headscarf i say no it's my choice you can't tell me what to do
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you know my parents you don't have custody of me like if you can't make my decisions for me. i also want to wear a headscarf but only when i am older and mature enough to make my own decisions. but at what age are girls really old enough to make a conscious decision to wear islamic head covering the german state of north rhine-westphalia integration minister says that younger than fourteen is too young and he's thinking about banning it if it was a strong speech the economy's very important to us we want women who voluntarily decide to wear a headscarf to be accorded full respect for society this is nothing to do with marginalization but we do not want young girls to be forced into it behaved. most google's here at elizabeth's albert comprehensive school in bonn say they were the headscarf voluntarily. almost half the students here are muslim but only very few of them actually where he job under the age of fourteen what is
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striking though all the girls i talked to say they plan to wear one in future some teachers are critical of this trend but they feel a ban would be counterproductive. the state is and teachers at the comprehensive school in bonn take a different approach. near concert at sea it's very important to me as a teacher to enter the debate this shouldn't be a straight ban but there should be a conversation with school girls who are searching for answers wearing a headscarf is of course a symbol that strengthens one's identity so to ask about such a personal decision i can only do this when there's trust and if one would wish to tone sixth grade islam plus is supposed to inspired this peoples to critically analyze the religion to make room for open discussion and allow different interpretations of the qur'an. why not you also have to think about how things were fourteen hundred years ago and how things are today is the fourth. not an easy task
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when it comes to the headscarf debate most children have taken on their parents' attitudes oh. well i think that children should wear a headscarf from puberty from the idea of fourteen or fifteen so they don't get harassed or something just makes me sad my sisters have also started wearing headscarves and i've seen them wearing them and i was the only one left so i said ok i'll put one on t.v. so is this included sue or not some villagers applauded these are religious traditions that have continued and of course they're also seen as traditions by their families. and their own absolutely seem that way by the mosques. in washington d.c. and about. them both commish is trying to get his pupils to question traditions for him school is just the right place for it. and finally it's one thing to climb to the top of a melton quite another thing to ascend it in the fastest time possible but that was
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the aim of the swiss extreme melton climber danny or an old when he scaled the north face of the go on your progress in the alps now on and conquered the four thousand two hundred meter mountain in a record tell i'm a two hours and four minutes.
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feet. and back you're closer to sea level you're watching news live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day to see if. more
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more more more oh oh. comedy has many faces. the gap between the poorest and the wealthiest keeps growing and how increasing inequality is dividing the world in a rich society are focused on. in sixty minutes on d
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a different school shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the move the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands the d.w. multimedia series from africa. d.w. dot com africa on the move. turkey's currency shock is becoming a real currency crisis economists are already talking about a possible bailout from the international monetary fund and around the globe stock markets taking a hit because a president heir to one refuses to take action or responsibility tonight watching the turkish president talking his economy into one big target.


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