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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a car has crashed into the security barriers outside of the houses of parliament in london two people are reported to be injured and police have detained the driver of the car we'll go live to london for the latest also coming up more than three hundred people have been killed in a taliban attack on a key afghan city across me people fleeing say bodies are lining the streets and
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some residents have been without food or electricity for days and the turkish lira appears to be firming up as markets respond to new measures by the central bank of the government to contain the currency crisis. i'm sorry so much got it good to have you with us a car has crashed into security barriers outside the houses of parliament in london injuring a number of pedestrians london police say they have detained the car's male driver and that the investigation is now being led by their counterterrorism unit none of the pedestrians has incurred life threatening injuries armed officers remain on the scene in the area around parliament square has been cordoned off. a look at the very latest with our correspondent a call reece she is on the ground of whitehall near the parliament building how to cope good to see you i can see there behind you that the areas cordoned off not
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a lot of people around to bring us up to date on what you've been seeing and hearing. yes hi good morning sir well i'm here from five minutes. to read as your reset. and it's quite. clear some police officers are here at the scene giving very little information. on the streets because. i haven't. been very tight on information. and. well that's that's it's it's very empty here at the moment and investigations are being led to go by the counterterrorism unit as we said police given any more information about the person that they arrested. the person that and the rest it is them and that's what we know some people say that. at least information about he wore jeans and jack that's what we do.
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you know. all right so police being very tight lipped and we do have some social media that police have been posting on twitter the metropolitan police tweeting out updates here we see they said at this stage officers do not believe that anybody is in a life threatening condition cordons are in place to assist the investigation and westminster tube station is closed and reacting to speculation that the incident could be terre lated police writing while we are keeping an open mind the metropolitan police's counter-terrorism command is leading the investigation into the incident suggesting that that this is for now being treated as a terrorist attack and we should cynical meanwhile you know praise is also pouring in for the way the police have handled this incident an eyewitness saying absolutely astounded at su perper sponsored by police within two minutes of impact they had everything under control so give us an idea of what the security situation
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has been like how much it's been stepped up in the past hour. well that's right so . this. area. was. very. very. serious thing with. terrorism. in the last. year when somebody else ran these security areas. is being very serious we. just.
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are right nicole and firstly we have to leave it there a very windy there in london as we can here and we're having some trouble with the quality of the line but our correspondent nicole reso on the ground for us thank you very much. let's move to some other news now in to afghanistan were officials say over one hundred security forces have been killed as they battle with the taliban for control of the city of taliban forces launched a surprise attack last friday on the city which is just one hundred twenty kilometers from the capital kabul afghan defense officials say some two hundred taliban fighters have been killed in the fighting hundreds of civilians have fled the city the u.s. is providing military support to afghan troops washington has denied reports that the city is on the verge of collapse so let's get an update on the situation we have journalist are hard dearie he joins us on the line from kabul he has been following the situation for us to hear what can you tell us about the latest that's happening in bosnia this morning. well to be honest the situation really looks
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bleak and the fighting has been going on since friday that people who have been calling on the government and they call it. periods are three years nearly fifty two years nothing whatsoever. and i was on here on the ground in syria and organizations activists who report back. here quite a lot of controversial and contradictory reports about what is up in there we hear that at least one hundred country's security forces into a couple of hundred civilians over into cars and talking to my friends in gaza you say that people are lying on the street yet the body and here is no one actually to collect them all the shops and everything is closed down the taliban are burning the schools government offices and they are not happy anything this. why is the city so important to the taliban. because because it's a strategic place for the taliban it is actually the slides on the kandahar called the highway in some of the sullivan of sometimes to capture the sixty's because if
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he does a national compact lead they carried. from the hard way on the other hand. of the taliban because these aids. and other provinces moving provinces where they have there because critical view point people can pick up their bases and then launch from looking at the government response the defense minister bahraini announced yesterday he will make sure the situation will change within twenty four hours what does that mean what will the government do here. well the government's actually like couple of thousand troops at least i want to say it's a good one thousand troops but the problem is normal use that is too late actually because the people in gaza they have been warning the government for a couple of days now if they do play monday accuse the government to impose a decision quite late so the afghan government says that even though they have been just launching their operation what we hear from our crews the reality they say
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that yes the afghan government has been priced in for the problem is the taliban are already actually fighting if you have most of the strategic places so the afghan government is an outcome of cons of press conferences but the problem is people say that that is not quite essential what is really wants is actually at this point to send supplies supplies because what people are suffering from is actually called a sin because it is not able to solve and everything else because there is a very dramatic situation there journalist here could carry joining us on the line from couple thank you very much for your insights. now to some other stories making headlines around the world in india flash floods triggered by an you will monsoon rains have left at least thirty nine people dead in the southern state of carola more than thirty thousand people have been evacuated from villages in low lying areas the heavy rains have ravaged farmlands are expected to continue for the next two days. an australian court has ordered a former catholic archbishop convicted of covering up child sex abuse to serve his
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one year sentence at home rather than in jail philip both in the most senior catholic cleric to be convicted on such charges was spared jail time due to health problems. and so music legend aretha franklin is seriously ill and receiving care in a hospice the seventy six year old singer had cancelled planned concerts earlier this year due to health issues and that's after she announced last year that she would retire from performing. the turkish lira appears to be firming up as markets respond to new measures by the central bank and the government can tame the currency crisis the currency has suffered a dramatic decline in value in recent days over fears that turkish president. is taking the economy in the wrong direction he has also failed to resolve a diplomatic dispute with the us. new stock at last for pharmacy owner to clue the relief among staff is palpable the liras loss in value against the dollar has made some products like this medication to fight high blood pressure
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hard to come by. the truckload was the first sign that something was wrong was that we were no longer getting discounts on large orders right on our around one hundred types of medication you can no longer get the lira is plunging practically by the minute leaving the people of turkey to watch in despair as their currency nosedives president threat of tayyip erdogan holds the united states responsible his talk is of a trade war albeit one he says turkey will when the mood on the streets though is left to find and. listen the ticket i need to find is my child's education i don't know how i'm supposed to manage my pension is worth one thousand five hundred lire that's around two hundred dollars. tick tick tick tick we don't own any property we live from our pensions and increasingly we're asking ourselves if we're going to have to go hungry god help us closed shops like this one have become commonplaces
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across many parts of istanbul finding a new tenant will not be easy despair is mounting as turks wait for their government to introduce confidence building measures and stabilize the currency in freefall rumors instead making the rounds that anchor i will put the brakes on currency exchanges of freeze private assets uncertainty looms over the streets here and panic isn't so far away. economists mistah fossum as thinks the government should step in immediately and increase interest rates. the country has to pay two hundred thirty billion dollars in foreign debt over the next two months. turkey won't be able to raise this much money with low interest rates if anyone at all wants to invest in such a fragile system right now in the end turkey will have to look for help from the i.m.f.
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. in the meantime things could get worse for people like to move to. the. customer has been looking for an imported drug all morning he's been told it's not available because of the dollar exchange race and here they can't help them either. sports now and in tennis former world number one andy murray has been ousted from the first round of the cincinnati open as he continues to come back from hip surgery the british working to get back into top shape ahead of the u.s. open later this month murray did put up a good fight after losing the first set to look as point of france in the white shirt and he found his composure and battled hard to take the second set. but we came up with some brilliant groundstrokes to win the match six one one six six four the final there.
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now growing used to be a popular pastime in the polish capital warsaw but people stopped taking part in the activity after the second world war now however the sport of seeing an unexpected revival but it's a long haul in the morning to the vistula river in warsaw for an international rowing event it might not sound terribly special but it is to a lot of poles they treat this sport as something almost exotic. because of the you know a little bit more the second world war there are thirty growing clubs and more so everyone was rowing now there are basically no opportunities for amateurs to take part and we want to change that in the young so it's simply impressive so many sights on the vistula that's the first time in my life i've seen that and i'm really happy that there are few but to put into. thirty teams are competing but not directly against each other they're fighting the clock and
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conditions are ideal the water is relatively calm and no transport ship traffic is allowed on this stretch of the river for some it's almost hard to imagine that you can row right in the middle of warsaw. sylvia competed for poland in the london summer olympics she wants to boost the sport's popularity. numerous bit of noise and i'm really proud and happy that rowing is catching people's attention in warsaw as the capital of poland and that's helping rowing to get noticed just like in the good old days rowing has indeed been making waves on the vistula but it's not just about competitions like this one rowing is supposed to become a sport for the people and where else can you find so much nature right in the middle of a major city. or modern off our top stories that we're following for you here in this hour several people have been injured in london after a car crashed into various outside the u.k. house of parliament police have detained
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a car's driver and say counterterrorism forces will lead the investigation. into the incident and afghan officials say more than one hundred security forces and two hundred taliban fighters have been killed in the battle for control of the city across me hundreds of civilians have fled the city. thank you for watching. letter we were. when we were. in the percent of americans in some point in our lives will experience hardship.


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