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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from. being described as an immense tragedy by transport minister a huge bridge collapses in the northern city of genoa at least thirty people are reported to have died as the structure tumbled on to a really. we get a live update. attack london british police treating the crash between the car and cyclists outside the house of parliament as an act of terrorism they've arrested
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a suspect but he refuses to cooperate. and turkish president. opens a new front in his diplomatic spots for the united states. the u.s. electronic goods including the i phone. we start with a major transfer disaster in the italian port city of genoa they ten million deputy prime minister says thirty people were killed and many seriously injured when part of a four lead bridge collapsed earlier today a two hundred metre long section of the reinforced concrete bridge in about twenty cars and trucks fell. and. reports say the miranda bridge was undergoing structure to the bridges on
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a main highway linking. it was built in the nine hundred sixty s. and is known as the brooklyn bridge of genoa. for the very latest i'm joined now by john the sea monkey double is monitoring the situation from the italian capital groom of the dead still has risen to at least thirty people what can you tell us about the victims where what we do know is that yet and tomorrow really is a major public holiday here in italy it's the may just summer holiday and so there were probably people on that bridge either preparing to travel out of the city going to the mountains or going to the beach and so that's why we do see this death toll are rising and there's concern of course as they try to discover how many people were underneath we have heard reports of many people missing and so we have that death toll at the moment as well as many people injured some of which seriously so we'll have to see how things progress in the next couple of hours and
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perhaps even days what we do know that there was some thirty cars involved as well as three trucks in this incident as that the massive concrete slabs came crashing down and so the rescue services trying to pull the people out of those cars underneath that concrete definitely a tough job ahead for them right now and i mean any issue thoughts on what earth caused the collapse of a section of that bridge. well what we do know is that as you mentioned days maintenance work being carried out but there's been maintenance work being carried out on this bridge for a number of years that it was inaugurated back in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven but has really been the cause of a lot of problems there have been reports about the cement tearing away there has been all saw our talk back in two thousand and nine that perhaps this in type of project should be demolished and so we have a lot of reaction on social media and even of course from the political forces here
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in italy with the transport and infrastructure minister being very clear saying those responsible will pay for this a disaster but at the moment of course all eyes on a possible rescue and we have the prime minister and the deputy prime minister the leader of the five star movement traveling to the site of genoa later today to express their closeness to the people involved in this tragedy and this is the main thrown course is going to be on driskill how emergency service is dealing with this disaster what we do know is that the fire services as well as the ambulance services on board some two hundred firemen involved and as i mentioned they're involved in pulling people out of those trapped in the cars that are under all this rubble for people in fact were extracted the lives of that some good that seems to be coming out of it but people who were in the city described the situation and the sound of when it fell was like as if a bomb that hit the city and they're treating this emergency like how they would treat an earthquake here in italy so all the steps are in place for the emergence
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of services to try and find as many people alive as they possibly can and ask questions being asked about the stage of infrastructure in italy how are people there reacting to this disaster. i think you find really speaking to ordinary talons a real frustration at the number of these so-called what appears to be manmade disasters happening in the country perhaps you know a lot of people hear me feel a possible terrorist attack but in this particular instance it was something that perhaps could have been avoided of course there has to be an investigation put in place to find out what can be done but a frustration among many italians that perhaps the infrastructure in this country a g seven member no less could is really not up to scratch and more really needs to be done so clearly there's going to be an investigation into this very unfortunate incident but all thoughts perhaps now with those potential survivors underneath the rubble see thank you very much for joining us with that update from rome.
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police in the u.k. a car crash outside the houses of parliament as an act of terrorism three people were injured when a man drove his car into the security barrier outside the building the suspect has been arrested police say he is refusing to cooperate. this footage was taken moments after the car crashed outside british parliament. a b.b.c. television camera filmed the car driving toward parliament then into an access lane before hitting the barrier gate. police around the vehicle and arrest the suspect at gunpoint. and eye witness described seeing the car. a selfie and i don't mind roy told
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them i was appalled at the state forcing my remark when it was deliberately it was an error it was made over you know for ensuring that you were using a direct affront to those of the becoming quite experienced at least knowing fiction they. were praised for their rapid response they say the incident is being treated as an act of terrorism given that this appears to be that the method of this being an iconic saw it's we are treating it as a terrorist incident up karzai now is to formally establish the identity of the suspect understand his motivation if we can. he is not currently cooperates and the crash happened near last year's westminster bridge attack where five people died after a man drove into a crowd and stabbed a police officer the security barriers were installed in the wake of that attack.
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let me bring you up to date for some other stories making news around the wild lord has given permission for the rescue ship a crevasse to end to port after five european countries agreed to accept the hundred forty one refugees on board the ship the deal and the standoff that has kept the ship at sea since friday the migrants will be distributed to france germany spain portugal and lucky. a tornado has torn through several villages in northern china district causing damage to buildings and crop fields no one's been seriously injured responders are trying to pat broken power facilities after electricity lines for snapped in half. south korea's marking the first official conflict volman event in day remembering the women's women and girls forced to work as sex slaves before and during the second world war the government delegates unveiled a new monument to the victims in the city of cheer not on the issue of comfort
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women has been a source of great tension between the two countries. and australian court has sentenced a catholic archbishop to a yes' house arrest for his role in covering up child abuse by a paedophile priest philip will soon become civil cd a catholic cleric to be convicted for hiding abuse in the church. from one of his straight top catholic clergymen common criminals philip wilson was once archbishop of adelaide but then the sins of his own pos forced him from that job. outside court wilson replied to victims' demands for an apology instead of support ahead. he's a good. somebody in the catholic church so i sorry to put what million of us we is the contrition from bishop former bishop wilson he's grice as somebody just
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sit ups the is has shown no grice on the sword myself muson has been convicted of crimes dating back to the nine hundred seventy s. then he didn't report a pedophile colleague to the police went to zero two boys confided in him campaign aside the case isn't rare that a falls get to do their highness acts because people are the conceal or ignore what they do today wilson was sentenced to home detention despite survive his agony one would contrition to look he's defense argues he's eileen but activists say it's rather because a strain in law still lets off lightly those who cover up abuse. turkey's president says his country will boycott u.s. top docs the latest move in a tit for tat dispute with washington this after the u.s. dumble to import talents and tariffs on turkish steel and aluminum present at a time john suggested turks would buy local asian made smartphones and serve
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electronics sold by u.s. firms but it's not clear how he intends to enforce the boycott. the result we will produce every product we are importing from abroad with foreign currency here and we will be the ones exporting these products. boycott us electronic products. if ty have i phones don't forget there's always samsung to work. in tennis full well number one andy murray has been ousted from the first round of the cincinnati open as he continues his comeback from hip surgery the bridge is working to get back into top shape ahead of the u.s. open later this month mara did did put up a good fight after losing his first set to look up of france in the white shirt he found his composure and battled hard to take the second set of creaky what with
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some brilliant ground strokes to win the match six one one six six four. not to poland rowing is undergoing a run a source it used to be a popular sport with crews testing themselves on a major river that runs through the capital it was so it fell out of favor though following the second world war until now with a major time trial there attracting a growing number of fans to take to water. it's a long haul in the morning to the vistula river in warsaw for an international rowing event it might not sound terribly special but it is to a lot of poles they treat the sport as something almost exotic. because it line a lot more the second world war there are thirty growing clubs in warsaw everyone was rowing there now there are basically no opportunities for amateurs to take part and we want to change that it's there when the young it's simply impressive so many
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sights on the vistula that's the first time in my life i've seen that and i'm really happy that there are so you but your fifteen to. thirty teams are competing but not directly against each other they're fighting the clock and conditions are ideal the water is relatively calm and no transport ship traffic is allowed on this stretch of the river for some it's almost hard to imagine that you can row right in the middle of warsaw. sylvia eleven competed for poland in the london summer olympics she wants to boost the sport's popularity. you must bet on a bit of noise and i'm really proud and happy that growing is catching people's attention in warsaw as the capital of poland and that's helping growing to get noticed just like in the good old days growing has indeed been making waves on the vistula but it's not just about competitions like this one rowing is supposed to become
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offended on burnous itis argentina for the annual tango was a cup we need you know with some of the sounds in such a move that the cup is competing for. we make up for what we watch out of office and at
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a time we ought to sever service or. they may want to shape the continent's future . speak heart of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa's charge .


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