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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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eh. eh eh. eh eh eh eh. eh eh. eh eh. eh this is news coming from it's been described as an immense tragedy but strong. a huge motorway bridge collapses in the northern city of genoa dozens are reported to have died at the structure. of the lines and. just on the situation that. also the program british police investigating to find a terrorist attack is searching three properties in central england. dr gupta
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ramsbotham by crashing into battery is. the bottom line. and to present. opens a new front in his diplomatic dispute with the united states he's not threatening to board u.s. electronic goods. plus the visiting sailor leone's one year on from a catastrophic month that's killed one thousand people. who lost most of his family in the tragedy. a major rescue operation is underway in the italian city of genoa after a busy road bridge collapsed a section of the morandi bridge gave way as it was undergoing natan officials say
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the official death toll stands at twenty people but i want it really rise. for this man film to the bridges that collapsed the softer noon. about a one hundred meter stretch of it caved in bringing many cars forty five meters down with that. as far as we know around thirty cars and trucks were driving on the part of the bridge when it fell through and that we're not going to deal with. several hundred emergency personnel are on the scene they're being supported by specialized mountain rescue teams and military forces there are conflicting reports about the number of deaths a number of people have also been critically injured the marandi bridge built in the one nine hundred sixty s. has been subject to a series of repairs over the years critics say possible structural weaknesses might
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have been to blame a landslide near one of the bridges supports caused by heavy rains might have been the trigger the civil protection agency says a structural analysis of the remainder of the bridge is now being carried out residents living near the bridge have been evacuated the rescue operations are expected to continue through the night. and journalists as non-issue in the situation from the italian capital feel the death toll is expected to rise even further what are the parties there saying. well that we do know officially is that at least twenty people have been killed however a number of people have been reported missing and those that have been injured some of them have been c. recently injured and so unfortunately these concern that that figure of twenty could actually rise and so the other reason why this has happened on this
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particular days that it is the eve of a significant summer holiday here in italy and so they could have been people on that bridge traveling out to the beach or heading out to the mountains to celebrate that holiday inn and fortunately these dramatic event occurred now this bridge to be important not just for travel to the italian riviera but also to the southern coast of france so you there is why there will soon be on board days old sophia right now that perhaps other sections of the bridge could collapse as they have technicians have checked them out and so the area around this motorway really in this section has already been back you can do reports at the bridge was in need of some maintenance and structural work good data contributed to its collapse. well it's interesting to note that at the time of the collapse there was a heavy thunderstorm all over the bridge and there were eyewitness reports of a lightning struck just as it collapsed that said however most find it shocking
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that a reachable logical event could have caused this and they are questioning as you said the maintenance of the bridge in fact maintenance work was being carried out to shore up its foundations recently and it's been going on for several years back in two thousand and nine there was even a question put forward that perhaps the entire bridge should be demolished what we do know is that the transport infrastructure minister has said that those responsible for this incident will be made to pay for the beaches if you're seeing sure immense scale of destruction and devastation how emergency service is dealing with this disaster. what we do knows that some two hundred firefighters i'm told you've got these massive concrete slabs that have crashed down on to the river below some. even in the river and also to some houses that were under this motorway
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and so they are really involved in the rescue operation hospitals in the area in undated with those that have been injured we've got the prime minister of italy giuseppe conti on site at the moment to to follow up on what's been happening with the rescue operations as well and the scene of what has been the reaction among italians to this disaster on the asking questions about the state of the infrastructure in the country yes i mean ordinary talents if you speak to them or even if you look up on social media reaction reacting with shock really wondering how this could happen in twenty eighteen at this saying well it's a question of maintenance the infrastructure projects bridges via aqueducts many of these buildings and structures that were built in the fifty's sixty's and seventy's really haven't received the maintenance that they've needed because money has either not been set aside or the projects have been postponed or entirely shelved and frankly the lives of ordinary talents should be put first is what they're
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saying we have the president of chile. releasing a statement saying that what has happened today really a shocking grace and something that's absurd that those are his words and many ordinary italians feeling that more needs to be done and perhaps this government this newly elected government is really going to tackle it at least that's what they're saying for now though all eyes really on the rescue operations to try and see this many lives possible. thank you very much. police in the u.k. are treating a car crash outside the hoss's of parliament as an act of terrorism three people were injured when a man drove his car into the security barrier outside the building the suspect has been arrested police are working to confirm his identity. this footage was taken moments after the car crashed outside the british parliament . a b.b.c.
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television camera filmed the car driving towards parliament then into an access lane before hitting the barrier gate. police surrounded the vehicle and arrested the suspect at gunpoint. oh and eye witness describes seeing the car. itself being i don't mind trying to say how supported would have been there instead of forcing mark to market it was deliberate it was an error it was made over dinner or for a fee if it was a direct hit from under there's a becoming quite an experience in the snow today. the police were praised for their rapid response. given that this appears to be a deliberate effort the methods of this brilliant iconic saw it's we are treating
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it as a terrorist incident top priority now is to formally establish the identity of the suspect understand his motivation if we can. he is not currently cooperates in the crash happened near last year's westminster bridge attack where five people died after a man drove into a crowd and stopped a police officer at the security barriers were installed in the wake of that attack . he now has a look at some other stories making news around the lord has given permission for the rescue ship aquarius to enter port after five european union countries agreed to accept the one hundred forty one refugees on board the ship the deal ends a four day standoff that kept the ship at sea the refugees will be distributed to france germany spain portugal and blocks and back. in ecuador at least twenty three people were killed in a high speed bus crash east of the capital quito another one thousand people were
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injured it's the second major bus crash in two days trav people died on sunday when a bus carrying soccer fans overturned in the south of the country south korea has mocked its first memorial day for women and girls forced to work as sex slaves by the japanese forces before and during the second world war or officials on veiled a monument to the so-called comfort women in the city of cheer now on the issue of reparations for the women has caused tensions between the two countries. turning out of gone istanbul officials say it will one hundred security personnel have been killed as the battle with the taliban for control of the city of custody on forces launched a surprise attack last friday on the city which is just one hundred and twenty kilometers from the capital kabul of gun difference officials say some two hundred ton of on fighters have also been killed in the fighting hundreds of civilians have
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fled the city the u.s. is providing military support to of gone troops washington has denied reports the city is on the verge of collapse. let me join a political correspondent christopher springeth now chris despite the violence we just saw the german government says of gonna stand is a safe country meaning rejected asylum seekers here can be sent back there now today there's be another flight to doing just that what can you tell us about that . well i read to the authorities never actually talk about deportation flights if you want before they actually happen so no official confirmation that a flight is leaving tonight but refugee lobby groups are telling us that a flight with a known unknown number of deportees is leaving for afghanistan from munich tonight some point tonight they've also called a demonstration in munich to protest against that flight and one of the things that
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activists are particularly angry about is they say some of the deportees on this flight are actually quite well integrated into german society and i've just been talking to a doctor in bavaria he tells me that one of the deportees has been attested is suicidal by his doctors he's just had a stomach operation four days ago and yet he is now being deported despite his health condition you may remember the last steeplechase we had back to afghanistan early july one of the sixty nine afghans who was deported then went on to commit suicide back in his native afghanistan and despite that chris each month groups of guns were not longer have the right to stay in jail many odd people did and did have you followed the fortunes of one asylum seeker who was sent back and then he seemed to disappear with downed trees before we continue our conversation let's have a look at that report. back home but against his will german authorities deported
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back to kabul january twenty seventh team we first caught up with him a short time afterwards. i don't remember how but i remember the policeman saying if you want to kill yourself i'll try anything else will drop you and still put you on the plane to afghanistan . mind i'm about the. chances one of over two hundred thirty afghans who was deported from germany on charter flights between december twenty sixth teen and may twenty eighth. german doctors had attested to the young man's severe depression and acute risk of suicide. he had no family or friends and. his only contact was opt for the head of a relief organization for deportees i wasn't contact with for
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a long time because of the support of the news story see from the neutral can germany and the madison here and then he suddenly disappeared you know. we couldn't get in touch with him for a long time. at some point a blurred photo appeared on social media was shawn's living on the street. left afghanistan was he like so many other deportees already on his way back to europe. at the end of may the german foreign office issued a new report on the situation in afghanistan to provide a basis for reassessment of deportation for seizures. the publication coincided with the first anniversary of the terrorist attack that killed and injured hundreds at the german embassy in kabul germany had temporarily halted the deportation flights after the attack the new report paints a disastrous picture of the situation in afghanistan but the d. for tyshan of afghans has been resumed it's
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a decision for can't understand given the frequency of attacks in kabul. and the recent one was on police district thirteen which is this part of the right side of me so my perception of today's kabul is like. the way war started it was like a year of war. two months went by without a word from shams and then came this message from up to go for he told us shams had tried to go to iran but was detained and deported the story of sean's ahmadi shows that many asylum seekers deported from europe leave home again as soon as they get the chance. to christmas all that report from of gone his son now what is the german government's basis for deciding that of gonna sign is by and large a safe place and how does it justify a policy of sending back people even though they do not want to go back. well the
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government bases its view on the those internal reports on the security situation that we were just hearing about in that report and those reports usually come to the conclusion that although the entire country of afghanistan cannot be described as totally safe there are regions within the country that are described as safe or can be considered safe and that is justification enough to deport. rejected asylum seekers back to their native afghanistan now that is a controversial conclusion most of the parties on. to the left of center tend to disagree most of the parties to the right of center of the political spectrum tend to agree the conservatives for instance in bavaria it's worth noting that the various faces regional elections in october the very conservative on her a lot of pressure from the anti immigration f.t. the far right e.f.t. over immigration so the varying conservatives are very keen to be seen as being
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strong on deporting rejecting beside them seekers. political correspondent just of us doing it thank you you're welcome. you're watching the news coming up ahead the parents of young russian dissidents fear that's after the government says funding for a human rights organization which specializes in defending them. but first funny for john joins me now with the latest on turkey's currency crisis. raises thank you very much turkish president. has warned his country will boycott u.s. products in response to what he calls academic terrorism done by the united states that's a reference to the trump administration doubling tariffs on steel and aluminum the turkish lira appears to be pulling
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a box from iraq to the central bank took emergency measures but rising prices still hurting to two people he was more. president into one claims the united states has severed ties the lira as retribution for ankara's detention of an american pastor on espionage and terrorism charges washington had already imposed sanctions on turkey and last week announced plans to double import tariffs on turkish elaman human steel since then the turkish lira has lost a quarter of its value there too and says it's part of a plot by the united states to devalue currencies globally meanwhile russian foreign minister sergey lavrov already predicts consequences for the dollar we didn't. i'm sure that this grave abuse of the u.s. dollar as a global reserve currency will result in the eventual demise of its role. at the slow bits while many analysts say that international concerns about it or ones
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economic policies are behind the leader as crash the turkish leader speaks of economic terrorism by washington and called on his country to boycott u.s. made goods i'm really proud of it really we will boycott american electronic products if they have the i phone there is also samsung. you know no one has also renewed a call for turks to convert their euros and dollars into turkish lira to strengthen the currency meanwhile analysts hope for the central bank to take action to restore confidence in the lira. earlier we asked analyst tom king months off dutch bank a.b.n. amro if the fierce grepping why the markets asked the ticket prices developes if that's really justified here is more. well a definite if it's if it's turkey itself it is it's a big worry it's a huge discussion now for all developing economies of what's going to occur now fortunately european banks have kept it really is a rising star in portfolios as
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a supposed to taking on big big money but as we've seen the other developing markets that it's hopefully unrelated. south africa even of all struggled with their currency since this as investors get a bit more realisation the e.-m. is a risk. all right well business news later in the show but now back somewhere to and russia worries about the fate of the children that's right funny the russian government has been drawn funding from one of the country's most prominent human rights organizations the group called for human rights is led by activists left. who is now fighting to keep it afloat among those most wanted about the group's survival other people it helps these include teenagers arrested for criticizing the government and their distraught relatives. to this demonstrator fears the worst concern that more youth will be accused of what the government calls extremist
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activities for. protesters in moscow feel powerless in the face of. a growing number of russians are under legal pressure because of the legislation against so-called extremism authorities are applying the law with broad interpretation sometimes merely expressing opposition to the kremlin online or meeting like minded people is enough to land in trouble the state has one of the demonstrators in its sights seventy six year old left to lead a human rights organization. or group there are lots of security staff police and secret service personnel there just trying to keep busy. in the end a distraught couple seeks advice about their children who've been found guilty of being so-called extremist they're accused of pursuing subversive activities for many in this position is their last hope his organisation had received financial support from abroad but gave the sub
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a few years ago and now relies soley on funding from russia's federal budget this is to avoid being labeled a foreign agent in his own country but he may soon lose the support to. give us any money to rely on funding from abroad. and will be labeled a foreign agent. that will make our work extremely difficult we have to state on our letterhead and on our website that we are foreign agents. and then the officials won't have anything to do with us. the consequences can be dire five months ago seventeen year old on a public over was arrested for having formed what authorities called an extremist organization with her friends. her mother's not having it she has no face and russia's legal system. she's among those who fear what could happen if human rights activists like left on a monday off don't draw attention to cases like this. then everything will be worse
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and it won't be reported. and i know the trials like these will take place behind closed doors and no one would try to help also got the bomb which we wouldn't hear didn't just of i think public pressure is the only thing that will help. there's been considerable interest in this trial it's standing room only in the courtroom and others can't get in. and his colleagues have mobilized as many people as they could. record so would we have to bring people together and put pressure on the court within the legal framework of course while we are specialty. is that. the court has been adjourned the trial will continue at a later date on the public is hoping the human rights activists can make a difference in her case. and for more on this story i'm joined by
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mere. meo to tell us more about this law against extremism what exactly does that entail. well amrita the main problem is that the law is so vague you can almost put everyone behind bars with this law and we should also forget that this is an awful retiree and state and that the courts are not treat of course people must be punished if the if there's an attempt to forcibly change the constitution of a country or undermined its security but what about people who have maybe just a different political opinion or who are members of the so-called l g b t community and they don't want to hide that they are gay and what about people who think that this country is corrupt and they would like to write that on facebook and twitter and engage themselves so what about those people would you and i say that those people are really extremist probably not but they're here for the golden things
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that those people can be can be extremists and should be put behind bars so why are so many young people finding themselves on the wrong side of this legislation. well let's put ourself into the shoes of a. gun man who's eighteen years old and maybe has been on the case somewhere the west maybe in italy maybe in spain and he comes back to to russia and have a discussion with his friends about russia about the situation here they will find out that there well there's only one strong man one president or prime minister who was ruling this who is who is ruling this country and this is mr putin and then those people go on you tube basically they are going to watch the videos of for example a leak scene of ali one of the opposition leaders of this country and he's showing videos how corrupt this political elite in this country is and then our young man will say well i don't like what i see i'm against corruption i would like to have
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a somebody else in the ruling this country and starts maybe to demonstrate and as soon as he is doing this he may be then how you put it into words and he may be on the wrong side of the law ok so this law that be heard in a report is this an isolated case so is it for larger pattern in russia. well the media still not tree in this country with the media still state controlled italy's this goes for t.v. and radio. you also have to see that all those human rights organizations and left on them oh yes is only one of them that they have huge problems to find the money that they need to to work before two thousand and fourteen they got money from the west that was supported by western countries basically for the money it was pouring in from from from the us also coming month money coming from the european union but
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right now after two thousand and fourteen they say they decided not to take any more money from the west so that they that they are not so-called foreign agents it's easier just to work if you're not a foreign agent in this country but right now the crimea thinking about should they support n.g.o.s who are that are criticizing the government all the time. right if they are drunk sorters from a moscow beer thank you very much for that and the austrian capital of vienna has been ranked by the economists as the was most livable city is the first semi open city has led the and in survey by the economic economist intelligence unit again a secured an almost perfect score of ninety nine points out of a possible hundred each year one hundred forty cities are ranked by living standards crime transport and stability and this is a ranking says melbourne in australia dropping to second place after being voted
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the most livable city for seven years in a velo. if my brother lives in melbourne and i'm sure he's going to be disappointed you're watching down the news coming up ahead if you go down to the dutch beach today you may be in for a surprise autism engineer tale young son has been evolving what he calls a new species for twenty eight yes he's even got nasa interested. please repeat tradition murderers who claim arsonists. claim tyrants. claim the roman emperor nero led to just get bad press and renowned historians are reexamining this case led rethinking the rochas history been unfair to the infamous emperor lenin forty
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five minutes long t w. we make up oh but we watch as i feel that one does the two types we ought to several services. they want to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa charging for the two books of technology. the result of the market. the momentum of the morning were. made in germany your business magazine t w. would it
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be fighting for the case to taken seriously in the world of what appears has come out. on my arms talk on the radio the female superhero on a mission to change attitudes smart women smart talks smart straight a mature players and by no means missed out on boring creasing week dangerous time for fun. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin coming up in the next fifteen minutes it's been a year since a deadly mudslides killed thousands in sierra leone's capital freetown we need to mind trying to pick up the pieces from a life that was buried under tons of rock and mud. but first we go to uganda where this man bobby wine. and opposition politician has
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alleged the police is trying to assassinate him he says the attempt took place in the town in the north of the country which is heading for a by election president your very most of it he was also there at the time not his convoy was pressured but still in sleaze five shots to control the crowd now bobby wine popular politician lit it treated this gruesome picture claiming police has shot my drive a dead thinking they've shot at me my hotel is not cordoned off by police and s.f.c. shortly after bobby wine spurs subsistent spoke to journalists a journalist this is what he had to say he was briefed i'm separated from other people not even by people who are with him you know you. and one of those other three spears are you when you are if that in
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a big group the divided you just are there for more than three chords and you. to have to fail when i would be fit but i paid what is going to happen to me where i can get i p fifty but again we have someone to point out that if anything happens if you know that i'm in without police. and joining us now from luganda capital kampala is a journalist and journalist in the gum wa hi julius now oh bobby vine is saying there's been an alleged attempt to assassinate him his assistant says his a very unknown what's going on i believe for now what we understand especially from our reports from a separate sections of local media indicates that the wine is actually under custody of police we could know it's independently verified ourselves but at least since several reports come in sir i made up possible attempts to reach the police
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to confirm if indeed they will be white and but my calls couldn't be onsite on time but at least course the very good news that have been coming through especially on good french local media platforms police of conform they house for people and use what has been the reaction to this episode in uganda. the reaction has been really dark thoughts especially considering that this is an election that is going to take place we have two sides of the political divide now commissioning those that are neutral those that are supporting the government site seem that they believe what the police are saying they believe what's the government to sing but on the slips those that support the opposition the funds of both the one including members of parliament and the slope have condemned these from the difference lots on social media on radio on street talk it's been widely condemned by the people in your position but when you see the need to look for people who are being sold on the
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wrong side of that. thank you yourself have done a profile on bobby wine and his entry into politics before we talk any further let's first take a look at julie says report. was the locals feel like they have a direct line to bobby wine and that they can share their problems with him this politician is in touch with the people and his nickname the get a president the thirty six year old says his fans inspired him to get into politics last year he stood and won an election as a member of parliament for the opposition party the youth vote was vital to his victory he has a message for those young voters who helped him to get where he is today. i did this because i wanted to exemplify i wanted to be an example to remind them that this is everybody's. responsibility to not just me so what i have done anybody can do and actually everybody should do. maybe as among
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a wave of young africans from the arts well who are trying their hand at politics. but of course but he hasn't left his music behind just yet but i think that showed up on the streets because he just shot my pretty great shot at new jobs because of my internet is perhaps but the successor crossing over into political life you could see many others follow in his footsteps. and that report was put together by jonathan julius and the gumbo who is live with us from the ugandan capital kampala and just give us a sense of how inspiring a figure is the bobby wine for young people there. the wine is indeed an inspiration especially from the musical background in surprise putting many people it in music because you during he spark wrong that's he grew up in this well from
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a poll that's two reaches the wind hoshide very many talents in uganda through his music through the speeches that she makes many people really consistent will be wiring inspires them but on top of those that actually keep inspires yes several artists and yet this should not say they don't really criticise him especially when it comes to. to them a share of his lifestyle. associates in himself with. this songs that he's been called you know difficult several reactions when when you find a section that he inspires that really up with you monday when he joined politics many ugandans especially those of his age and the younger people thought ok this is our performance up to this thing. and given the current climate and a climate off fear how do you think things evolving in uganda. on the political landscape does be measured dismissing clashes between the
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opposition and government the opposition and for least it happens many times with height several by elections previously and have been several clashes but at least not at this that not what happened this day and we know when one would two people could short including will be wind driver so we could say that space to logical company between different political groups the government and your position so the case violence has become part of politics so we gets to see this happening many times and perhaps does need for your position on governments to get to cultivate a way where they can really play their game but even more ammonia smile at the moment the positions that seem to be a bit polarized jenna's. from complain of thank you very much for talking to us. let's now head for a city on the phone this is the scene of
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a mountainside that collapsed under the weight of rain a year ago tons of mud and rock crashed into houses on the slopes around the capital of freetown the city in the west africa had already experienced three days of heavy rain for that along with drum and deforestation and construction led to want the widest flooding related disasters to kid africa in recent times an estimated one thousand people were killed and another three thousand left homeless i hear it on the increase travel to freetown to meet a man who lost half his family in the tragedy. it's a painful journey for maliki camera who has returned to where he used to live in regent a suburb of the capital freetown. camera lived here with his family for ten years he remembers the day vividly exactly one year ago when he went to work early in the
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morning in the pouring rain. shortly after a powerful mudslide destroyed hundreds of homes including his own. last year this time i was still sitting here with my family we talked to the children no no no no to be able to see them again towards going over for no one is helping me i'm suffering and i was hurt so much. i miss over it so i did. almost his entire family was killed by the mudslide his daughter fatima just seven months old. his wife. the only survivor was his twelve year old son daniel who was rescued with severe injuries. cameras says he was given the land by local authorities but there was no official building permit so who's to blame. the government it's the government is to blame
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we weren't living in the so-called green belt where construction is prohibited so we built our houses outside the area in a section marked to sing. the environmental protection agency has a different view it says the houses were built in the greenbelt illegally but the new head of the agency does admit that in the past there were hardly any checked there we're not supposed to be adults who are said it was due to weak governance because nobody was supposed to be housed. according to environmental activist highest to say residents were also to blame for last year's catastrophe she says he tried to warn people just two weeks before the disaster. people we are cutting down trees and the forest to meet up with death dead people we have bonnie chap called the out people only at mining stones in that particular area they also do a wildfire within the forest so what's happened it's a weekend display and because this was one week in that's one of the reasons
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several factors contributed to the disaster last year inefficient off citizens so we can all the risks deforestation and massive population growth on the hill sofrito in addition the climate change has been causing much less frequent but stronger rain falls that is why op service warned of further disasters in the future. leaky camera and of the survivors now live in emergency accommodations provided by the government they may be safe but they are an hour outside the city center. there's no running water and no schools in the area but residents still have to pay rent. a year after the devastating mudslides camera still doesn't know what the future holds for him and his son. and that report finding andrine krishi joins me now live from feet on where people today are remembering the
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victims of last year's tragedy welcome looking at the landscape behind you that this still seems to be a fair bit of damage what is being done to help survivors like maliki commodity we saw in your report one hit off the tragedy. if you come are and others have basically received some cash in the case of mr come our it was about three hundred fifty u.s. dollars they also received new housing as we have seen in the reports but they still have to pay rent for it and many of the victims of the survivors have been complaining bitterly that this is not enough and this is what we have seen again today we are here still at the premise of a church where commemoration service is held for the victims and many of them have been complaining bitterly that the support is not enough and there was a very remarkable moment here when one of the bishops of the country took to the stage and addressed the crowd bishop john young and he was very direct in what he's saying he said we are moving from one disaster to another this country and we are
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sick of it it was really a verbal slip towards the political class in the country and the president was sitting right in front of him he was of course referring to the disasters of the country has seen before eleven years of civil war later on the deadly ebola outbreak massive corruption in the country and then later on the mudslide and he's blaming a lack of response on the government and he said clearly also addressing to the president he should end this mess so a lot of anger and disappointment from what he was saying to what extent has the area recovered from the devastation of last year. well you can see it behind me the devastation is still clearly visible some work is still going on a lot of people were relocated to other areas but you can also see many are still living close by and they are also still complaining bitterly that hardly any investment has come to the area there's no infrastructure no roads and i have been a what is being done to revive
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a tragedy of this sort again have any lessons the lunch from last year. well i think the very important part is that almost everybody i talked to understands that this was a manmade disaster that could have been avoided and this i think is a very important message and everybody got this point you have to know that sierra leone has been having a new government for the past few months and the new president julius moderate biro is known as a strong advocate for anti corruption and he has been doing some steps in the right direction there but the question is have they already reached the bottom have they reached the ministries and to some people i talked to they told me this is not the case they said that you can still walk to the ministry of lands here if you have the right connections if you have the money you can bribe your way through and basically get a construction permit for whatever you want to do if you just pay the right people to get you these permits so the question is how can the new president really address these issues in a short time that things will really change the needle for the people living dead
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the scar on the mountainside is like an open wound and increase in feet and thank you very much for that reporting. and not so too funny in the fate of the bankrupt at county a evelyn exactly thank you very much it was a year ago that janice second largest airline. then had to file for bankruptcy and they're breaking no one of one hundred fifty million euros in taxpayer cash to german governments kept the ailing aloft an extra two months of critics of that claims the money was just a subsidy to aid as it bolt out now evident administrators say the know will be repays but slowly. it was a tearful farewell at the end of last october the last air berlin flight took off the one second largest german airline was history after almost forty years and
8:46 pm
usually the german government had provided a one hundred fifty million euro credit after the insolvency in august of twenty seventeen to keep the flights going but quickly it seemed it was to win time not to seat ever again but so that look tons of had time to pick the best parts for its subsidiaries german and euro wings without having to take over all of their berlin including its personnel and contract. discount airline ryanair expressed an interest in acquiring air berlin routes and employees but just a short while later c.e.o. michael o'leary said what many air berlin employees were thinking. all we see is a succession of german politicians falling over themselves. to award the air burning to the fans are calling the fans a german champion and therefore because it's a german champion it should be shouldn't be allowed to take over ninety five percent of the domestic market making it not just a german champion but a german monster who will increase the cost of air travel for millions of germans
8:47 pm
ticket prices did in fact go up at lufthansa right after air berlin's last flight. thousands of air berlin employees faced an uncertain future both easy jet and the lufthansa group bought up ever berlin's landing rights in airplanes employees had to apply for new jobs and were given inferior contracts in a year after declaring insolvency it looks like taxpayers won't have to foot the bill according to insolvency officials the one hundred fifty million euro state credit can be almost completely paid in full but it will take several years. and one of the side effects of technology called change is that our electrical devices become obsolete faster and faster data again is tracing this mall of electronic waste a poison for the environment and it's expensive to recycle hogle has hired a german company to help solve its tripling outrank waste problem in
8:48 pm
a plant that could serve as a lot all for other recycle census in the region modern robot technology in this case it's not being used to produce devices but to dismantle them the hong kong administration is paying the berlin company out of a three hundred eighteen million euros over a period of ten years the company has to read the city of its electrical waste. a lot of the material that arises from coal is exported to third world countries. where it often gets disassembled in a very full day and that's one of the principal concern we should not be example to . like. hong kong is not only one of the richest and most consumer friendly cities in the world it's also one of the largest producers of electronic waste every hong kong resident throws away almost twenty kilos of old electrical appliances every
8:49 pm
year. most of it's collected by small businesses some products are resold as used equipment but a large part disappears on the international waste market for a long time the metropolis was an important trance shipment center but that's all about to change every hong kong citizen can have their garbage picked up by alba free of charge the manufacturers have to pay the bill mario should so supervise the planning and construction of the plant with its one hundred forty employees he's not only had to make sure the garbage was disposed of properly alba must also ensure that electronic tracking makes it possible at all times to trace which devices land where it's a bit thick as soon as equipment just discovered that it may not have been on the market in hong kong. for little but may have been imported. we sorted out immediately and reported to the environmental authority that. their
8:50 pm
employees can join in at any time via a camera the plant is considered to be the most modern in southeast asia and will soon be able to recycle two thirds of hong kong's electrical waste but when it comes to the company this is just the beginning. it was a great opportunity i think for the german technology to be exported to this region because it's been recognised that electronic waste is a global problem and china has said it wants a whole series of new electronic devices still it is the pattern in korea looking for an enhancement and right through the rest of the region right down to single pole by the also looking at today and have quite a ways to smack down. most of what remains at the end of hong kong's electrical waste goes back to the factories in the region where the next generation of electrical equipment is produced right and now to the kind of arts you can only
8:51 pm
describe as willful. pitch of this and it's easy you're at the beach just taking it easy maybe reading a book and then. this shine thing starts marching towards you what if that does happen don't panic you can is ill the dutch artists and creative feel young son is not far from you young son has been creating these moving sculptures out of p.v.c. piping for almost thirty years now and he calls them chant be. in dutch and german means beach david leavitt's is here to tell me more about these a lot of the other say why a. well decides the fact that these moving sculptures are a lot of fun they actually have some real implications for science particularly for space exploration and nasa is in touch with yeah uncertain about his ideas for
8:52 pm
a possible probe to venus and i want to tell you more about that but what you really have to know about younes and first is that he's basically equal parts artist engineer and sort of mad scientist and he's been he's been freaking people out with his inventions for decades his first big invention was a flying saucer a four metre wide black flying saucer helium power that he launched over the city of delft with no warning in one thousand nine hundred that caused quite a commotion and then ten years later he started working on these strand beast strand as an as and beach as he said and he actually doesn't consider them works of art even though i know we've been saying that they are he sounds fascinating if he doesn't consider them works of which is how i see them what does he consider what he considers them a sort of new artificial intelligence and actually there are a type of mechanical computer there not a digital computer that uses numbers but what they do is they can they can sort of
8:53 pm
gauge their surroundings and make reactions accordingly i'll give you an example if they get too close to water. basically the reverse is triggered so that they don't just march into the sea and he keeps coming up with new inventions every year he says this is a study in evolution every year there's a new survival mechanism that just gets added on the idea being that eventually these things could survive on their own. creatures seemingly from another planet. north sea coast as soon as the wind blows they start to move that creates young cause them strength beasts. and he likes to experiment his strength complex constructions made from simple materials he buys at the do it yourself market string cable ties
8:54 pm
and the kind of plastic juice used when laying electric cable. used to just richie and the rounds just started. to structures within and. in fact you could see that you as a sort of protein the real. nature everything is also based on only one material be all made of protein. have sales like chips and they move when the wind blows when the snow wind powered by compressed air from built in plastic bottles. the base can even store wind power and use it like a battery. and if a storm blows up they anchor themselves in the sand with the post so they don't.
8:55 pm
sense a stop to be some running into the sea. over the past twenty eight years there have been many generations and a lot of trial and error evolution is not over hopes that one day the species he created will become independent. become independent should be violated every time i think you could take him out. were featured on the simpsons actually one of the beasts ran over krusty the clown watch out ok so forget me but i believe that interested they are and particularly for the planet venus and the reason venus is so hot that a probe that's run by a normal computer wouldn't work there and as i said this is a kind of mechanical computer there runs on its own that would be perfect for venus if they could get over some obstacles and also there's a lot of wind on venus and these are of course wind powered maybe talking about a mission to venus and we may be talking about young next time we talk about
8:56 pm
a mission to have seriously and if we do it could be with you david levy to death thank you so much of being the wonderful creatures into us today is great to have you with us watching the television news that's it for me on with a. bit more news coming up. with off the bat.
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mum gunman. is ricky changing murderer. arsonist. tyrant. roman emperor nero. he just gets bad press. free now and historians are reexamining his case rethinking the rochas history been unfair to the infamous emperor. in fifteen minutes on d w.
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rock n roll. on the to come up. with sinful rhythms condemned by the church. i know the evil feeling that you feel when you like. to go past a. car stop no one is more popular than jesus up good. rock and religion a clash that brings many colors to light. are the two really so here reconcilable play god devils and long killer. storms aug nineteenth
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w yeah i do nashville and i think one day this war will be considered a cruel and unjust war vet. and certainly all citizens of a crane and every man woman and child will be friend their homeland if the enemy invades. no one wants russia here on the stand which is the. rebel against the mighty global news that matters. d.w. made for mines. it's all happening glitz of it. sure linked from africa and the world. your link to exception stories and discussions peña one will come to use after a clean kind of primary from son jimmy from the news of easy to out website be
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deputed comes from africa join us on facebook at t w africa. this is d w news longer from berlin in a race against time rescue workers in genoa italy say they will spend all night searching the ruins of a collapsed bridge for survivors dramatic images today when the highway bridge broke up during severe weather at least twenty two people are dead we will have the latest on the rescue effort also coming up british police investigate an apparent terrorist attack searching three properties in central england that's after
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a driver rammed a passer bys before crashing into be.


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