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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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this is. a race against time rescue workers in italy say they will spend all night searching the ruins of a collapsed bridge for survivors dramatic images today when the highway bridge broke up during severe weather at least twenty two people are dead we will have the latest on the rescue effort also coming up british police investigate an apparent terrorist attack searching three properties in central england after a driver rammed a passer bys before crashing into. the houses of parliament and turkish president.
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new friends in his diplomatic spat with the united states he's now threatening to boycott u.s. electronic goods. it's good to have you with us as the few minutes of daylight give way to darkness rescue workers in general italy say they are planning to go all night in the hopes of finding people still alive earlier today a huge section of a major highway bridge in general collapsed during severe weather cars and trucks and the people inside plummeted into the void below at least twenty two people have been confirmed dead but we have been warned that that number will rise. that this man witnessed what many have described as
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a polka lit tick and just side against a huge section of a motorway bridge crumbled into pieces. a truck managed to stop right on the edge but many were less fortunate and plunged forty five meters off onto warehouses and bro road tracks below. the incident happened on the eve of a major holiday with traffic than usual and eyewitness described the tragic moment a little more i heard a noise which i looked out i saw the cars falling and we ran away so now the electricity is switched off we're waiting to be evacuated. a little what's. the morandi motorway bridge in the northwestern city of genoa was built in the sixty's and has undergone a series of repasts it collapsed around noon local time critics point to what structural weaknesses as well as dissident violence joined that struck the area at
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the time but. now authorities say whoever was responsible for the manmade disaster must pay. for the moment so that now is the moment of relief for the intervention work sweat and prayer but tonight we'll have to find out who was responsible and the names and surnames of those who were guilty of the unacceptable deaths of the unit shipped out really. but for the moment all eyes are on the rescue operation reports say that some victims have been found alive in the rubble raising hopes that that could be further survivors. and i'm joined now by journalist seymour hersh he's monitoring the situation from the italian capital rome good evening to you same but i want to ask you about this rescue effort right now are we getting any reports of workers actually finding survivors in the rubble. well
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what we know so far is that as the rescue search and rescue operations are continued today they have managed to put four people out alive and so with that in mind they are continuing the efforts through the night the death so at the moment stands at twenty two but they expect that figure to rise that's because there have been reported some missing people reported that are still not accounted for and those that have been injured some of them are in a very serious condition so they could succumb to the injury now as you mentioned or we saw in that report this is the eve of a major public holiday here in italy for the summer period people could have been on that bridge heading out to the beach or to the mountains it's a major important bridge and motorway for the city of genoa and so they were on there at that time now four hundred forty people have also been evacuated from that area because there's concern about potential further collapse and so as a precaution they have been removed the bridge fifty one years old we understand that it was in need of maintenance in structural work we do we have any reliable
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sources to annoy people saying that disrepair could have contributed to the collapse. well i think it's interesting to note that there was a thunderstorm that hit the bridge the area around the bridge just before it collapsed in fact one eyewitness report talked about lightning striking the bridge before it collapsed at about eleven fifteen local time that said however you rightly pointed out the issue of maintenance the bridge was inaugurated back in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven but it's undergone repair work a number of times since the seventy's and back in two thousand and nine there was even a suggestion that it should but attention would be demolished so really the question of maintenance where they nothing was done with it was done properly definitely on the top of everybody's minds the transport and infrastructure minister saying those responsible will be made to pay the deputy prime minister echoing his thoughts as
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well the president said there in a speaking today said that frankly it was a shocking disgrace what it happened and that it's observed that perhaps maintenance could be potentially the issue behind this in what about the timing of this it is mid august and we know that in italy august is when people are on vacation and it has that had an impact on the ability of emergency services to deal with this disaster i mean are there simply enough people or willing to do you joe. well what we do know is that there's some a thousand personnel involved in this operation right now that are ranging from firefighters ambulance services as well as the police all involved in trying to pull out if many people as they can and find as people as they can and they will continue into the night the hospital it's also jam packed dealing with those that. is potentially dangerous work because as i mentioned they could be further collapse
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but that said they're treating this operation like how big an earthquake something that italy has some experience on and so that's how they're easy to tackle it even though it's in this august period as you mentioned all right journalist sima good joining us tonight from rome with the latest on the rescue efforts surrounding the collapse of that bridge in general seem a thank you which annoyed police in the u.k. are treating a car crash outside the houses of parliament as an act of terrorism three people were injured when a man drove his car into the security barriers outside the building in early morning rush hour the suspect has been arrested and police are working to confirm his identity. this footage was taken moments after the car crashed outside the british parliament. b.b.c. television camera filmed the car driving towards the building then into an access lane before hitting the barrier gate.
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several bikers and pedestrians were wounded. police arrived quickly on the scene. they surrounded the vehicle guns drawn and arrested the twenty nine year old suspect. an eyewitness described seeing the crash. scene i don't mind trying to say i was appalled at. the state because you might get my point it was deliberate it wasn't there it was no other didn't prove it to me he knew it was a direct hit from london visit it becoming quite an experience that he's now unfortunately. to crash happened near last year's westminster bridge attack where five people died after a man drove into a crowd and stabbed
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a police officer. the security barriers were installed in the wake of that attack london's mayor praised the response to this latest incident. you know we've seen across the world major cities facing acts of terrorism from terrorists who want to divide our communities and cause injury. and we continue to evolve our response to terror attacks but also to fall to keep us safe to time and place in the first place police have searched three addresses looking to piece together the story of the driver. as details continue to emerge london remains on high alert. and here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world malta has given permission for the rescue ship aquarius to enter port after five european union countries agreed to accept the one hundred forty one refugees on
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board the deal in a four day standoff that kept the ship at sea the migrants will be distributed to france germany spain portugal and luxembourg masks youths set dozens of cars on fire in several swedish cities in what officials are calling a nine. of coordinated vandalism no one was injured in the fires in good hotton and malmo police say they do not know what motivated the arsonists in ecuador at least twenty three people were killed in a high speed bus crash east of the capital quito another one thousand people were injured it is the second major bus crash in two days twelve people died on sunday when a bus carrying soccer fans overturned in the south of the country. or turkish president . has warned his country will boycott u.s. products in response to what he calls economic terrorism committed by the us about it's a reference to the trumpet ministration doubling tariffs on turkish steel and aluminum
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the turkish lira appears to be pulling back from record lows after the central bank took emergency measures but rising prices are still hurting the turkish people president into one claims the united states has said. as retribution for ankara's detention of an american pasta on espionage and terrorism charges washington had already imposed sanctions on turkey and last week announced plans to double import tariffs on to his shell him in human steel since then the turkish lira has lost a quarter of its value to one says it's part of a plot by the united states to devalue currencies globally meanwhile russian foreign minister sergey lavrov already predicts consequences for the dollar. but do it in the i'm sure that this grave abuse of the u.s. dollar as a global reserve currency will result in the eventual demise of its role. or you
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will be duped with the slow bits. while many analysts say that international concerns about it are ones economic policies are behind the leader as crash that took its lead to speaks of economic terrorism by washington and called on his country to boycott u.s. made goods from any kind of electronic we will boycott american electronic products if they have the i phone there is also samsung. and a one has also renewed a call for turks to convert their euros and dollars into took this lead to strengthen the currency meanwhile analysts hope for the central bank to take action to restore confidence in the lira. arts in formula one news two time world champion fernando alonso will retire at this end or the end i should say of this season when his contract ends mclaren racing alonso is current he released a statement confirming the news today the thirty seven year old is competing in his
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seventeenth f one season and has thirty two wins in two thousand and five became the then youngest world champion in f one history spaniard has been championship runner up three times as. well as europe basks and bakes in a heat wave the best way to cool down is to get a good air conditioner or to take a dip in the sea a swimmer from england has taken that a whole new level ross angele has broken the world record for the longest stage to see swim managing an incredible seventy four days in the water still trying to figure that out and he's not done yet his goal is to become the first person to swim around the entire british coast. actually set off on his epic journey on the first of june he swim six hours and then rest six hours on his support boat swimming at night is the toughest the no it was a horrible one but you can shouldn't put in that period where i call my old copy what see you back toward all the way down and then sort of just to put the word
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nice but the east through me to me ever and i. actually has faced many obstacles he's been battered by the wind and the waves but jellyfish pose the biggest danger really that pain is the best case. was case already of all teaching as as the toxins basically around your party they saw a tactical nervous system if you go to the mouth and wastebaskets will sort of stops and close up which makes breathing a little bit difficult and also as well just quite a muscles going to sponsor he's already set the new world record but he still has a long way to go edgeley is only just over half way into his three thousand two hundred kilometer swim around britain. and you could choose one more waters but at least he doesn't have to worry about being bitten by sharks are watching the news for all of us in berlin thanks for the company i'll be back at the top of the hour
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with more bold news followed by the day to see of. his creations were made changes to spread the mystical and the good or icon the fashion. look do we really know about the man behind the dark shades. just moments in the life of a great fishing designer. kanata head start september ninth t.w. .


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