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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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but so first of. passion with some marketing potential by placing a warning label on music plot out. rock and religion clash that brings any parallels. for the two really so good reconcilable. god the devil and rock n roll stones aug nineteenth on t.w. . the food. all the. witnesses in the italian city jenna was shouting oh my god horrified as a bridge crossing the heart of the city collapses during a sudden storm at least twenty two people died rescue teams will spin the nine searching for survivors in the heaps of stealing concretes that were never meant to
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meet the ground. this is the day. that she sees it into vets proportions affection a crucial road. and so much of a cause which traveling on the bridge when it collapsed. you know. kids on acceptable to work and die like this in twenty eighteen or because they're going to sue and what is it was a very fragile structure with all the residents know that it was always undergoing maintenance maybe end up inside it when they tell us we cannot spend money on maintenance because of e.u. budget constraints it little thing age shouldn't be these cobol. also coming up tonight terror during in london's morning rush hour a man plows through cyclists with a car before crashing into
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a barrier near parliament london's mayor calling for people to be on their guard the course of today and the next few days london as we'll see in taurus will see more police offices more police offices they should be scared by that they should remain calm and vigilant. we begin the day with a search to find survivors and the question how could something like this happen earlier today in the italian port city of genoa a large segment of a major highway bridge. collapsed it was mid day there was severe weather and the bridge was reportedly packed with cars in trucks bumper to bumper the many of those vehicles and the people inside plummeted into the void below so far the death toll stands at twenty two rescue teams are working tonight frantically trying to find any survivors in the piles of rubble well this is zoom in now we give you
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a better idea of where this bridge known as the marandi bridge is and how it's constructed on the bridge is part of the eighteen motorway it's a major artery that crosses through the center of the city in mid august traffic numbers usually surge with vacationers using it to reach beaches in southeast france to the west or the beaches of the italian riviera to the east of here you can see the fifty one year olds two main towers it has three the one here in red that one is the one which collapsed our first report tonight on a tragedy that some described as apocalyptic. that this man witnessed what many have described as a polka elliptic and just side against a huge section of a motorway bridge crumbled into pieces. a truck managed to
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stop right on the edge but many were less fortunate and plunged forty five meters off onto warehouses and bro road tracks below. the incident happened on the eve of a major holiday with traffic busier than usual and i witness described the tragic moment a little more i heard a noise but i looked out i saw the cars falling and we ran away so now the electricity is switched off we are waiting to be evacuated. the morandi motorway bridge in the northwestern city of genoa was built in the sixty's and has undergone a series of repasts it collapsed around noon local time critics point to what structural weaknesses as well as to sudden violent storms that struck the area at the time but. now authorities say whoever was responsible for the manmade disaster
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must pay. their moment of that now is the moment of relief for the intervention workers swat and prayer but tonight we'll have to find out who was responsible and the names and surnames of those who were guilty of the unacceptable deaths you know chip that really. but for the moment all eyes are on the rescue operation reports say that some victims have been found alive in the rubble racing hopes that that could be further survivors. or shortly after the news of this tragedy spoke to frank a student in general who witnessed the collapse of the bridge this is what he told us. i have i was i am one one hundred meters from the bridge because i was a very close family and i just. mating roller i went to my kitchen to chill. outside because it
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was it looked like a like not like the bridge was collapsing and there was a lot of fog and i i saw that the bridge was interrupted but i thought that this was. to the to the to the fog not because the bridge collapsed but when i realized it was what happened i saw these enormous amounts of of the bridge that was had collapsed down in the street and also in the way were lines because. the reason there is a line passing between the front of my home and now there are a lot of helicopters and i can hear a lot of. ambulance sirens and because i think there are a lot of people injured or to perturb way it was raining so maybe not a lot of people were outside with
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a car because maybe they thought it was better to stay at home so i think we were lucky in the sense but i know that there are some work see programs on the bridge in these always lead to traffic jams on the beach because i've passed the village almost every day and so i'm afraid that there were a lot of a lot of cars up on the bridge and there are a lot of. buildings are below the bridge because. it is very long but fortunately in the area where the bridge collapsed there were more or a little lines than. when busy. the place the part that collapsed had not so many buildings below just some. factories. and two human rows. but.
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not a lot of things in the harrow. and i'm joined now by journalist seem a good jesse is monitoring the situation from the italian capital rome good evening to you seem to want to ask you about this rescue effort right now are we getting any reports of workers actually finding survivors in the rubble and what we know also finds that as the rescue search and rescue operations have continued today they have managed to put four people out alive and so with that in mind they're continuing the efforts through the night the death toll at the moment stands at twenty two but they expect that figure to rise that's because there have been reported some missing people reported that are still not accounted for and those that have been injured some of them in a very serious consideration so they could succumb to be an injury now as you mentioned all we saw in that report this is the eve of
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a major public holiday here in italy for the summer period people could have been on that bridge heading out to the beach or to the mountains it's a major important bridge in motorway for the city or genoa and so they were on there at that time now four hundred forty people have also been evacuated from that area because there's concern about potential further collapse and so as a precaution they have been removed the bridge sixty one years old we understand that it was in need of maintenance in structural work we do we have any reliable sources tonight people saying that disrepair could have contributed to the collapse . well i think it's interesting to note that there was a thunderstorm that hit the bridge the area around the bridge just before it collapsed in fact one eyewitness report talked about lightning striking the bridge before it collapsed at about eleven fifteen local time that said however you rightly point out the issue of maintenance the bridge was inaugurated back in one
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thousand nine hundred sixty seven but it's undergone repair work number of times since the seventy's and back in two thousand and nine there was even a suggestion that it should but tension had been demolished so really the question of maintenance where they nothing was done with it was done properly definitely on the top of everybody's minds the transport and infrastructure minister saying those responsible will be made to the deputy prime minister echoing his thoughts as well the president said they're in a speaking today said that frankly it was a shocking disgrace what it happened and that it's observed that perhaps maintenance could be potentially the issue behind this in what about the timing of this it is mid august and we know that in italy august is when people are on vacation and that had an impact on the ability of emergency services to deal with this disaster i mean are there simply enough people or willing to do you joe. well
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what we do know is that there's some a thousand personnel involved in this operation right now that ranging from firefighters ambulance services as well as the police all involved in trying to pull out as many people as they can and find as many people as they can and they will continue into the night the hospitals also jam packed dealing with those that i've been injured any is potentially dangerous work because as i mentioned they could be further collapse but that said they're treating this operation like how they would treat an earthquake really something that italy has some experience on and so that's how they need to tackle it even though it's in this august period as you mentioned all right journalist immigrant joining us tonight from rome with the latest on the rescue effort she will need to go out to that bridge in general she might think you. but what can make a major structure like the marandi bridge in general suddenly break up and succumb to the forces of gravity was it fall design faulty engineering disrepair or
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a freak accident will consider these examples from the past in one nine hundred forty the tacoma narrows bridge which crossed puget sound in the u.s. state of washington while it lasted only four months on a windy november day the bridge began to move up and down and then a never before seen phenomenon the bridges road span began twisting back and forth the bridges collapse gave engine ears a valuable insight into how to build better and safer suspension bridges then fast forward to the year two thousand when london's millenium foot bridge had to close just two days after being opened after unexpected swaying occurred now another phenomenon here pedestrians crossing a bridge have a tendency to match their footsteps to the bridges swaying motion which makes the swaying more severe. and just last week another motorway bridge tragedy in italy this in the city of bologna you see it right there after
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a massive power up of trucks followed by a huge explosion the highway then collapsed was it the heat and the force of the explosion a bridge in need of repair that investigation is under way for the talk us through what happened today in general italy i'm joined tonight by mohamed because shani an associate professor in structural mechanics design an earthquake engine earing at the university of south hampton and professor shawnee welcome to the day i'd like to start by asking what went through your head when you saw all those images like we did of that bridge collapsing today. had a good evening thank you very much thanking me but actually there are there are a number of reasons that could cause collapse. bridges this breach was that one of those type of bridges so disparate was obviously built said about fifty years ago
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so there are a lot of bridges with these sorts of aids in the u.k. and europe and the us are suffering from a city of aging so normally i would say yes so that bridges that start north of it from corrosion so that's and that is a start seeing when we don't know anything about these cars over the long time that affects a certain performance but that's not the only scenario the other possibilities event the bridge is designed back in dating fit in fifty s. ago so that did the demand which is the no need to live with on that bridge was a lot less than today's traffic loading so all in the years the normal of the breaches the demand of the bridges is increasing so that's boy all the way that they deal with it but the passport in every state sort of be conscientious it is the norm and because of that the morning tony spake these bridges yes over the day it's a bit light so therefore date that's what it yes yes meant and it would be repaired i mean it's been great that it has. professor let me ask you that the things that
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you're listing here all of those things are predictable i mean we know that bridges are going that are going to age have wear and tear and we also know the traffic volume has increased everywhere in the world that doesn't explain then how do you have a bridge suddenly collapse if you're able to to for see you know where in tear and you should be able to mitigate that by repairing it. yes that's true but unfortunately there are some he didn't damage is that it's not easy really detectable so that's that's that's that's why i mean any part of the recession i.q. is rooting into how we can actually investigate and wanting to reach is more efficient so we need to use a bit more at rest acknowledges and these are in the process they say surely because previously didn't have to facility to do all the smart money so we need to use more modern technologies to be able to take even damages and nobody there was
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even damages are the ones that are clearing the graves i mean i don't know the exact details of what happened to this bridge because it's so nice to go and investigate it but this is not one of the great i mean if you look at back in two thousand and seven there was the mississippi race collapse in the us was one part of the bridge that it was not detectable and that that bridge collapse so i there were not at war and it was in the u.k. actually it was in two thousand now and that was the rate that was eighteen it was steel that was the front bridge going train going through the great that so this bridge was not the first one and he will be the last one so what we need to do we need to have much better more efficient way of money trying to bridge this because there are not one or two bridges there is a so many of them yes very difficult to tackle this problem to access and money towards these bridges effectively so we need to change the way you actually morning to order and maintain these bridges which is often prescribes. we're just going to
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call them more efficiently yet and the problem is with that lately. i mean in the u.k. at least so we highways bridges all right we have got to integration that every two years all the bridges must meet spec that we an m b five six a they have to have principle inspection that they actually go on a mission and anything cases there are some exceptions are only going to bristol they have a special effects but it probably means a lot of these bridges press one that we didn't manually so we sent people on the bridge just look it is a state where the people go in a spec and that somebody is but it's got to access those. so i mean part of the way that we are moving towards the future use what expecting starts me use oh my special and what i think is great just to be a this more efficiently so you can use these modern technology we actually make things cheaper and we can do them more really ready and much more efficient and that helps us in the future so we can't really complain just that people who have been dealing with the maintenance of that debris just for what we need to do we
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need to do things a bit more efficiently and i think this is in the research community this is well known and we are doing what we can do to improve this and disseminate this really interesting as well very very very quick question professor before we run out of time there were reports today obviously there was a receive your weather reports that lightning may have struck the bridge do you think any of that could have. been a factor in the bridges collapse. i don't think so i mean every day i mean there are some extremely low that you might meet that might be excessive loading that at least some of that yet or it might be some additional use that may be likely he would have to think that rape was races i've never heard anything that would affect so this tournament of being exceptional ability i mean they can i think it raises a really weak in some admission i don't think that grades ok professor can shawnee associate professor in structural mechanics design an earthquake engineering at the
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university of south hampton professor we appreciate your valuable insights tonight thank you. well tonight police in the u.k. are treating an early morning rush hour car crash outside the houses of parliament as an act of terrorism three people were injured when a man drove his car into the security barriers outside the building the suspect a man in his late twenty's is reportedly not cooperating with investigators. this footage was taken moments after the car crashed outside the british parliament . b.b.c. television camera filmed the car driving toward the building then into an access lane before hitting the barrier gate. several bikers and pedestrians were wounded.
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lisa arrived quickly on the scene. they surrounded the vehicle guns drawn and arrested the twenty nine year old suspect. an eyewitness described seeing the crash. so seeing i don't mind trying to ferret out the part of me that. he stayed pretty close to mocking my friend it was deliberate it wasn't it was no other didn't want me he was using a direct hit from under his of it becoming quite an experience and he's now in picture name. the crash happened near last year's westminster bridge attack where five people died after a man drove into a crowd and stabbed a police officer. the security barriers were installed in the wake of that attack london's mayor praised the response to this latest incident. you know we've seen
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across the world major cities facing acts of terrorism from terrorists who want to divide our communities that cause injury and cause death and we continue to evolve our response to terror attacks but also to fall to keep us safe to time and place in the first prize police have searched three addresses looking to piece together the story of the driver. as details continue to emerge london remains on high alert. and for more of this story i'm joined by david low he is a former counterterrorism officer he now lectures on the subject and he joins me tonight from liverpool david it's good to have you on the day you know when i sold the video of that car crash this morning it looked like to me it looked like an amateur at work what did you think. yes i agree with you and of these questions you still look at the time of year because parliaments and
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recess both houses in recess and how possible in the morning and you know if you are in fine goodness this did not happen but you know it was half past ten a lot of talking about early. i think we could have been talking fate ality said you know right casualty rate because the amount of tourism that set in there you got westminster abbey on one side of the street and you've got the palace of westminster and you have it's very popular with tourists. and we understand that the suspect is not cooperating with investigators and b. what are investigators doing now and what should be the next steps. i think the key part is well obviously in addition to gathering the physical forensic evidence it will be that they are looking at premises in burma given nothing at the moment they most probably apprentices that he's the access to and important as
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copper is trying to find a motive now looking at any electronic communications devices from laptops p.c.'s i phones etc. can tell the police what he's been looking at who's been communicating with on top of that talking to witnesses in those areas who would know this individual to try to get a background to. this who is a sort of. well ok david we're having a couple it's our problems. can you can you hear me now david. yes ok very good are very good well let's continue that the police reacted this morning very very quickly as soon as i guess the call was was made into what was what's your
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assessment did they react as quickly and as efficiently as possible yes sir. i mean. it's. westminster itself. to expose device they just didn't know. and i think that gives the metropolitan police the. ok security and counterterrorism expert david lloyd joining us tonight from liverpool david we appreciate your time and your insights tonight we know we had some problems there with the sale we certainly apologize for that it will. and australian
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court has sentenced a catholic archbishop to a year under house arrest for his role in covering up child abuse by a pedophile priest philip wilson becomes the most senior catholic cleric to be convicted for hiding abuse in the church from one of the straightest top catholic clergy men to a common criminal philip wilson was once be supervised lied but then the sins of his own pos forced him from that job. and i saw what he done it was a million and one outside court wilson wouldn't reply to victims' demands for an apology instead of support ahead. he's a good guy under the bed knowing that if you. want rubbish like my skis might you call me rubbish you know that there would you tell me robbie that confrontation for the outraged abuse of five as. somebody in the catholic church so i sorry to put
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what million others we is the contrition from archbishop former archbishop wilson he's grice as somebody just sit ups these has shown no grace on the sword myself muson has been convicted of crimes dating back to the nineteen seventies. well the day is nearly done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can write to me golf t.v. there you go before you can use the hash tag to date and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody. gets. to go.
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and more determined to build something here for the next generation along with the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. some kind of a nuclear bomb could be a useful thing but not based look up i look at it for pushing about what's a way out in my view the way out is to find different forms on the. place. which is because you were there with the same situation which you said based on faulty old. jordi always give me a much shorter life like after a few hundred years of being told it already a fifty fifty years this very important christian second question does not require a connection with. bombs you cannot build a quarter and i think this is something besides should the. science scientists should explain for the trip to describe and then society should shut.
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this is. a race against time workers. say that they will spend all night searching the ruins of a collapsed bridge for survivors dramatic images today when the highway bridge broke up during severe weather at least twenty six people are confirmed dead the latest on the rescue effort also coming up british police investigating it appears
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. they're searching three properties in central england and that's after a driver passer bys before.


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