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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 15, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin rescuers in italy are racing right now to find any survivors of the collapse of motorway bridge in the northern city of genoa at least thirty eight people confirmed dead and now a bitter dispute about who's responsible also coming up in the show priests feel that way raping little boys and girls and the men of god who were responsible for them not only did nothing they hid it all for decades and you're a new report finds of sums three hundred priests sexually abuse more than one
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thousand children in pennsylvania over a period of seven decades and that senior figures in the roman catholic church covered it up. and we need a man who lost most of his family in a mudslide in syria leone that left hundreds dead one year on we look at the fallout from this tragedy and hear why former residents in the government are still blaming each other for what happened. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us grief is turning to anger in italy as people seek answers as to how a motorway bridge in general could collapse without warning at least thirty people are now known to have died in the disaster rescuers still searching the rubble at this hour for any survivors italy's deputy prime minister says the company that runs the bridge should be held accountable. rescue efforts in general were this
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morning. firefighters and doctors worked throughout the night pulling survivors out of the rubble they're hopeful they'll find more. but there are also facing the grim reality recovering the dead. emergency workers say the most difficult part of the rescue effort is still to come . from this evening we'll start moving some of the biggest segments of concrete from the collapsed bridge. in order to create new spaces for teams to enter and check for other survivors. when they were in the motorway bridge collapsed dozens of vehicles plummeted to the ground killing and injuring many and leaving behind a huge gap in the city's bridge.
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after seeing the collapse but for himself italian prime minister two separate content was somebody. from what i have personally ascertained so far the number of dead will increase. at this moment it's an incredible tragedy above all because there is not been an explosion or an accident just about we are working on the hypothesis of a structural failure. and. this is the moment the tragedy struck. the bridge which had been undergoing repair work collapsing during a tarantula downpour. for now the focus is on the rescue. but many italians of course now asking how this could have happened and as the tragedy sinks in who if anyone is responsible. for the very latest on this we're joined now by marcello daniel us national spokesman for the italian red cross and ron thanks
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for being with us what can you tell us about the rescue operation that's now underway in genoa. well as he said i'm fortunate that stories rising. fi show new releases of usual news all of thirty nine. and sixteen wounded. there are the key. to making. week. the red cross to be of about eighty unique working for which they would all might. find survivors from the search and. the t.v. . relatives obviously who actually up to now we've of course you don't even. fight was just full. of those with power. of rubble ok now you mention that dozens of people are still missing now in a situation like this it's always
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a race against time isn't it to get to those who might still be alive yes. we have full on t.v. historically we can't which she's normal to us and. ok we seem to unfortunately have have lost the line there we'll see if we get that up later in this program for now though let's see those you know move on to other news and many thanks to their two more soledad jealous from the italian red cross now we go to some of the other stories making news this hour israel has reopened its only commercial crossing with gaza weeks after closing it response to rocket attacks from the militant group hamas. trucks carrying food fuel and construction materials passed into the territory wednesday gazans for law i on this crossing for vital commercial supplies. the taliban attack on a military base has killed at least forty afghan soldiers and police in the northern province of bug law and local officials saying militants stormed that base
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and several checkpoints overnight before setting fire to the facilities the attack comes after a massive tall bomb assault on the eastern city of ghazi that was last week. and australian senator sparked an uproar after he referred to the final solution during a speech about banning muslim m. gratian frazer adding from the right wing populist katter's australian party claimed he did not know the history of the phrase it was used by the loss of use during the holocaust. it's to the us now and a grand jury in the state of pennsylvania has published a report on the sexual abuse of children by roman catholic priests it says at least one thousand children were molested or raped by priests over a period of seven decades this report accuses senior church officials including the man who's currently the archbishop of washington these say of systematically
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covering up reports of paedophilia among the roman catholic clergy in approving this report more illegal three hundred clerics human have been accused of sexually abusing children in pennsylvania unchecked for decades officials say their investigation found systematic cover ups not just by church leaders in the u.s. state but also in the vatican rely on the euphemisms the church priests were raping little boys and girls and the men of god who were responsible for them not only did nothing they hid it all for decades. some of the victims now adults were at the press conference others described their helplessness in a video released by investigators. who believe me. in night scene forty eight or forty seven would have been usu. do they never heard of such a thing because they covered it up the grand jury find that more than one thousand
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children were abused over seventy years they see the real number though might be much higher. to a somber anniversary now in sierra leone where a mountainside collapsed under the weight of rain one year ago tons of modern rock crashed on to the homes on the slopes around the capital freetown an estimated one thousand people were killed another three thousand were left homeless the city in this way african nation had been soaked by three days of heavy rainfall now that along with rampant deforestation and construction led to one of africa's worst flooding related disasters in recent times. one year on the w.'s adrian creech travelled to freetown to meet a man who lost half his family in the tragedy. it's a painful journey for maliki camera who has returned to where he used to live in regent a suburb of the capital freetown. camera lived here with his family for ten years
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he remembers the day vividly exactly one year ago when he went to work early in the morning in the pouring rain. shortly after a powerful mudslide destroyed hundreds of homes including his own. last year at this time i was still sitting here with my family we talked to the children going out and i'll never be able to see them again god's going over for no one is helping me i'm suffering and i was hurt so much. i was over it so i was. almost his entire family was killed by the mudslide his daughter fatima just seven months old. his wife. the only survivor was his twelve year old son daniel who was rescued with severe injuries.
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cameras says he was given the land by local authorities but there was no official building permit so who's to blame. the government it's the government is to blame we weren't living in the so-called green belt where construction is prohibited so we built our houses outside the area in a section marked to see if. the environmental protection agency has a different view it says the houses were built in the greenbelt illegally but the new head of the agency does admit that in the past there were hardly any checked there we're not supposed to be and that's why i say it was due to weak governance because nobody was supposed to be housed yeah. according to environmental activist high as they say residents were also to blame for last year's catastrophe she says she tried to warn people just to. weeks before the disaster. it will be a clinton downed trees and the forest to beat up with death dead people we have bonnie chap called the people we at mines told us in that particular area they also
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do a wildfire within the forest so what's happening it's a weekend this way and because the smells will leak and that's one of the reasons several factors contributed to the disaster last year inefficient off citizens that we can or the risks deforestation a massive population growth on the hills of freetown additionally climate change has been causing much less frequent but stronger rain falls that is why op service warn off further disasters in the future. leaky camera and other survivors now live in emergency accommodations provided by the government they may be safe but they are an hour outside the city center there's no running water and no schools in the area but residents still have to pay rent. a year after the devastating mudslides camera still doesn't know what the future holds for him and
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his son. we have some tennis is now a real blow for serina williams as she crashes out of the second round of the cincinnati open the former world number one struggled in the first set against the seeded the truck but williams rallied to take the seventh given two over serves though too much for williams to handle the czech came out on top in the third set to advance. williams said afterward she's still early in her comeback after giving birth to a child. now the tournaments in cincinnati is a key warmup event to one of the biggest tennis events in the world the biggest tournaments u.s. open that's coming up later this month and it's here that even the very best players sometimes need reminding that preparation is indeed everything. you.
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say is slightly sheepish nick curios the australian who needed a volunteer to fetch his match shoes they're different apparently from his walking onto the court shoes curios lace them up the nine some nifty backhanders and strong serves to win in dramatic fashion over american dentist with six seven seven five seven six. well as europe basks in the heat wave one good way to cool down is a dip in the sea a swimmer from england has taken that idea to a challenging new level edgeley has broken the world record for the longest stage cease we're managing incredible seventy four days out in the atlantic swimming along and he's not done yet on the summer outings hoping to swim all or all the way around britain a distance of thirty two hundred kilometers. edgeley set off in his epic journey on the first of june he swims six hours and then rest six hours on his support boat
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swimming at night is the toughest the noise was a horrible one but even then shouldn't put us in that period where i call my hold on the wet suit not the war all the way down the end of it sort of just a different side of the war on the ice but the east through me to me i've ever been on i. actually has faced many obstacles he's been battered by the wind and the waves but jellyfish pose the biggest danger really that pain is the best case scenario was case already of all itching as it as the top says basically around your body they saw a turkey nervous system not if you go to the molecule the airways national sort of stalls and close up was made supreme to have been different or so that was well just kind of muscles going into spasm he's already set the new world record but he still has a long way to go edgeley is only just over half way into his three thousand two hundred kilometers swim around britain. at full let's you know how that goes we
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have more news business coming up with javier after the break don't go away. they make a commitment. they find solutions. and stronger. africa on the news. stories for both people making a difference shaping their nation.


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