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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin the heavy flooding brings more destruction to southern india officials say ten days of rain have killed more than three hundred people in the state of canada as of grapples with its one monsoon season in a century more to wrench to reinforce has been full cost as spain india. the country pays homage to a poet a politician housing the town and a state funeral for a three time former prime minister atal bihari vajpayee by he was respected across
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the political divide at home and abroad. how safe it is in these bridges with angle mounting over the deadly genuine bridge collapse italians. worried about the condition of other bridges across the country. than. welcome i'm good to have your company. we start in southern india where the death toll from catastrophic flooding has more than doubled the chief minister of the state of kenya announced that three hundred twenty four people have died in what he called the was flattened in one hundred or most a quarter of a million people have lost their homes as rescuers scramble to evacuate residents to emergency relief camps. help from above.
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as in many other regions the indian air force has been evacuating residents of tourists who are who fled to the rubes. many others remain trapped by the high waters which are submerging almost the entire southwestern state of carolina mergence the shelters have taken in around two hundred twenty thousand people. who were staying at a schoolhouse floodwaters came up to the front porch of my house and there's no electricity electricity has been out since yesterday that only a little finding us with clothes and other things with been given clothes cults and blankets as well as food there are no problems at the shelter. whole villages have been destroyed many of those spared are cut off from the rest of the world. and military rescue teams are struggling to reach those in need. these teams are engaged in i think really very question work medical first response and they're
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doubling the situations that i think out of landslides building collapse and also assisting their state administration and distributing really materials. in kerala many are calling it the worst flood in one hundred years. usually the southwest monsoon soaks northern carola first and then in his the southern part of the state this year it's raining across the whole state at the same time. rainfall is forty percent over average and the monsoon season won't be over until december. the dumbness on their fall because following that story for us from delhi so now what's the situation like this evening in the flood affected areas how does one explain this and shop increase the death toll. well i would that the situation is carried out against diallo you know the state of the entire lot and the state has really seemed to ration trenchantly for much of today and also last
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night night and i think that that's also obviously complicated the relief efforts and that has that as well to partially lead to the very high that don't seem so knowledge parts of the states you mean under water i've seen some kind of really heartbreaking videos on social media actually people you know pushed on groups dogs overeating to be rescued. and in many many areas you know a child discrete have been cut off from the mainland that's the it's a been washed away because of last lights on or damages and. what the constitution many of us want to come to a standstill in getting those commercial cafferty porcine know this is the gateway to get let's it's really important city the international airport as the glue was there because a lot of one hospitals in the city ratio it also struggling not just to cope with a surge of patients but the odds are struggling with more supplies liquid oxygen even decent starts to run generators just the politics so i think it remains a very catastrophic situation and the code that govern responding to it seems the
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defense forces have been called out to help. that's right because there's a massive rescue and relief operation on the way both the indian army and the engineer the have the russian troops the russian resources diving teams and extra two hundred boats to be so there really is a big operation and that we and the cattle are chief minister. and he's also set up in our thousands of police gas across the state where many many people are asked his government is for financial conditions and donations of essential items or people who are significant and prime minister in this event or more the it is also sixteen this is canada and north to that region where the scenery is fifty five still monsoon sun and nearly vantive india and across south asia what makes this one so exceptional and deadly. united are you know can know in particular is really no stranger to greatness you know it's located on the
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southwestern edge which means it's the first it usually took a sebring to stop us on scene and given the usually sees heavy rains throughout the entire months of winter like to september this is really not an exception but what miss seeing this time around is something we just learned it's unprecedented it's really sad you know as you said it's been called it was floods it was in chile and you know environmentalists of india are see some of them i see that you know this is fun she also a mandate and that you know that is something to feel what pointing fingers he was he got a sense of the warning and by leaving that scattered out in large parts of the state he said that as with the soil not unstable and lead to the kind of landslides to do that and they've also pointed towards you know washington high places on why the construction is part of getting the speed. on what was formerly a good bunch and that that is also going to be the problems seem right so now finally in delhi thank you very much for that update. and sting in india thousands
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of people have paid their final respects to former prime minister atal bihari vanished by who died on thursday at the age of ninety three. by was committed with full streets on us and dandy schools and colleges were closed in the capital and the government has announced a seven day period of mourning. and let's take a look back at a figure who was admired for his for true for a cigar city and political resume as well as for being a politician who was not divisive looking back at it and behave much by. he was a poet journalist and a moderate face of hindu nationalism to some former indian prime minister x. how bihari vachss pai is an icon to others a contradiction as a founding father of the ruling bharatiya janata party that party was a key figure in india's growth as both a nuclear and economic power he was
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a risk taker and peacemaker. in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight he carried out a series of underground nuclear tests alarming pakistan and the international community islam about responded in kind sparking a nuclear arms race between the two neighbors. but one year later a grand diplomatic gesture that i.e. road on the first bus was service from delhi to lahore where he attended a summit with pakistan's president in an effort to mend ties that parties also credited with india's global economic boom which was fueled by his support for the i.t. sector. to some though he was the leader of a fanatic and teen muslim movement that would go on to polarize indian society his policies shape the face of the country his passing could mark the end of an era.
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here's a look now at some other stories making news around the officials in gaza say israeli gunfire has killed at least two palestinians and routed dozens of the border with israel the man interrupted when protesters approached border fences the militant hamas group has been demonstrations in an attempt to break the israeli blockade of gaza. over pakistani cricket star turned politician in iran khan has been elected as the country's new prime minister his party the pakistan tehreek e insaf one the most seats in the general election last month with the help of smaller parties has managed to get a majority he'd be sworn in on saturday. it is mourning the victims of the bridge disaster in genoa which killed at least thirty eight people while rescue a search for any potential survivors families of victims of paid respects to their
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loved ones ahead of a state funeral tomorrow both italy's president. and prime minister just said because they will attend the ceremony the country has declared saturday a day of national mourning meanwhile italy's transport ministry has opened an investigation into the bridge collapse views charlotte spoke with italians wired about the condition of the country's other bridges. this is a scene replicated across this region. nestled in mountains in the shadow of towering concrete structures living in one such home as retired construction worker johnny has been here for thirty years for him the branch had long just been part of the scenery but now he's looking at it very differently. than. i am a little more worried but first i thought they would have closed temporarily after the miranda bridge collapsed and that they would have checked it properly this hasn't happened and i believe this was careless.
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marandi bridge is just a short drive from here its collapse is made giani reassess just how safe this. because i've been thinking for years that something could suddenly happen to this bridge because i believe that the pillars probably only have about sixty percent of . compared to what. so. it's not just residents living underneath structures like this who are now concerned it's also the drivers who paul say that bridges like this every day everybody images of the bridge crumbling and you cannot help but picture that when you're driving across bridges like this one and then not just across genoa throughout the whole of italy there are many people now asking if that can happen
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to me like the ill fated brain chain many in italy were built in the fifty's and sixty's they would have designed to withstand the amount of traffic passing over them today and as one expert tells me many were only ever expected to have a fifty year lifespan you need. a new construction in that we tend to forget that a structure is something that becomes old. and the situation should be control of the much better we have to allocate the money from the beginning to be sure that we are. controlling volution of our structure in other countries very very strong in italy is growing but probably is not enough strong the company operating the marandi bridge insists its maintenance checks were up to date back on the outskirts of genoa giani says regular maintenance work is also being done here but for him that's now another reason to worry. that there is so much maintenance means
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it's not really necessary after so many years fifty sixty seventy years maybe we have to consider building a new bridge to. experts say the safety of infrastructure across the country must be reviewed in many cases they maintenance work will only delay the inevitable the emergence of more bridges not fit for purpose. south africa's neology youth orchestra is the star attraction of this is young europe classical festival in berlin these someone are touring europe to mark the one hundredth birth anniversary of nelson mandela. no possible go from trying to get a paper that no jury would focus. not on the night of fog come from cape town and not pay me as you know because. well i think. you know the most beautiful thing about i was just that sort of brings together
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people that you would normally never actually be with and that's that's true with the orchestra comes in because you know all of a sudden you you know sitting next to somebody who lives you know ten thousand ks away from you that you would have never actually met. drawing from jazz classical and african traditions miyagi grew out of a social project in cape town under the baton of conductor duncan ward the orchestra is on its fourth european tour. i mean in the in our present day the there are many social differences that we experience because of the past the fabulous up out date and now you know moving forward and i find that playing this orchestra. all of that it goes away because music becomes the most important thing. in honor of the one hundredth
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anniversary of nelson mandela's birth the orchestra is paying musical tribute to his values and ideals. different than me i didn't mandela's vision into reality it's niche indeed his vision come to. business is up next with family for. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word published in the cook. is in germany to learn german why not with him it's simple online on your mobile and free themselves from d w z e learning course you can speak german made easy.


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