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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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rock n roll. starts aug nineteenth w. this is d w news live from brother spain marks a tragic anniversary as possible on every member's the people killed when a driver rammed into crowds on the ramp i hear again today but even grief can't you know that the city at a time of heightened political tensions also on the program. officials say ten days of rain have killed more than three hundred people in the southern indian state of catalan said grapples with its worst monsoon season in a century more heavy rainfall has been forecast plus. italian authorization
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arms an inquest into the general a bridge disaster because families prepared to bury the victims ordinary talents demand answers now. the musical plea for hominy. south africa's may argy youth orchestra marks one hundred years since nelson mandela's birthday of the tour of europe just one of the vibrant and sawmills taking the part of lane's euro classic festival. i'm full game welcome to the program spain's marking a grim anniversary of the day of terror that left the region of catalonia on edge a year ago today a terrorist a drove a van into protests. barcelona's witnesses say his zigzag down
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a busy street trying to hit as many people as possible hours later another member of the extremist terrorist cell this time in a car that sped into a group into a crowd in a small seaside town south of barcelona the islamic state militant group said it carried out the attacks spanish authorities dismantle the cell killing or arresting its members sixteen people died in the terror attacks and more than one hundred were injured. survivors and families of the victims of last year's terror attack on the rambla bus alone or remember those who lost their lives. it's still difficult. and for the families of the victims hearts accept. it was very hard especially at first to not think if they had just spent another minute at lunch or if he had been standing two feet over from where he was or if
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their plans had been different or they had all gone to the beach instead of walking on the streets of la around la. but i also know that. life is like that. and so there is never going to be an answer for those questions those killed or injured came from thirty four different countries with this french tourists was severely injured but survived the attack the memories a painful one a fortunate to do when i woke up in the hospital but i realized i couldn't move just say that i tried moving my legs my arms they wouldn't move would feel pretty i couldn't speak anymore and then i realized that i have to live with this forever just everything came to a halt in that moment and nothing will change without us talk of self us alone as people are united in their grief it is their mission will be of see and from the
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following day people went out on the streets to say we were not afraid and that the terrorists were not going to infect us with the hatred that we weren't going to distrust our neighbors and was wearing going to criminalize a certain culture and that made a strong sports bus alone as city hall had said ahead of the memorial that it wanted to avoid political controversy but in catalonia it's hard to avoid politics . king felipa the sixth of spain attending the memorial is trisha sized to looniest but for independence in the past and has loose support in the region. there was also division on the streets as cuts alone separatists protest at the king. since president's. focus today however is on creating. to some of the other stories making news around the world pakistan's parliament has elected former cricket starts politician
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a man come as the country's new prime minister will be sworn in tomorrow his p.t.i. party is the biggest in parliament though it failed to win an absolute majority in pakistan's general election last month. officials in gaza say israeli gunfire has killed at least two palestinians and wounded dozens of the border with israel the violence erupted when protesters approached border fences the militant a hamas group has been leading weekly demonstrations to try to break israel's blockade of gaza. in jerusalem israeli police shot dead on the israeli arabs after he lunged at them with a knife in the old city is mostly water authorities are not said with the officers present the area was closed briefly spread police carried out an investigation. protesters in cos of a have attached a police station to condemn what they say is the government's failure to address violence against women activists from the left when the vet van deusen party pelted
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the building with red paint the protest was triggered by the killing of a woman by her husband last week. by un human rights panel says brazil's former president and raising asio knew that the silva should be allowed to run for president while here pills against a corruption conviction opinion polls are showing luda ahead of all of the confidence in the turbos election he's currently serving a twelve year sentence for the conviction his supporters say was politically motivated. and the death toll from catastrophic flooding in the indian state of canada has more than doubled overnight the state's chief minister announced that three hundred twenty four people have now died in what he called the worst floods for one hundred years almost a quarter of a million people have lost their homes and rescuers are scrambling to evacuate residents to emergency relief camps. help from above. as in many other regions the indian air force has been evacuating residents of
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tourists who are who fled to the rubes. many others remain trapped by the high waters which are submerging almost the entire southwestern state of carolina emergency shelters have taken in around two hundred twenty thousand people. were staying at a schoolhouse floodwaters came up to the front porch of my house and there's no electricity electricity has been out since yesterday. there are providing us with clothes and other things with been given clothes cuts and blankets as well as food there are no problems at the shelter. whole villages have been destroyed many of those spared are cut off from the rest of the world. and military rescue teams are struggling to reach those in need. these teams are engaged in basically. medical first responders and they're doubling the situations that izing out of landslides building collapse and also assisting the administration distributing
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relief materials. in kerala many are calling it the worst flood in one hundred years. usually the southwest monsoon soaks northern carola first and then in his the southern part of the state this year it's raining across the whole state at the same time. rainfall is forty percent over average and the monsoon season won't be over until december. or italy is mourning the victims of the general bridge disaster that killed at least thirty eight people present sergio master and prime minister just to be content well attend a state funeral for many of the victims tomorrow a funeral was held today near naples for four friends in their twenty's who died as they drove to vacation in france and spain their families didn't want to take part in sas they said. italy's transport minister has opened an investigation into the bridge collapse but that not might not be enough to placate an angry public.
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charlotte reports from genoa. rescuers tell us that they won't give up the search until they convinced that all the missing have been found but hope of finding survivors is not lost now one of the things that's really struck me since we've arrived here is how nobody we've spoken to was surprised that something like this could happen one man told us he was so concerned about the bridges safety he would always try and drive across it as quickly as possible altos ride a the company that operates this stretch of the motorway insists all of its maintenance checks were up to date but the fact is that like many bridges built here in the fifty's and sixty's it wasn't designed for the pressures of modern traffic as one engineer told us it was simply coming to the end of its lifespan in the search for on his ministers have gone on the attack accusing elton's thought it negligence but people we've spoken to say the government itself has serious questions to answer. that the government is giving very nice speeches still have to see what they are able to solo of haifa where house and of
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a bridge was affected by the collapse i want to see the facts also because we have to give up to work a little bit but. i think to find solutions the government is only been in charge for two months we need more time to see what it does going to be able to build a good result but. she did i believe in solving the culprits need to pay let's hope those who are felt really pay this time because we are very angry there was no monitoring nothing was done here people die here and nobody talks about it the day off to the government to. the world cup and sometimes controversy doesn't help solve problems but sometimes it can be used to point out who is responsible. with a nation in mourning a state funeral will take place here for those who lost their lives in this tragedy it's a president and other high ranking officials are among the many expected head. missing from the mourners will be a number of relatives of the dead they say they feel like they've become pawns in
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a political fuss. we don't want to share i'm sorry moni my son is not a truly to be paraded before the public his funeral is for those who love him we're not blind both this government and its predecessors lack of interest in their citizens it's clear. and it's not just the victims' families who are angry this tragedy has raised serious concerns about aging infrastructure nationwide people here tell me that worried it's lee has neither the money nor the capacity to make some crucial changes and they're asking will this happen again. have taken a dip after c.e.o. a lot musk spoke about the stress of running the company and as american regulators are said to be widening an investigation into it mr mask told the new york times that he's working up to one hundred twenty hours a week to meet production goals and that he'd been taking ambien to help him sleep
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the u.s. securities and exchange commission is looking into his tweeting of plans to take the company private. in sports estonia's arts town expert into an early lead in the valley of germany on friday the toyota driver won five of the day six stages that remains on to a rally in a row with a twelve second link of a five time world champion sebastian orgy of jumping ship leader terry is back in third almost thirty seconds off the lead. south africa's mere argy youth orchestras one of the star attractions at this year's a young euro classic festival in berlin will is touring europe to mark the hundredth anniversary of nelson mandela's birth. high of no possible go from trying to get the paper that you know do you think it. was an eight o'clock am from cape town and the place to me at you know. well i think.
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you know the most beautiful thing about i was just that sort of brings together people that would normally never actually be with and that's that's where the quality of the orchestra comes in because you know all of a sudden you are you know sitting next to somebody who lives you know ten thousand k.'s away from you that you would have never actually met. drawing from jazz classical and african traditions miyagi grew out of a social project in cape town under the baton of conductor duncan ward the orchestra is on its fourth european tour. and in our present day the there are many social differences that we experience because of the past the fabulous up update and now you know moving forward and i find that playing in this orchestra. all of that it goes away because music becomes
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the most important thing. in honor of the one hundredth anniversary of nelson mandela's birth the orchestra is paying musical tribute to his values and ideals. if you threw me out he turns mandela's vision into reality it's near chile he's vision you can chew on. don't forget you could always get t.w. news on the go just down the road from google play or from the apple store i'll give you access to. the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use it to send us some photos and videos. of. the situation up to date and more at the
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top of the island of course around the clock on the web site that's t w dot com how the day. the more. he takes to personally your wedding with a little gunderson the many stories that make the game so special. for all true fans . far. because more than subtle on.


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