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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 18, 2018 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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i am. i am. this is the daily news coming to you live from berlin commemorating the day it's genoa is holding a state funeral for the victims of the bridge collapse relatives and friends are preparing to say goodbye to their loved ones but some families are refusing to take part in the ceremony but half the nations from our correspondents also pulling off . house and wait for rescue this passion struck the clothes of dr a soldier in india one minister calls the disaster the worst in a century has already claimed more than three hundred lives. and soccer davis takes
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on goliath as the german call takes off the former champion ties assassin and now eight lower division team take on the bundesliga heavyweights often on. the. amount of thank you for joining us on the italian city of genoa is a bank to hold a state funeral for victims of tuesday's motorway bridge collapse at least thirty eight people are confirmed to have been killed in the tragedy and bodies are still being recovered relatives and friends of the dead are already gathering up the hold in the city with the services are set to take place a newspaper sais that the families of some of the victims are refusing to take part in the ceremony prefer and said to hold a private funeral other reports. many locals and victims' relatives are angry with the government. rescuers tell us that they won't give up the search
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until they convinced that all the missing have been found but hope of finding survivors is not lost now one of the things that's really struck me since we've arrived here is how nobody we've spoken to was surprised that something like this could happen one man told us he was so concerned about the bridges safety he would always try and drive across it as quickly as possible. friday the company that operates this stretch of the most way insists all of its maintenance checks were up to date but the fact is that like many bridges built here in the fifty's and sixty's it wasn't designed for the pressures of modern traffic as one engineer told us it was simply coming to the end of its lifespan in the search for on his ministers have gone on the attack accusing elton's thought it was negligence but people we've spoken to say the government itself has serious questions to answer. that the government is giving very nice speeches still have to see what they are able to sold for life or warehouse and of a bridge and was affected by the collapse i want to see the facts also because we
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have to give up to what. i think people find solutions the government it's only been in charge for two months we need more time to see what it does. the bill will be able. to get those aside i believe themselves we need the culprits need to teddy let's hope those who are felt really pay this time because we are very angry there was no monitoring nothing was done here people die here and nobody talks about it the day off to the current government and not let her have the sometimes controversy doesn't help solve problems but sometimes it can be used to point out who is responsible. with the nation in mourning a state funeral will take place here for those who lost their lives in this tragedy it's a president and other high ranking officials are among the many expected hit. missing from the mourners will be a number of relatives if the dead they say they feel like they've become pawns in
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a political fuss. don't. we don't want to sherm ceremony my son was not a true to be paraded before the public his funerals for those who loved him we're not blunt this government and its predecessors lack of interest in the citizens it's clear. and it's not just the victims' families who are angry this tragedy has raised serious concerns about aging infrastructure nationwide people here tell me that worried it's lee has neither the money nor the capacity to make some crucial changes and they're asking will this happen again. for more on the story now let's bring in our correspondent philip well and he was in rome for us for a state funeral service will begin in about a half an hour what can we expect. clearly it's going to be a very emotional occasion as you mentioned a lot of anger about this tragedy which many people feel was avoidable or should
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never have happened and people are still looking for who was responsible in this case we have a new anti establishment government in many of the. officials who will be christened and it's going to be hard to believe in them for what happened. to grasso what happened a long time in the part. of a lot of. a lot of grief and there could be some angry reactions to officials fearing for the funeral. now a lot of anger and a lot of grief as you say yourself some of the victims' relatives have declared that they they will stay away from today's funeral service why are they so great with their government that they would say something like that. yes a number of people actually more than half of the victims are not going to be
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present at the funeral today in some cases people say that simply they want to have the funeral in there. with friends and relatives can attend more easily but also be know very angry reactions people who are suggesting that their loved ones some of the victims of the state homicides so it makes no sense to participate in a state funeral that i think is a strong feeling because this is the national infrastructure of this state is of somebody responsible for and so people do feel that the state of mercy represents that it's part of a full tear and they don't want to participate in server meet with representatives of that state. a very clear cut response as there are no the firm responsible for the maintenance of the bridge is due to hold a news conference shortly there's a lot of pressure on the not just to provide answers but also to possibly
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compensate families to build the bridge and to pay for the bridge what kind of actions are they planning to take do you reckon. well we'll have to wait and see but certainly the company has suggested that it does want to provide financial support for victims' families and also for the many people who've been made homeless by this tragedy. they've also said that they're willing to help rebuild the infrastructure of a general. who lost their will that if the government moves ahead with revoking their license a lot will depend really on negotiations with the government clearly. major financial commitments to. restore the transport network in general makes sense if you believe that you're going to get your license back if you're not
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going to get a license back that could reduce the generosity of the company but clearly there's enormous pressure on many people feel that their deep thought and they need to we're trying to recover some of the lost good will wait and see what they have to say at this news conference set up well and well in rome thank you the death toll from the catastrophic flooding in the indian state of corolla has more than doubled overnight the state's chief minister announced that three hundred twenty four people have died in what he calls the worst floods in one hundred years almost a quarter of a million people have lost their homes and rescuers are scrambling to evacuate residents to emergency relief camps carola in the south of india is a popular tourist destination power supplies in many areas are on the main international airport is closed boats and helicopters are needing rescue operations . following that story for us from delhi
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what is the situation today in the flood affected areas has the rain ease at all. well not really you know the forecast today for heavy rains and heavy winds to continue throughout the state not really until tomorrow really that things will expected to ease up you've seen. so many people continue to be stranded. on trees and on. the way wherever it may be and prime minister and their modi is there today doing an aerial survey of the state via helicopter but even that was interrupted at one point because of the inclement weather so the situation is still it's still very dire for many people. so it's still really dire situation there the moment how is the carolla government responding to the crisis. well
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given the scale of the crisis where it's basically hit over ninety percent of the state the state government has needed a lot of outside support so you've seen the armed forces coming in there's been about fifty one navy boats that have come in the army is also involved the coast guard the air force helicopters and doing rescue efforts that way releasing food packets and then you've seen prime minister modi today actually announce a huge aid package from the central government. of around seventy million dollars. to assist with this and you've seen actually quite a lot of activity as well on social media about raising funds a lot of private companies of have gotten involved making it easy for for people to donate companies like amazon and pay t.m. which is an online wallet service here in india so a lot of activity there and the care of the government really calling on people all over the country and the world to help assist with with this effort. malhotra many
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thanks last night the other stories making news around the world. german chancellor angela merkel will hold a bilateral solis with russian president vladimir putin late which is eight the talks are expected to focus on energy issues as well as the complex in syria and ukraine it will be the leaders the second meeting in three months. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has raised wages in the country for the fifth time this year the move is part of a monetary overhaul that aims to curb inflation and who suffer and bodies are is in views from monday and we'll see five zero as locked off the nation's currency. the mexican military has uncovered a huge underground drug in a remote mountainous area and the country's west troops say that they destroy fifty tons of mass on fresh meat on sites mexico is a major supplier of metal heroin to the u.s. which has seen a surge in opioid addiction. some
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soccer news now the german cup kicks off this weekend giving lower tier teams their shots for glory against the big name sites and a first round feature is one such match up kaisers lauter an aside who were once bundesliga champions but are now languishing in the third division and they take on top tier heavyweights hoffenheim and they're hoping for a very big hope sash. these players are kaiserslautern legends they were all part of a powerhouse club and part of germany's world cup winning team in one thousand nine hundred fifty four nowadays the squad has players with best second division experience more than twenty players left when kaiserslautern dropped into the third tier the end of last season in the wooden league monuments fifty percent of your revenue when you go down to the third division that makes it incredibly difficult to maintain a good team. at the moment the club is fifteenth in the third division
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table. now they host hoffenheim in the german cup twenty years ago kaiserslautern were born in this league champions hoffenheim just a local village club the tables have turned. the cost of expanding their stadium for the two thousand and six world cup saddle kaiserslautern with big debts and soon the club was swapping europa league football for the second division bosses came and went but mismanagement proved constant and last season the club was relegated once more. luda the fact that it's now hoffenheim the recent upstart from the region bringing the bonus league back to kaiserslautern is met with mixed feelings. forcing terms it's an enormous challenge to play a champions league side it's not the kind of big name club that we would expect to sell out the stadium for but still it's abundance league at champions league level
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team against a third division team but that's what's so interesting about football that a sensation is always possible in a game like this one as in south america has a sensation used to mean bringing home the world cup now a victory against hoffenheim would qualify in kaiserslautern footballing dreams have become arc of lee more modest. a found friend they greeted same goals as the track and field star arrived at sydney airport ahead of his trial ball a league saw its the central coast mariners bounce chairs pose for selfies and kiss the live big champion who said he knows all stray you and was happy to call the country home jamaican bold who won gold rings before tarring last year wants to start a second career as a professional. and just a reminder of the top story that we're following for you a state funeral is the bank's big game in the italian city of genoa for the victims of tuesday's motorway bridge collapse it's really is also holding and the national
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day of mourning the official death toll is at least thirty eight but it's hardly a news media report saying that more bodies have been found. as a printer you are watching do any news coming to you live from burma and more again at the top there so stay with us. just in the wife. starts september. w. .


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