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managed by from part. this is due w. news live from berlin declares a week of mourning after the country's most famous son kofi anon dies at the age of eighty the former united nations chief and nobel peace prize laureate served two terms as the world's top diplomat and later he became the u.n. special envoy for syria we'll have a look at his legacy also coming up. commemorating the dead italy holds
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a state funeral for the victims of tuesday's bridge collapse in the northern city of genoa relatives and friends joined the country's leaders to say goodbye to their loved ones but some families refused to take part in the ceremony. and should restaurants be allowed to ban children one owner here in germany has come under fire for doing just that he says because parents turn a blind eye to their kids that being here. thanks for joining us hi mary. the former united nations chief and nobel peace prize laureate kofi annan has dined anon was the first black african to take up the role of the world com diplomat serving two terms from one thousand nine hundred seven to two thousand and six when leaders served as the u.n.
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special envoy for syria leading efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict and on diet after a short illness at the age of eighty. we're joined now on the line by correspondent isaac allegedly who's an actor the capital of gonna which is the country where kofi annan was born so i think thanks for joining us to tell us how are people in ghana reacting to the news of his death well it has been all saddam a minute before i really shocked by the news because there was a lot going artfully in public about the thickness of a misstep could be on and so when a new growth so many people were surprised by the way also frightened by the news that. is said president has already declared one wave of mourning monday obviously on monday go in black. mark does show some respect
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to mr fox and i know what you have done for gaza got i know it was but i want to know i think when you stand that you yourself met kofi anon on several occasions what was your personal impression of him. well it was there kofi annan is it comes in the video very humble you actually went old he is like as if you know my strength is sixty four and he was recently that strong slow day the rest of ghana and when my engagement with him and interview was with him becomes our cause i mean to be the ways to open minded being to create opportunities for young people and to do that kind of person that was humble and more deaths and what does friendly. and really how the feds want are gone. and i think what i'd also like to ask you with all of the various things that kofi annan did do during his lifetime what do you think he's most likely to be remembered for welcome in
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a people in his role as protected general of the united nations i just saw this country through the limelight just one day and done you know much about god and aim to be allowed to come it come produce earnings must not suppose he'll be remembered in gonna come once you watch the markets and this country as the country as the club runs and i do miss him very much i do miss his role in resolving many conflicts impossible operate across the wall and that is how you remember things going on all right isaac allegedly reporting from accra in ghana many thanks indeed well the current u.n. secretary general antonio good tesh prayed tribute to kofi annan on twitter he said anon was a guiding force for good he joins the world in mourning his loss in these turbulent and trying times than of legacy as a global champion for peace will remain
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a true inspiration for us all. now thousands of mourners have attended a state funeral in the italian city of jenin what to commemorate those killed when a motorway bridge collapse in the city on tuesday the country's leaders joined victims' relatives to pay tribute to the dead prayers were offered for the thirty eight confirmed victims and a further three people discovered under debris early saturday some families chose not to attend the ceremony prefer to bury their dead privately. so let's bring in our correspondent philip will enhance standing by in rome so philip thousands of people attended the state funeral service today in genoa tell us a bit more about the ceremony. or the very moving ceremony a lot of people ordinary citizens of genoa were attending but also the head of
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state and the head of government with ministers and representatives of parliament although there's a lot of i think it's a collapse of the bridge crossing forty one lives at least the atmosphere at the funeral was really positive there much applause for the firefighters and rescue us who attended and also rules for the representatives of the new government to be very strong in saying that they want to stop this responsibility for what happened and to be now for such a short time but no one could really hold them responsible so there was a feeling of the whole of genoa coming together here to all of the victims underslept on what the archbishop of the city described as a tear in the heart of the city caused by the disastrous collapse of this bridge.
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all right so of course a very emotional day enormous amounts of grief but you mentioned yourself also some anger and we did mention as well that some of the victims' relatives decided not to attend today's funeral service why not. yes about half of the victims who were not present. ceremonies today in some cases the families say they simply want to. know their. loved ones. don't want to participate in a major public staged event but there's also a great deal of anger and. official responsibility in what happened here and some people have spoken of this as a stage homicide and so they didn't want to participate in
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a state funeral all right philip when reporting from rome thank you and now to some of the other stories making news around the world india has deployed thousands of troops to bolster relief efforts in flood ravaged carola the southern region has the interventional monsoon rains and much of the state is under water hundreds of people have died in the disaster and hundreds of thousands have been made homeless. former cricket star imran khan has been sworn in as pakistan's new prime minister in his first speech as premier khan promised to enforce ruthless accountability to fight corruption is already one of the most votes in last month's election but failed to secure a majority. german chancellor on the american will hold a bilateral summit with russian president vladimir putin later today the talks are expected to focus on energy issues as well as the conflict in syria and ukraine it
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will be the leaders second meeting in three months. well now to a story that's causing plenty of discussion here in germany a restaurant owner on the german baltic sea island of who can has banned children under the age of fourteen after five pm would offer markel who runs almost to show or grandmas kitchen in english says his decision to forbid youngsters from his restaurant targets parents who as he puts it cannot control their children marshall says many of his customers have welcomed the ban but it has divided opinion in germany. and you have a report of public has been following this story and he joins me now to talk about it so low tell us why and how exactly did this ban come about well as we saw rudolph marco there has decided to take this very controversial decision have people don't know who can of course is a big holiday island particularly for berliners about go up there and spend the
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weekend on the coast so there are restaurants particularly this summer have been packed and what else was decided you know a lot of his customers weren't pleased he also received there was some sort of issue as well in the restaurant i'm certain things were broken and it was a decision that he said he grew to buy it took a while to get about point but he decided that it would be for the best and it would be good for his customers and it proves it seems like it has really divided opinion amongst his customers that's for sure all right well i have heard of hotels for example in the united states that do not allow children under the age of sixteen but i don't actually know is this legal here in germany why can he do this well germany's anti discrimination office said the decision raised legal concerns because it might clash with the country's age discrimination of course it's very specific that it's under fourteen's that are not allowed in after five pm and then
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the argument is the higher noise level would disturb the guests are not necessarily you know this is what they're saying for a wholesale ban on children below a certain age they warrant that the business is risking a lawsuit from clients now on the other hand the head of the hotel restaurants in the german state of mecklenburg for pullman of course which is where it is said that it's up to the premises to decide whether they want to ban children or not so it's a little bit gray at the moment but we'll see what the final decision is actually night all right so this restaurant owner has to be prepared for potential lawsuits ok well let's talk about his reasoning for this he's saying that you know children nowadays are badly behaved. if they're breaking stuff their parents don't have them under control is he right or the one of their research the fact that you've got kids and i mean you know nowadays this is a discussion that often you know we hear you know you know. kids didn't do this and didn't do that but there appears to have been some research and there's also a huge difference in how millennial so people born from the early one nine hundred
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eighty s. onwards and the boomers of course say my parents' generation between one hundred forty five in the early sixty's actually deal with disciplining their child or how they bring their children up and if we actually take a look at some research that they carried out it's rather interesting because what we see is that millennial is in fact in this pew institute research that was carried out at sixty eight percent of millennial tend to be overprotective compared with the boomers who tend to be less protective also this is what's quite interesting millennia old tend to praise their children a lot more than boomers do now this obviously is having some sort of impact and have children are approaching you know how they behave had their behavior and their parents and also most notably and this is probably the key when i was a little kid i didn't have an i pod i didn't have a mobile phone i didn't have a computer when i was six seven eight years old nowadays kids do another set of research is being carried in the united states is also found the kids are
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overstimulated because they're overstimulated it's having a knock on effect on their behavior because they are subsequently then sort of they get more excitable they tend to not be able to focus so much which is obviously going to have an impact on the way a child behaves and we've all seen parents in situations you say just give the child the pot and maybe he'll come down or put put them in front of the t.v. so this is all having a huge impact on how children are acting nowadays but i think every generation struggles with that problem i don't know where we'll see it what kind of backlash will get to this restaurant owner all right publicly aaliyah's thank you as always thanks maria. now a fan frenzy greeted you saying bolt of the jamaican track and field star arrived at sydney airport ahead of his trial at football league side the central coast mariners fans cheered rose for selfies and kissed the olympic champion who said he loved australia and was happy to call the country home for now bowl two one eight
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olympic gold medal before retiring last year wants to start a second career as a soccer pro. a reminder now of our top stories. the former united nations chief and nobel peace prize laureate kofi annan has died at the age of eighteen and on serve two terms as the world's top diplomat speculator served as the u.n. special envoy for syria. country of birth gone on has a declared a week of mourning. italy has held a state funeral in the city of genoa for the victims of tuesday's motorway bridge collapse the country is also observing a national day of mourning italian news media say the death toll has risen to forty two after more bodies were found. you're watching news coming to you from berlin and i'll be back again to the top of the hour for an update for
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you in the meantime you can always get the latest news and information on our website just go to dot com i'm hearing everything from all of us in the newsroom thanks for watching. the i. think your smart t.v. more listening to w. bush want to. know what you want what you want it. to do extraordinary. what sold some dope more to john holmes more to. the museums to the lungs of. the so-called changed.


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