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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 19, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is d w news line from buying a fresh quakes shake the indonesian island of long walk a series of tremors cause panic in some damage on the island they come just two weeks to equate killed nearly five hundred people there also coming up. afghanistan announces a provisional sees fall with the taliban but says the insurgents must do their part for peace the truce comes off to a week of bloody violence. and hundreds of thousands of venezuelans flee their
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country in search of work as the numbers grow neighboring countries no one can welcome. the. time how the home free glad you could join me the indonesian island of has been a rocked by a series of earthquakes one measuring magnitude six point three and another off the ardennes northeast coast measuring six point nine well china schools landslide style made buildings and spread panic just two weeks after the worst earthquake in the ardennes history killed four hundred sixty people. it is a scene that is becoming familiar to residents and holiday makers on the island of lombok the aftermath of yet another powerful arest quake this measuring magnitude six point three the first in a series to strike the island over
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a matter of hours damaging buildings and causing panic. my god i was on the third floor it was very strong and we could feel the building shaking all of the lights went out. but. the initial areas quake's epicenter was in long box northeast further travers' came next then a stronger and much shallower quake this time measuring six point nine heads off the island's northeast coast here a landslide triggered on the mountain where hikers had been trapped in july quake a week later on august fifth the worst quake in the island's history killed more than four hundred sixty people. there with terrorists who tales of business as well drilled in the task of getting people out quickly. everyone ran out of the hotel but no one pushed their way through they evacuated calmly.
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fearing further tremors these hotel guests are preparing for a sleepless night outside hospitals to moving patients to relative safety. and joining us on the telephone now is who sneak her sneeze on a long walk island in a western town called not on the works of the international federation also the red cross thank you very much for talking to us in what must be a very difficult time what's the situation like where you are at the moment. currently in my trumpeting longball and. another strong show happened. is evening around eleven pm local time and that was. wrong to show that we had. throughout the day as the tautologous had around the aftershocks that we
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quite felt strongly on the ground here sir the one that struck off at eleven pm it was quite shocking it was quite big and was together with my other colleagues when you were just. coming back from the field to the mortgage halls that were being in one block here and we were having a bit of rest and all of a sudden the power was gone and the ground with starting to shake and we rushed outside quickly. just really trying to stay away from the building in the dark i mean you say was very shocking as we can of course imagine in a series of aftershocks following the quake and of course a quake two weeks ago as well how are people reacting to what the state of mind right now. that happened this
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afternoon to a crisp that happened this afternoon required shocking as the community level we had quite a few footage from our colleagues. on the ground who were trying to reach some remote area but there was hope and a middle of the way because of the strong earthquakes and they had to help people around the local community or people were running around trying to get away from the building from construction so that you know there were saved and also like within the red cross we have been working on really rebuilding the lives of communities so we've started directing temporary shelters for communities and also through providing other regular at the core of the chording psychosocial support to health care. and water and funding mission as well but just you know the
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show has been. quite shocking and all over. and also we have to be going on the mall like you know working with communities really supporting the mall on on what they need on the ground right know because the new office job than your damage that they're on the undergoing at the mosque and well history has me thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us that the international federation of the red cross on the island of mombasa thanking the. and that's up get you up to date on some of the other stories making news around the world italian rescuers have ended the search for survivors from the genoa bridge collapse efficient death toll now stands at forty three people after three more bodies were discovered overnight a section of the mud and the bridge gave way last tuesday with dozens of vehicles plunging fifty meters to the ground below. both artes in india's flood ravaged
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carolus stated trying to rescue thousands of people stranded in isolated areas flooding and landslides triggered by torrential rains have killed hundreds and displaced more than seven hundred thousand people more rain is forecast in the coming days. afghan president ashraf ghani has declared a provisional three month ceasefire with the taliban he said the truce would only hold if the insurgents reciprocate his meanwhile the taliban have said they will free hundreds of prisoners for the forthcoming eight holiday the announcements followed a week of fierce fighting in which the taliban launched an assault against the city of cost me kabul the border. let's take a listen now to ash afghanis appeal to the taliban for peace. we call upon the leadership of the taliban to welcome the wishes of afghans for a long lasting and real peace and we urge them to ready themselves for peace talks
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based on islamic values and principles local journalist taqiyya caddied he joins us on the line now from kabul he's been following this story. this is not the first time that dawn has offered a ceasefire disuse and just last week we saw fresh fighting the taliban also announcing that it would be that would withdraw protection from the red cross so what has propelled gandhi to offer this ceasefire now. well actually you're right two months ago during the first the festival carney also you know offered an unconditional actually offer proposal to the taliban but this time it's conditional he says that you know he will give them the opportunity to embrace you and if they do agree and if they agree if they do. approve this proposal then you know for three months you'll just cease fire but the problem is that the kind of on
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a phone with them going back on your promises i mean last time you quite remember that only for three or four days they accepted that ben that then shortly after that we you know witness quite a lot of attacks in kabul and in north of afghanistan and loads of afghani afghan troops on afghan civilians have been killed two people are not really optimistic to be honest about. all five even though i mean we hear from international figures as well like today the nato secretary general olds who welcomed it and i've been speaking to other diplomats as well saying that it might be actually opening the gateway for the taliban to embrace peace for a bridge before afghanistan they're welcomed by the international community but first of course the taliban have to agree to it how are they reacting to the offer . one of the taliban actually you know when you read dear even read sage it doesn't really talk so much about this even though just to say that they would be releasing
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. a dozen of afghan prisoners that they are and captivity within the palace on groups but they haven't been really you know the operating on this one issue of the dead but it seems like the taliban on quite a blow bill readdy but the problem is that the taliban is not one united need to get this point that me clarified that they are so much security and they are so much divided actually so there are money cuts off the taliban one group in greece is actually welcome this peace proposal you might be other groups that they might be you know opposing it as they did in the us as well tactical darry a journalist in a compost speaking to us thank you very much indeed thank you venezuela's president nicolas maduro has announced a series of economic reforms a big hyperinflation which could hit one million percent this year in a new currency as you start trading this week but to give you an idea on the daily haul ship the people of facing will this pile all the venezuelan bond involves the
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currency here will buy you just one chicken likewise base in fact is how much just a few tomatoes will set you back currently in venezuela and take a look at this which part of paper is worth more here actual paper money or the toilet paper itself venezuela is a fleeing the economic crisis in nigeria's but they're facing tough restrictions on getting into other countries. brazilians in the border town of parker turn on venezuelan immigrants forcing hundreds to flee back across the frontier violence flared after an alleged attack on a local restaurant owner but tensions have been building for years as huge numbers of venezuelans escaping turmoil at home have poort into brazil. chaotic scenes also on the border between colombia and ecuador which has tightened passport requirements for venezuelans wanting to enter the country like many fifty year old
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gabriella volta wants to travel through ecuador and then into peru but the authorities there too are cracking down on venezuelans. i'm here with my wife we're hoping for some kind of humanitarian measure from the ecuadorian government that allows us to enter so we can continue our journey to peru. we really want to contribute. if we don't work our kids will starve. we're going to stick together until we get to our destination in peru so we can work and fight for our kids. that may now be more difficult but with the venezuelan economy in tatters and no guarantee president maduro is reforms will succeed there is little incentive for would be emigrants to return home. and joining us now from the venezuelan capital caracas is also
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lanka he's a correspondent covering events for. thank you for joining us we're hearing reports of absolutely dire conditions in venezuela can you describe to us what people are going through. well it's quite difficult not only because there's a food shortage and a medicine shortage but also services like electricity and water especially outside of the capital caracas it is it is really tough for people to to handle and in the past few days since the news of these new economic measures that mother is introducing it's made complete chaos here again in venice where with supermarkets full of people trying to spend the money that they still have and filling up their their gasoline tanks with the news of an increment in and gas prices here and there's also a lot of confusion on to our people are going to calculate the new currency that's
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going to be implemented by tuesday now if thousands of people are trying to face neighboring countries using at columbia as a corridor or i think being treated to as illegal migrants. well the thing is that a lot of those these countries and in south america have a treaty that they allow immigrants to pass without using a passport now whether or not the group have complaints and it's a passport to accept these new immigrants because of the influx of and as well as that are coming in now you have to understand that these countries are not used to having immigrants in this large and these large amounts and they don't have the legislature or the accommodations to go to attend to such a migration and we've seen the u.n. calling this the largest migration of people in the hemisphere so we are starting
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to see much more difficulties for venezuela as in these countries but up to now it's been pretty pretty easy for them to travel within these countries. that was all sky shank ate a ballet in a in caracas draw that i'm headed home free in bali and plenty more coming up at the top of the hour seat at. the a. birth. to millions of species a home for saving. me as much as on those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around.


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