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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2018 1:02am-1:15am CEST

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can the fed stay independent despite the pressure of the u.s. president criticizes the head of the u.s. federal reserve for raising rates on the dollar a day. or so coming off a real game changer on how the gaming world has become a lucrative career choice for the chosen few. this is your business update i'm helena humphrey in berlin glad you could join me in just two days' time the united states and china will impose a foe the sixteen billion is billion dollars worth of tariffs on each other on the same day a chinese delegation will touched on in the u.s. for talks aimed at resolving the country's trade dispute us president says he's not expecting much from them and is likely to press ahead with a further two hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs on china american businesses sounding the alarm. the world's two biggest economies may still be willing to talk
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to one another but behind the scenes they're busy adding items to their terrorist hit lists. among the two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods the u.s. is planning to tax next are babies car seats and bicycles. as a hearing taking place inside this building in washington american businesses had a chance to express their opinion of their government's f.q. traits with china. we've encouraged them strongly encourage them to negotiate with china not to just you know through a tariff walls going to for tat. some american businesses even fear they'll be affected by both chinese and u.s. tariffs. we have some members that are finding out that the yarns in fabrics that shipped to china are going to be subject to a twenty five percent tariff and then the finished products the shift from china
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back united states are going to be subject to twenty five percent or so they're getting taxed twice and that's not good not good also describes the chances of a breakthrough a trade talks set to take place between china and the u.s. from thursday u.s. president donald trump says he doesn't expect much asked for china. we hope to be a result during the trade talks. but as you know we normally don't like to make any comments before the actual negotiations and we hope both sides can sit down quietly and dedicate themselves to achieving a good result on the basis of the parish trust country the whole that you would. but those talks will take place on the same day as the two countries impose a further sixteen billion dollars worth of tariffs on each other hardly a foundation for trust. meanwhile the dollar has dipped after us president donald trump lashed out at the federal reserve's. it's tightening monetary policy trump
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said he was quote not thrilled with the rate hikes chairman jerome powell has said the federal reserve will not be bound to pressure is expected to raise its key rates twenty small business year another two times twenty nineteen. when i want to bring in our financial correspondent also if you should month ski is all in a wall street so fee well it was of the moves that trump wanted he made it very clear he's not afraid of saying so despite the fact that the central bank's meant to be independent well has been out from couldn't care less last weekend's as a fund raising event of the g.o.p. apparently behind closed doors so told some people that powell is not the fed chair he had thought he wanted powell to be a provider of cheap money but now this guy is raising rates twice actually already and he is planning more apt to rate from something like two and a half percent so two more rate hikes this year one rate hike at least and then on
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on the record in an interview with the white house trump said that other countries and economies the federal reserve bank would do more to have their leaders and the economy trample on one thing to look good to be perceived as a president who's helping the economy grow even if it's at the cost of rising inflation the facts in the meantime want a stable economy that is not overheating so i guess these two sides are going to have a hard time coming together right we've certainly been hearing about what troll wants and has to say on the matter but we do know of course that jackson hole is coming up we'll hear more from powell what can we expect him to focus on sophie. oh powell was going to talk about monetary policy in a changing economy and of course the conditions and rules for the global economy has been changing rapidly within the last year trampas creating chaos in trade
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policy maybe in order to rebuild everything bigger and better i don't know but right now the e.c.b. and the fed and all these bankers have to figure out how to handle one of their most important instruments to control inflation the interest rates they probably are going to talk about the strength of currencies and maybe they're going to argue about it and walk away they have to maybe level that policy in order to avoid investors fleeing from one to the other country that show got a lot to talk about save szymanski for us new york soucie thank you. well german chancellor angela merkel says she sees no need to offer financial aid to turkey the near has lost forty percent against the dollar this year and turkey's leader calls the currency crisis an attack on his country but experts say he's the problem. whether it's a bridge over the bosphorus an istanbul subway system or an imposing mosque
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turkey's president about to tie up and one is known for his beak ambitions. the construction sector has been at the forefront of the country's economic development . but recent events have put the brakes on turkey's economy. turkish banks and companies have accumulated four hundred seventy billion dollars a foreign desk and just the value of the lira plummets it's getting ever harder to repay those loans. turkish president ratchet type eridu one has ignored calls for interest rate hikes and rejected any notion of a bailout from the international monetary fund. experts say a multi-pronged approach is needed to tackle the country's economic problems. turkish business and investment in the environment need structural reforms labor market reform fiscal reform education reform all of the forms that are this is
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a city to cope with the challenges of the twenty first century in the digital age so they have to be priority. ordinary turks are already feeling the pain prices are rising rapidly and there are fears that a slowdown in business could trigger massive job cuts. in germany some politicians have raised the prospect of offering turkey financial aid but economists say such a move wouldn't get to the core of turkey's problems. it would be a really bad idea to make direct payments in order to support turkish economy i mean turkey's problem is not liquidity problem there are structural problems inflation is too high the interest rates are off the central bank are too low. for now the turkish president appears to. turman to stick to his existing economic policy mean while two major credit ration agencies have done great to the country
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without a concrete plan of action in turkey could be on course for an economic disaster. and it's game time this week in the german city of cologne with hundreds of thousands of gayness folk into the walls largest event for computer and video games and. brits die if the into the crap forests. of printing and you're inside the game not just on screen the recent may guide fortnight breaks with tradition rather than playing the survival games games come visitors can test their real world skills playing is free anyway and has attracted one hundred twenty five million people in one year the community is why the game is so successful even little things like new emotes or new skins are very well received in that kind of explode within the community. and these features are what
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players pay for. others have reached a point where they get paid for playing. hardcore gamers read the heart of games gone when it started ten years ago and they still are but each sports has brought them from the basement to the stage. every someone told them on the most but we used to be happy to get a mouse pad or hardware or anything really now if you play in the national league it's one of the half to two thousand euros per month further up you can make five digits on the get go but you but you could believe it's the largest ever games com with over one thousand exhibitors ranging from p.c. titles on hard work to mobile products and console games. virtual reality is now developed mostly for amusement parks and movie theaters.
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relics all say the first reality hasn't really picked up in sales and they may be more of an experience game than for me but what's really driving the markets i asked an expert. the older generation is the fastest growing user base those over fifty already make up a quarter of all gamers and that continues to grow that means of course the supply of games for this target group is growing who does a. fixed games for the mass market are often simple and don't require complicated skills like these classics that are making a comeback as internet games or can be played directly on mobile devices. gaming is one of the reasons smartphones have made games accessible everywhere so everyone here has made i've got some very important business to do here.
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and we haven't heard from them since they are say with the latest from the world of business i'm have an imbalance taxes have a company some aren't. what
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keeps us in shape what makes us sick and how do we stay healthy. my name is dr carson he could i talk to a medical expert. watch them at work. and then discuss what you can do to improve your head. stay tuned and let's all try to stay in good shape. come d.w. . earth. home to movements of species. worth saving and. again those are big changes and most start with small steps but the ideas tell stories of created these people and innovative projects around the world. news that could turn its limits to screen image solutions and
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a force to shift the. current interest of content teaching to the next generation of environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation along with the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. more. food. food. food food. i will do a keno favorite show on sherman humor so expect a short show not seriously take with someone who's lived this country a long time germans can really be fun.


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