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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is the view news live from berlin is this the worst hour for the trump presidency two of the president's closest associates are looking at the possibility of a lengthy jails are. former lawyer michael cohen pleads guilty to a hush money speaking to influence the twenty sixteen election and campaign manager paul metaphor is convicted for financial crimes will have a look at the implications for the white house also coming up on the show. these are some of the thousands of african migrants now at the border between morocco and
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the spanish enclave of trying to get through the w. goes to europe's border in north africa to find out more. and the big business of high tech fontanel reporter gets into the swing of things as the world's biggest event for computer and video games opens here in germany we'll see what's pushing botanists this year. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us dramatic developments in the u.s. where two of the president's closest associates have either pleaded guilty or been found guilty of criminal offenses the most potentially damaging for the president the statements of michael cohen president trump's former personal lawyer he pleaded guilty to multiple charges related to the twenty sixteen election campaign. or one
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of those charges stems from a hush money payment coleman cohen made to a former porn star who claims she had an affair with the president. he worked to pay money to silence two women who had information that he believed would be detrimental to the two thousand and sixteen campaign and to the candidate and the campaign in addition mr cohen sought reimbursement for that money by submitting him for invoices to the candidates companies which were untrue and faults they indicated that the reimbursement was for services rendered for the year two thousand and seventeen when in fact those invoices were a sham he provided no legal services for the year two thousand and seventeen and it was simply a means to obtain reimbursement for the odd lawful campaign contribution. for someone else now we have with us in the studio rick know our correspondent for the
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washington post good morning to wreck. does cohen's guilty plea mean that the president broke the law well it certainly makes it more likely that's people that investigators will figure out that he did break the law in case what cohen said was in fact true but whether that's going to have any legal consequences that's a totally different question ok the legal call a consequence of right now is the possibility of an indictment for the u.s. president how likely is that scenario. well that's an area which is not very likely at the moment because the department of justice has actually done a few analyses in the past and they've always concluded that indicting we're charging a sitting president is simply impossible so you would have to have a prosecutor who's willing to take the risk to challenge that ok you know we've seen legal troubles for the president before and for his associates i'm thinking of general michael flynn one example is the cohen case different than that well
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a coin case is different because it directly implicates the president himself and that is to a large extent different because it could have legal ramifications legal impact beyond is true it could in fact leads to a criminal charges after. after the end of his term after the end of his term but not right now democrats of in these kind of situations especially with the michael flynn situation raise the possibility of impeachment is way too early to talk about that yet that is out there in terms of what the democrats to teach it interests are well it is too early to speculate about impeachment but certainly if the midterms change the political balance in washington and if the democrats take the house step becomes a possibility at least triggering impeachment hearings would become a possibility and in fact there are certain democrats who are already demanding to
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ok we're close let's get our viewers the background on that second case that could put pressure on the u.s. president and that's another former trump associate his former campaign manager paul man of ford has been found guilty by a jury on a charges the judge declared a mistrial on ten other counts now metaphor was convicted of filing false tax returns in connection with millions of dollars earned lobbying for ukraine failing to disclose offshore bank accounts and two counts of bank fraud. metaphor strikes came to light as part of the investigation into possible russian influence on the twenty six thousand election campaign. or president trump commented on that verdict after learning landing in charleston west virginia where he attended a rally. or two it was withdrawn because there were a lot of different people here. feel very sad. because it is
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me but i still feel you know i think that. nothing to do with the loop this started rushing to lose you this is nothing to do so with that it's a great. business nothing to do what they started out looking like you're involved in are the words i feel very badly for the party can't work the only work ronald reagan worked for many many people. the way. it was not the original mission believe it was. there was something very much. nothing to do with broccoli and we continue the way thank you. ok we continue the witch. term that the president used quite often requires the president defended manna for but made absolutely very ill a lengthy defense there but made no comment about going. well we know that he's
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been struck yesterday more by the news of a cohen cohen pleading guilty done by demand afford burdick but also there might be some legal obstacles here because those are two very different cases you have a former long or one time campaign manager and then you have his lawyer and there are different legal implications for defending his person because they're still ok what are prison trumps political options right now you mentioned the midterm elections are coming up in november are they that much more of a higher stakes game for the political survival of the president well they could become that if the democrats decide to make that their rallying cry there are two options i think. either this could in bold trumps supporters who consider all of those investigations deeply unfair or it could impose on the democrats who managed
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to finally rally their supporters behind him still so it's sort of unclear what kind of impact it would be so it could fuel both bases both the trump base and the democrats as well. how are both these cases likely to affect and that's still out there the investigation what we just saw the president call a witch hunt into possible russian collusion on the behalf of the trump campaign well the question here is whether those prosecutions and in fact the possibility of going to jail for more than four years in both cases would in fact result in both of them cooperating with more learned sharing additional information about trump that may play into that very separate investigation and i think that is what a lot of people involved in the really probe of hoping ok that there might be some statements in terms of sentencing present sentencing statements that could
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implicate the president while i'm talking mainly about the possibility of cooperation between man affords and cohen and the miller investigation and that is still something. that is a hope ok for the mole investigation but novak's from the washington post thanks so much for being with us today thanks so much. now for a look at some of the other stories made in the news this hour facebook and twitter ever moved hundreds of accounts they say were part of a distant from asian campaign targeting their users the social media giants claimed the accounts were part of coordinated propaganda programs that originated in both russia and iran. thousands of anticorruption protesters have rallied in front of argentina's national congress they called on lawmakers to strip former president cristina fernandez the character of her congregational community amidst a drivers get used to leading
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a corruption involving officials and business leaders during her time in office. a powerful earthquake shook venezuela's northeastern coast and parts of the caribbean on a seven point three magnitude quake was the largest to hit the country in over a century but occurred so deep low the earth's surface that it calls the only minor . well as italy tightened its border controls in recent months spain has now become the main destination for african migrants find to reach europe and one entry point into spain is right in africa from morocco to the spanish on klav of say you to but it's no easy feat a six metre high fence barricades the eight kilometer long border spanish officials say migrants have resorted to violence in their attempts to make it across but for those do manage to get through it's no guarantee of an easy passage to a new life he wus all over salah falls
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a group who hope to make it to europe whatever the cost salif and his friends have to make their way to the high note carefully it's in the mountains of morocco near the border with sciutto. they say the police could show up at any time and destroy their camp the group have thousands of kilometers behind them now just a few hundred metres separate them from europe that fence this man from guinea oceans as deep cuts they are from his attempts to storm the water. my father is dead my mother has nothing not even food i'm the oldest son and i want to try and make some money to help my mother that's why i left. they have been travelling for two years since leaving guinea ah now they are stuck here with some fifty thousand others all hoping to make the journey from morocco to europe. some
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been waiting six months for this chance say with us fans it's this final hurdle. i have many friends who have made it to europe. so many have recently crossed the border we trust in god that we will also make it someday. the fence is here to stop them it's eight kilometers long and fitted with razor sharp wire along with the enclave of milly's this is the only other e.u. border in africa on the other side is a crew sato from the spanish guard it's his job to secure this border but lately that hasn't always been possible. over six hundred migrants managed to storm the fence at the end of july the police are helpless and talk of unprecedented levels of violence makeshift flame throwers quicklime and grappling hooks are the migrants
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weapons of choice but recruit others we are going to they were very well prepared and organized. small there was so violent that we could not get to the fence. i mean they threw acid at us and did all they could to prevent us from closing the holes that they had cut into the fence. victory over the fence it's taken years for them to reach their destination. the temporary reception center and see you to is fit to burst they have to stay here for one year then they can continue on to spanish mainland only a few of them apply for asylum since hardly any of them have any chance of asylum in europe it's putting pressure on the city of eighty thousand people the number of arrivals is barely sustainable council representatives say the situation in seal to
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is becoming untenable. that you have to respect the boat is it's not say again that the migrants are attacking off fence in this way we do not have the capacity to accommodate everyone here that would be impossible. that's another reason why tough border checks are part of everyday life in sale to as well as our traffic jams some twenty thousand people travel in and out of the course of the day many moroccans make a living out of trading with the spanish and plea. for alfonso crew sato and the guardian veal monitoring this border is a mammoth task six hundred employees work around the clock they use cameras to control the various sections of the fence and also the coastal area around the strait of gibraltar are it's a well rehearsed team but it's reaching its limits. but when at this stopping large groups of people is very complicated you need good cooperation between the moroccan
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authorities and our own i mean this. usually when both sides organize themselves well and everything goes well then we reach our goal. the young men in the mountains of morocco believe in strength in numbers saif and his friends are already planning their next attempt to storm the fence they're tired of the brutality of the hands of the moroccan police. they only find food at a nearby rubbish dump a soft drink a cucumber. amole potato life here is unbearable. morocco is teeming with police offices. all of my friends who left guinea with me made it to syria. what am i supposed to do here i'll stay here until i can get in.
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their sense of desperation is what drives them for salif and his friends it's europe or nothing. now he's believed to have been the last known nazi suspect still alive and living in the united states but ninety five year old polly is now in germany twenty five years after u.s. efforts began to have been deported during world war two he worked in a nazi labor camp in poland where inmates were executed but it's not certain that he will be prosecuted here we have this report now with exclusive pictures of ali's depart taishan from a.b.c. news. to living quietly in new york for decades this was the moment history caught up with. us all thirty's arresting him for deportation to germany expelling the ninety five year old despite his clear frailty there's been a priority for the trumpet ministration born in what was then poland poly arrived
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in america in one nine hundred forty nine concealing his nazi service from immigration officials eight years later his application for citizenship was granted but in the one nine hundred ninety s. investigators caught up with him he admitted to them having trained at a nazi s.s. camp in trav nikki the site of one of the holocaust worst massacres claiming the lives of some six thousand jewish citizens. a judge then revoked pollies american citizenship in two thousand and three a year later the u.s. authorities ordered his deportation. until now although germany had refused to accept him on the grounds that he isn't a german and also because german investigators say the evidence against him using conclusive. but the u.s. ambassador lobbied strongly behind the scenes saying berlin had a moral obligation to admit a man suspected of committing crimes in germany's name he's ninety five he's
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probably going to die at some point soon he's a little bit sickly and so we wanted to make sure that he didn't die in peace and comfort in the united states but that he was brought back somewhere to to face more justice on diplomatic rather than legal grounds the german government has now accepted that argument. sports now in germany football coach welcome love has presented his breakdown of what he thinks broke down a june's world cup the ball it did it in a private meeting with the german federation where discussions were said to be intense. on their way to a closed door summit the most influential people of german soccer they were hosted by the german football federation which needs a reboot after germany's disastrous performance at the world cup head coach here he moved and manager on of appealable were asked to lead the crisis side germany
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crashed out of the first round of this year's soccer world cup after winning it all in twenty fourteen shocking performances cause disbelief among players and fans as the reigning world champions fail to qualify for the knockout stages during the most intense exchange of recent years as the société later called summit live supposedly produced some answers as to why germany failed so miserably and presented his plan for the near future. two more meetings are set for this and next week the latter of which will be public as york remove also announces his squad for the upcoming us from nations league games. it's to the skies over lower austria now where it was sometimes difficult to actually see the sky because of all the world hot air ballooning championship action out there one hundred fifty below us involved in the week long event from thirty eight countries they go up twice a day the pilots competing in various events like flying their craft closest to
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certain targets or on doing a chase balloon this is the first time the biannual of that has taken off in austria. is here now and from hollywood balloons on to the hot weather on our planet exactly all over it's been a very hot some of brian and for central and northern europe it's actually been the hottest summer since nineteen seventy six and on top of that there was hardly any rainfall the heat and drought i've been wreaking havoc for the upper culture sector not only here in europe but around the world to see just how dry it is take a look at these thing. from the international space station with no clouds and sites europe is popped and that means water shortages crop losses wildfires wide areas of australia are also stricken by drought of the worst in decades formosa finding it hard to even keep their animals alive and they are already getting stage
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aid and the u.s. state of california is also facing severe droughts water supplies have been declining there for decades but this year the situation is especially grim the result is that overall more wheat and corn will be consumed in twenty eight hundred than can be produced and reserves already twinkling. well let's bring in an expert now when it comes to heat extreme weather and the impact on food a matting time professor of international food economics and rural development i was doing a vessel in gutting and good to have you with us so we had a sweltering summer not only here in germany but it's been hot around the world and everyone is going on about just how hot and dry this summer was was a greenie that's unusual yes it was very unusual especially when you look at them over hemisphere northern europe and germany stations in every part of the august summer since the official recordings of weather data so yes this is an
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extreme case and it's very unusual when we compared with the past not be so unusual when we come here and with what's the climate change deniers are predicting for the future not only the mean temperature is but also more frequent whether it's streams such as the drop that we saw this year all right so there lies more i have to just in order to give us an idea i mean in terms of the economy how big is the damage that we see already can you put a price tag on that. well the price tag is currently difficult because they are cultural harvests are not all in yet so we have heard in your contribution that in some regions of germany yields are you know below average by seventy per cent but those are extreme pockets so the estimates for germany and all of them europe as a whole is that we may be twenty percent below the longer term average and that's of
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course a substantial. decline in comparison to what we usually have i mean what what you say how many such thomas can we handle before where we face the serious problems in terms of food security. when we have a few of these years in a row then we will certainly have a serious would security problem but i'm much less concerned about germany because people in germany are rich enough so that even if prices go up or they can afford enough food a much more developed so the poor people in africa and so asia we are hunger and poverty. anyway even in an average year and will certainly go walk. prices go up and unfortunately i mean we are complaining here but all of our climate models are saying that the negative impact of climate change are all made
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repulsor will be much more severe and talk regions of so patient africa than in europe and that means the biggest impact negative impact will be where people already were and that's something we need to take very seriously exactly because of course that means the next migration crisis is just waiting for us around the corner professor. of international foot economics and rural development at the university and getting and thank you so much. from the threat of food shortage now to a more lighthearted talk it's game time this week in the german city of cologne with hundreds of thousands of gay most flocking to the world's largest event for computer and video games and power but it dived into the crowds for us and it was anything but the date. let's bang and you're inside the game not just on screen the recent may guide fortnight breaks with
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tradition rather than playing the survival game for games come visitors can test their real world skills playing is free anyway and has attracted one hundred twenty five million people in one year the community is why the game is so successful even little things like new emotes or new skins are very well received in that kind of explode within the community. and these features are what players pay for it. others have reached a point where they get paid for playing. hardcore gamers read the heart of games come when it started ten years ago and they still are but e-sports has brought them from the basement to the stage. that if. ever you like the much someone pull them on most but if we used to be happy to get a mouse pad or hardware or anything really now if you play in the national league
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it's one of the half to two thousand euros per month further up you can make five digits on this and we'll get them but you put your foot in it. it's the largest ever games come with over one thousand exhibitors ranging from p.c. titles on hard work to mobile products and console games. virtual reality is now developed mostly for amusement parks and movie theaters. at the lakes all saying that the rich are really hasn't really picked up in sales and it may be more of an experience game that if you like home what's really driving the markets high as an expert buys a car to the the older generation is the fastest growing user base those over fifty already make up a quarter of all gamers and that continues to grow. that means of course the supply of games for this target group is growing for dessert and. games for the mass
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market are often simple and don't require complicated skills much like these classics that are making a comeback as internet games or can be played directly on mobile devices. and one of the gaming is one of the reasons smart phones have made games accessible everywhere to everyone now new fears me i've got some very important business to do here. as. well and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. this president trump is on the pressure up to two of his former allies payscale said he says while financial goals and campaign no violations one of them is his ex michael cullen. it watching the news coming from bottom billion more coming up at the top of the hour see that.
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chris and still. tom cruise fat old treasure lose him. that kind of classic sense of the. facts to come.
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from deeper to asians pose a real threat to some german companies that i.d.s. refugees will comprise more than ten percent of the firm soft reference there would be a disaster if they were to me before to actually notice we would be able to follow orders. for what business expects from the politicians a c.e.o. speaks face to face. made in germany in sixty minutes on d w. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we're so clever the elite. class was. coming best mcgregor's off the carousel with never stopped ever getting along the wanted to ignore the reality
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that the whole thing might blow off in the face of a system that spun out of control. problems that will. cause everything to the current investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . hello and welcome to drive with the motor magazine i b w coming up giving a track we test the mercedes e m g c sixty three s. . getting the stage the new porsche mccunn. and getting new heights the way it is from hyundai the next so. because i'll turn our test to underwrite some.


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