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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm CEST

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we've. seen. this is due to the news coming to you live from the criminal connections cost of don't shadow over the trump presidency to a fistful much associates could go to cheney trump loyal michael pleads guilty to a hush money scheme to influence the two thousand and sixteen election and campaign manager for man of forces convicted of financial crimes what does this mean for the
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white house also coming up. facebook and twitter a move to stamp out a distant commission campaigns launch from their platforms but with the u.s. midterm elections just three months away have they acted soon enough. the protests camp in istanbul a woman a victim from a old home and now she has to face the consequences of a plunging economy. and desperation along one of europe's most heavily fortified border d.w. good list vanished in africa following refugees and migrants determined to get across. the glass the big business of high tech fund our reporter gets into the swing of things as a blood loan just eventful computer games opens in germany we look at what's pushing people's buttons and dropping matter. will also be looking at games called .
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play. a warm welcome to you on the. dramatic developments in the us where two of president trump's close associates have either pleaded guilty or been found guilty of criminal offenses the most potentially damaging for the president the statements of michael and president transform a personal lawyer former campaign manager poor man a false convictions could also add momentum to the special counsel's probe into russian collusion. to donald trump's critics the verdict is clear guilty as two of his former aides face judicial scrutiny activists lit up the entrance of trump international hotel in washington tuesday spelled double trouble for the u.s. president two of his ex advisors could be facing lengthy prison sentences the first
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michael cohen traumas from the past and a lawyer and close friend he pled guilty to a range of charges including campaign finance violations and the man who once said he would take a bullet for donald trump swore he paid hush money to donald trump alleged mistresses including stormy daniels he said he acted at the direction of whom he referred to as the candidate widely understood to be donald trump. he worked to pay money to silence two women who had information that he believed would be detrimental to the two thousand and sixteen campaign and to the candidate and the campaign. according to the deputy u.s. attorney co and then try to get reimbursed for the payments using phony invoices. and minutes later a second court case deliver drama mr trump's woman complain manager paul manifold was convicted on eight counts of financial crimes manifolds trial is the first to much from special counsel robert mina's investigation into russian meddling in the
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two thousand and sixteen election on his way to a companion rally investor ginia trump had this to say about the manifold case i feel very sad about that. because it is probably me but i still feel you know it's a very safe thing to have. nothing to do with russian police who started rushing killing to business i mean nothing to do and so we're just going to break i. want to go to the most ardent supporters night the court case appeared to matter you know i think our day our break that. we don't like. to take lose out of the rush of more chant we got a whole big company i told the trans crowd continues to cheer him on i joining me now live from washington is the bureau chief
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alexander from nominates alexander two close associates of donald trump a facing serious jail time he's been talking this morning what is he said. i think that one is surprised the president turned to twitter today to accuse michael cohen of lying making up stories to get a deal he also. compare fine and. charged michael cohen pleaded guilty to it's not a crime at all and that actually seems to be the main defense line of his lawyers his outside counsel giuliani issued a statement saying that michael cohen's actions reflect a pattern of lies and honesty over a significant period of time when we talk about reaction on man of force that's something that still known. as world today that's a different picture the president said on twitter that he feel badly for
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a man not for it and his family and yesterday he also already said that a man of ford was a good man and that if you just how is the rest of america reacting to these developments. when we talk to critics of the president they say that they are convinced that this could prove to be the most consequential day of the presidency a president in crisis how. can his advisers his lawyers supporters see it in a very different way many of them are even convinced that the president can turn these events to his advantage by reinforcing his supporters you that he is and that all of that smear campaign trumps former lawyer like acorn has pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations which implicate the president that sounds
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pretty serious for mr trump. it sounds very serious because what michael cohen sat in the courtroom was basically he admitted that he committed a crime and he said that he was direct and coordinated by the then candidate meaning donald trump although michael cohen didn't call the president by his name so this is serious however experts here doubts that a sitting president can be indicted that has never happened before but of course it will be up to talk to prove to the prosecutors to decide where we're going to choose this path and example in the other case the former trunk campaign manager pulled him out of force has been convicted on fraud and tax evasion charges but trump says those charges have no connection to him is he in the clear that.
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well he is definitely trying to distance himself order from this trial and from foreign we have to say that it wasn't about donald trump it wasn't about his campaign in this case but pulled him out for maybe talking to the special counsel in the future maybe to reduce his sentence and there is a trial coming up in september. right alexander phenomena bureau chief in washington thank you. and with us midterm elections coming in november tech companies are looking to dis information campaigns in that influencing the outcome facebook and twitter have shut down hundreds of misleading accounts linked to russia and iran u.s. politicians are also recent concerns of the separate revelations of alleged russian hacking. social media giants acting this time before it's too late to
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go to prevent fake news and propaganda from influencing the upcoming u.s. mid-term election facebook has removed more than six hundred fifty accounts pages and groups on his personal account facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg wrote that the company discovered networks of accounts that were misleading people about who they were and what they were doing. twitter also suspended over two hundred fifty accounts under similar claims both companies say those users were tied to russia's military intelligence services or iran state owned media just a day before the climb down microsoft reported it seized control of six fake websites created by kremlin linked hackers the software company said the activities targeted u.s. conservatives moscow tonight the allegations but u.s. senate has convinced them you're involved in politics in america i love especially
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if you have views of what he doesn't like you should expect to be the target of a campaign to access your e-mails to get into your systems divulge information or even falsify information against russian cyber attacks a big worry from the u.s. especially after more alleged meddling in the twenty six thousand election. facebook has been criticized for not doing enough to stop fake news. as new elections approach the company has to prove it will not make the same mistake twice . let me now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the world clashes have broken out in indian controlled region of kashmir after indian security forces fired tear gas at protesters the violence overshadowed celebrations of the muslim festival of the region has suffered decades of conflict as separatists fight for independence from india and closer ties to pakistan. hundreds
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of koreans have said define an emotional goodbyes to relatives at the end of the rare reunion for families separated by the korean border the south koreans are heading home after a three day visit to the north the first reunion stick in three guys. lawyers and ministers have arrived at zimbabwe's top court for a legal showdown over the results of last month's historic election opposition leader nelson chamisa claims the vote was not free and fair and is challenging president and most of the money god was narrow victory the court now has to decide if the results are valid. here in germany authorities have arrested in the leisure extremists in the capital berlin prosecutors say they believe the thirty one year old man had been planning a bomb attack in germany the suspect is a russian national who is known to have converted to radical islam. how did he
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abuse security expert if i've been funded bach is closely following that story and joins me now oh welcome fabienne what more can you tell us about this irresolute latest developments in the case. well special forces have arrested the men early in the morning today because they believe that michael may see we don't use his full name in line with the press code here in germany on privacy so this man he had planned a major attack somewhere in germany already in two thousand and sixteen he had a big amount of the highly explosive a.t.p. in his berth in flat at that time he was together in this flat with the second man we called him clear mall b. b and this man flew in two thousand and sixteen to france now in april two thousand and seventeen the man in france was arrested and
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during the french investigations more was found out about the second person the berlin men. see and that led to the arrest today here in britain and if i mean what is the background off these arrests in france and germany now and how involving obviously the authorities. well german authorities believe that the person who was today arrested in germany monument he didn't pose an immediate threat to germany in terms of a terrorist attack at this very moment they rather wanted to find out more about these explosives the t a t p that was in his flat well in the rate they didn't find the explosives they this is still missing. a different subject is also highly delicate as you know in germany we had the biggest terrorist attack in two thousand and sixteen on the christmas market by an islamist called. and now there is a connection between and these two figures the person in france and here the one
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who was arrested today in berlin they went to the same mosque here in berlin and the two arrested in france and germany and also on the phone of. the phone number of claymore b. was found in france so there are connections between the most deadly islamist terrorists that we had here in germany and two people that had a huge amount of this highly explosive fifty eighty p. the two combined would have been an even more deadly mixture and authorities will now look closer on these connections you do have these security affairs correspondent five been funded thank you very much. you're watching the news coming up ahead appeared a scamp in istanbul a woman a victim from our own home but now she has to face the consequences of a plunging economy despite the election promise of president.
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having bene not good news for everyone no really no europe's faking literally in its hottest summers it's one hundred seventy six and that's very bad news for many farmers is hardly any brain it's threatening the livelihoods of many drowned is causing havoc around the world this year no clouds in sight in europe as you can see from the international space out the worst in decades farmers are finding it hard to keep their animals alive state aid has been allocated to landholders. the u.s. state of california is also facing severe drought order supplies have been declining for decades but this year is especially grim more wheat and corn will be consumed in twenty eighteen they can be produced reserves a dwindling. germany has the amount three hundred forty million euros to help farmers hit by drought as the result of a cabinet meeting today help can't come soon enough we visited
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a couple of just outside in the fields and brandenburg are some of the sandy assistant germany and it hasn't rained in the region since april for weeks drought related damage has prompted the german farmers association to demand rapid financial aid now that the government announced millions of euros in assistance the farmers lobby says prioritization will be key. i would like to stress that it's important to support the farms that have suffered really bad setbacks losses of more than thirty percent oxygen we don't want to cast a wide net. we want to target the aid where it's needed most. is to allow the farms to continue to operate. that could make the fener farming call for it if. the head of the government's announcement it said it's lost seventy percent of the crops it needed to feed its cattle it wasn't able to build up large
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reserves due to poor harvests in the past. for out of the drought which means that we have a considerable shortage and he. did even the one time we couldn't fill the contracts are not included with the agricultural co-operative due to poor yield sized co-operative has a deficit if you thought of five hundred thousand euros this year. it's from. the german farmers association expects this year's harvest to be down twenty six percent this again is likely to make prices rise. the numbers with our financial correspondent daniel cole as we heard their billions in damages and the millions in aid what went wrong. well then when you consider that for quite some time it was not even clear if those farmers would receive anything germany's agriculture minister you can look and she's by the way the daughter of a wine grower has been very careful in the past week saying that she needs
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a complete overview of the situation and she can't promise the money everybody you want so i guess millions are at least something now that's also what germany's farmer association has been saying today as with a statement they were already prepared for a scenario in which farmers would not have received anything because guess there are farmers that have really suffered this summer we're talking about ten thousand to urgently need this money but there are also others who even profited with this whether wineries are expecting and most of the german reason excellent grades also farmers with pumpkins plants or fields they have also benefit fed if it is so yeah at least they're getting some money but yes they wanted more going to say the one grows up having a great time but what about the farmers who are hit hard will they invest that money in irrigation that this still so dependent on the rain and it's not coming.
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exactly well this money is mostly for those farmers who would be bankrupt after the season without support and yes not much rain is expected at least it's going to cool down i was just checking it in the next days but not much more can be changed in this season also we have in some areas of germany quite a water shortage at the moment so that wouldn't even work it will be more of a support to survive this year and hopefully again have better results in the coming years but if we can't trust the weather experts who are saying that also the next summer could be like that farmers might need a plan b. it sounds like it's going to be dry for a while then have been prepared for us thank you. and farmers in mexico have found a culprit for a drought in the central state of puebla they blame german comic fog fucking in june b.w. started to use pale cannons to protect new cars in the plant's outdoor parking lots of devices are meant to disrupt the formation of pale in the atmosphere and prevent
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hail storms but farmers allege they also prevent any other form of precipitation the region's seen no rain since may and fama say they've lost two thousand hectares of crops is leaking over three million euros in compensation for the order because . let's see how far they go in getting that money it's been hard enough with diesel drivers getting their compensation from luke leigh who we've been talking a lot of bought about turkey and they counted me and now took this president. made a big promise before the country's recent election vote for me and the country will prosper lately he's been struggling to keep his word inflation and unemployment are crippling the economy people with low incomes are suffering the most people like. or who she has lost her home and is now struggling to find a way out of the misery. zaineb bruce canoe used to have
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a house here the retiree worked her entire life to become a homeowner but two years ago istanbul city officials came knocking at her door saying she had to move the ruling a.k.p. party said it was part of its urban renewal policy. with this service the city administration said if you don't want to go then it will simply be confiscated then the building contract it came and promised us an apartment by june this year in return for our property but nothing has materialized. now all that remains here as an abandoned building site the construction company has reportedly gone bankrupt and the contractor can't be contacted. that you know has been without her own home ever since she's been staying with relatives. now she and others who had to move have set up a protest camp and they say they want justice but the fine seems to be getting
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harder. you know. anger is probably going a bit too far but we all share the same sense of intense disappointment the government has to do something to help. their plan was to relocate residents to new homes and now they should find us they will partment. for years the construction industry was central to turkey's economic success. the government gave out cheap loans to businesses and approved massive contracts for new highways and bridges. now times are tough and the construction industry is on the brink of collapse many building activities have come to a standstill. in parts of the in its former neighborhood the demolition crews haven't started work yet quarters like these were built by labor migrants from eastern anatolia region. soon everyone will have to leave the official reason is the threat posed by earthquakes critics however suspect the government is doing
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dubious deals with construction companies. that look this is what my house used to look like a small bungalow behind my place there was a fake tree might pick fruit from it it was wonderful. the local hairdresser a member of the ruling a.k.p. party disagrees he says people like they need a bad mouth in the country he says the government is working hard to make everyone happy. there's no problem here. when the government is finished building everything it will be great it was nice and safe everything has become. used to. zainab visits one of her former neighbors a woman who has been compensated with an apartment from one of the newly constructed apartment blocks. the buildings looked cheap and hastily billed many residents say they had no idea what it would be like to live here. almost it
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goes to those tokyo there is no sense of community among the neighbors anymore no one invites you over to their apartment for a cup of tea and they're making us into strangers in our own town. prices are exploding in turkey thanks to the plummeting lira and rampant inflation zeinab suspension of roughly two hundred euros a month is quickly losing value there are more and more reports of mass redundancies and unemployment continues to rise the official figure is already above twelve percent elected but this is why if i paid electricity gas and water bills there wouldn't be much left over everything's become so expensive one minute you can't afford five hundred grams of meat anymore then suddenly you can't even afford two hundred fifty and i don't even have money for fish oh yeah. turkey is on the brink of economic collapse citizens like to name does good know who have
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lost faith in their government as well as having fewer rights that becoming poorer by the day. and we start with cricket india have beaten england in the third test the no truth to one in the five test series rugby children are schwinn to the final wicket on day five in nottingham to bowlers in with the three hundred seventeen giving india a big two hundred and three run. and now to a federal judge in the u.s. who's decided to branch out and become an ice dancing john he's quite accomplished on the ice himself but he was to keep on learning how to skates to improve his judging skills and oh by the way judge robert sweet is ninety five years old the second look as well the world's oldest ice skate is. normally he is
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a busy new york judge who is presiding over high profile cases involving the likes of facebook and harvey weinstein but twice a week robert sweet takes on a very different challenge the ninety five year old heads to the rink to indulge in his second great passion ice dancing nowadays he wears a helmet after suffering a concussion following a fall but he's generally very steady on the skates and he's keen to get even better. this is. a very personal i. wish for. you here it's very important to to be found one church very important to your body and the right place on your boy it looks as if you're on the entire blade but you're not you're just shot a relatively small part of the way even has a coach but two time olympian some vote was wary of training a judge at first. on the beginning i was very afraid because
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federal judge and i sure would like to just with a like you but it was law enforcement but you become was not as much so if you become a slave because he's very. livable nice folks a lot of the sweeties and surprisingly good old his clients but at ninety five he's showing no signs of slowing down. quite inspirational you're watching a good every news coming up ahead. the people of venezuela gets used to their new currency with inflation heading hold one million percent a year it's an attempt to restore confidence in the back to the economy but really if you look. and games come two thousand eighteen of. giving event is in full swing in the city of cologne we take a look and show many changing faces when it comes to video games. or that and more
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coming up shortly here what you need of the news coming to you live from london and then the results want to. see you again shortly. tut tut tut. tut. tut. claims rikishi murder were complete arsonist. rich. coon the roman emperor nero. to be just get bad press and remount historians are reexamining this case rethinking the rochas history been unfair to the infamous emperor legend forty five minutes on d w.
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his creations the interests displaced sons mystical. dogshit icon the fiction. book really not about the man behind the dark shades i just moments in the life of a great fashion designer. start september. w. how's of you don't know. where i come from but oh is that it does this go it's just like when. chinese food doesn't matter where i am as it was reminds me of home after decades of living in germany china still just one of the things i miss the most but better taking a step back i see these things going to tell the difference minolta benefits of first as american nations that exist as a part of the whole haven't been implemented in china that's new for a lot of chinese people wondering if they're for the sake of the but if you have
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a right to learn to read it is this is their job a job under the maoists you end up this is why i love my job because i tried to do it exactly as it is an hour a day. by the name of the uninsured and i was added up due. to.
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the fact forums shut down hundreds of misleading it comes russia and. new research is fun. found disturbing links between on digital habits on the social media platform and behavior offline in particular when it comes to refugee violence here in germany social media editor is here to bring us up to speed welcome khana what exactly did this study find was of this study focused actually specifically on germany these were two german researchers working at the university of warrick and they analyzed refugee attacks over
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a two year span here in the country and they were looking for commonalities here what was going on in the communities where these attacks took place so they looked at a lot of different variables education demographics but one thing stood out in particular and that was actually facebook usage so for every town in every city they examine the word answer i refuse the attack took place there was a higher than average facebook use and this is really interesting in fact in cities where facebook usage was significantly above average refugee attacks increased by around fifty percent i mean that is a huge number these researchers also say facebook could have actually driven ten percent of the refugee attacks overall during that two year period so you know this is really interesting stuff in fact they also found when the internet when down so facebook wasn't available at all in these cities refugee attacks went down so another link then to facebook use it really kind of shocking findings and as you
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mentioned more bad news for facebook as if the company needs more exactly and the what is it about facebook that gives it such power shift by how full impact on the yemen facebook has a lot of factors that can make it a powerful platform the researchers point to a few of them in the first one is the facebook algorithm this is kind of the secret sauce that decides what contents we will see when we look at our timeline the algorithm really promotes content that has lots of engagement so very emotional content and often it's negative so. anti refugee content really fits into that algorithm and facebook just tends to automatically push that towards its users secondly the study points to so-called super posters these are people that are always on the platform they're very active many of these people especially in germany might be posting anti refugee content and they're sort of creating this illusion that the feeling about refugees is more negative in the real world than it really is based on what people are seeing when they log on to facebook and the
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third is this filter bubble writes of people on facebook they follow accounts and news outlets and people who only agree with them and they rarely see other opposing viewpoints reza researchers say these are the factors that really can help set the stage for these sorts of anti immigrant attacks this is sounding like of a disturbing trend what can be done to fight these effects yeah i mean it's not an easy question you know facebook of course has been cracking down on hate speech in germany there's a powerful law that has huge penalties for companies like facebook other social media sites if they don't remove hate speech within twenty four hours we actually spoke with one of the study's researchers he says there is no easy fix i'm sure it would be did you did facebook only. combat the problem we had in our study i would love and could be used as to actively seek out a few points on facebook because facebook. mechanically you always push you
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towards people off the opinion the solution might lie with facebook users themselves that's right because we have to have a careful as to how we operate on social media thank you very much for me us that story. and recent months italy has tightened its border controls spain has become the main destination for african refugees and migrants trying to reach europe and one entry point in spain's north african explained a fee ota hundreds of refugees and migrants have stolen fences in a bid to enter europe into a tree at least one hundred fifty people managed to cross in a bid to hindu more from the exclusive authorities that erected a six need to hide fence along its border. but for those who make it through it's no guarantee of an easy passage to a new life is all of a sonnet for follows a group intent on making it to europe whatever the cost. salif
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and his friends have to make their way to the hyde old carefully it's in the mountains of morocco near the border with say utah. they say the police could show up at any time and destroy their camp the group have thousands of kilometers behind them now just a few hundred meters separate them from europe that and fence this man from guinea shows as deep cuts there from his attempts to storm the border for. my father is dead my mother has nothing not even food i'm the oldest son and i want to try and make some money to help my mother that's why i left. they have been travelling for two years since leaving now they are stuck here with some fifty thousand others all hoping to make the journey from morocco to europe. some effects been waiting six months for this chance say what suspense is his final
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hurdle. i have many friends who have made it to europe. so many have recently crossed the border we trust in god that we will also make it someday. the fence to stop them it's eight kilometers long and fitted with razor sharp wire along with the territory of this is the only other border in africa on the other side. from the spanish. it's his job to secure this border but lately that hasn't always been possible. over six hundred migrants managed to storm the fence at the end of july the police are helpless and talk of unprecedented levels of violence makeshift flame throwers quicklime and grappling hooks are the migrants weapons of choice but
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i am more recruit others are going to they were very well prepared and organized. but what's small there was so violent that we could not get to the fence. and in fact threw acid at us and did all they could to prevent us from closing the holes that i had cut into the fans. of the. boss a boss of a victory over the fence it's taken years for them to reach their destination. the temporary reception center in c.u. to is fit to burst they have to stay here for one year then they can continue on to spanish mainland only a few of them apply for asylum since hardly any of them have any chance of asylum in europe it's putting pressure on the city of eighty thousand people the number of arrivals is barely sustainable council representatives say the situation in seal to is becoming untenable. that you have to respect the boat is it's not say again that
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the migrants are attacking off fence in this way we do not have the capacity to accommodate everyone here would be impossible now but. that's another reason why tough border checks are part of every day life in sale to as well as hours of traffic jams some twenty thousand people travel in and out over the course of the day many moroccans make a living out of trading with the spanish and played. for alfonso crew sato and the guardian veal monitoring this border is a mammoth task six hundred employees work around the clock they use cameras to control the. various sections of the fans and also the coastal area around the strait of gibraltar are it's a well rehearsed team but it's reaching its limits. but it's stopping large groups of people is very complicated you need good cooperation between the moroccan
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authorities and our and. usually when both sides organize themselves well and everything goes well then we reach our goal where's. the young man in the mountains of morocco believe in strength in numbers saif and his friends are already planning their next attempt to storm the fence they're tired of the brutality of the hands of the police. they only find food at a nearby rubbish dump a soft drink a cucumber a moldy potato life here is unbearable. and. morocco is teeming with police offices i mean all of my friends are left guinea with me made it to syria. what am i supposed to do here i'll stay here until i can get in. their sense of desperation is what drives them
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for salif and his friends it's europe or nothing. a powerful earthquake has shaken venezuela's northeastern coast and parts of the caribbean but despite a magnitude of seven point three it caused major damage because it was so deep no deaths have been reported at the same time that is it is have otherwise mainly a new currency that's just been ruled on by the government it's an attempt to restore confidence in the battered economy where inflation was expected to reach one million percent a year before the currency to form. the queuing for practically nothing the bank machine pays out a maximum of ten new bolivar's per person around fifteen year a sense the government promised the currency reform would revolutionize the economy but there's no sign of that yet. we just have to hope that this is the answer.
4:42 pm
we're stuck in a dark tunnel trapped in a dead end street. inflation is running at thirteen thousand percent the new banknotes brought in on monday have five fuels zeroes people are wary the days there's been panic buying driven by the fear of prices rising ever higher venezuela's socialist government is facing its deepest ever crisis president nicolas maduro is asking for trust and promising wage increases. have decided to research the minimum wage from now on workers were earning one thousand eight hundred dollars dollars. a new minimum wage of around twenty six year as a month represents an enormous jump thirty five times more than it used to be for baker and dress as well that means laying off staff. only better than what we think of at the moment i have seventeen employees i won't be able to keep them on. i just
4:43 pm
can't afford to pay this minimum wage seventeen times over with. president maduro is turning to drastic measures in the hope of staying in office the whole country depends on the oil industry but decades of corruption have drained the state owned oil giants and seen production fall by half the government is counting on far reaching reforms but economists are warning of devastating consequences. reforms are contradictory and oil incomes are significantly reduced. it will mean unprecedented turmoil. in search of a solution maduro's government is prepared to risk the ultimate gamble raising petrol prices to world market levels it's a hugely unpopular measure petro in venezuela is still much cheaper than water.
4:44 pm
you've got to remember we're an oil producing country and now we're supposed to pay the equivalent in dollars where will that end. i just don't agree with it i mean the government needs to tell us how this is going to help its allies who say this is going to improve the economy i mean it's one of them in. the never ending shortages and hyperinflation have already driven large numbers away in the last four years some two point three million venezuelans have left the country. over to been physically with the leases an artificial intelligence ben thank you have returned from smart factories in which the machines communicate with each other to improve production to intelligence software that validates your insurance policy ai is pervading our lives bolin is one of the top ten locations in the world for artificial intelligence research but companies
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a struggling to find skilled workers. and ronnie trains robots to learn skills they have already driven large numbers away in the last four years some two point three million venezuelans have left the country. over to been physically with the lease is an artificial intelligence ben thank you have breather from smart factories in which the machines communicate with each other to improve production to intelligence software that validates your insurance policy ai is pervading our lives but lynn is one of the top ten locations in the world for artificial intelligence research but companies a struggling to find skilled workers. and ronny trains robots to learn skills they have to figure out where something is and what to do with it he takes them through thousands of different scenarios. but there aren't enough programmers in germany who can develop artificial intelligence projects like this. when you're
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. under a software as a couple of candidates who have these very specialized qualifications they're very good as it so we'll invite them in and discover yeah we'd like to work with you. then we're happy to pay you to bring this sort of talent to berlin. ok for a start up aims to revolutionize mechanical engineering it's up against competitors in the u.s. and china coding these kinds of programs is tricky there are no proven procedures to fall back on and that's what makes ai programming especially challenging. two thirds of germany's artificial intelligence companies are located in perlin the city is popular among a specialist quality of life helps compensate for lower pay even in silicon valley . as this is. it's impossible
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to get someone who is capable for under fifty thousand euros a year. a lot of people make much more than that here. but don't tell my staff our pay is more modest and that's because we have people who are happy to be here. to help. the company hopes its location can help it attract and keep staff as it races against competitors to make artificial intelligence part of daily life. realities of life at any time how about building into the world of gaming it's not just for kids. it's found out. it. nothing and you're inside the game not just on screen
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the reasons may guide four thousand breaks with tradition rather than playing the survival game for games come visitors can test their real world skills playing is free anyway and has attracted one hundred twenty five million people in one year the community is why the game is so successful even little things like new emotes or new skins are very well received in that kind of explode within the community. and these features are what players painful to. others have reached a point where they get paid for playing. hardcore gamers read the heart of games come when it started ten years ago and they still are but each sports has brought them from the basement to the stage. that. if you like them a someone pull them on most but we used to be happy to get
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a mouse pad or hardware or anything really now if you play in the national league it's one of the half to two thousand euros per month further up you can make five digits on this and we'll get them but you want to put in it. it's the largest ever games come with over one thousand exhibitors ranging from p.c. titles and hardware to mobile products and console games. virtual reality is now developed mostly for amusement parks and movie theater. at the links all say that the richer reality hasn't really picked up in sales and it may be more of an experience game that if you like home what's really driving the markets i ask an expert buys a car to the eight of the older generation as the fastest growing user base those over fifty already make up a quarter of all gamers and that continues to grow. that means of course the supply of games where the target group is growing does a. fixed games for the mass market are often simple and don't require complicated
4:50 pm
skills much like these classics that are making a comeback as internet games or can be played directly on mobile devices. gaming is only one of the reasons smart phones have made games accessible everywhere to everyone now new fears me i've got some very important business to do here. and so gaming also a full my old colleagues romero will have no more of that very soon first some breaking news from amrita. thank you ben we have this news just coming in the of gone government will not send a delegation to moscow for the russian sponsored peace conference on the fourth of september a spokesman for the afghan government to indeed it would only take bought in talks and he says it by seth the russian government has invited twelve states to the peace conference and it has is also expecting the thought had been to tick box in
4:51 pm
those talks the u.s. has also counts in its but dissipation of course we'll follow that story for you and bring you more details as they come in ok returning now to the story about giving as you heard the city of cologne and miss in germany is currently hosting games which is said to be the biggest event for computer and video games in the robin miller from uk i said this is here to tell us all welcome robin the many people actually sneer at video games and things but the hugely popular and what's a big industry industry huge in it industry i was amazed to find the numbers i mean it's estimated there are two billion gamers around the world and the revenues you're talking about one hundred billion dollars worldwide now if we look at the entertainment industry as a whole hollywood movies all pop music industry combined they don't come anywhere near it it doesn't have however
4:52 pm
a profile like anything else you know. of the entertainment industry so we don't have his so much about it but it's huge four hundred thousand people are expecting a big games call which we've just seen in the next few days there are games for all ages playing for me. but also called when everybody's figures in the thumbs are exhausted there's actually live by that time and for them in the evening and it seems over there's a new german game just causing a bit of the stuff yes this is called true brooke and in the past germans in games have had. bad press if you like there are always nazis all baddies or always speaking with a strange accent or something ridiculous but this is to a broken it sets in rural provincial cosy and comfortable germany that we all know as well that's outside in and it's a mystery still thriller which is a bit spooky and doubt very different to what we've experienced before it all
4:53 pm
started with a kickstarter campaign you know raising money on the internet and also is backed by young burma man who is this notorious comedian who in a couple years ago got into trouble for this rather risk a poem about president one of taking sides on the limits anyway this strange combination has come up with this game that some of the. beverly. couldn't believe what a charming little place it sent me to. feeling chilled. this is tied up in a thrilling mystery adventure game set in one thousand six hundred cold war germany it's the story of tannhauser an american physics student in his late twenty's who wins a trip to the remote village. things get strange when some documents disappear from his room. this is puzzling who on earth would steal
4:54 pm
a paper in quantum physics it soon becomes very clear that he didn't win this trip by accident he's here to save the world but he's. going to get. it has the kind of feel of twin peaks are. interesting to look at the other thing is that robin this is a whole lot about the use of nazi symbols like swastika as a bank to being very independent which means we have more of these kind of clichés about the bad job well it could be i mean the argument is from the game is that the they can be more historically correct because of course they're doing historical games about second world war and things like that but you know as you can imagine is a huge topic here the game is like this decision many people are against it and think it will be abused as well and here's more. this footage from nine hundred thirty three shows nazis burning books on the square at the state opera in berlin.
4:55 pm
and the same scene shown in a computer game on the left is a nazi doing a hitler salute through the darkest of times is an historical strategy game the aim of the game is to build a resistance group to fight the nazis. but even in a game as clearly anti fascist as this up until now no swastikas or hitler salutes were allowed nazis were not allowed to look like nazis in an effort to stop propaganda. friedrich a game developer from berlin the blanket rule limited artistic freedom. we found this annoying because i thought no director working with this topic has to deal with these questions we were not promoting not says i'm making an historical game resources. until now banned symbols in a game would prevent it from being considered for
4:56 pm
a compulsory age rating essentially banning it from being sold but recently things changed the board responsible for monitoring content analysis is games on an individual basis to see whether the symbols are used in a way that stained quote socially adequate so sad that it is the socially adequate means the symbols must serve an artistic or scientific purpose or be used to represent a particular events in history like feeds them in the third example like with films such as schindler's list where you see swastikas or blockbusters with artistic content whose those elements in the are harder. but it remains to be seen particularly blockbuster video games how wide reaching the new changes will be. so we just have to see how this controversy pans out thank you very much of an mo from a guy to death that's it for me under that and. and the new morning is coming up you would let up in a few minutes. cut the odds. mob
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. vote. to. cut. the.
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mob. mobs ricky traditions murderers move arsonists to the current. cool moment in her nero. maybe just get the bad press to. remount historians are me examining this case the summary thinking the rochas history been unfair to be infamous from her guardian sixteen minutes. more. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition. the media. class was full
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of investment bankers who called her killer cells which never stopped of a system that spun out of control good probably a little. bit given the crash of the investment bank lehman brothers starts september thirteenth on g.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word i don't think of the coax in germany to cut. why not born with telling her. to stuff its simple mind on your mobile and free. t.w. zealand in course. german made easy. birth going to home tunes of species. a home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps
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this is that every news line for girl and legal blow to our president trumps former associates face jail time long time trump lawyer michael cohen completes guilty to a hush money scheme to influence the twenty sixteen election and campaign manager paul mann a foretaste convicted of financial crimes what will these stunning legal develop.


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