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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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i'm on. this is that every news line for girl and legal blow to our president trumps former associates face jail time long time trump lawyer michael cohen completes guilty to a hush money scheme to influence the twenty sixteen election and campaign manager paul mann a foretaste convicted of financial crimes what will these stunning legal developments mean for the white house also coming up fake news social media giants facebook and twitter moved to stamp out just information campaigns launched from their platforms
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but with the u.s. midterm elections just three months away is it too little too late and desperation along one of europe's most heavily fortified borders d.w. news goes to the spanish territory of ceuta in north africa following migrants determined to get across. iraq it's great to have you along everyone well we begin with those dramatic developments in the u.s. were two of president trump's closest associates have either pleaded guilty or been found guilty of criminal offenses the most potentially damaging for the president the statements of michael cohen president trump's former personal lawyer and go to fixer former campaign manager paul a man of force convictions could also add momentum to the special counsel's russia
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collusion for a. to donald trump's critics the verdict is clear guilty as two of his former aides face judicial scrutiny activists lit up the entrance of trump international hotel in washington tuesday spelled double trouble for the u.s. president two of his ex advisors could be facing lengthy prison sentences the first michael cohen passing a lawyer and close friend he pled guilty to a range of charges including campaign finance violations and the man who once said he would take a bullet for donald trump swore he paid hush money to donald trump's alleged mistresses including stormy daniels he said he acted at the direction of whom he referred to as the candidate widely understood to be donald trump. he worked to pay money to silence two women who had information that he believed would be detrimental to the two thousand and sixteen campaign and to the candidate in the
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campaign. according to the deputy u.s. attorney co and then try to get reimbursed for the payments using phony invoices. and minutes later a second court case deliver drama mr trump's woman complain manager paul manifold was convicted on eight counts of financial crimes manifolds trial is the first team from special counsel robert mina's investigation into russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election on his way to a companion rally investor ginia trump had this to say about the manifold case i feel very sad about that. because it is probably me but i still feel you know it's a very sad thing going to have. nothing to do with russia and believe he started his russian killing two this is really nothing to do and so we're just going to disgrace i. want to go to the most ardent from supporters night the cold case appeared to matter you know i think out. our
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break up that. we don't like. fake news out of the right here who are chant we got a whole big company of the time a trans crowd continues to cheer him on i all right let's get you more on the fallout is washington correspondent alexander fought nama joins us now i'll examine how big of a political risk or legal threat do these convictions pose for a president doll shop. when you look at what michael cohen said yesterday in the courtroom how he implicated to the present and in the plots to illegally influence the election that you would seem that president is a deep trouble legal trouble however we have to say that most experts here in washington d.c. argue that a sitting president cannot be indicted for a crime and that has never happened before so it seems president
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could travel face political consequences or a punishment on the political truck and here we are talking about a possible impeachment however at the moment there are no loud voices saying that and the pietschmann process should be started but the topic is definitely going to be on the balance in the midterm elections in november let's turn our focus now to mr michael coing president trump ripped his former go to man accusing him of making up stories to get a deal i believe we have a tweet that we can pull up to show you exactly what he said he tweeted i'm michael cohen pled guilty to two counts of campaign finance violations that are not a crime president obama had a big campaign finance violation and it was easily settled. on it does
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he have a point because mr cohen is in dire straits and he hasn't always been very truthful here. that's true and it's really seems to be the main defense lawyer to say that cohen is a liar and they're referring to contradictory statements made by trump's former personal attorney in the past however we have to say that it was a different situation yesterday in the court in the courtroom that michael cohen was answering the judge's questions. and that he apparently provided evidence to our trends there are apparently tepid conversations with the president so at the moment indeed we don't have any indication to believe that he's lying alexander how is all of this playing out in the u.s. . well when we talk to try critics there are convinced that
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it could prove to be the most consequential day or time of trump's presidency and presidency that is in deep crisis however we have to say that lawyers his advisers and many republicans are convinced that cohen is lying lying that there is no wrongdoing by the president some even are convinced that the president can turn these events to his advantage by reinforcing his supporters you that he's under siege and we saw yesterday during this really in charleston west virginia were some supporters are already talking about a new smear campaign washington correspondent for nominee reporting think you're. and with us midterms fast approaching tech companies are looking to root out this information campaigns trying to influence the outcome facebook and twitter have
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shut down hundreds of misleading a counseling to russia and iran cyber security firm fire i tipped off the tech giants to suspicious account users and u.s. politicians are also raising concerns over separate revelations of alleged russian hacking. social media giants acting this time before it's too late to go to prevent fake news and propaganda from influencing the upcoming us mitten election facebook has removed more than six hundred fifty accounts pages and groups on his personal account facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg wrote that the company discovered networks of accounts that were misleading people about who they were and what they were doing. twitter also suspended over two hundred fifty accounts on the similar claims both companies say those uses were tied to russia's military intelligence services or iran state owned media. just a day before the climbdown microsoft reported it seized control of six fake
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websites created by kremlin link tagged as the software company set the activities targeted u.s. conservatives moscow to the allegations but u.s. senate is on to convinced that you're involved in politics in america at a high level especially if you have views of water that he doesn't like you should expect to be the target of a campaign to access your emails get into your systems divulge information or even falsify information against russian cyber attacks a big worry from the u.s. especially after more alleged meddling in the twenty six thousand election. facebook has been criticized for not doing enough to stop fake news. as new elections approach the company has to prove it could not make the same mistake twice. let's get you caught up now with some of the other stories making news around the world. clashes have broken out in the indian controlled region of
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kashmir after indian security forces fired tear gas gas at protesters the violence overshadowed celebrations of the muslim fist of all of eat the region has suffered decades of conflict as separatists fight for independence from india and closer ties to pakistan hundreds of elderly koreans have set their final emotional goodbyes to relatives at the end of a rare reunion for families separated by the korean border the south koreans are heading home after a three day visit to the north the first for unions to take place in three years. police in berlin have detained a thirty one year old russian man suspected of planning a terrorist attack authorities say you had a large quantity of explosives in his apartment it's alleged he was working with another suspect arrested in france police also found links to a nice armory who carried out the deadly christmas market truck attack back in two thousand and sixteen. for in recent months italy has tightened
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its border controls and now spain has become the main destination for african migrants trying to reach europe at one entry point in spain's north african enclave of so-to hundreds of migrants have stormed fences in a bid to enter european territory at least one hundred fifty people managed to cross seven in a bid to hinder of more from entering the territory authorities have erected a six neider high fence along the eight kilometer long border with morocco but for those who make it through it's no guarantee of an easy passage to a new life you don't use all over sell it follows a group intent on making it to europe whatever it takes. a new son and his friends have to make their way to the high don't carefully it's in the mountains of morocco near the border with utah they say the police could show up at
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any time and destroy their camp. the group has thousands of kilometers behind them knowledge just a few hundred metres separate them from europe that and so you'll tell us fence this man from guinea shows as deep cuts there from his attempts to storm the border . my father is dead my mother has nothing not even food i'm the oldest son and i want to try and make some money to help my mother that's why i left. i have been travelling for two years since leaving guinea nol they are stuck here with some fifty thousand others all hoping to make the journey from morocco to europe. the fence is here to stop them it's eight kilometers long and fitted with razor sharp wire along with the territory of this is the only other e.u. border in africa on the other side is
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a fonso crew sato from the spanish guard it's his job to secure the border but lately that hasn't always been possible. over six hundred migrants managed to storm the fence at the end of july the police are helpless and talk of unprecedented levels of violence makeshift flame throwers quicklime and grappling hooks other migrants weapons of choice that i am we are going to they were very well prepared and organized. but what small they with so violent that we could not get to the fence. i mean they threw acid at us and did all they could to prevent us from closing the holes that they had cut into the fans. in morocco's mountains and his friends are already preparing their next attempt they're tired of the brutality at the hands of the moroccan police they only find
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food at a nearby rubbish dump a soft drink a cucumber a moldy potato life here is unbearable. morocco is teeming with police offices. all of my friends are left guinea with me made it to syria to see what am i supposed to do here i'll stay here until i can get in. their sense of desperation is what drives them. and his friends it's your rope or nothing. all over south reporting there and before i let you go remind her of our main story that we're tracking for you this hour u.s. president donald trump is under pressure is two of his former allies face jail over financial fraud in campaign along violations one of them is actually a michael cohen he admitted to an illegal hush money scheme aims and influencing
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the twenty sixteen election. and that does it for us so much about iraq and berlin on behalf of the entire news team thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news continues at the top of the hour stephen. why do we want. when do we want to know eighty percent of americans in some point in our lives will experience hardship. listening. to. the minds.


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