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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 25, 2018 12:00pm-12:15pm CEST

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this is developing news live from berlin with the catholic church facing fresh outrage over child sex abuse pope francis heads to. the punters has promised to address the issue they have but will that be enough to satisfy calls for justice. also on the program a mediterranean moment for south america with two million venezuelans on the move the u.n. says the region's migration crisis is starting to resemble what happened in europe back in twenty first to g.w. news has been following one family's fate as it journeys across borders. and
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highlights for you of last night's top soccer clashes the bundesliga gets back to business cereal champions by munich facing another team hoffenheim in the cup and writes a last night the bavarians provide goals but it wasn't the dominant start they were hoping. to win. hello welcome my name is christopher springer thanks for joining us pope francis has arrived in dublin for the first papal trip to ireland in almost forty years he's visiting a country that was once staunchly catholic but since on the gong huge social reforms his visit comes as the catholic church faces renewed pressure to tackle sex abuse within its ranks damning new revelations in the united states australia ensure they have called into question the leadership of senior bishops in.
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cardinals accused of protecting predatory priests. and i'm joined now in the studio by religious affairs correspondent martin get co martin first of all what is the significance of this trip to ireland for the pope what's at stake for if you're going to use a family reunion it happens every three years and it's a way to celebrate both the family as an institution but also as a foundational value so that's this world families marching this is the reason why the pope is going there obviously a lot of the emphasis on this pope of this pope on the family has been on children and this of course in the context of the current scandals and further revelations make this trip a very sensitive one also because ireland itself is one of the centers of this drama i mean when and when the scandal began to surface. it show it's legal it's global it's global reach but it is made ireland really one of the focal points because of the sheer amount of like priests and the influence of the catholic
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church in the country that's right and abuse survivors will be watching this visit very closely he'll be meeting some of those abusive ivans during the visit i'm going to ask him about that in a second first though this report on how past clerical abuse has been affecting the irish police it was abused by family members and a priest when she was just a child she lived like a prisoner for moving ten years in this catholic reform school in will fit where she was beaten and to mentored by nuns they talked to and to believing that it was her fault she was raped until now not one of police's abuses have been brought to justice. and i think they always win. you know so i didn't you know i really don't think about the not things that just i haven't we didn't stories of mass child abuse by priests have left many irish people disgusted with the church seventy eight percent continue to call themselves
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catholic but the country has changed since pope john paul a second visited pope francis may find a less enthusiastic welcome. maybe a different tone and i think i will be jumped for joy. by quite skeptical generally visionaries but i think it's i think it's no i mean it's good many here are hoping that pope francis will give them good reason to make peace with the church by taking concrete action on the abuse scandals ireland's prime minister will receive the pontiff dublin castle he's promised to raise the issue with the pope but everything that we know about child sex abuse over the past couple of decades we know from victims we know from advocates we know from government reports including many of our own we don't tend to know where the church admitting its own sense i think that would be a very good place to start five hundred thousand faithful are expected to descend on phoenix park for mass with the pope will be hoping for a much more than just his blessing. still with me martin gak our
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religious affairs correspondent martin we've been talking to one irish abuse survivor who doesn't believe you just told us that he doesn't believe that pope francis is fully committed to the task of tackling this abuse scandal within the catholic church what's your view is he committed it seems to me that this pope is committed or us committed sort of the head of the church can be in the conditions of in the institutional conditions in which the church exists this is just a it's a mess of operation it's a massive institution in which most of the people that have actually operated a clerical level have been there for like twenty thirty forty years so the problem that the church has is not simply sort of address. they should selfridges addressing the crimes finding redress for the crimes finding a way to stop further crimes finding a way to stop the cover up of those crimes but on top of that there is a question as to how to change institutional culture within the church and that of
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course these are all things that are and why it's extremely difficult for just one man in a six year period to actually changes nonetheless it has to be said that for a purpose he that has been talking about zero tolerance for six straight years twelve years after this came to light or fourteen years actually after it came to light the progress it's really is really meager twenty eight i mean it's a huge ship that he's trying to turn around i hear what you're saying watch could he do what should he do in ireland to send the signal that he is committed to change that institutional culture within the catholic church just think and has been very clear and it has been emerging with more and more force over the last couple of they since pennsylvania the pope has to go up on a podium over the next few days and tell ireland and tell the world that in fact the vatican will turn will turn every the nz records documents to national
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authorities and the just is across different jurisdictions this is really the direct item in the edge and i think that it's a very tall order giving the institutional conditions that abramoff to actually prosecute this in courts of last around the world is really what is what is directly in front of him ok mountain always good to talk to detail these religious affairs correspondent martin get. we're going to turn our attention to venezuela now estimated two million people have left the country in recent years fleeing food shortages poverty and economic chaos u.n. officials are now saying the region is heading towards what they describe as a crisis moment similar to the one in europe's in the mediterranean back in twenty fifteen with neighboring states trying to hold the influx across their borders. has been accompanying one group of venezuelan migrants in colombia. they've got so much luggage they need help carrying it down hill. these two
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families have come together travelling from caracas all the way through colombia to the ecuadorian border. the crossing point here isn't as full as it had been during previous weeks as ecuadorian authorities were only letting those in who had a valid passport fortunately was able to get her family's documentation on time it took her several months to gather the money to leave her home country. we were thinking about going to peru for about three months because the situation has been really tough. no matter how much you make if you're a professional or not even if you earn a decent wage you can't live on that anymore. at the bus station in the ecuadorian city of tool con like hundreds of other
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venezuelans they hope to be able to board a bus that gets them all the way down to pegu. joe's wife is awaiting them in the peruvian capital lima the father of three hasn't seen his wife in seven months. she went on ahead to help us. she's landed on her feet over there in peru and she told us to come over since the situation in venezuela is getting worse every day. it's hard. finally the bus arrives everyone is tired they haven't slept in a bed for days and tonight won't be any different and eighteen hour drive away to them until they reach the border between ecuador and pen to even if the journey is hard they know they are very lucky to be sitting comfortably. thousands of venezuelans of cos these borders by foot especially those who don't have any
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documentation it's believed that about two and a half million people live left the country. for little aaron another part of the journey is coming to an end the three year old is not quiet once and seems to be in a good mood all the time a blessing for his parents. because they always behave well ten year old gloria is finding it harder to keep up she knows she might never see her friends again. who are you going to miss the most. everyone. not having seen her mother for over a half a year is tough but together with friends and family she is holding on. gabrielle is taking care of her as if she were her own daughter. the moment there
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i feel like i'm part of a team we've been so strong thank god we have been very united. just one more line to wait in a very long one stamping their passports took over four hours but finally they can move on and enter their final destination country peru they're uncertain about what to expect at the other side of the border but what they are sure of it can't be worse than what they left behind. ok time to catch up now on some of the other stories making news around the world refugees living in bangladesh have been demonstrating for justice on the first anniversary of a crackdown in myanmar that prompted them to flee some seven hundred thousand range of their homeland of the myanmar's military attack muslim villages in what it calls an operation against militants the united nations called it quote textbook example of ethnic cleansing. in afghanistan at least two people have been killed in
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a suicide bomb in the city in a suicide bomb attack there in the city of jalalabad the device exploded outside an electoral commission office where a group of protesters who gathered to afghanistan has seen a surge of taliban attacks ahead of october as parliamentary elections. the united states says it is slashing more than two hundred million dollars in aid pledge to the palestinian territories the money was meant to fund health and education projects but washington says the reason for the funding cut is the masses control of the gaza strip washington considers hamas a terrorist group. germany's bonus league is up and running again kicking off last night with the reigning champions by munich facing another top team often haim now the bavarians are gunning for their seventh title in
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a row and they were keen to start their campaign with a good result meanwhile hoffenheim they finished the last season qualifying for the champions league so the scene was set for a tight contest. about to exit the tunnel two of the bun just leaguers hot shot coaches on the left me coco in his first of the game with bae in munich and you're not as man of hoffenheim. it was covert his men who drew first blood to most mother heading in the open air in the twenty third minute i go to a chemist with the perfectly placed corner and miller left almost unchallenged. but in the fifty seventh minute hoffenheim came up with an answer courtesy of adam sully. hungary and got the ball in the box faked out your own boateng and hammered home manuel neuer with no chance. then robert levin doubts he missed a penalty ten minutes from time but are you and robin fired in the rebound. but
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replay ruled he entered the box too soon and the kick had to be retaken this time levon dusky connecting two one for by. hand in the waning minutes millar turned provider for profit made a slick move to round out the three one scoreline and a good start for a new coached me coco for each. now if you're into the fine art of playing guitar this is for you the twenty third championships in. this year's event so all fifteen finalists from six countries imitating their favorite guitar golds in front of a crowd of thousands and in the end it was twenty three year old me none of japan. my. surprise that she won was of course an electric guitar.
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well from the top of the hour up next here on the special report all the supernatural and the tests that like the. they stay with us. play. living fun beethoven. his work goddess fortuna. the maestro can't think. beethoven insist upon twenty.


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