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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 25, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is do w. news live from berlin and hope francis visits ireland as the catholic church faces fresh outrage over child sex abuse the pontiff says he shares people's outrage over the church's failure to punish predatory priests and the superiors who protect them but will that be enough to satisfy calls for justice also coming up. with two million venezuelans on the move the united nations says south america's migration prices are starting to resemble what happened in europe in twenty fifteen d.w.
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news has been following one family as a journeys across borders. with. thanks for joining us i'm marian evans dean the head of the catholic church pope francis is in dublin for the first papal trip to ireland in nearly forty years the pope is visiting a country that was once staunchly catholic but has since undergone huge social reforms his visit comes as the church faces were new pressure to tackle sex abuse within its ranks damning new revelations have raised serious doubts over the leadership of senior cardinals and bishops who are accused of protecting predatory priests he's been telling an audience of dublin council that he shares the shame and pain of the church's failure to tackle abuse from bush who could be. i cannot
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fail to acknowledge the ghraib scandal caused in ireland. by the abuse of young people by members of the church were given responsibility for their protection and education it is. the fundamental video of the failure of church authorities bishops religious leaders priests and others to adequately address these repugnant crimes. has rightly led to outrage them in sushi and it remains a source of pain and shame for the catholic community. well for more on the pope's visit i'm joined here in the studio by dude always religious affairs correspondent martin got martin good to see you we've been listening some emotional words from the pontiff and yes of course many victims have been saying that they're looking for more than just words how much do you think the pope's visit to ireland can actually help the vatican turn
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a corner when it comes to the issue of clerical abuse in and of itself not much i think that part of the problem is that this kind of words are words that we have been hearing for a very very long time not just from this pope but from the previous pope as well this scandal it's now over all about fourteen years old i mean of course it is go much farther back but this sort of essentially started around and to those two and the fact is that unless it is accompanied by a very very very concrete actions which we have not seen from the vatican and we're lumps in back into the situation which we're hearing more words of contrition more questions i would like sinning and so on and so forth i think that people are looking for specifically concrete actions to bring justice for the crimes committed while also calling for concrete action and it was the prime minister of ireland issued a statement let's listen to a clip. holy father we ask that you use your office and influence to ensure that
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this is done here in ireland and also around the world. in recent weeks we've all listened to the heartbreaking stories from pennsylvania of the unspeakable crimes perpetrated by people within the church and then obscure to protect the institution . it's a story that was all too tragically familiar to those of us here in ireland. as you said there can only be zero tolerance for those who abuse children are facilitate that abuse. and he was now ensure that from words flow actions. all right so a call for action from the prime minister of ireland he also says zero tolerance and yet is it even possible to resolve the abuse scandal without bringing someone else in some other kind of outside authorities and yes if so then which authority like that i mean i don't think it is possible to solve this without outside or thirty's meaning he goes to church it's not in the business of adjudicating crimes
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the church is in the business of adjudicating sins and the fact is that this is something that extends through so many jurisdictions that in no position i mean is the church you actually sort out these things which the church itself was in the business of committing so the issue here is really a simple one i mean in a sense it's a very complex issue that boils down to a discipline to one issue which is will the vatican turn evidence documents files etc to national authorities for this crimes to be committed we're not only talking about sexual abuse issues we're also talking about a massive cover up and i think that the short answer is in the immediate future i doubt that we will see this because this is a fight that even with the best of will people who are reformists around the pope the ronco princes are themselves fighting their own battle against many fours inside the vatican that want to see essentially no change in this tradition of power and would like the story just to go away obviously the story will not go away
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all right so you say there's a lack of will perhaps to do anything about this problem so just of what could push church leaders to finally submit those documents and really take this type of concrete action i think that we're seeing very. prosecutors for instance a case of who are now actually trying to force the vatican to turn the seven ins i think that even those inside the vatican that have good will that have the political will do need the help from those outside that can actually push it into the limelight and force the institution to be more transparent. religious affairs correspondent martin god many thanks indeed for your insights. well turning now to venezuela where an estimated two million people have left the country in recent years fleeing food shortages poverty and economic chaos u.n. officials are now saying the region is heading towards what they describe as a crisis moment similar to the one that europe saw in the mediterranean back in
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twenty fifteen with neighboring states trying to halt the influx across our borders did i feel the harms of rooty has been following the journey of venezuelan migrants in colombia here's her report. they've got so much luggage they need help carrying it down hill. these two families have come together travelling from caracas all the way through colombia to the ecuadorian border. the crossing point here isn't as full as it had been during previous weeks as ecuadorian authorities were only letting those in who had a valid passport fortunately gabriella was able to get her family's documentation on time it took her several months to gather the money to leave her home country. we were thinking about going to peru for about three months because the situation
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has been really tough. no matter how much you make if you're a professional or not even if you earn a decent wage you can't live on that anymore. not their thoughts. at the bus station in the ecuadorian city of tool con like hundreds of other venezuelans they hope to be able to board a bus the gets them all the way down to pegu. joe's wife is awaiting them in the peruvian capital lima the father of three hasn't seen his wife in seven months. when she went on ahead to help us. she's landed on her feet over there in peru and she told us to come over since the situation in venezuela is getting worse every day. it's hard. to face and. finally the bus arrives everyone is tired they haven't slept in
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a bed for days and tonight won't be any different an eighteen hour drive away to them until they reach the border between ecuador and petru even if the journey is hard they know they are very lucky to be sitting comfortably. thousands of venezuelans have cost these borders by foot especially those who don't have any documentation it's believed that about two and a half million people live left the country. for little aaron another part of the journey is coming to an end the three year old is not quite at once and seems to be in a good mood all the time a blessing for his parents. because they always behave well ten year old gloria is finding it harder to keep up she knows she might never see her friends again. who are you going to miss the most.
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everyone. not having seen her mother for over a half a year is tough but together with friends and family she is holding on. gabrielle is taking care of her as if she were her own daughter. the moment there i feel like i'm part of a team we have been so strong thank god we have been very united. just one more line to wait in a very long one stamping their passports took over for hours but finally they can move on and enter their final destination country peru they're uncertain about what to expect at the other side of the border but what they are sure of it can't be worse than what they left behind. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. refugees living in bangladesh have been demonstrating for
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justice on the first anniversary of a crackdown in myanmar that prompted them to flee some seven hundred thousand injured fled their homeland after me and mars military attacked muslim villages in what it called an operation against militants the united nations called it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. in italy migrants stranded in as a silly import for more than a week have gone on a hunger strike the italian government's refusal to allow them to enter the country is at the center of a fresh dispute over migration within the european union rome has threatened to withhold its funding for the bloc unless other member states take in some of the refugees. the united states says it's slashing more than two hundred million dollars in aid pledged to the palestinian territories the money was meant to fund health and education projects washington says the reason for the funding cut is hamas has control of the gaza strip washington considers hamas to be
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a terrorist group. russian opposition leader alexina vall name has been arrested outside his home in moscow the bombing has been jailed several times for organizing anti kremlin protests was barred from running in russia's presidential election earlier this year the reason for his detention today is unclear. all right some sports news now and germany's bundesliga is off and running again kicking off last night with the reigning champions byron munich facing another top team hoffenheim the variants are gunning for their seven title in a row and were keen to start their campaign with a good result well as for hoffenheim they finished third last season qualifying for the champions league so the scene was set for a tight contest. about to exit the tunnel two of the bundesliga is hot shot coaches on the left nico cove in his first league game with bae in munich and you did not
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go as man of hoffenheim. it was just men who drew first blood to most miller heading in the open air in the twenty third minute the joshua came in with the perfectly placed corner and miller left almost unchallenged. but in the fifty seventh minute hoffenheim came up with an answer courtesy of adam sully. hungary and got the ball in the box faked out jerome boateng and hammered home and well neuer out with no chance. then robert leaven dusty missed a penalty ten minutes from time but are you and robin fired in the rebound. but replay ruled he entered the box too soon and the kick had to be retaken this time levon dusky connected to one for five. and in the waning minutes miller turned provider for rough it made a slick move to round out the three one scoreline and a good story for
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a new coach me coco fudge. and now if you're into the fine art of playing air guitar this is for you the twenty third air guitar world championships in. this year's event fifteen finalists from six countries in this their favorite guitar in front of a crowd of thousands in the end twenty three year olds who are a chip hand was proud air guitar champion of the world it's the second time she's won the prize. my. and what was her prize then of course an electric guitar. and now quick reminder of our top story pope francis says he shares people's outrage over
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the catholic church's failure to punish priests who committed sexual abuse in the remarks and dublin at the start of a two day visit to ireland.


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