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bjaaland asked. this is due to the news live from berlin italian prosecutors investigate the country's interior minister. in his refusal to allow migrants to leave the ship at an italian port could be legal and an abuse of power but he says the migrants will soon be free to go. on a massive turnout in ireland for pope francis long applause for the pontiff
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following his speech to a huge crowd in the country's largest stadium this after he meets the survivors of sexual abuse. and the tensions football fans the bundesliga is back in full swing after a long summer break the german top flight spins once again to really the sounds of nonstop action to bring you what you need to know about each day one. money thank you for your company cillian prosecutors have opened an inquiry into each of these interior minister salvini over his refusal to allow more than one hundred rescued migrants to disembark from a coast guard ship they've been stuck for ten days in the syrian port city of tania salvini or originally said the migrants would not be allowed to leave until the
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european nations agreed to take them in but on saturday evening he announced they could disembark in the coming. and joining us now from rome is journalist philip well and philip it's good to see you so is this the first steinitz in that a politician will be investigated for his role in forbidding migrants to enter the country. yes for this specific crime i don't care. ever be there another similar case clearly the phenomenon of mass migration across the mediterranean is relatively new last four or five years harlow. and it's a fairly new populist government that stayed in power for not much more than two months that is taking this very hard and it has led to a standoff and the you know people being cooped up on board the ship for
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a total of ten days since they were first rescued. and philip the fact that the migrants are allowed to leave the boats just after the prosecutors announced thing best occasion can we read the link into that. it's difficult to say clearly the government has been working to find a solution for these migrants because it was a bad thing even but then to have them. confined on that as small boat in such a large number and there were demonstrations in the port by people who. they considered that their human rights of being violated they should be allowed to shore as though they were trying to find a solution and they went and sat able to blackmail their european union this into taking them but they have found an alternative press the region it seems maybe it will take some and it will take some path and the others will be looked after by the italian catholic church so they were trying to solve the problems as quickly as
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they could by coincidence they managed to do it just as the investigation comes to a head into the conduct of the interior minister and what should we expect going forward to be expect anything to happen to salvini at this point it will be interesting to see i think it's unlikely. that now that the yet and migrants are being allowed off the boat. that things will come to an outright clash between the judiciary and the executive mr so he need was talking to supporters in at a rally in the north of italy in the sea and he said that he had supported they had sixty million italians had and it was very indignant at the magistrates taking action against him at the yeah process will have to go through
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a special court for a ministerial crimes and would have to prosecute part of c. and the government doesn't guarantee so i think it's likely to fizzle out that it's tip of the say how it will develop in practice. philip well and joining us from rome thank you. well francis has received a warm welcome from supporters in dublin during the first papal trip to ireland in nearly forty years the point of delivered a speech to tens of thousands of supporters at croke park stadium in the irish capital ahead of the address the irish survivors of clerical religious and institutional abuse something that has rocked the moral authority of the catholic church his visit has been overshadowed by decades of sexual abuse scandals and cover ups carried out by the clergy itself. pope francis said that he shares the shame and pain of the church's failure to tackle abuse his will.
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pope francis arrived in dublin knowing the first papal visit to ireland in nearly forty years would be overshadowed by the scandal over sex abuse by predatory priests the very presence of the pope would once have electrified the whole country but social changes and the sex revelations mean the atmosphere is now much more muted a ceremonial greeting for mileage president michael higgins then it was down to business pope francis was forthright church members we should have protected young people had instead abused them. the fundamental value of church authorities bishops religious leaders priests and others to adequately address these repugnant crimes with he has rightly led to outrage. sushi and it remains a source of pain and shame for the catholic community.
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i share in feeling that pain and shame and evil with the same. protesters gathered in central dublin in solidarity with victims of clerical abuse there is a great momentum that is being led out of ireland of really challenging the church's behavior and challenging the corruption crossword. not be returned within the proper population from simply what will profitable to the probably be nice to meet here and you're going to be really it's. going to be. despite the sex abuse scandal rocking the catholic church the pontiff still has huge support dubliners lined the streets to give the pope an enthusiastic welcome as he was driven to st mary's cathedral to pless newly wed couples. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world russian
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opposition leader alexei navai has been arrested outside his home in moscow of all me who has been jailed several times for organizing and to come in protest was barred from running in russia's presidential election and this year the reason for his detention today is unclear. the u.s. says it's slashing more than two hundred million dollars in aid pledged to the palestinian territories the money was meant to fund health and education projects washington says the reason for the funding cut is a massive control of the gaza strip now washington considers hamas a terrorist group. a fire at a resort hotel in northeastern china has killed at least nineteen people and injured more than twenty the blaze broke out in the city of have been before dawn and firefighters rescued scores of guests at the hotel.
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granger refugees in bangladesh have been marking one year since the start of the myanmar on a crackdown that forced them to leave their homes but just as march through the coxes bizarre region where hundreds of thousands are living in makeshift camps when ma says it's ready to take back the refugees but has been little progress in resolving the crisis the muslim minority will hinge i demanding equal rights with others in myanmar. the crackdown of course began after a ginger islamists carried out coordinated attacks in some thirty police stations which then killed a dozen officers would take a look now at what happened next. a never ending line of refugees streaming across the border from me amar to bangladesh. that they fled after security forces launched a brutal offensive against them last august.
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soldiers looted and torched their homes they raped tortured and killed thousands of or injure. across the border in bangladesh the refugees have settled in sprawling camps as they've tried to settle in here with stories of unimaginable horror as have emerged. soldiers came into every house and shot at us. and then looked me up in my house and then set fire to it i have burns like this. out of all those and worse over my body. conditions in the camps the cramped and squalid the huts here are flimsy and built on hilly sandy ground prone to landslides. third world this year's monsoon brought more misery for the ranger
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mr kim afloat here with her five children after her husband was killed when the military stormed their village. two of her previous shacks in the camp were destroyed by water she is now hoping for a sturdier shelter and that is why i had to sell my pulse is all and even rice for this month i have to sell to build the house my relatives told me to make the house strong even if i were to go hungry. aid agencies have warned against an outbreak of waterborne diseases such as cholera and diphtheria that mr kim out would rather bad life here and go home. even if we have to sleep in a trench it's better than being back. but they are not meant to stay here in january and bangladesh agreed to repatriate the revenger within two years.
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miramar has started building transit camps to house the return knees but the un has said conditions are not yet right and so far barely a handful of ranger have returned. german chancellor angela merkel has been in azerbaijan where she hopes to improve economic ties particularly in the energy sector the country is a major producer of natural gas and a key pipeline being built could pump it to europe and reduce reliance on russia but that could be complicated by as a as a buy john's human rights record and its bitter dispute with neighboring armenia. was the german chancellor was welcomed by an azerbaijani honor guard but president ilham aliyev didn't welcome everyone in medicals delegation parliamentarian ah but viler a member of merkel's party was not allowed into the country he had visited the disputed region of the gorno car
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a box he was quickly replaced by another going to start member johann vida for despite the snow medical defended her visit she said it wouldn't be possible to resolve conflict without talks mentioned wastes. we had a frank discussion about human rights and we didn't agree on every issue but i argued for a strong civil society and that's has to include an open secular society and tired of one side was as are part john could help germany become less dependent on russian energy but who is currently building a pipeline to supply natural gas to europe via turkey go along this there are no problems whatsoever we will finish the pipeline on time so that we can make a large contribution to europe's energy security germany hopes the southern gas core door is expanding but who could eventually help deliver gas to be the caspian sea to europe for example from thirty minute stand but other countries in the
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region would have to agree including russia. the bundesliga is back in action after a long summer break and v.w. is the place for the best coverage of the german top flight match day one has been full of thrills and spills so far so don't forget to stay tuned because coming up right after the break is our show the bundesliga with public funny and b.s. you obviously know the deal to your destination for all things when to see that. i . and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you cillian prosecutors have opened an inquiry into news interior minister vini this over his refusal to allow more than one hundred rescued migrants to disembark from a coast guard ship insisting on saturday he announced they would be they could leave in the coming hours. thousands have turned out in ireland's largest stadium to hear pope francis speak the first papal visit in four decades
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has been overshadowed by a sexual abuse scandal and yet francis met with abuse survivor. oh you're watching the news live from berlin we will have more coming at the top of the hour but don't forget me alias waiting in the wings to bring you all that action stink you. can. take it personally. with. the game show special. treat. my.


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