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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin after a disappointing performance by his squad at the world cup the german coach says he deserves some of the blame he faces the media for the first time since his team crashed out of the globe. also in the program heat in the streets all right protests in the city of camden strong condemnation from the u.n. high commissioner for human rights. march from nowhere this sculpture of president out of one of turkey appeared suddenly in a german city for soem the shock was too much. also coming up in the
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next sixty minutes the u.s. military says it may resume war games on the korean peninsula does it mean the end of the fall in relations between washington and pyongyang at the u.s. north korea summit in june president agree to drop the drill. and the battle for gaza knee afghanistan's second biggest city we talked to a family forced to flee the fighting between the taliban and government forces. i'm terry barton could have you with this german national team coach you watching live has today admitted he failed to motivate players and chose the wrong tactics at this summer's world cup he was grilled by the media today in his first news conference since returning from a disastrous tournaments some german media outlets had called him to resign or be
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fired the german football association extended his contract just before the start of the tournament is part of what i had to say today. shows is different. he hasn't contacted me to this day even though i've tried calling messaging him several times in the last two or so weeks. that. i wasn't able to reach him to difference of much if i have to accept his decision for months or so i think overall we underestimated the whole situation surrounding the pictures of the absolute well clearly things didn't come together at this year's world cup or the german team. sports in munich uncovered the organiser of news conference mark tell us how just what all did have to say and explaining his team's performance at the world cup. well he gave
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a very detailed hour long powerpoint presentation it was incredibly meticulous and as we've heard it was very self critical there only to be created size himself for the tactics that they used in russia this position based football he said they should of demonic counterattack should go around the back of the pack defenses more he also criticised himself not being able to motivate the team enough he said there wasn't enough and infuse the asm from the squad to try and repeat what they'd done in two thousand and fourteen so there was about an hour long of questions at the end of that power point presentation some of the questions were pretty tough but he dealt with them well he was incredibly humble and he's probably come out of this press conference with a bit more credit given it was so detailed and so meticulous and one of the star players quit the national team after the world cup saying he was scapegoated and discriminated against what will have been his colleagues been saying about that
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affair. well live was surprisingly critical of mesut ozil in this press comments some of the generous in the room were quite shocked by that because remember. that explosive statement which hiring from the german national team the only man who he praised in that statement was you have to have almost quite surprised that love was critical of the he basically said the way he went about his with time was wrong we can have a listen now to some of let's quotes. mr touchy feely week and she chose a different path and he hasn't contacted me to this day even though i've tried calling and messaging him several times in the last two or so weeks. i wasn't able to reach him. a difference of common sense if i have to accept his decision for months or so i think overall we underestimated the whole situation
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surrounding the pictures. absolute. german national team squad coach there you are what tell us what changes can we expect in the german squad as a prepares for the next turn. well yes they're playing in the u.a.e. for nations league next thursday here in munich at the. against world champions france probably not the game of wanted straight up after the world cup one name who is still in the squad is a good one of course in that infamous photograph with turkish president earlier one but the key difference and again made this point criticising it was all the key difference was that going to one made a statement very swiftly after that photo basically apologizing while all talk an awful long time to come out with his statement probably going to one will replay sammy could we could hear it isn't in this court one of the two thousand and two thousand and fourteen world cup champions international career is probably over but
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love was very keen to point out that he still wanted experience in his squad that's why some over two thousand and fourteen heroes like manual noir. and thomas miller still in the squad but there are three new names i have a carer and nico schultz so there is a little bit of a revolution but maybe not as much as people might have expected but then again they are playing france mark thank you so much is there for the sport in your neck . now to some of the other stories making news around the world today british and french fishing boat clashed off the normandy coast in a dispute over scallops french fishermen are only allowed to collect the shellfish from the first of october to preserve stocks but british but face no such restriction that led to a flotilla of thirty five french boats attempting to see off their british competitor. russian president vladimir putin has suggested softening
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a deeply unpopular pension reform by raising the state pension age to sixty for women instead of the earlier proposed sixty three but the pension age for men would still be raised to sixty five the draft reforms have sparked protests across russia and dented putin's popularity. officials now say nearly three thousand people died as a result of hurricane maria which struck the u.s. in last year previously put the death toll at just sixty four though it admitted the real figure was likely much higher the update was prompted by an academic survey. the un's high commissioner for human rights has sharply condemned the violence in the german city of chemists over the past few days. hussein said political leaders needed to speak out in unison against xenophobia here in germany
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politicians are searching for answers in the aftermath of the far right protests the rest was triggered by the fatal stabbing of a german man allegedly by two migrants from iraq and syria. for. violence. hate speech. and illegal gestures these scenes have touched of national debate in germany far right groups taking to the streets of candidates insisting the city belongs to them not foreign as. media from sunday shows what appear to be vigilante attacks and candidates targeting people believed to be foreign us. five hundred. odd over what. chancellor angela merkel has condemned the violence to stop plots aloft there can be no place in no street for these kinds of unrests if i should the state of saxony need help to uphold the rule of law then the federal government is ready to support saxony
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regarding this issue and he's a father to. the fatal stabbing of a german citizen over the weekend sparked the anti migration protests police have apprehended two men one from iraq another from syria over the stabbing now officials are also investigating several participants in the protests for giving the hitler salute a punishable offense in germany. germany's political leaders are facing questions about what can be done about extremist sympathies in the country the problem of right wing extremism has to be on the top agenda of the government in six any meaning that we have to finance programs who. get fighting for democracy daily daily daily programs and we have to finance a police bit. but germany's foreign aid party says the stabbing in candidates and the anger that followed highlight the failures of the country's current approach to
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migration. this is a nationwide story and it happened in cabinets but as one can see during emotions everywhere in germany and in both sites it is evident that the political class has failed him. for now candidates and the state of saxony remain on edge so the protest organized by right wing groups are planned to in the week. was bring in our political correspondent she joined us from our parliamentary studios nuno. urged german politicians to show a clear and determined stand against right wing extremism have politicians in this country failed to take such a stand so far. well when we look at the state of saxony it has been governed by ackles conservative policy for the past few decades so since the collapse of the communist system and now some people are saying including the coalition partner that the social democrats that the conservatives have indeed been sluggish when it
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came to addressing that challenge of tackling right wing extremism when you talk about immigration sentiment is a nationwide phenomenon has been very clear by how standards it has been very outspoken what she has said against right wing extremism and how she has stressed the importance to uphold democratic values let's hear what she had to say . this enough times in the night from saturday to sunday a man was killed thankfully two suspects have been arrested already. and doesn't check if that was a horrible incident sympathy or my sympathy goes out to the relatives of the victim second what we saw afterwards is something that has no place in a state under the. law so there is video footage of a mob and of hate on the streets this has no place in
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a state under the rule of law. let me underline not one small it's just conditional to kish to. chancellor merkel there the rule of law in germany i mean a some say the democratic principles of the chancellor is underlining there are being called into question are the candidates incidents symptomatic of a wider phenomenon here in germany well i'm glad macklin her posse have of course come under tremendous pressure from the anti immigrant and the party here in germany they are after all the largest opposition party in the national parliament and so. now the cd does have to react and conservatives have to react because parties like the f.t. they're selling this narrative that they are allegedly protecting the native population from the dangerous migrants and they're criticizing uncle america's open door refugee policy but of course it's a phenomenon that we don't only see here in germany in germany is winning in the
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polls you can see that in the state elections next year in eastern germany if he stands to see massive gains but also when you look at eastern european neighbors of germany's like poland or hungary parties all selling the same narrative and also in countries like it's. you know thank you our political correspondent you know hundreds of them. you're watching t.v. news still to come a golden statue of turkey's president so's confusion and anger in the german city of the spot and we've got that story for you in just a couple of the. first with the u.s. and mexico finding common ground on trade with the nafta ball was though in canada's court of law it is up north now terry the united states hopes to find common ground on trade with canada that terry mentioned after reaching a preliminary agreement with mexico u.s. treasury secretary steven minucci and is confident that the two countries can
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strike a deal by the end of this week but there are pitfalls canada's prime minister insists on keeping tabs that's meant to protect the country's dairy farmers and us president of trump says these tariffs must go as a lot at stake of course mutual trade between the united states canada mexico total war then a trillion dollars. after the u.s. and mexico reached a preliminary agreement signed kind of the two likes to be on board. what this has really leave the way it was and it leaves you with the here. perhaps next to me a significant section and it seems that they're hearing. right your. cars and believe that's me or we. are going to be valuable in canada and the united states have been for some time that their job. it's
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interesting. the canadian prime minister said he would only sign a deal that was good for kind of debt but he praised the progress that was being me . we're pushing hard to conclude an agreement that is win win with a modern and progressive agreement that is in line with our values and our ambitions and that will benefit not only canadian businesses but all canadians the u.s. treasury secretary steven minutiae believes an agreement with the auto well could come later this week he said the talks have met many of the community has demanded of working with canada or trying to work minute this is a complicated agreement there's lots of things in here and that or whole new i would think again it would be very much on board with stronger intellectual property stronger protections for modernizing the agreement so i'm hopeful that the open issues with canada can be resolved part but in this without
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a deal to us present domo trump has threatened to impose tariffs on canadian made vehicles but that could weigh on the automotive sector on both sides of the border because the neighbors rely heavily on each other's parts if talks with canada are not wrapped up by the end of this week trump only plans to seek approval from congress for the bilateral deal with mexico. we need to rope an expert in on this and is the president of the e for institute one of germany's biggest economic research institutions and earlier we asked him if there were any lessons to be learned for europe from these talks regarding a potential trade deal with the united states. good morning yes there are lessons i think the first lesson is that the u.s. is talking to us bilateral deals on the way from march to left or agreements that makes things more difficult we see that canada is now in a more difficult situation so u.s. trade policy is becoming even more strategic and europe needs to be cow for all of
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the other thing is trade deal means opening up european markets as well and opening up markets in sensitive areas in particular agriculture so these will be difficult negotiation about negotiations about the good news is we are talking about free trade rather than talking about increasing tariffs. the president of the for instance you're talking to us. the provisional trade deal between the united states and mexico is important news for the german car industry it has invested billions in mexico and it depends on open borders it's good but to meet the new requirements means changes must be made. the new deal requires up to forty five percent of cop pops in mexican factories to be produced by work because at least sixteen dollars per hour that's the sectors minimum wage trumps plan is to secure or even bring back jobs to the u.s.
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. experts say german manufacturer is such is dying the benz b.m.w. and the w. could already meet this requirement now but another to monta could pose a problem for some manufacturer has seventy five percent of the components used must be produced in the u.s. diana and b.m.w. currently don't meet this target mainly because they still build their engines in europe on the whole however german manufacturer has welcomed the agreement regulations all better than tariffs the companies have invested billions in mexico over several decades and that dependent on open borders. poor results and tumbling share prices germany's big banks are in trouble georgia banks just lost the title as the country's most valuable financial institution to a start up in the tech sector and germany's second largest bank could soon be ousted from the dax index how to bring germany's banking giants up to speed is the
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focus of a conference in frankfurt this week is there a way to shake things up without letting them full that's the challenge facing germany's big banks right now with greater competition from abroad and trade conflicts dominating world politics europe's financial institutions must pull their strengths says deutsche bank c.e.o. kristen's evening is going through out there called the review we spoke it's clear the pressure is on to consolidate in europe there are five thousand five hundred financial institutions in the eurozone beefeater for not how many of them can manage risks in an increasingly confusing world economy. or europe doesn't need as many banks as possible what it needs is strong banks. and deutsche bank plans to be among them it's retained its global aspirations on the savings leadership stands even took over running germany's biggest bank in april for the past three years the
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financial giant has suffered losses falling behind competition particularly from the u.s. savings says that now politics must play a part to. get it through over a period of order to produce true european champions and we need uniform regulations in europe we need a unified financial market and i know if you're not smart. according to saving a strong european financial center to say europe can better focus on finding strong solutions to upcoming challenges like that for example. our financial market correspondent was at that conference earlier today i just saw right at the end there the c.e.o. of the door chipmunk i believe the c.e.o. of command they were all speaking there earlier what was their message. well the message they wanted to send was the world has become a riskier place but don't worry we're the people who know how to deal with risks
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and were well prepared for the future their message they didn't send was what is this digitalisation thing and we're really not very prepared for it and we're not taking it seriously asked directly about the rising star in fantastic that is a company called wired card. deutsch a c.e.o. said while he doesn't really see it as an attack that's despite the company. rising high and its stock valuation further than even bank and comers and instead don't you see you once to work together with in tax you things are strong on tech and less sun. that's of course assuming they want to work with them because really they're making money whereas documenta struggling to do so i'd say that the strategy is to partner up with you or any me. becoming friends and using the enemy that way if they come to work. well banks are going
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to throw their weight at this definitely they're large huge with a big customer base and they want to use that data from customers for example to you know give them credit the problem is they're so big that departments within don't talk to each other and so here again that's the advantage of a smaller company that's able to use that data already and make this process digital and automated all right but it's there from the fact that stock exchange thank you so much. all right terry you mentioned a mysterious statue that's right that yes right now you see you know you don't know they've got to quit quite the strange things story here. have been forced to remove a four metre tall golden statue of turkish president ratchet up to one now the art installation was intended as a protest against their own but it divided rosa the forced organizers of
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a or festival all to the back foot. this gigantic statue in the center of a spot and was meant as an expression of criticism against the turkish president and his authoritarian form of government the director of the v. spot an art festival sees art as a means to provoke debate as a long they certainly appropriate to conceive of that as a controversial figure and one that we are allowed to discuss freely here in this country it's very regrettable that's not allowed in other countries but here we can have a discussion about the stop show on this mount this year. but some locals fear the ironic statue could fuel conflict in their community and provoke the turkish government to more local and. i don't think it's ok if you ask me it's not it's a provocation and it damages the good relationship between turks and germans on a direction that this at yvonne supporter saw the statue as
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a tribute to his hero prompting a heated exchange with a critic of the turkish president. and the adult animal and everyone has their own opinion which they're entitled to voice and i'm a voice in mind that the mind of mind of this kind of mind of this isn't an opinion it's a provocation this is a man who has hundreds of people on his conscience hundreds of oh i phone why bus home has got people on his conscience as well as he because he lied on both his way to power he's a dictator he is and i'm ticked up toys for mocking you. in the end the debate proved a little too much for the local authorities the statue has been removed with the city council deciding it couldn't provide the security needed to keep it safe.
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great voice that was just one of the thousands of devoted fans lining up to pay their last respects to the queen of soul aretha franklin's body is lying in state in her hometown of detroit a private funeral will take place on friday the seventy six year old music legend died earlier this month from pancreatic cancer w's maya schwager has this report. this is where rita franklin learned to say her father was the head pastor of the new bethel baptist church while she was growing up. with her upbringing here in detroit and her incredible talent franklin grew into a superstar it was that manner for me to be here i grew up listening to meet the franklin my period listening to a very differently in the fact that she found the courage if it's just an honor she's a hometown hero we love her she's a queen she was an african-american. that has a. you know music for. all of here that.
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we appreciate everything that she brought to this cd this is out and gave to the world and never forget where she came along this is why we're here today franklin is lying in state here at the right museum of african-american history in downtown detroit. despite her worldwide fame she always maintained a strong connection to her hometown and lived here until her death. here in the heart of detroit people have been waiting in line overnight to pay their final respects to the queen of song people came from as far away as chicago and even new orleans and alabama it was a real festive atmosphere here is her music is playing on a loop while people wait and everyone has a story of how she and her music touched my heart i was raised on a week of frankly music that i had to come to. the heart of my family her music touches everybody in her country it gave us hope when we didn't care for her to
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give people hope she twisted as she said about you know. that's what i'm good at it and i love this so much i actually say she's an icon well the making is the leaders she. should get the film. for itself. it's indisputable that aretha franklin had a global impact she was a legend in her own time and detroit was proud to claim her as its own. you're watching the news still to come the u.s. military says it may resume war games on the korean peninsula at the u.s. north korea summit in june president trump agreed to drop the drills is that the end of diplomatic call between washington and. the battle for gaza the afghanistan second biggest city we talked to a family forced to flee the fighting between the taliban and government forces. and
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fans around the world are still dancing and singing along to his songs michael jackson would have been sixty years old today look back at his troubled life and his legacy. pulled out of more still to come here on the the universe. they took me and they laid me on the ground ribs. jump on me and i feel my ribs breaking. and he said it seems that you don't want to confront you will confess if you don't confess will kill you. he survived but tens of thousands of others are still missing after being tortured sirius disappeared in forty five minutes. later we were struck when we were.
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in the percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listening. audience. miscreations. just brand mistake of all colonoscopies icon of the fashion. but what do we really know about the man behind the torch. what motivates him how does he think and feel good moments in the life of a great fashion designers. start september ninth w. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we have so. much. company basement bankers
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carousel with never stop. anybody wrong the wanted to the reality that they might blow up in the face of a system that spun out of control. there was. a crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . welcome back to news i'm terry martin top stories germany's coach your king live has rejected allegations of racism in the german football association he was responding to claims made by midfielder mezzo through who quit the national team in july after the side's just showing the world cup. the un's high commissioner for human rights has sharply condemned the violence in the german city of qom it's over the last few days. saying urge political leaders to speak out in unison against
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xenophobia. in a surprise turnaround the u.s. military has said it may reestablish joint military exercises with south korea but war games had been a major sticking point in the run up to u.s. president historic summit with north korea's leader kim jong at that summit trump called his military commanders off guard by agreeing to drop the military drills the reversal now by the pentagon comes amid a broader breakdown in diplomacy with north korea over its nuclear weapons. a historic handshake between two former foes. in the months before their singapore some as donald trump and kim jong un traded insults and threats of nuclear war but the leaders pulled back from the brink to deliver a diplomatic spectacle and an unexpected concession from the u.s. . we will be stopping the war games which will save us
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a tremendous amount of money on lashon until we see the the future negotiation is not going along like it should. the u.s. military exercises with south korea have infuriated p.r. nyang for decades trumps decision to suspend them surprised both u.s. allies in the region and top u.s. military officials critics said he was handing kim a major symbolic victory without getting any concrete commitments that north korea would denuclearize since the june so most terms diplomatic gamble has delivered some modest returns pyongyang has returned what it says are the remains of u.s. troops killed in the korean war it is also put its nuclear missile test on hold though the un's atomic watchdog says it's still developing nuclear weapons and it's the lack of progress on that front that could wind relations back to the animosity
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that characterized the early months of trump's presidency. yeah. there are regularly were threats to the united states. they will be met with fire of fury. like the world has ever seen. last week trump acts plans for his secretary of state to travel to north korea saying. i feel we are not making sufficient progress with respect to the denuclearized nation of the korean peninsula and now the u.s. military has hinted is will resume its war games with the save. we took this step to suspend several of the largest exercisers as a good faith measure coming out of the singapore summit we have no plans at this time to suspend any more exercisers. both chomping can like to raise tensions when it suits their interests the question now is whether
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they'll dix diplomacy and return to the brink. let's bring in korea analyst call foster carter now who joins us from eggs that are in the u.k. and the u.s. has suggested they may restart large scale military exercises with south korea what do you make of that well it is about sign as as you suggested at the same time as in the quote from president trump the suspension. one sided yet a rather surprising suspension that we had of this what would have been the solace exercises was all was conditional on the denuclearization process talks going well not going well north korea hasn't really conceded anything at the moment. not really a surprise that said nothing is imminent the next major exercises would be in march and april so there is plenty of time to put the train back on the track before the
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end which i very much hope will happen so this is clearly a step back and diplomacy between the u.s. and north korea where does this leave relations between the u.s. and south korea. in a difficult place also because it's important to be aware that while the u.s. and north korea is obviously a very key new relationship good or bad and the nuclear issues are so most important issue these are not the only things going on there's also the rules criminally gets fences with china approach with rockets not for this purpose but it all started with south korea with north korea's outreach to south korea for the olympics and really south has been a kind of go between south korea currently on the left of center government that believes in engaging will spread across many conservatives do believe and now move jay and of south korea he's supposed to be going to coming out for a third summit in september that's going to be pretty difficult now so it's kind of hope but there are some in washington who think south korea's getting out of line i
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reject that you i think south korea obviously is uniquely placed because of the tragic division of the country and i think they're allowed to proceed their own agenda and a basic you know my well i think the op the sig their own agenda so it's all getting a bit tricky so we also have another announcement from the u.s. on friday washington also abruptly canceled a planned trip to north korea by secretary of state mike pompei or north korea has warned that the talks are at risk of falling apart is the peace process unraveling . it is slightly on raveling i mean the problem all along was that trump signed up to a remarkably sin document again rather like the north and south korea comment on the correction which has some very concrete things in it until it seems true believe that this was an off and everybody was sentenced yesterday but maybe this wasn't enough i do think that north korea if they want both sides they've got a lot invested in it as loss of face for kim dollar amounts to trump if he doesn't go ahead but north korea at this point is at risk overplaying its hand definitely
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they need to use the phrase of dennis rodman's come back a member of the do me a solid. into something substantial needs to be done. because so much fair analysis that was career analysts and foster carter there speaking to us from exeter in the u.k. . now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today long searing rains have overwhelmed the swatch wrong dam in myanmar inundating around one hundred villages and closing the country's biggest highway authorities have ordered fifty thousand people to evacuate their homes there are no reports of casualties so far. police in the philippines are hunting two men suspected of planting a bomb that killed two people on tuesday it taks struck a market in the salon in the country's south the so-called islamic state claimed responsibility. and afghanistan's second biggest city gosney has been of battleground between taliban fighters and government troops for much of this month
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militants helped large parts of the city for days and afghan forces needed u.s. airpower to push them back the result was widespread destruction and hundreds of people were forced to seek refuge elsewhere d.w. met one family who fled the fighting. the fall of gas and they would have been the important victory for the taliban. one thousand jihadists insurgents stormed the strategic city earlier this month driving up government forces and taking control more than one hundred people were killed and the fighting on its civilian life came to a standstill. after a five day seach government troops regained control of afghanistan second largest city that of the how to say the pain of every martyr of gaza resident is my pain the government will provide special assistance to everyone killed in gaza and
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hundreds of residents of gaza a flight from the fighting. nice spoke to the super tiny family who went to the capital kabul all eleven family members a living in a room provided by their relatives. they are safe but traumatized. no place like home. when we fled to gaza i knew my mother was crying. she said all her life she strived to build a home but she failed on education and when that's. despite having to flee their home the family consider themselves lucky at least they have shelter but the experience of the fighting has left them scarred. that there was a blast in kabul when we came here the whatever we felt the rages of war were following us from gaza need to kabul i mean we're frightened and scared now where
4:40 pm
can we go from here what has got one mother because i would have us if this is. the sultan the family is still adapting to their new situation they hope to go home one day. but like many of the other one hundred eighty thousand turned li displaced people across afghanistan the fuchsia is still uncertain. u.s. president don't trump has repeatedly accused tech and media companies of stacking the deck against him in his latest tweets on the topic from early yesterday morning he accused google of rigging its algorithm to suppress friendly conservative media and promote what he calls fake or liberal news to tell you social media editor federico joe has been looking into this charge if you will federated good to see you do tropes accusations have any merit well terry given the fact that
4:41 pm
what we know about google thuggery than is very limited details i kept secrets by the company also for business reasons given that but also based on what we do know about how google search operates and i think it's fair to say this is a very it's a very hard like it's a very difficult claim to make and we can look at what google itself had to say in the way they explain how the firm works and they say they said in a statement responding to trump card just when users type choirs into the google search bar our goal is to make sure they receive the most relevant answers in a matter of seconds they say the search is not used to set a political agenda and that they don't buy as their results toward any political ideology so this doesn't mean that google search isn't biased the reason trying to target users i don't but it rather tries to show users what google things they're interested in and they have a number of ways and they use
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a number of factors to determine what we find. when we search on google will tell us about those factors what sort of factors are influencing our search results in the algorithm. i mean what we find through google search is based on an a for oh i would say user behavior analysis so they look at the results can depend on for example are the keywords that we use on our location our search history and what other people online have been shown to be interested in the keywords that they've been using so all of this and also there is the fact that there's a big scanning google search does a big scanning of what kind of content is online and what kind of web pages are out there and this is done both through bots or programs and also by humans in fact google has a team of over ten thousand people who work as search quality raters and they work
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and they have actually very strict guidelines and they focus on basically judging a web site reputation the trustworthiness and whether it is a web page has been vetted by experts in the same sector or whether it has been providing misleading content in the past and based on all this a certain website then will gain or lose visibility so google definitely has a say what we find but that's very different from saying that it's pushing through its own political agenda so google has some quality control says its results are not biased but it does have this algorithm is any of this likely to satisfy a donald trump on his i mean i think yesterday's tweets were do latest in a long series of unsubstantiated claims and accusations of political bias against tech companies facebook twitter against google this time also against news
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companies news media and i mean we think that trump has been often they believe billing critics as as fake so it means that probably if a critic or. if and someone who disagrees with them then shows up high on a google search and he likely wants you know admit the fact that maybe it's because this web page is trustworthy yeah ok so i suspect this debate will go on federico baggio from debbie social media to us thanks so much. you're watching the news still to come fans around the world are still dancing and singing along to his songs michael jackson would have been sixty years old today we'll look back at his troubled life and his legacy. business with monica and tourism can be a great money spinner but it can also be a bit of a nuisance it can be a nuisance harry especially if you live in
4:45 pm
a particular place on the edge of the attic that's what people call dubrovnik a popular travel destination on creation and coast a seaside location and a medieval science attracts thousands of tourists every day now they provide a steady stream of revenue for shops and other businesses but they also get in the way of every day life and some locals just tough enough of it. on a typical summer day into profit the local resident to prophesy moon of each avoids the main streets are packed with tourists and souvenir shops even normal businesses are thronged. who might have to stand in line at the supermarket for up to thirty minutes because it's full of tourists buying water and fruit. we want to. the mediæval city is on unesco's list of world heritage sites the un organization has advised officials to cap tourist numbers at eight thousand
4:46 pm
a day but often more than ten thousand arrive especially when three cruise ships docked in the harbor simultaneously with two thousand or more passengers disembarking from each one the deputy mayor says the city is working to limit the number of visitors. to see it surviving this day warning are not arriving at the same hour there are like intervals. to bravo says the visitors is both a curse and a blessing she too lives from tourism charging ninety euro the night for this apartment she prefers longer rentals to older tourists. i don't wish to go once under forty or a disaster they run around the streets with their bottles and they pee everywhere. they're going to dislike the nuisance caused by tourism the shipment of which is intend to stay they've turned down an offer of a million euros for their house you know your boy this is my home i'm going to die
4:47 pm
here i won't sell. why not. because they enjoy so many moments in the historic city known as the pearl of the adriatic. all british electorate comic aston martin has announced plans to go public on the london stock exchange a branch that was made famous by james bond in the spy films force would become the first briton baseball maker in game is to be listed in london other british lecturing brands like jackie bentley and vaults royce now belong to foreign owners aston martin is planning an i.p.o. by the end of the year analysts say it could be valued app to six billion euros.
4:48 pm
that is the one and only michael jackson otherwise known as the king of pop in the video to his nine hundred eighty three hit song beat it with a pop star would have been sixty years old today the tributes are happening all over the world for civil rights is legacy. karen hopes to from our culture this is here to talk about some of those tributes and of course about the man himself through his i mean those faces legendary status hasn't dimmed a bit hasn't shown a tall you know in fact apparently earning more in death and he did at the end of his life according to forbes magazine he was the highest earning dead celebrity for the fifth year in a row last year was breaking every incredible how they do it how we cover sixty three million euros thanks royalties and publishing rights of course but you know he was one of the most influential cultural figures to come out of the twentieth century so he still has those millions of fans out there many of whom are going to
4:49 pm
be wanting to take advantage of some of these terrific things that one of the higher profile shows is an exhibition that's on currently at the national portrait gallery in london and we know about his influence in music that this looks at his influence on contemporary art includes some incredible stuff like that work we just saw there by pop surrealist painter mark wright and they have been inspiring really big names for decades in fact and here's a landmark portrait from one nine hundred eighty two by andy warhol and the final commission portrait of michael jackson by american painter to him and why he is also there with the horse their thoughts on until october twenty first now here in berlin there was a flash mob tribute to michael at potsdam up plots yesterday and that was the teaser to mark tonight's premiere of a brand new musical celebrating his life beat it stars the thirty eight year old south african tony a good man who's been impersonating michael jackson since it was fifteen years old if you can believe it so let's see how he tries to embody the energy and the
4:50 pm
message of the king of pop. before i leave that you're so right i tell supposes that to myself i can't believe it's actually it is not a self belief it's just a conviction that i have to carry it to stage so i try my best that's all you can do is really push yourself to say. this is how michael would have done. it one of the most successful artists of all time the late great michael jackson is still the king of pop. his dance moves his songs and videos revolutionized the music industry in the one nine hundred eighty s. and earned him legions of devoted fans. the two hour long musical beat it tells the life of the entertainer from his beginnings with the jackson five. it takes fans on a trip through his career with twenty five of his biggest hits. such
4:51 pm
including of course beat it thriller and believe gene. was. for sure boasts a lead actor who performs remarkably like the real deal. as a performer i try my best to bring out the best michael jackson in me i mean there can never be an another michael jackson all we can do is push ourselves to that to that to that maximum where we can put out that feeling. that exactly sixty years after michael jackson's birth nothing evokes that feeling more than his sensational dance moves. most notably his legendary moonwalk. for the real michael jackson still remains unrivaled.
4:52 pm
come. unrivaled in the christmas of his dancing i have to say benny and now this is a german production i should mention and there is a broadway musical production that expected for twenty twenty that his estate is involved in such a family as a very happy about this production that apparently the show is going on now. particular show focuses on the positive energy of michael jackson but you know there's no denying that he was of a controversial figure and from what i can gather at times of tortured yeah you know it's true that he seemed to be someone i think we all agree that he felt who forever trying to recapture the childhood that he didn't that he felt he didn't have he said as much many times and that was evident at his ranch neverland and his exotic menagerie of animals but there were also his endless plastic surgeries and the whitening his skin which apparently was due to a skin condition called the tele go in the makeup that he covered up with over the
4:53 pm
years a number of accusations of child molestations took a toll. he was acquitted on all of them although he paid one family a handsome settlement and then there was the bizarre appearance that he made in berlin in two thousand and two when he dangled his infant son over the balcony of the adlon hotel. that shocked people around the world very obviously but i think today people really are thinking that they want to see him as just incredible talent that he was and that when he died in two thousand and nine because of an inadvertent overdose and most unfortunately it was definitely not ready to go we really lost something and all that weirdness seems to have faded somewhat into the background because obviously the music and the perfection that he brought to his art to survive like ten year old is still an emigrant. because you never really saw the man himself the amazing talent michael jackson the king of pop he would have been sixty years old today thirty always at the market all through this thank you so much a pleasure terry. and just for you
4:54 pm
a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on the news germany's coach your king live has rejected allegations of racism in the german football association he was responding to claims made by midfielder meso who quit the national team in july after the side's dismal showing at the world comp in russia. and the u.s. military has said it may resume war games on the korean peninsula president gul trope has agreed to drop the drills at his historic summit with north korea's kim jong il. no forget you can always get to know you news only good just download from google play or from the apple store i'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and also use the v.w. app to send us photos and videos. and leave you know with the
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awesome images of the thousands of aretha franklin fans who have come to bid farewell to the legendary us singer she died earlier this month at the age of seventy six after a battle with pancreatic cancer now her legacy is being celebrated stay with you. will not only. say. you know.
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i'm. glad my mom loves. the book. and. the book. the book.
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the book. the book. the body. that they took me and they laid me on the grounds for a while grips blow up and jump on me and i feel my ribs breaking. and he said a lot it seems that you don't want to confirm if you will confess if you don't confess we'll kill you if that that a lot of my mom she survived but tens of thousands of others are still missing after being tortured serious disappeared fifteen minutes d.w. . border.
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i. am not proud of them they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made from minds. a news analyst mike brooks let's see if the unsub. the so-called shake up the food is kind of. side by. people put big dreams on the big story. in the magazine on d w. the barely feel.
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the scars of. the pain still tangible. from her god. for civvies edge but. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . new beginning in peace time more the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance. out of darkness cities after a war. starts september second on g.w. .
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after a disappointing performance by his squad at the world cup the german coach love says he deserves some of the blame he faces the media for the first time since his team crashed out of the globe. also on the program. the high commissioner for human rights condemns follow demonstrations in the german city of chemists.


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