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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is. takes the blame for his teams to. be affected. would you be much of a realised if we needed to be less risky. so what does this mean for the german national football team also the program. high commissioner for human rights condemns far demonstrations in the german secure with another planned for this week
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. coming up in the next sixty minutes the first twentieth century. troops a slaughter eighty thousand people in the maybe and south west africa now scum summed up every night and sought to bring to their native land and the. german government to pay reparations. to detroit to me. as they line up to pay respects. to the program. the coach of germany's national football team has admitted that he failed to motivate his players and used the wrong tactics at the world cup in russia you ask him love was speaking to the media for the first time since germany's disastrous performance sub german media outlets called for him to resign
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or be fired at the time but the german football association had had extended mr miller's contract before the tournament began. joachim lives long awaited analysis the germany coach took responsibility for tactical mistakes saying his team lacked balance between the defense and the attack as well as dedication and passion. this one might be i'm a closed one miscalculation and my biggest mistake was that i believed i could at least make it past the group stage by playing a grand dominant position based football just before one. according to live this high risk approach bordered on arrogance what's more the coach was unable to establish small working groups of players within the squad during the tournament in russia live said the heir to one photo affair involving measured is ill and ill going to one wasn't taken seriously enough since isil quit the team he has not
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spoken with the coach live rejects accusations made by israel and that's i think that you spend time with the f.b.i. was there ever even a hint of racist remarks anality and so on shift as for personnel changes there will now be only two assistant coaches former assistant thomas schneider is to head the scouting department the number of support staff will also be reduced sammy could deraa will be missing from the squad for the upcoming international games but newcomers kai however it's nico schultz until zero kero will be there and young star leroy sunday will live left out at the world cup. team manager of a beer addressed accusations the team has lost contact with its fan base. this thing then you know today's that's why we will of course continue to work on being closer to our fans and move down to earth with them on the future i think in particular opening the doors and gates more often to all so that especially
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children and young people can see their stalls up close and in the. next week's international match against world champions france will show to what extent he walk in live and his team have dealt with the world cup debacle. so where does this leave a germany saying well tom get away from date of you sport is here to have certain welcome tom this is your him the first time your human love has spoken publicly since germany's disastrous welcome performance back in june what took him so long well his version of events is that he needed this this long and time. to work through the history in the story and you know the mistakes of the world cup with the foreigners the toss required he said he needed time to meet people from to meet several players unfortunately i mean he's allowed the pressure to arise that he was hiding to a certain extent or at least seeking to avoid speaking publicly you know the
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nation's leader as we heard at the end of that report is kicks off next week for germany at some point he has to come out. and i think some of the conclusions that he drew on that he's drawn in this press conference today don't necessarily require two months to be drawn he said you know the team lacked passion and stuff well that was obvious to anybody who watched their games at the world cup so it certainly was a long time so i'm not point of passion yes he conceded that he fails to inspire his players yet yet that's part of it i mean the players also have to be assigned a portion of that responsibility because it is a world cup tournament they represent in their country if you really need your manager to inspire you then perhaps it's not the right situation for you to be in anyway. he also gave a quite ditto tactical analysis of the mistakes that he said the team made at the world cup this summer he said their style focused too much on the possession heavy you know tactical setup he said it was
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a little bit arrogant to try and perfect match style so early on in the tournament they needed to focus on the defense a little bit more and work rather than holding the ball throughout the game but working on fast paced counterattack quite a lot to take away you know him live also spoke about the. affair for the first time as we heard in that report how have these comments been received well mark meadows was at the press conference today and he said that when love made his comments on those of the fed the room felt almost visibly. you know visibly stunned by his comments and it wasn't perhaps expected that you walk in live would come out and be so critical when you made his statement in which he resigned from the german national team he had harsh words for basically everybody who was involved with this set up except for you rocking the. we need a bit of talk of course to see how his how his comments go down by i think really the best case for the for the gym for politicization would be to ban all mention of
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this and just bury it because it's it's hung over them or some i ruin that world cup campaigns for certain extent and it's time to put it to bed but we're looking forward love now to prepare for the new european nations league so what can we expect from his announcement of a new squad today yet well he's brought three new players into the squad that sky have it still ok and nico shoots as we heard in the report that sammy could hear or has not been picked his career in the national team is probably. over by now he's also picked leave or sunday which. is quite an important move he was left out of the world cup and that was the first moment at which really started to face serious criticism for his decisions over the summer. tactically of course knows that he wants to come away from his position heavy style so maybe we can see a few more counterattacks in their game against france next week but of course these fronts they're playing as the world champions is definitely going to be very tough and seventeen of the twenty three players who have been announced for this
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for the next week were after the world cup so for those who really expected to see a very radical clean break we have the story of the summer that perhaps looks a little bit too much like continuity we'll see how they get on earth another time going to get from a database for thank you. germany's far right alternative for germany party and the ante is up again that we're going to have announced a joint rally in the eastern city of cabinets this weekend a follow the violent demonstrations that over the last few days they arrest was triggered by the fatal stabbing of a german man allegedly by two migrants from iraq and syria. violence. hate speech and illegal of justice these scenes have touched off an international debate about santa phobia and germany far right groups took to the streets of candidates earlier this week insisting the city belongs to them not foreign as.
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lydia from sunday shows what appear to be vigilante attacks in the eastern german city targeting people believed to be far innes. five hundred. odd over what. the fatal stabbing of a german citizen over the weekend sparked the anti migration protests police have apprehended two men one from iraq another from syria over the stabbing. now an arrest warrant with its authenticity confirmed by local authorities has been circulated online a scandal according to the german interior minister this is so constantly saying it cannot be that highly sensitive personal information of and legal procedures are suddenly publicized in this way it's legal that any time to open a photo from the officials are also investigating several protesters put giving the hitless and a punishable offense in germany. the unrest in cabinets has prompted international
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condemnation the un has called on all politicians to speak out forcefully against xenophobia. forgive me for being tough on this. i think it's fundamentally important that public officials throughout europe denounce all of this. we find ourselves in the un that we are one of the few public voices that are doing so and we don't think it's enough. for now candidates in the state of sex and he remains on edge that the protests organized by right wing groups are planned for later in the week. of the u.s. high commissioner for human rights as i had read out who say also i condemn the violence in cabinets and forgive me for being tough on this. i think it's fundamentally important that public officials throughout europe
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denounce all of this. we find ourselves in the un that we are one of the few public voices that are doing this and we don't think it's enough the police in the eastern german city have been accused of doing too little against violent rightwing demonstrators chief political correspondent linda cray davis' assessment of whether that's not likely to change. we heard statements to that effect from local authorities yesterday in a press conference that they gave they admitted that they had underestimated the threat and the size of the demonstrations on sunday and on monday at the same time there are various indications that authorities in the region of saxony police authorities have not only not always taken the right wing threat seriously enough but that at least some members of the security services have perhaps sympathized
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with the right wing for example the arrest warrant for one of the two alleged perpetrators of the knifing on saturday night who is said to be an immigrant that arrest warrant was leaked to far right media sources and we've also seen earlier in the month of august an incident where by police in the city of dresden detained a press camera team out to the insistence of a right wing demonstrator who later proved to be an undercover police agent and essentially could be said to have violated the free speech rights of this camera team so big questions as well about the degree to which the police services are adequately trained again in those very critical democratic values that they are here to represent well in the crane and i surprised turn around the u.s. military has said that it may reestablish joint military exercises with south korea
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the war games had been a major sticking point in the run up to u.s. president donald trump historic a summit with north korea's kim jong un at that summit mr trump called his ministry commanders off guard by agreeing to drop the drills the reversal by the pentagon comes amid a broader breakdown in diplomacy with north korea over its nuclear weapons. and historic handshake between two former foes. in the months before their singapore some us donald trump and kim jong un traded insults and threats of nuclear war but the leaders pulled back from the brink to deliver a diplomatic spectacle as an unexpected concession from the u.s. . we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money or unless and until we see the the future negotiation is not going along like it should. the u.s.
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military exercises with south korea have infuriated p.r. nyang for decades trumps decision to suspend them surprised both u.s. allies in the region and top u.s. military officials critics said he was handing kim a major symbolic victory without getting any concrete commitments that north korea were denuclearized since june so most trumps diplomatic gamble has delivered some modest returns pyongyang has returned what it says are the remains of u.s. troops killed in the korean war it has also put its nuclear missile tests on hold though the un's atomic watchdog says it's still developing nuclear weapons and it's the lack of progress on that front that could wind relations back to the animosity that characterized the early months of trump's presidency. yes there are regularly were threats to the united states. they will be met with fire of
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fury. like the world has never seen. last week trump x. plans for his secretary of state to travel to north korea saying. i feel we are not making sufficient progress with respect to the did nuclearized nation of the korean peninsula and now the u.s. military has hinted is will resume its war games with the size. we took the step to spare and several of the largest extra charges as a good faith measure coming out of the singapore summit we have no plans at this time to suspend any more exercisers. both trumping can like to raise tensions when it suits their interests the question now is whether they'll ditch diplomacy and return to the brink. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world german
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chancellor angela merkel has right in san diego on the first leg of a three day trip to west africa she was greeted by seven please present the south and caught a chance america will also visit nigeria and ghana talks that are expected focusing to focus on strengthening economic development and containing illegal migration. germany's foreign minister says the last big hurdle towards the deal on break britain's exit from the e.u. is resolving the status of northern ireland heiko mosler speaking alongside e.u. present negotiator michel barnier britain and the e.u. are trying to hammer out an agreement on divorce terms before the u.k. leaves the bloc in much. the golden statue of turkey's present present type of art that was installed as german arts festival has been removed authorities in the city of vanes bottom say the uniform meter sculpture was becoming a security issue after it sparked confrontations between heard about supporters and
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opponents. more than thirty thousand people have taken part in one of her six children to food fights the annual tomatina festival in eastern spain revelers healthy each other with more than one hundred tons of ripe tomatoes the festival's inspired by a food fight between little children in one thousand nine hundred forty five. for a food fight to goats yes you have me correctly. you wouldn't think they go to the worst intelligence of animals but it turns out they can read the mind they read the mood of the human their masters by looking at their faces scientists have found that if you smile your goat smiles with you just like us they don't like it when you frown. no i'm not kidding you go to go go really is happening in parts of the united states
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apparently these animals help relax participants. and leave them with a smile on their face. and it seems says even more to this animal the meat the doughy i. scientists in london reckon goats can tell the difference between friendly and angry looking people. in this experiment research is put a black and white photo of a person looking happy on one side and the same person looking on friendly on the other. the goat seemed more interested in the smiling face this would suggest it's not just dogs who can be a man's best friend perhaps don't could be to. a fool. so the next time you meet to go to make sure your smiling it may well be reading your mood. well you've been warned and now i'm going to medical is in west africa
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with a business delegation and turn going to be it will investors be putting their hands in their pockets humphrey can tell us. will they that's the important question they promised to do it last year they didn't drop much investment then so is the promised gold this time around they'll be stopping off in senegal ghana and nigeria with the german chancellor essentially looking for ways to strengthen africa's economy and create opportunities for people who are often otherwise forced to leave their countries and seek job opportunities elsewhere while investing in africa is a quantum a is not a new goal economists see the continent as a sleeping giant with a rapidly growing population of almost one billion now by twenty fifty the population in sub-saharan africa and africa will more than double to over two billion people china and india are heavily investing in this growth market in germany is trying to get in on the game as well that said trade with the region is
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currently look to last a german companies exported goods were thirteen point seven billion euros mostly machines cost chemicals and medical products in return sub-saharan africa exported twelve point four billion euros worth of products to germany mostly commodities we're talking things such as oil and fruit so just take a look now at how german companies are currently fairing in west africa and how they could do better let's bring in jonathan in abou jenna he's a professor of international economic relations at the covenant university in a bridge and a consultant at echo us in the economic west african states unfortunately we've just been able we can't reach him at the moment so hopefully we may speak to him later let's take a look at some other stories right now because the u.s. government maintains that it hopes to find common ground on trade with canada after reaching a preliminary agreement with mexico now that provisional deal is also important
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news for the german car industry has invested billions in mexico and depends on open borders so far so good but to meet the new requirements changes must be made. the new deal requires up to forty five percent of car parts in mexican factories to be produced by workers earning at least sixteen dollars per hour that's the sector's minimum wage trumps plan is to secure or even bring back jobs to the u.s. . experts say german manufacture is such as dime the band's b.m.w. and v.w. could already meet this requirement now but another demand could pose a problem for some manufacturers seventy five percent of the components used must be produced in the u.s. dima and b.m.w. currently don't meet this target mainly because both still build their engines in europe on the whole however german manufacturers welcomed the agreement regulations
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are better than tariffs the companies have invested billions in mexico over several decades and are dependent on open borders and agreement with canada is yet to be found however foreign minister chrystia freeland is in talks in washington. let me just reiterate that it's it was a destructive conversation. and that's the late night zero zero eight that if i were asked he was fine with that who feel that it's nothing that it's well. yes that's the way the are going and who struck to eat the significant obstacles still remain but german come makers are among those hoping canada will join the new trade pact by the end of the week. for results in tumbling share prices germany's big banks in trouble just lost the title as the
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country's most valuable financial institution to start up in the tech sector and germany second largest bank could soon be ousted from the decks index bringing jemmy's banking giants up to state is the focus of a conference in frankfurt this week. is there a way to shake things up without letting them full that's the challenge facing germany's big banks right now with greater competition from abroad and trade conflicts dominating world politics europe's financial institutions must pull their strengths says deutsche bank c.e.o. kristen's evening it's come flogger called the deal we spoke and it's clear the pressure is on to consolidate in europe there are five thousand five hundred financial institutions in the eurozone beefeater for not how many of them can manage risks in an increasingly confusing world economy miniature opa europe doesn't need as many banks as possible what it needs is strong banks. and banks
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plans to be among them it's retained its global aspirations on the savings leadership stands even took over running germany's biggest bank in april for the past three years the financial giant has suffered losses falling behind competition particularly from the u.s. savings says that now politics must play a part to get it through over a period of order to produce true european champions and we need uniform regulations in europe we need a unified financial market and i know if you're not smart. and according to saving a strong european financial center to say that europe can better focus on finding strong solutions to upcoming challenges like breck's it for example.
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i just one of the thousands of fans lining up to pay for that last respects to everything frankly us soul singers bodies lying in state in our hometown of detroit a private funeral will take place on friday the seventy six year old music legend died this month from pancreatic cancer the w.'s my shweta has this report. this is where everything franklin learned to say her father was the head pastor of the new bethel baptist church while she was growing up. with her upbringing here in detroit and her incredible talent franklin grew into a superstar if sam and for me to be here i grew up listening to limerick of franklin my parents listening to the different planet and the fact that she's trying to carry it it is just an honor she's a home town hero we love it she's the queen she was an african-american characters that has. your music for ever it is.
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all here to live your rhythm we appreciate everything that she brought to this cd this is out and gave for the world and never forget where she came along this is why we're here today franklin is lying in state here at the right museum of african-american history in downtown detroit. despite her worldwide fame she always maintained a strong connection to her hometown and lived here until her death. here in the heart of detroit people have been waiting in line overnight to pay their final respects to the queen of song people came from as far away as chicago and even new orleans and alabama is a real festive atmosphere here is her music is playing on a loop while people wait and everyone has a story of how she and her music touched them love aretha franklin i was raised on a week to find music that i had to come in. like a part of my family her music touches everybody in her country it gave us hope when we didn't care for her to give people hope she twisted as she slipped out you know
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. that's what i'm good at it and i love this so much that she actually was a she's an icon of the making is she the leaders she. did the film she. told herself. it's indisputable that aretha franklin had a global impact. she was a legend in her own time and detroit was proud to claim her as its own. this is daily news a lot of from still to come in the early twentieth century german troops slaughtered around eighty thousand people in the media but our skulls on the other remained stopping return to that thank you planned to miss world the german government to pay reparations to discover more about the first genocide of the twentieth century . and fans around the world are still dancing and singing along to his songs baikal jackson would have been sixty today we'll take
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a look back at his legacy and his troubled life. will hold out on to more in just a moment on data. from the. two thousand and four celebrations as it joins the. poland two thousand and ten right wing demonstrations did you dish eerie under the government's time critics treated like criminals long as the country changed so much it will have the old and we want no one will impose their will on us ever again poland crossroads a new crisis for the e.u. . in forty five minutes. hijacking the
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news. more i go wrong the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china churchy people are told is that something and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond it you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder. is that where work a bit is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoking mirrors it's not just about me prayer or being neutral it's about being truthful. and funny was boring golf and i were getting all. these creations. this brand mistake will come knock on effect icons
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of the fashion. look what do we really know about the man behind the torch. what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer. someone smash and stuff it starts september not double. this is d w news live from delhi and i filled the top story this hour germany's national football team coach or has admitted he failed to motivate his players and use the wrong tactics for the world cup in russia germany crashed out in the group stage prompting calls for her to be returned to resign. germany has returned human remains taken from what is now namibia the skulls unbuttons are from herrera and people slaughtered under german colonial rule one
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a century ago german soldiers killed an estimated eighty thousand herero are now maturing colored your role today representatives from namibia joint german religious the state representatives in paying tribute to the victims of the genocide outside the cathedral demonstrators demanded an official apology from the german government as well as financial compensation. momos office in the us money or does it mention some buy some of them would chop off the prisoner's heads. up. and then throw the rest of their bodies in the water to feed the sharks for the. well when i think about this history it makes me sad. and bitter. israel cannot chica is the only herero activist in germany one hundred years since the end of german colonialism a seventy one year old now maybe n. is calling for the german government to take responsibility. just demanding three
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things an apology or recognition of genocide and reparations break something you have to fix it was at a party and women over skype would be marked out. it was here in berlin that the fate of africa was decided at the eight hundred eighty five conference the continent was sliced up and divided among european powers prior to world war one germany had colonies around the world have to lose in the war german overseas land was in redistributed and later de colonized. millions were affected by the brutality and greed of german colonialism. an attempt to exterminate the herero unama people in german south west africa today namibia resulted in the murder of at least eighty thousand people out of fears of costly reparations german parliament has never officially recognized the murders as genocide but the government has promised of several assessment of the country's colonial history. going to nocca
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germany's commissioner to africa is involved in the process doesn't. mean we are of course holding reconciliation talks with namibia right now. trying to formulate what happened a hundred years ago or more so that we as europeans can apologize for the terrible things there and take responsibility. but also so that this is accepted by the african side so that our future is not because we talk about the past. but what we can do together now. but for israel talks excluding herero unama people count for nothing some activists have gone as far as filing a lawsuit in new york against the german government calling for their participation . their return however of some twenty herero unama human remains at
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a ceremony in balance french church is being regarded as at least a step in the right direction if you do does bowser do i think this is a positive from what isn't good is that it's taken place in a church why not in parliament and then recognize the genocide at the same time focus more on the. like many hereright unama activists israel once all plundered out work and human remains to be returned to their home country the german government however favors more provenance research by museums. but israel isn't about to give up like mice of his fellow activists his campaign for germany to recognize the murders of herero unama people is genocide is a personal one is a powerful form and i also have german ancestors that means that my history has something to do with germany and i tell you know this or i will fight until i die. and fall. let's look at this closer with esther when john gray who is chairwoman of
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the herrera genocide foundation i've been calling for talks between descendants of those murdered the libyan and german governments to work towards compensation a full apology welcome to day doubly so more than eighty thousand. people killed by german soldiers during colonial times twenty sets of remains returned today due regard but as significant it's very important is significant because. there are ten of the human remains between and me via should not be seen in an isolation because the question still remains as to who under which circumstances where these skulls brewton to germany so these people were killed at import this were f.q. and beheaded in the skulls were brought to germany for the so-called scientific research so that this very important to us that it ten of the skulls or the human
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remains between and via where they do belong and what how does the legacy of german colonialism affect herero and number of people today oh yes we still feel the. impact of the genocide i'm hearing the german government every time telling us that we you are not that it victims come one is a joke we add that rick victims i have brothers and sisters living in south africa and what's one who cannot speak arrow who cannot speak their language who have food lost their culture because they were born in south africa but because their parents feel it is their order was clear that if you don't feel it you die so we feel it today as there are people we are in the minority so we are not but in puzzle of the . decision making starts and that is the fitting us so what do you want from the
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german government when a simple we won the german government to publicly acknowledge it was genocide apologize to the heroin number of people and then sit with the person that this of the number of people and talk to them so that that a person that this of the two communities can influence the process in the outcome of that process because what ever outcome will still affect the two communities and so. the cost seems to be what is of the heart of german objections. how do you see about getting around i heard you saying how did how can you get germany to acknowledge what you want even that if they do it's going to cost them millions that's what we are always saying that given the can run but they will not have it we are also saying that we will follow the game and it doesn't meant to the
8:38 pm
end of this world so that this that this in way we have east to take it in a lawsuit in the united states of america hoping that somehow and that will force the german government to wake up and smell the coffee and sit with the two communities that we targeted by the ex the mission artists and if the ruling goes against you it's not the end of the walt for us that this this is one plan that we have with so many other plans lined up this bridge you against the german government i was thinking you say you pursue them so they add to the end of the world the german government is rich enough bigger to reconsider and say pursue away yes we will impasse them we will do whatever it takes to force them. to come to the table and talk to us or if you just if you talk about
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reparations how much is enough how many looking for we are even if this one soul that has been killed you cannot that equalize that in the amount of money but it least we missed something that will put us in the position that we could have built today was it not for the genocide where is the land where is the capital that we have lost whoever is the psychological pain that our people enjoy what that has been transformed from generation to generation so even if you paid millions it will never you know equalize the pain that we went through bet if you have damage a person at least you come and say i am sorry for what i did and then you start
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talking thank you for joining us here at a time. when john way from me over her genocide foundation thank you thank you so much. afghanistan's second biggest city has been a battleground between taliban fighters and government troops for much of this month well as it's held large parts of the city for days afghan forces needed u.s. airpower to push them back the result was widespread destruction hundreds of people forced to seek refuge elsewhere. as one family who fled the fighting. the fall of gas would have been an important victory for the taliban. one thousand jihadists insurgents stormed the strategic city earlier this month driving up government forces and taking control more than one hundred people were killed in the fighting on all sides civilian life came to a standstill. after a five day siege government troops regained control of afghanistan second largest
8:41 pm
city. that of the how the shape of the pain of every martyred president is my pain the government will provide special assistance to everyone who suffered losses in gaza. hundreds of residents of gaza in the flood from the fighting. did a really nice spoke to the super tiny family who went to the capital kabul all eleven family members a living in a room provided by their relatives. they are safe but traumatized. no place like home. was when we fled to gaza my mother was crying. she said all her life she strived to build a home but she failed for another one that's. despite having to flee their home the family consider themselves lucky at least they have shelter but the experience of the fighting has left them scarred. that there was
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a blast in kabul when we came here. we felt the rages of war we're following us from gaza need to kabul. we're frightened and scared now where can we go from here to what is called the mother because i would have us. the sultani family is still adapting to their new situation they hope to go home one day but like many of the other one hundred eighty thousand turned li displaced people across afghanistan the future is still uncertain. donald trump has repeatedly accused the media companies of being against him yesterday morning he accused google of breaking its algorithm to suppress conservative media friendly to him and to prevent one to promote what he says he's fake on liberal news the social media and sophistry a budget has been looking into this well welcome to three so what's the truth of mr
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trump's accusations not much truth in his i'm afraid i mean we know that terms pretty quick at labeling critics as fake or biased and i'm afraid this is another example of it i mean we all get different results when we make a google search i tried it myself just moments ago i searched for trump news on google and one of the first articles that appeared on my search at the very top was from fox news for example and a lot of people have been pointing out the same since these accusations now google itself has strongly rejected the claims they released a statement in response to trump's tweet saying when users type quire is into the google search bar our goal is to make sure they receive the most relevant answers they say search is not used to set a political agenda that they don't buy as results toward any political ideology now this doesn't mean that google doesn't have
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a say in what's in what we see if he uses a number of different factors to determine what we find what's at the top of our search based on what it things is we're interested in but it's very different from saying that it's pushing through its own political agenda so how does google talk is this that we sell to them i mean there's a lot of we don't know about this algorithm google keeps its secrets and what we do know is that they have like search the search results can depend on a series of factors for example our search history. our locations where we're based also what other people out there have been searching for what keywords has have been used and how these keywords have been combined. them scans user behavior in the sense and then online content and web pages themselves are also scanned by google and analyzed and in fact google has and that's both by programs
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and by people in fact google has a team of ten thousand or over ten thousand people who work as search quality raters and basically what they do is they judge a website's reputation and trustworthiness and they have very strict guidelines that they need to follow we're glimpsing at them right now they need to see whether if a web page has been vetted by experts of that sector whether he has been providing misleading content in the past so based on all this user interest and trustworthiness a website then gains or loses visibility and it's only no terms clean does appear to be late this in a long line of unsubstantiated accusations of political bias against tech companies and media want to make sure to siphon almost always call it i think about you.
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dennis and on day three of the u.s. open in new york there was a minor upset in the men's not just unseeded that danielle medvedev beat a number fifteen seed stefanos dissipate us of grease the russian needed four sets to clinch victory in the women's seven seated you created it lowest fifth best fit oliva had little trouble beating the german touch on a monday in straight sets i mean he had bagged a surprise win of us for toledo in the first round at wimbledon this year and belgium at least matter brings to victory against a nineteen year old that very out of luck zero of bella ruth the number fifteen seed looked much improved since the shaky opening match on monday. cable business news with a hellhole for not taking a look at an app helping farmers in east africa fill technology coming to the rescue or at least helping in the drought which is crippling kenya the small phones essentially are aiding traditional hulda's to move their animals to fertile pastas
8:47 pm
ending and often well deadly so the food and water the technology is also useful to protect hugs from predators take a look now at how it works. camels are tough they can do without water longer than most other animals but they need fresh food the drought in east africa is especially hard on kenya's livestock herders the owner of these chemicals ali gulf who struggles to find grazing land for his animals but now he has an app on his smartphone that helps him and it's called apheresis out. camels are main livestock they live far from water sources that we used to travel around looking for pasture but this year we got to know after scouting and it's information is helping us. we can now find pastor without too much trouble. right now we're coming back from the water point and we're going home early because we
8:48 pm
know where good pasture is. pastoralism is a traditional livelihood for kenya's masai people now with the satellite based map data but they can better decide when and where to take their livestock to graze that saves time and energy and makes it easier to plan it also helps them avoid dangers like wild animals. and that protects their herds it's also good for the environment says the developer of the after scout the american n.-g. o. project concern international or p.c.i. . so it threw off the efforts go to application. to see how did you make i mean that they can only move the stock to places where the forage has rejuvenating enough and avoid the areas that have been degraded and bad voiding the areas that have been degraded they give the spaces a time to be juvenile it. the op is helping the herders adapt to the unprecedented drought. as climate change makes weather patterns here more and more unpredictable
8:49 pm
this kind of technology may be key to survival for the region's pastoralist and their animals. and he has currency to pay so dropped a record low against the u.s. dollar when say that off the president but he also has a national monetary fund to speed up the release of bailout funds they were originally scheduled space right out over three and june the i.m.f. granted point as i'd as a fifty billion dollar credit by. mockery tried to reassure his compatriots that funding for the coming year would bolster market confidence and help the economy return to growth now would be my say my now the most and you know we've seen a lack of confidence in the markets in the past week. specifically in our capacity to achieve funding for twenty nine teens you know where we are that's why i would like to announce that we've agreed with the international monetary fund to advance all the funds necessary to ensure compliance with next year's financial programme
8:50 pm
if you don't see that on your purpose in life that's part of the agreement the i.m.f. released fifteen billion dollars to argentina in june and is poised to provide an additional three billion dollars next month the funds are aimed at supporting the budget and shoring up the pace so you. but on certainty over spiralling inflation and economic downturn and a ballooning deficit has sent the peso tumbling seventy percent against the u.s. dollar this year the weak peso increases the country's foreign debt burden and investors fear boring us are is may have problems meeting its foreign currency debt obligation next year. to make matters worse on monday argentina's treasury minister said the economy would contract one percent this year compared to a previous forecast of three percent growth.
8:51 pm
michael jackson and a music video series that had a three base it's known as the king of pop he died in june two thousand and nine he would have been a sixty years old today around the world people are celebrating his legacy and kind of hope that for the to be culture. it's here to talk us through some of the tributes welcome can't believe sixty days the magic of it fixed the camera on if this is a man whose legislates is as a demand and not a tall fellow in fact you know he's apparently earning even more dead than he did at the end of his life according to forbes magazine he was the highest earning dead celebrity for the fifth year in a row just last year that's raking in about sixty three million euros thanks to
8:52 pm
things like royalties and publishing rights of course but you know he was one of the most influential cultural figures of the twentieth century so he does have those masses the fans out there many of whom are going to want to be taking part in some of the tributes that are happening and one of the higher profile ones is an exhibition that's on at london's national portrait gallery and we know how influential he was with music but this is actually taking a closer look at his influence on contemporary art and include some incredible stuff like this work by pop surrealist painter mark ryden and he's been inspiring really big names for decades in fact we're going to see a landmark portrait coming up here by andy warhol from nine hundred eighty two there it is and the final commissioned portrait of michael jackson ever of by american painter to him is also there there he is on the horse and that's on until the twenty first of october now here in berlin there was a flash mob down a tribute to michael down it put some of plots in this with the teaser to mark tonight's premiere of a brand new musical celebrating his life and it starts thirty eight year old south
8:53 pm
african done tanya goodman who's been impersonating michael jackson since he was fifteen years old so let's see how he tries to embody the energy and the message of the king of pop. before i leave the dresser i protest subconsciously i tell myself i am a contract it is not a self belief this is the conviction that i have to carry on to stage so i try my best that's all you can do is really push yourself to say. this is how michael would have done it. one of the most successful artists of all time the late great michael jackson is still the king of pop. his dance moves his songs and videos revolutionized the music industry in the one nine hundred eighty s. and earned him legions of devoted fans. the two hour long musical beat it tells the life of the entertainer from his beginnings with the jackson five. it takes
8:54 pm
fans on a trip through his career with twenty five of his biggest hits. such including of course beat it thriller and believe gene. was. was this show boasts a lead actor who performs remarkably like the real deal. he'd come. as a performer i try my best to bring out the best michael jackson in me i mean there can never be another michael jackson all we can do is push ourselves to that to that to that maximum where we can put out that feeling. that exactly sixty years after michael jackson's birth nothing evokes that feeling more than his sensational dance moves. most notably his legendary moon walk.
8:55 pm
the real michael jackson still remains unrivaled. and said i'm missing the snap there now that was a german production this is the idiot and i should mention that there is a broadway production in the works that's expected for twenty twenty and his family is involved in that one so they were very happy that this show is going on. so this is a show that focuses on the the. poser brad is your michael jackson's legacy bravos no denying he was a controversial figure i mean that's for sure what we talked with one you know i think he was we definitely have the impression that he was somebody who was always chasing after a childhood that he felt he had been robbed of he said as much that he had missed out on things that many times in interviews and you know that was evident with his neverland ranch and his his exotic menagerie of animals. there were then of course the endless plastic surgeries and the white meat the skin which was apparently due
8:56 pm
to the skin condition called for to go over the years a number of accusations of child molestation also made his life quite difficult and and there were these are appearances in berlin with dangling a baby over a balcony so we will hope that all of those stories have really kind of gone into the background and tom said thank you so much sense of yourself a group like this is they don't give.
8:57 pm
two thousand. more celebrations as it joins the. polenta two thousand and ten right wing demonstrations to judiciary under the government's done critics treated like criminals as the country changed so much it will have the old and we want no one will impose their will on us ever again poland at the crossroads and new crisis for the e.u. . fifteen minutes d.w. .
8:58 pm
moving on beethoven. his work in the goddess fortuna. the monstrous and figurative. beethoven faced john twenty. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition. mania. control rich lots. of investment bankers whole topic ourselves with the first stop of a system that spun out of control. over. the crash of the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on d w . nineteen sixteen and i'm
8:59 pm
crying echoed around the world as. young people would build against their parents generation. didn't if it wasn't possible by dusty from the stupidity institutions fukushima's. demanded nothing less than a whole system. wide maelstrom of concern about the violence would be of no more play much the role of the. my generation watch the vietnam war every day of those who want to remember though for most of the first time i had a feeling of being part of something in. the seeds of civil rights the peace movement. planted this fear. nineteen sixty eight the global movement started september first double.
9:00 pm
her. own. this is g.w. news from berlin tonight coach you walk a book takes the blame for germany's disastrous world cup performance. it was almost our going to tell me i wanted to perfect it will find the still means even more when hitting much of i should have realized that we needed to be less risky. so what does this mean for the german national soccer team also coming up tonight the u.n. high commissioner for human rights condemns far right demonstrations in the german city of it comes.


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