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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 29, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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on. this is. from berlin tonight. takes the blame for germany's disastrous worldcom performance this about. our own console me i wanted to perfect it fine tuning the stillness even more when he did much as i should have realized that we needed to be less risky. so what does this mean for the german a national soccer team will last also coming up the u.n.
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high commissioner for human rights condemns far right demonstrations in the german city of kenneth his intervention comes as the city braces for another protest this coming week. and the battle for any afghanistan's second big city we talked to a family forced to flee the fighting between the taliban and government forces. it's good to have you with us he failed to motivate his players and he used the wrong tactics on the pitch those are the admissions and confessions being offered by the coach of germany's national football team today you walk in love spoke publicly for the first time since germany's dismal performance at the world cup in russia of directly after the world cup there were calls for him to resign or to be fired but sacking the coach was apparently not an option the german football association
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extended mr love's contract just before the world cup began. joachim lives long awaited analysis the germany coach took responsibility for tactical mistakes saying his team lacked balance between the defense and the attack as well as dedication and passion. this one minute on a closed one miscalculation and my biggest mistake was that i believed i could at least make it past the group stage by playing a grand dominant position based football just off before one. according to live this high risk approach bordered on arrogance what's more the coach was unable to establish small working groups of players within the squad during the tournament in russia live said the heir to one photo affair involving measured is ill and ill going to one wasn't taken seriously enough since isil quit the team he has not
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spoken with the coach live rejects accusations made by israel and that's i think that you spend three more time with the d f b i was there ever even a hint of racist remarks in our team when someone just as for personnel changes there will now be only two assistant coaches former assistant thomas schneider is to head the scouting department the number of support staff will also be reduced sammy could hear it will be missing from the squad for the upcoming international games but newcomers kai however it's nico schultz until the kero will be there and young star in the rice and a little left out at the world cup. team manager of a beer addressed accusations the team has lost contact with its fanbase on this ng then you know today's that's why we will of course continue to work on being closer to our fans and move down to earth with him in the future i think in particular opening the doors and gates more often to all so that especially
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children and young people can see their stalls up close and in the. next week's international match against world champions france. we'll show to what extent you walk in live and his team have dealt with the world cup debacle. yeah debacle it was with joining me here in the studio now is my colleague tom you know him from sports tom i want to ask you did this is the first time that you want to move his spoken publicly since the world cup what took him so long well he says that he's aware that for some people this more of being a bit too long a process that people have been waiting for him to come out and since june it's june is actually two months of basically nothing just complete silence. but he said he needed this much time to be as thorough as he needed to be going through the mistakes of the world cup he said he had meetings with all of his players it's you know his it's taken this long because it's such a big target cetera. the thing is the nation's leader as we heard at the end of
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that report kicks off next week so around about this time you actually knew it was going to have to come and face the press and waiting for about something you know completely separate from the world cup so unfortunately he's allowed the impression to establish itself that he was basically hiding and now all of us and his hand has been forced and what about his analysis of hell things went wrong to be he conceded that he failed to inspire passion in his players yet well i mean that says it all really if the play is need inspiration from their coach. to play with passion when they're at the world cup representing their country defending the hearts of all things then you know how do you know i mean exactly how do you not have passion when you're playing for your country at the world cup it's hard to imagine but you know they approach the tournament with such arrogance they keep themselves in the way there's been a lot of criticism about the over the just just about the kind of over
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exaggerated unnecessary marketing that the f.t. put behind that team in. suv became you know something of a product for them to be sold and unfortunately nobody wants to buy your products if you if you stop on the biggest stage what do you think the fact that you want to move was able to get a new contract before the world cup is that evidence of of this hubris and this arrogance that even he mentioned today well i mean it certainly seems to be they germany was so confident going into the world cup but like you said they gave their manager a new contract in many for his biggest test you know that you know where else could you ever see that happening. and pride comes before full fuel clean love also said that they made quite a few tactical mistakes but i think basically really it does come down to that question of passion and in fact it didn't really need two months for somebody to you know comment that the team was lacking passion everybody was watching the games
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during this one it's all about themselves so it's all about looking forward. to prepare for the new european nations league we work and we expect from his announcement of a new squad well yet there are three new players in this what that's called i have a. cat i need her shorts so those are going to be three new faces he's also brought back leroy. as we heard which i think you know when he first announced this on i was going to be taking to the world cup is an important point on the calendar of where things started to iran yes. but having said that seventeen of the twenty three players who are in this squad were act it's one of them and you know as we heard there's been a bit of personnel change of the day if they but they've moved somebody from the job of an assistant coach to a job now as a scout. so it's not quite the radical cleaving off of the of the past of the summer that some people were hoping for and unfortunately continuity is detectable yeah you can see there you see that for sure all right tom going away from our
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sports tom thank you. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a golden statue of turkish president richard tell you a better one that was installed in the german arts festival has been removed authorities in the city of these five men said the four meters culture was becoming a security issue after it sparked confrontations between supporters and opponents mian mars leader aung san suu kyi she will not be stripped of her nobel peace prize despite a un report alleging that the country's army committed genocide the norwegian nobel committee said its rules do not allow for a prize to be withdrawn since he has been criticized for failing to speak out against the army's brutal crackdown on revenge of muslims german chancellor angela merkel has arrived in senegal on the first leg of a three day trip to west africa she was greeted by the president of senegal like you saw in that car will also visit nigeria and ghana for talks that are expected
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to focus on streets in the economic development and containing illegal migration the un's high commissioner for human rights has sharply condemned the violence in the german city of kemet over the last few days he said that political leaders needed to speak out in unison against zina phobia it is bracing itself for more unrest after the far right alternative for germany political party and the anti islam together movement announced a joint rally scheduled for this coming week at. my length. hate speach. and illegal justice these scenes have touched off an international debate about santa phobia and germany far right groups took to the streets of candidates earlier this week insisting the city belongs to them not foreign s. . video from sunday shows what appeared to be vigilante attacks in the eastern german city targeting people believed to be foreign s.
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. five hundred. opcode over what. the fatal stabbing of a german citizen over the weekend spot the anti migration protests police have apprehended two men one from iraq another from syria over the stabbing. now an arrest warrant with its authenticity confirmed by local authorities has been circulated online a scandal according to the german interior minister this is so constantly saying it cannot be that highly sensitive personal information and legal procedures are suddenly publicized in this way if it's legal to imitate it if that if that officials are also investigating several protesters could giving the hitler salute a punishable offense in germany. the unrest in cabinets has prompted international condemnation the u.n. has called on all politicians to speak out forcefully against xenophobia. forgive
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me for being tough on the us. i think it's fundamentally important that public officials throughout europe denounce all of those. we find ourselves in the un that we are one of the few public voices that are doing so and we don't think it's enough. for now can that's in the state of sex and he remained on edge for the protests organized by right wing groups are planned for later in the week. for i would think of this for now with archie. political correspondent belinda crane she joins me here in berlin good evening to you melinda the u.n. high commissioner for human rights is demanding germany take a tougher stance against right wing extremism has there been any reaction from german politicians. well certainly we have seen clear and tough words from
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a number of germany's top political leaders over the past few days the chancellor saying that vigilante attacks and mob violence absolutely will not be tolerated and violate the rule of law we've also heard statements from the foreign minister and a somewhat belated statement from the interior minister but nonetheless the question is also do actions follow up on the words and have we seen the kind of policies and actions in the past that do take this threat which is not a threat of recent vintage which is in fact one that has been with us for quite some time that take it truly seriously and we've heard criticism also in the past few days from opposition politicians members of the green party saying there needs to be a much more concerted systematic effort to provide education and socialization
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in basic democratic values like tolerance like freedom of speech and that that effort definitely needs to be focused on eastern germany but not only there and another very important factor long term cutbacks in the security services have left many people in many parts of germany with the feeling that the streets of their cities are not entirely safe and certainly we saw in candidates that the police were dramatically understaffed and the fact is and this was said this week by the president of the police people's union he said when people have the sense that they are not secure on their city streets there is a much higher risk that they will resort to vigilante attacks which doesn't excuse those attacks but points out that there is a direct connect. between underfunding of security perhaps also underfunding of
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those socialization education efforts i mentioned and the rise of right wing violence so the key question is will politicians not only speak out but will they also follow up with actions. sensing these believes they have a new problem tonight that arrest warrant that has been leaked online do we know who's behind their no we don't but what we do know is that this arrest warrant for one of the two alleged perpetrators of the stabbing on saturday night that was the trigger for all of this violence and that the perpetrator is a migrant that this arrest warrant was leaked to right wing sites in other words we have the suspicion that someone within the security services with access to that warrant may have had a channel to such sites and this would not be the first time that we've seen in this part of eastern germany connections between the authorities who are there to
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guarantee constitutional rights and the right wing and that of course is a matter of the absolute highest concern and hopefully will be followed up in short order and if you say it is also a concern and a problem that has been around for quite some time our chief political correspondent linda green on the story first night here in berlin thank you melissa . art helen is here now and we're going to talk about something that is just not as good as it used to be we're talking about charades yes yes no growing how it used to say i'm a fright frayed brand we of course we knew that but we've now got the hard figures that growth streak in international trade come to an end for the first time since twenty sixteen the trade of much in dice from the g twenty of course the twenty leading industrial nations well it's fallen exports dropped point six percent imports declined even more last quarter that's according to figures published by the o.e.c.d. argentina brazil and turkey experienced the biggest falls those countries suffer
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from weak currencies and economic turmoil another reason for the decline is the ongoing trade conflicts of course between the united states china as well as other countries. where u.s. government maintains at least that it's hoping to find some common ground on trade when it comes to its dealings with canada to reaching a preliminary agreement with mexico that was on tuesday that canadian and u.s. negotiate is still sitting down for talks which trump says are quote going really well now he set a deadline of friday for the signing of a three nation pact. the talks to overhaul the free trade agreement have entered a crucial phase and canadian prime minister justin trudeau believes meeting the friday deadline is still possible but he's not making any promises we recognize that there is a possibility of getting there by friday but it is only
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a possibility because it will hinge on whether or not there is ultimately a good deal for killing a good deal for canadians i said from the very beginning. no live to deal is better than a bad narrative to deal and we are going to remain firm on that principle because canadians expect us to stand up for them and that's exactly what this government's going to do earlier canada's chief negotiator said she was encouraged by the talks and progress made so far. the earth for being that. you are close together with the united states and significant ice. for eight years and that is a really important step for us and it has set the stage for very intensive conversations and negotiations that were going to the us canada and
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mexico have been trying to hammer out a deal for over a year if they reach a consensus by friday that could pave the way for a mexican president and rekey pena nieto to sign it before he leaves office at the end of november you take the. time to bring it all financial correspondent yang's quarter in new york yes the u.s. is essentially told canada take it or leave it we await the outcome meanwhile the u.s. congress also has to have its say right. certainly there do a u.s. president on a trump can sign a new agreement without the support of congress and it's a very delicate if you look the states here in the united states like kansas for example who depend a lot on agriculture from kansas twenty percent of their exports actually go to canada and was that is the most important trading partner and overall behind china canada is the second biggest market for the united states so there will be
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a lot of pressure to not just get any deal but the right deal so it's not going to be easy to hammer out a new agreement anytime soon and in other news yes with us g.d.p. numbers in how's it looking well the u.s. economy is on fire we saw economic growth in the second quarter by four point two percent that was a bit higher than expected and the biggest grows in almost four years but it's not just growth overall also if you look as u.s. corporations they just finished the second quarter was the highest profit growth in about six years we see the unemployment rate at the lowest level in almost fifty years and still the federal reserve does not seem to be a very extreme when it comes to interest rate increases we probably will see a moderate pace so at least if you look at wall street and stock price it's almost
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perfect environment and that's why we see a new record almost every day here on wednesday the s. and p. five hundred and also the nasdaq composite for the fourth consecutive day closed on a new record high and also a blue chip so the dow jones industrial average is closing in on a new all time high as well financial correspondent yang's quarter on wall street yes thanks. back over now to brant more people are forced to flee from fighting in afghanistan that's exactly right telamon afghanistan's second biggest city god's name has been a battleground between televen fighters and government troops for much of this month militants held parts large parts of the city for days afghan forces needed u.s. air power to push them back the result was widespread destruction and hundreds of people forced to seek refuge elsewhere you met one family who fled the fighting.
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the fall of gas and would have been an important victory for the taliban. one thousand jihadists insurgents stormed the strategic city earlier this month driving up government forces and taking control more than one hundred people were killed in the fighting on all sides civilian life came to a standstill. after a five day siege government troops regained control of afghanistan second largest city. that of the height of the pain of every march resident is my pain the government will provide special assistance to everyone who suffered losses in gaza . hundreds of residents of gaza a flight from the fighting. a nice spoke to the super tiny family who went to the capital kabul. eleven family members a living in a room provided by their relatives. they are safe but traumatized.
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no place like home. was when we fled my mother was crying. she said all her life she strived to build a home but she failed one as. despite having to flee their home the family consider themselves lucky at least they have shelter but the experience of the fighting has left them scarred. it. was a blast in kabul. we felt the rages of war were following us from kabul. from here. in the family is still adapting to the new situation the hope to go home one day but like many of the other one hundred eighty thousand turned displaced people across afghanistan the fuchsia.
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see. well you know that song that was just one of the thousands of fans lining up to pay their last respects to aretha franklin the u.s. soul singer. stayed in her hometown of detroit michigan a private funeral will take place on friday the seventy six year old music legend died this month from pancreatic cancer he. has this report. this is where rita franklin learned to say her father was the head pastor of the new bethel baptist church while she was growing up. with her upbringing here in detroit and her incredible talent and franklin grew into a superstar is that hannah for me to be here i grew up listening to meet the franklin material the upliftment to be differently and the fact that she's trying
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to carry it it is just an honor she's a hometown hero we love her she's the queen she was an african-american i. bet. your music for. it is not the polar bear to have you meet them we appreciate everything that she brought to this city to shout and gave for the world and never forget where she came along this is why we're here today franklin is lying in state here at the right museum of african-american history in downtown detroit. despite her worldwide fame she always maintained a strong connection to her hometown and lived here until her time. here in the heart of detroit people have been waiting in line overnight to pay their final respects to the queen of song people came from as far away as chicago and even new orleans and alabama is a real festive atmosphere here is her music is playing on
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a loop while people wait and everyone has a story of how she and her music touched them i love everything that i was raised on to beat the frankly music that i had to come in to the heart of my family her music touches everybody in the country it gave us hope when we didn't hear both of these people she twisted as she slipped out you know. that's what i'm good at it and i love this so much that she just heard someone say she's an icon to show up the making is she the leaders she. should get the film she. told herself. it's indisputable that aretha franklin had a global impact. she was a legend in her own time and detroit was proud to claim her as its own. or you would think that goo are the most intelligent of animals but it turns out that they can read the mood of their human masters by looking at their faces scientists
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have discovered that if you smile your go smiles with you and just like us they don't like it when you frail. no i'm not kidding you go to yoga really is happening in parts of the united states apparently these animals help relax participants. and leave them with a smile on their face. and it seems says even more to this animal the meat the doughy i. scientists in london reckon goats can tell the difference between friendly and angry looking people. in this experiment researches put a black and white photo of a person looking happy on one side and the same person looking on friendly on the other the goat seemed more interested in the smiling face this would suggest it's
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not just dogs who can be a man's best friend perhaps don't could be to. assume. so the next time you meet to go to make sure your smiling it may well be reading your mute. how many ghosts the account you're watching news live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the days to go around for that. cut.
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into the conflict zone. so is the job trade shows corruption my guess is human capital. is the outgoing president. who's a good woman though she's tried how things went back to mexico snowden just coming to see but does he deserve conflict so far in sixty minutes t.w.
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six. hundred. sixty eight and crying echoed around the world. young people rebelled against their parents' generation. it was an obscene destiny full of stupidity and consumes deceit they demanded nothing less than a home society the implied maelstrom of can forget the pilings with the vietnam war playing that role my generation watched to vietnam war every day. our documentary takes a lot of times looking at those who were there members of. the first time i had
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a feeling of being part of something. remains of those events today. the seeds of civil rights. peace movement and women's. is here. nineteen sixty eight the global report starts september first d.w. . are the police in eastern germany helping instead of hindering a tide of hate against migrants and foreigners after those violent protests in the city of candidates this week new questions and old suspicions plus that the far right party capitalizing on candidates using social media to target journalists it's being called an unprecedented threat of violence against the media i'm sure.


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