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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2018 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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a quick my now the top story that we're following for you here at g.w. election news i'm sarah kelly in berlin you are watching there scenes from detroit where a wreath of franklin's funeral is currently underway and you're watching pictures there we know that many dignitaries are due to speak shortly this is live. free. birth. home tunes of species a home worth saving. see as much as on those are big changes and most start with small steps global warming two years total stories of creedence people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term to climate change to
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green energy solutions and reforestation. the community interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation the one to use the multimedia environment series on t w. at the. german chancellor and get a matthew is in nigeria to do business africa's second largest economy is an attractive market for germany we'll speak to a nigerian entrepreneur about the challenges investors face there also coming up if you have trouble falling asleep at night so this year's consumer electronics fair here in berlin might just have the right thing to get you to sing. welcome to the business german chancellor angela merkel has wrapped up a three day africa visit in nigeria a trip which also took her into. ghana and senegal focused on listing investment
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and economic development in the region nigeria is africa's second largest economy the hoyo rich country with nearly two hundred million people is a growing market and as nigeria emerges from a long recession merkel says the country should offer more support to german companies investing there a transparency international assist corruption remains a serious obstacle to attracting investment. let's get some insight into the situation in nigerian i'm joined now by adam or sac where she is and to printer and head of akron a venture that's an investment group putting money into agricultural start ups so you really have very good insight into the situation how bad is it with everyday corruption especially for business you know monica the narrative is actually shifting i would say and i say this because entertainers like myself and the
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private sector i increasingly playing a war and driving the economic activity in nigeria on the continent and as a result we hold our leaders accountable i'll give you a very practical situation we pay taxes on stores food restaurants and even if a corrupt official tries to get me to pay a tax on the side instead of paying it directly out pay directly and i'll go back to them with my receipt and i'll show i paid it nothing happens their life goes on so we are the ones holding ourselves accountable and making a difference so yes those issues a still there they remain but the big shift away from it into making sure that it's not a hindrance to business and progress in this almost promoting you know for investment for investment to come in and as we just mentioned the german chancellor has just wrapped up a three day visit in nigeria so what is your takeaway from her this. it's quite
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interesting i think it's about time i do believe that these collaborations are essential i do know that she's been very. for a while with regards to investments you know she she's she's had many visits with the likes of the african development bank president talking about investing in women in africa and right now we're actually here in berlin and talking about investing in startups in africa and how the german cooperation. can work with african. is to more or less replicate what's going on in a city like berlin with regards to supporting investors young and shop owners on the continent so all of that sounds very encouraging but at the same time we know that china has been investing billions on the african continent and just a couple of days the british prime minister to reset may said that she wants the u.k. to become the g.
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seven is biggest investor in africa it sounds like germany is missing the boat honestly that's i said it's about time because everyone's kind of like doing things china has been in for about two decades now doing a lot of significant investments in relevant sectors like infrastructure power and this is what's really transformational for long term growth on the continent so yes there's a lot of catching up to do but i believe that if germany focuses on areas that they can support africa in leapfrog with regards to technologies and know how. then germany can play a leading role in a strong partner with a continent that actually doing pretty well and it's really for the future and other just briefly how far away are very from having a situation in a country like nigeria that migration is no longer necessary you know. we shouldn't be too far i do know that the statistics of the last five years are showing that
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that's it's we do. the c.e.o. was maybe the lowest of african migrants are nigerian migrants coming out to europe . and if we continue pushing and the narrative the rhetoric of and showing that we create jobs we create decent life leave for young africans who are coming into the job market who are unemployed who are disillusioned if we change that if we creating those investments and the opportunities like merkel has been talking about when they when if this becomes a true reality we shouldn't see much of the migration into europe anymore but it has to happen very quickly right back with their entrepreneur and head of akron a venture and certainly an ambassador for nigeria and business there thank you so much thank you monica. now one of the biggest trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances has opened here in berlin let's take a look around eva twenty eighteen. mostly problems this year's eve might have the
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answer push on some headphones and a sleek mask and you can be literally told to sleep if nothing else it offers a brief interlude from the busy trade fair pretty good but not enough to just relax not at the foot so this is done this entrepreneur has created a sleep robot for five hundred euros sleeping alone can be a thing of the past once in the bathroom you will screw with a robot like this and if you do so you will feel a breeze so there's the physical sensation of the following embroidering of the breath so you can synchronize your own briefings to that of the rover there you go and it goes down. goes up. next stool there's an electronic nucky which sends and then numb to it can give us phone when it detects moisture. adults can also find and trying to
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clothing accessories here these highly flexible thin screens can be stuck on the t. shirts or even hats that way companies can use them as modern advertising ban is perhaps they'll be the next big thing over the coming is. such a huge products are certainly interesting but from a greater profits the sector needs a mass market for hi fi equipment cameras and televisions but t.v. sales have dropped by almost five percent and the first this year although it seems many people are just not interested in swapping their h.d. t.v.'s for a newer model. even the eight k. television except to have a tough time it screen might show images four times clearer than today's full came up bills but most t.v. channels don't even offer such shop pitches in the first place. a popular theme is the linking up of machines and people like adopt this device for example meshes your body's vital functions it then shows the data on an. eight k.
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screen and saves it in a cloud privacy groups are unarmed child nor infinite source because it i won't have one link device that an entire smart home that means being monitored from a variety of different areas of. the data is saved and can be put together if i then connect these to my facebook or google profile i become a completely transparent and these organizations have information about me that i probably don't even know about myself. as if civilization is to rise. into connected devices are the biggest trend here and experts say it will soon be impossible to buy gadgets that aren't collecting our date. and worse press over to our if a reporter. we just heard high take is now all about devices that collect our data so a visitor reacting to that. well monica you have to
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remember this is the germany germans are traditionally very particular about giving away their data about sharing their data and that's also the sentiment often met with here many times even a group of teenagers told me they wouldn't really buy into that whole smart home idea because they think their data is too important but then again quite a few people also said they were kind of warming to the idea of voice assistance some even admitted they already have one of the home so it seems just to be a bit slower here in germany but in the end the comfort seems to win over the concern about data privacy all right talking of comfort it we've seen quite a lot of quirky gadgets and we'll get to that in just a moment but what up. well we've seen it in the piece as well the the eight k. televisions seem to be the big thing at this trade show. big manufacturers like samsung and l.g. have have announced that they're now releasing eight k. televisions even though there's not much content yet that people can actually watch
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on them which might seem a bit counter-intuitive but we have the twenty twenty winter summer olympics in tokyo coming up where a lot of the events will actually be broadcast in a quality so i guess manufacturers are hoping that then a version that will create a demand that can be met then in twenty twenty when when these games will happen all right and i hope that my eyesight is still good enough for me to actually enjoy eight k. you spend quite some time now at the fair what would you say is worth looking at. well i had a great time actually trying out a product by segway segway we know this as the kind of weird mode of transportation where you step onto a platform you have this handlebar in front of you and you lean forward to move the thing well they have now released a pair of inline skates the principle is the same the technology in fact is the same you step on to them you lean forward and you you whiz off it was a lot of fun i had
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a lot of fun certainly trying trying out this product but at the end of the day the main thing i'm happy about is that i'm still in one piece and i can still talk to one and that's that's definitely good news. they're reporting for us from the ether consumer electronics fair. and it's a business update here on the w. you can always find out more online or you follow us on twitter for me and the team in the in thanks for watching.
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more than sixty suicides in the french police force last year and. officers face a constant battle against public australasia over work and above all the dangers of terrorists. many feel abandoned by their government. can come from the end of the french probably. next on d w.
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the scars on. the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. for cities and more. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . new a new beginning in peace time for the people making. possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance. the close ones are really difficult complicated forgiveness for reconciliation forgetting they get stuck in your throat.
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darkness cities. start september second on g.w. . oh and welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven and countries across europe facing the challenge of trying to respond to racism and xenophobia as well as to the threat posed by the far right in germany is certainly no exception as was clear recently in the eastern city of candidates the mood turned ugly in the center of the the city.


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