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this is the day of the news live from the queen of soul laid to rest three the franklins family her friends from the music industry crates and even the president and gathered in detroit as we speak to bid farewell and on the woman famous for her soaring singular focus also on the program. one of the main pro russian rebel leaders in ukraine was killed in the bomb blast russia condemns his assassination as a terrorist attack on ukrainian government kiev denies the charge. and incidentally
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stopping the chicken days of violence and to indifferent protests in the german city of cabinets today a senior government minister visited the scene of the original crime promising to fight xenophobia which he says threatens the country. welcome to the program aretha franklin is being laid to rest in detroit's queen of soul is receiving a fittingly joyous and musical sendoff the funeral service has already featured big names from the music world of the american civil rights movement and included a eulogy from former u.s. president bill clinton gave the station only service has been underway for hours and closes a week of events that included jet tribute concerts and the opportunity for fans to view the soul luncheons opened casket. what.
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reisa as janice to hash out and case and joins us from detroit welcome to day w a joyful funeral rather than a sad occasion talk us through who is that what's happened so far. well the funeral i mean it is a joyous occasion i mean a wreath there has given the gift of music and her voice to us and you know what better way to share it with music you know people who have been there i mean i went to the tribute concert yesterday and she stone right named by so many different artists in there at the funeral i've been watching on t.v. as well ron isley audience people who i grew up listening to so it's going to is going to want to book a meeting and civil rights leaders and people from from from politics on on through so it's been a wonderful time so i towering figure in the hearts of many people not just in
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detroit and across america across the world what are some of the most inspiring tributes you had today. for me going to the concert yesterday at the tribute to shame part the gospel celebration was one that really stood out to me because aretha franklin she was the queen of soul but she was also a voice of gospel music and the gospel tribute was was phenomenal and then today ron isley ron isley is a is a person who's been in music for decades probably even longer going to read than eat he was amazing you know so those are some of the tributes there stood out for me you've been out in the city of detroit state i believe watching the funeral on a big screen in the poc. and has this and this is this is clearly a big deal across the city. yeah you know we did because buildings
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are little pieces and for the peek out of life there were dozens of pete callaway driving to the funeral soledad was just a sight to see i was in the park we call the campus martius in the middle of the troy and there are people on the grass just waiting and i'll listen until the funeral but also share a story so i have friends who share stories about their father be it this with the re and everything was a detroit or so people would see here in the city you know she was a worldwide superstar but she was also a detroiter you see and almost felt like you know you knew or so so so much so much i mean people are having to be hard to lose in a retail but at the same time we we honor to music that she left and we were seeing pictures of the reverend al shops and jesse jackson amongst that they had the well wishes that at the funeral it's important to remember that as well as a singer she was a she was something of an activist as well in the civil rights movement yeah he
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brought that up he brought that up to say she may not have been on the front line on a time but she was her voice was there on the front line i mean i read those voices is american black family that's that's her voice i mean that's what i mean when i hear aretha i think about my grandmother's house and i think about listen in the records and her share and different things that may have gone on in the civil rights movement and also i just heard voice carry so much with me it wasn't just the song it was the whole feel in and soul of the music that was a part of our families just a part of our live shot in case of an outright thank you so much thank you you thank. meanwhile the body of the late u.s. satirist john mccain has been brought to the capitol rotunda in washington to lie in state members of congress attended a ceremony to honor the man who lived and worked in the u.s.
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capitol for more than forty years and was of the public on queuing to pay their respects to the american icon who died from cancer aged eighty one for the funeral service will be held in washington on saturday which former presidents barack obama and george w. bush due to speak. one of the main separatist leaders in eastern ukraine has been killed in a bomb explosion alexander. that russia backed separatists in ukraine's donetsk region has blown up in a cafe in the city of donetsk russia's hughes ukraine of assassinating him to provide to provoke a new war in the region here denies the claim claiming second shank has death on a conflict between rebels and russian. skep more on this from d.w. correspondent nick connelly who's in ukraine's capital kiev welcome and nick tell us more first of all about alexander. good evening
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phil well he was someone of the first hour of this conflict he was one of the last of the generation of fighters turned politicians who really swept to prominence by the conflict when it started back in twenty fourteen so touching it was a political nobody before this conflict he had a small business he traded in poultry and suddenly he was the defacto leader of a self-proclaimed republic of several million people he was someone who was very impulsive he was known to talk openly about russia's support for those eastern ukrainian breakaway republics something the kremlin doesn't like they have time time again denied any direct involvement in this conflict he also had a lot of enemies within yet skin recent months there's been some conflict bring their. financial issues over differences of opinion and he really was a kind of maverick in a field where increasingly more professional more cautious types of politicians are coming to the fore as this conflict develops into a stalemate and the war. goes further and further into the past the insurgency in
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eastern ukraine started in april twenty fourth scene after russia annexed crimea what is the situation like in the moment. what situation the ground is people are still dying there is fighting or there is shooting along the so-called line of control between key ukrainian government troops on the separatists but those tend to be mostly soldiers and some civilians living right up against that division there but there hasn't been any significant move in terms of territory the last time that really significant areas territories changed hands was in early twenty fifteen so over three years ago and the question now is what does this. mean for the peace process that's been the means peace process has been blocked with either side kiev and separatists basically playing chicken and saying the other side has to make the first move so there had been voices saying that this could actually help things because it was a very odd. popular figure in ukraine given how spoken he was given his poor
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treatment of ukrainian prisoners of war so actually taking him out of the equation might make coming kind of a compromise easier we've seen a very aggressive reaction from then yes going to from moscow saying that the his killers will be brought to justice and that there will be some kind of settling of schools for this killing today so it might actually look that actually his death today might set off a new spiral of conflict between donetsk and. care of and ukraine as a whole i think only in care thank you. to some of the other stories making news around the world israeli gunfire has reportedly wounded scores of palestinians during protests in the west bank and along the border with the casa strip in the west bank village of rask hundreds of palestinians demonstrated against israeli land seizures for jewish settlements troops fired tear gas and rubber bullets while palestinian protesters. ugandan pop star turned opposition lawmaker bobby
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wine has been rearrested on ted the international airport and taken to a government hospital his lawyer says he's in a worrying condition and hungry going abroad to seek treatment for injuries sustained as a result of being tortured by ugandan or thought his allegations that mr white had been talked to during the early detention prompted widespread protests. an australian filmmaker who flew a drone over an opposition party rally in cambodia has been jailed for six years james records then was arrested in june last year and charged with espionage is arrest came amid a wider crackdown of freedom of expression a prime minister who sends government. german man has been sentenced to nearly ten years in prison for a bomb attack on a mosque in eastern germany in twenty six he detonated a homemade pipe bombs outside the party mosque in dresden while the him and his family were inside no one was injured but the judge said the accused show extreme
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xenophobia. germany's minister for families visit the scene of a deadly stabbing in cabinets today the crime committed last weekend inventively by two migrants laid bare deep divisions over chancellor merkel's decision to allow nearly a million migrants into germany twenty fifth the following days of violent protests the family's minister described the arrest as a wake up call for the government to start listening to the people. the crime scene has become a place of remembrance family minister francisco defies the first member of the federal government to visit the site where a german man was stabbed to death last sunday the minister met political groups and pledged more funding for initiatives aimed at strengthening democracy. we shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that this is just a problem for saxony. it is a focal point because of the current events here. but this issue affects the whole
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country the whole of eastern germany but also the west. and a court in kemet says confirmed that one of the alleged attackers should have been deported in may twenty sixth seen saxony state premier says its officials are not to blame the police and from the federal authorities are responsible for that it's now being investigated and the results will have to be made public. the accused iraqi man has several previous convictions he should have been deported to bulgaria within six months but the deadline expired the magazine der spiegel claims the man twice presented forged papers the authorities supposedly rejected his application for asylum on wednesday three days after the fatal stabbing in kenya it's. because we want to find out what happened if mistakes were made we want to ensure they're not repeated in the future. more demonstrations are
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scheduled in kevin it's over the weekend but by the far right alternative for germany party as well as by church groups germany's chancellor wants the country to do more business with african nations economic cooperation has been a key focus of our going back three day trip to san diego ghana and today nigeria has also hopes economic development will migration from the region she made a point of highlighting the dangers that face people when they attempt the journey to europe. i'm going to merkel arriving in the cheeriest. the last stop on her brief tour of west africa using hopeful rhetoric to focus on illegal migration to europe the president heard the president indicated that sixty percent of the people living in nigeria are under thirty years old. so it's a young country with knots of ambition. and we agree that people smuggling and
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criminality and illegal migration can only be dealt with if young people have economic opportunity is at the same time. sentiments mirrored by nigeria's president bihari against. my countrymen. illegally we can please. or not we do good support. but the push factors in nigeria are many recent research shows that more than a third of nigerians have considered moving abroad in part because of widespread corruption an even bigger reason to leave is poverty new data suggests that the west african state has surpassed india as the country with the most people living in extreme poverty merkel's under pressure back in germany to be seen to be finding
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a solution to the illegal migration. for nigeria and neighboring states this could be a positive move european countries willing to invest to not only stop people smuggling but also to boost african industry in a bid to improve conditions for young people who may otherwise seek a better life in europe. let's talk business now with first i had an a do we have a deal on nothing or not well that initial deal between the u.s. and mexico that still stands but if you're talking about a trilateral deal to include canada well that looks somewhat tricky word now from officials that talks between the u.s. and canada have broken up with no agreement it now remains to be seen whether president sends the bilateral trade deal off to congress for approval goes back to the negotiating table. donald trump's friday deadline for a deal came and went with no three way agreement ahead of the talks janet just top
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trade envoy appeared less optimistic about striking a deal with washington as has been the case from the very beginning candidate if the country is kids at finding when when compromise with having said that in trade negotiations in this negotiation we always stand up for the national interests and that is what we're going to continue to do we're looking for a good deal not just any deal and so we will only agree to a deal but it's a good deal for canada we're not there yet the u.s. and canada have been wrangling over several key issues including the automotive sector american demands for greater access to canada's dairy market patent protections for medicines and i thought it was insistence on keeping nafta as current procedure first solving disputes despite trunks comments canadian prime minister justin trudeau says his government's approach is always to remain
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constructive and positive over the past a number of days we've had some very positive conversations on a broad range of issues and we have been very clear about where our red lines are we've been very clear about where we think there's room for give and take donald trump had originally planned to have the agreement done and dusted on friday but a final deal involving mexico the u.s. and canada remain so loose of. and all financial correspondent yens quoted joins us from new york yankees the friday deadline is upon us and it appears at this stage canada is out. well canada is out for this deal only this week no deal was reached but there was word that talks might continue next week but that doesn't mean that an important deadline was missed ended won't be possible illegally to have
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a trilateral deal before the new mexican president takes office december first and the big question is if congress will actually go with a bilateral deal with mexico and the united states without canada that could be tricky to achieve but overall at least the wall street reacted in a very moderate way and we ended the month of august and it was the best august for the nasdaq composite an eighteen years and the best august for the rest of the market in the past four years all right so the new mexican administration not into the first of december we've got quite a few months to chew over this topic taking a look at trade tensions between the u.s. and china now of course this week saying for the tariffs on china are set to come in now the u.s. president saying that the e.u. is just as bad as china but on a smaller scale should russel's be bracing itself. well
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if you look at the the european union it's the biggest traders the trading partner to the u.s. but the u.s. also runs the second highest trade deficit with the european union right after china and those remarks from u.s. president donald trump they were also aiming a bit at the propose a proposal from europe to actually cut any card tariffs in total and u.s. president donald trump is quoted as saying that europeans have the habit of driving their own and not us american cars and that's why he doesn't see any need to actually cut those card tariffs at all so yes mexico canada this is one side of the story of the european union as are all different one and at this point it doesn't sound too friendly what we hear out of washington when it comes to trade
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it was the european union and if we talk about china next week maybe tariffs on chinese growth and the amount of two hundred billion dollars we'll kick off and we await that yes quota for us in new york thank you yes well the i.m.f. has now agreed to revise the terms of the fifty billion dollar bailout package off the a.t.v. appeal from the country's president create the i.m.f. managing director christine i guess says argentina has the full support of the fund has said she was confident it could overcome its present economic woes it's been a rough year and an especially rough few days for the country's currency the peso forty almost twenty percent in the past week driven by phase the country's would not be able to make its debt payments. one of the biggest trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances has opened here in berlin that seems to be something for every tech fan at the annual event and if the anticipation is keeping you awake at night rest assured something as well. city problems this
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is effect might have the answer push on some headphones and a sleek mosque and you can be literally tourist to sleep if nothing else it offers a brief interlude from the busy trade fair pretty good but i just relax now to it so this is sleep and this entrepreneur has created a sleep robot out. for five hundred euros sleeping alone can be a thing of the past once in the bathroom if you will school with a robot like this and if you do so you will feel a breeze so there's the physical sensation of the following embroidering of the breath so you can synchronize your own briefings to that of the rove. and goes down . goes up. next stool there's an electronic nappy which sends and then numb to it can give us phone when it detects moisture. adults can also find and trying to clothing
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accessories here these highly flexible thin screens can be stuck on the t. shirts or even hats that way companies can use them as modern advertising ban is perhaps they'll be the next big thing over the coming is. such a huge products are certainly interesting but to make real profits the sector needs a mass market for hi fi equipment cameras and televisions but t.v. sales have dropped by almost five percent of the present this year alone it seems many people are just not interested in swapping their h.d. t.v.'s for a newer model. even the eight k. television except to have a tough time it screen might show images four times clearer than today's four k. models but most t.v. channels don't even offer such shock teaches in the first place. a popular theme is the linking up of machines and people like adopt this device for example meshes your body's vital functions it then shows the data on an eight k.
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screen and saves it in a cloud previous sequence or unarmed child be unleashed more infinite sisk of it i won't have one linked up device that's an entire smart home that means being monitored from a variety of different areas. of the data is saved and can be put together because if i then connect these to my facebook or google profile i become. completely transparent and these organizations have information about me that i probably don't even know about myself. as if civilization is to rise. into connected devices are the biggest trend here and experts say it will soon be impossible to buy gadgets that aren't collecting our date. now could it be time's up for a european ritual it could be this seems very important to you with the heaven only knows why europe's days of changing the clocks backwards in autumn and forward in
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spring could be numbered the european commission today proposed an end to this which between summer and winter times the decision comes after an online poll found the majority of respondents want to get rid of the hour change to winter time with more than four and a half million participants it was the largest online survey you history most of those who took part were german but even here opinion opinion is divided. i think it's great switching to daylight savings time it works so i think it's a good idea good idea i would keep the time the same all year round we need as much even tempered this in this world as we can possibly get as if from this it well i think it's not so bad one out doesn't make such a big difference if it really does save energy. then i think it should be the same time all year round that would be best for everyone because then you won't have to bother adjusting clocks i also think that change doesn't make much sense anymore
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it's out of reach and i would you prefer summer time only to turn it to you i would prefer summertime in the evenings there's so much to do when it's still light then it's much better you get rid of the time change but in favor of summer time of the month is good as is but i wouldn't notice any difference so you can do what you want i don't really care. about the crew of the international space station have dealt with a potentially dangerous situation after a tiny fracture appeared in their soyuz transport ship it's thought that they two millimeter leak was caused by a collision with a small meteorite and led to a drop in pressure the initial solutions have been surprisingly low tech i assess command that i was on the guest first plug the hole with his finger for two russian cosmonauts covered it with duct tape and are working on a more permanent solution for walls summer transfer window in germany closed on friday and one of the last players to move clubs was a german international kevin trap the goalkeeper returned to his former club
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frankfurt on loan after three years at french giants parry sound genre and traps expected to be first choice goalkeeper after losing that previous last season p.s.g. twenty eight year old was part of the journalist squad that crashed out of the world cup this summer since been dropped from the national team. following yesterday's champions league draw europe's a second continent wide competition the europa league is also had its group stage determined a total of forty eight teams have been sorted into twelve groups by leverkusen missed out on champions league qualification on goal difference last season they compete in group a alongside both gary and champions ludogorets leipzig qualified via the play offs and will face a sister club f.c. sulzberger both clubs are bankrolled by energy drinks company red bull joining them in a competitive group they are scottish champions the celtic and german cup winners front
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face an uphill struggle in group h. against must say and rome based lets you last is that champions at that we go madrid qualify automatically for the champions league. that's it your up to date more at the top of the hour on tram the clock on our website of course stay w. dot com have a good day. more
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than sixty suicides in the french police force last year and. officers ferries a constant battle against public possibility overwork and above all the dangers of terrorism. many feel abandoned by their government. can come to mean of the french probably. being sixty minutes d.w. . the fast pace of life into digital. shift as the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information on the
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a song smash and stuff it starts september ninth w. a star studded sendoff for aretha franklin and her hometown of detroit's emotional goodbye to the queen of soul i'm phil go and buy land and this is the day. people have come to pay tribute to a once in a lifetime.


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