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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 1, 2018 1:02am-1:15am CEST

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deal or no deal trade talks between the u.s. and canada and without agreement leaving u.s. president donald trump to proceed with mexico on financial correspondent in new york has the details also coming our businesses in saxony where anti migration protests continue all beginning to worry about their image and a famous watch maker says it's time to speak out. and if you have trouble falling asleep at night this is consumer electronics fair. might just have the thing to get you snoozing. this is your business update on how an arm free in berlin glad you could join me now after as we know it's a three way deal between the u.s. mexico and canada appears to be a thing of the past while u.s. president donald trump stuck in a dish initial agreement with his mexican counterparts on cheese day canada is proving harder to sway talks between those two parties broke off on friday with no
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agreement it now remains to be seen where the trump sends the bilateral trade deal off to congress for approval well goes back to the negotiating table. donald trump's friday deadline for a deal came and went with no three way agreement ahead of the talks janet a stock trade on void appeared less optimistic about striking a deal with washington as has been the case from the very beginning canada is the country that gives kids at finding a win win compromise with having said that in trade negotiation in this negotiation we always stand up for the national interests and that is what we're going to want to do we're looking for a good deal not just any deal and we will only agree to a deal that is a good deal for canada we're not there yet the u.s. and canada have been wrangling over several key issues including the automotive
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sector american demands for greater access to canada's dairy market patent protections for medicines and it was insistence on keeping nafta as current procedure first solving disputes despite trumps comments canadian prime minister justin trudeau says his government's approach is always to remain constructive and positive over the past a number of days we've had some very positive conversations on a broad range of issues and we have been very clear about where our red lines are we've been very clear about where we think there's room for give and take donald trump had originally planned to have the agreement done and dusted on friday but a final deal involving mexico the u.s. and canada remains elusive. and a financial correspondent yens quoted joins us from new york against the friday deadline is upon us and it appears at this stage canada is out.
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well canada is out for this deal only this week no deal was reached but there was word that talks might continue next week but that doesn't mean that an important deadline was missed ended won't be possible illegally to have a trilateral deal before the new mexican president takes office december first and the big question is if congress will actually go with a bilateral deal with mexico and the united states without canada that could be tricky to achieve but overall at least the wall street reacted in a very moderate way and we ended the month of august and it was the best august for the nasdaq composite in eighteen years and the best august for the rest of the market in the past four years all right so the new mexican administration not into the first of december we've got quite a few months to chew over this topic taking
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a look at trade tensions between the u.s. and china now of course this week saying for the tariffs on china are set to come in now the u.s. president saying that the e.u. is just as bad as china but on a smaller scale should brussels be bracing itself. well if you look at the the european union it's the biggest traders the trading partner to the u.s. but the u.s. also runs the second highest trade deficit with the european union right after china and those remarks on u.s. president donald trump are also aiming a bid at to propose a proposal from europe to actually cut any card tariffs in total and u.s. president donald trump is quoted as saying that europeans have the habit of driving their own and not us american cars and that's why he doesn't see any
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need to actually cut those card tariffs at all so yes mexico canada this is one side of the story of the european union as are all different one and at this point it doesn't sound too friendly what we hear out of washington when it comes to trade with the european union and if we talk about china next week maybe tariffs on china's growth in the amount of two hundred billion dollars we'll kick off and we await that yes quarter for us in new york thank you yes the international monetary fund says it will work closely with argentina thora teams to strengthen the country's i.m.f. supported economic program and expressed confidence the south american country will overcome its present difficulties ainus managing director christine lagarde stressed that argentina has the full support of the fund she set to meet with argentina's treasury minister and his team for talks on tuesday rajan his currency to pay still has food in almost twenty percent in the past week alone driven by
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these in the country would not be able to meet its debt payments. small business in germany pretty much like anywhere don't like to get involved in politics particularly when business is good but with images of angry protests in the german city of kenneth's think through cost around the world some local companies speaking out about the backlash to germany's controversial immigration policy. it's precision work here at no most in saxony three hundred employees are making fine watches that sell all around the world the company has stellar reputation over three decades now manages worry that nazi protesters in the city of chemists might tarnish its image is in addition said of course was shocked by what's happening in cannes nets but i can't say i am that surprised because this has been brewing for years sadly the way these people think is not uncommon for the state of saxony.
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has. some of the biggest names in jewelry make watches and glass hooter that little town is known around the world but after seeing the news about right wing extremists customers are irritated if one visits. they want to know if it was a nazi that put their watch together and who else has been working on it people are sensitive to this issue and saxony has a major problem now with its reputation in ruins i see this is a disadvantage for businesses in this area. a few kilometers down the road is the metal trading company run by the yak called brothers the two entrepreneurs are also worried about how the chemist's protests play all over the world they were hoping for more foreigners to move to saxony as they like many family owned companies are desperate to find workers. every citizen and every guest should be able to
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live here safely and in peace this is important for employers to they might think twice about investing in an area with these problems and might come away thinking it's better to stay out of saxony. back in glass hooter no moss wants to focus on confronting the extreme right and then effort to prevent any further damage to the reputation of saxony and their company . one of the biggest trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances has opened here in berlin is a look at it for twenty eighteen. problems this year's eve might have the answer put on some headphones and a sleep mask and you can be literally torn to sleep if nothing else it offers a brief interlude from the busy trade fair pretty fine. just relax. so this is and this entrepreneur has created a sleep robot. five hundred euros sleeping alone can be
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a thing of the past once in the bathroom if you will school with a robot like this and if you do so you will feel a breeze so there's a physical sense issued the following embracing of the breath so you can synchronize your own briefings to that of the robot three your in and goes. goes up. next stool there's an electronic not pay which sends and then numb to it can give us phone when it detects moisture. adults can also find and trying to clothing accessories here these highly flexible thin screens can be stuck on the t. shirts or even hats that way companies can use them as modern advertising ban is perhaps they'll be the next big thing over the coming is. such a huge products are certainly interesting but to make real profits the sector needs
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a mass market for hi fi equipment cameras and televisions but t.v. sales have dropped by almost five percent in the for us this year although it seems many people are just not interested in swapping their h.d. t.v.'s for a newer model. even the eight k. television except to have a tough time it screen might show images four times clearer than today's four k. models but most t.v. channels don't even offer such shop teaches in the first place. a popular theme is the linking up of machines and people like adopt this device for example meshes your body's vital functions it then shows the data on an eight k. screen and saves it in a cloud privacy groups or not and charge be any more infinite ciscos if i want to have one linked up device that's an entire smart home that means being monitored from a variety of different areas. of the data is saved and can be put together because if i then connect these to my facebook or google profile i become. completely
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transparent and these organizations have information about me that i probably don't even know about myself but you can buy a socialistic as if that's it europe today with the latest from the world of business have a great weekend. cut cut. cut. cut cut cut. cut. cut cut cut. cut cut cut. cut. cut. cut. cut. cut. her. finger on
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