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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 1, 2018 11:00am-11:14am CEST

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this is do w. news nine months from monday you know just days x. is millions more in aid for the palestinian refugee presidential administration says it will no longer follow the united nations agency for palestinian refugees washington calls the agency's operations irredeemably for closure during criticism from the u.n. officials will cross to jerusalem for another six or so coming up. the leader of russian backed separatists in eastern ukraine is killed in an explosion at a cafe russia is blaming ukraine for alexandre's
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a hunch and cause of death this kiev denies responsibility. and the islands that is dividing a german city we talked to residents in ten minutes were told to stop in allegedly committed by migrants to spot bullets hauling refuse. to the queen of soul mates arrest. service pays tribute to music legend aretha franklin enough time to cut. cost. me. time at home for a cat you could join me the u.s. has announced it's stopping its decades long funding for the u.n. agency that helps palestinian refugee the stay. department said it would no longer
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shoulder the burden of cost for the united nations relief and works agency whose operations it called irredeemably flawed u.n. agency says it provides services to about five million palestinian refugees in jordan lebanon syria the west bank and gaza the us has been the agency's largest donor a spokesman for palestine's president called the move an assault against his people germany has pledged to increase funding in response. well for more on this let's bring in our correspondent tanya kramer who is in jerusalem tanya what impact can we expect this cause i'm planning to have on the palestinian refugees who receive support from the u.n. agency. the u.s. has been the single largest donor to in the past decade or so and they already had announced back in january of this year that they will withhold funds and reassess their commitment to the agency now this new announcement of course will send the
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agency into more financial uncertainty has been calling other countries to step in and as we've heard germany has said on friday that they are prepared to give more support to the agency also calling on other states to do the same it's a question whether this will be enough to fill the large scale you have to understand that it's getting very essential services if you look for example at the gaza strip the school year just to start that they're running schools they're running house clinics to get in food assistance and of course this new announcement creates deep insight here as well as uncertainty for the refugee population not only in gaza and the occupied west bank but of course also across the region as well as taking care of million refugees in jordan lebanon syria as well so an agency providing essential services with that in mind what has the reaction been from the palestinians. well there's
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a lot of anger of course on this new decision i mean we all know that the relationship between president mahmoud abbas and u.s. president trump is not as it's best ever since the decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem they have been very tense relations there have called this a new assault actually on the palestinian people and defines of un resolutions and also this is a decision comes on the back top of another controversy u.s. decision in withholding two hundred million u.s. dollars and development aid that was just announced a week ago of course you all there in jerusalem have we heard a response to the news from israel. well no official reaction there yet at the weekend over here but of course israel has always been very critical. to what are they saying there perpetuating the refugee problem by saying giving their refugee status also to descendants of. the original refugees so that goes and i know what
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the u.s. is doing but we also heard over the weekend has a debate has been ongoing what to do with. security officials in israel has said it shouldn't be such an approach to ending up the funding because it will leave a vacuum and that is actually not in the interest of israel's security and it still is the question who's going to take care of all the refugees here in the region our correspondent tanya kramer in jerusalem thank you tanya. let's get you up to date now with some of the other stories making news around the world brazil's former president a new notice of has been barred from standing for the presidency again by the country's top of the actual court has been imprisoned for corruption and all but one of the courts judges voted against him being allowed to seek reelection. talks between the u.s. and canada sort of mend the north american free trade agreement to restore old off
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to four days of negotiations the countries remain divided over access to canada's dairy market a medical peyton's also hopes to sign on to the u.s. and mexico's revised accord and talks are set to resume on wednesday. nicaragua's government has ordered a team from the u.n. commission for human rights to leave office of the body published a report accusing nicaragua of violent we were pressing opposition protests the chief of the un mission get mossad in the desert said his team would continue to monitor the situation from abroad from. one of the main a separatist leaders in eastern ukraine has been killed in a bomb explosion and exam there's a hot lead russian backed separatists in ukraine's donetsk region he died in the blast a cafe in the city of donetsk russia has accused ukraine of assassinating him to escalate conflict in the region that kiev tonight is the claim with some officials suggesting as a touch and cause death could have resulted from disputes between rebels and russia
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. this is the aftermath of a blast that killed alexander the leader of the self-proclaimed donetsk people's republic the russian backed separatists say they know who is responsible for the explosion. vest a geisha is still ongoing and security measures in the republic have been tightened all borders remain closed a few people have already been detained they've already given evidence confirming that this was a ukrainian act of sabotage. seen here have been the president of the so-called the nets people's republic since two thousand and fourteen the year the conflict started. in recent years dan that's has seen several assassinations of prominent separatist leaders a russian foreign ministry spokeswoman said there was every reason to believe kiev
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was behind the murder. but ukraine security service blamed the fatal bombing on infighting between separatists or a special operation by russian forces as tensions rise in ukraine's frozen conflict fears remain killing could be followed by further violence. and deadly stopping in the instant jemison city of tennis legend by two migrants triggered days of violent and to immigrant protests the crime laid bare deep divisions of i'm going back and decision to welcome nearly a million migrants in twenty fifty w's reports now from chemists on the politics that divide us presidents on the disappointment and the political leaders that unites them. he writes down what annoys him stephanie fails politicians don't take him seriously he's been out on demonstrations for the far right group of picky eater for the last four years what are his him the most is
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that so many refugees have come to germany. everyone can see what we've brought into our country. stephan insists he's no nazi he says he's just war it his commitments to the populist rightwing piccy to movement has upset his family his granddaughter in particular disapproves of his involvement. with. it's not my granddaughter that gets me annoyed. it's the political situation the does lead to this which is the problem. it hurts when young people insult their parents and grandparents calling them nazi pigs it hurts a lot kennett's is in turmoil the recent unrest is the main topic of conversation some focus on the violence perpetrated by migrants others on the violence neo nazi protests local families are divided some are worried about the security in the city
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because right here there is a murder happening and the suspects are too refugees others are varied about the hatred among the people and against foreigners and among the city the people on the street their neo nazis trying to use the protest for their purposes mandy cannot and her friends belong to a local cultural group that has been working for years against the extreme right in the town they're finding it hard going and say they lack political support. my mentor does. you just get the feeling that more and more people are moving to the right. does this is racist language is becoming the norm this is or is all this off i'm four point zero friends of mine has been attacked. a climate of fear has taken hold. in for us because. just under a quarter of
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a million people live in cabinet six thousand of migrants many on both sides feel the politicians have let them down. aretha franklin has been laid to rest in her hometown detroit the queen of souls funeral service featured big names from the music world and the american civil rights movement and included a eulogy from former u.s. president bill clinton the hours long invitation only service caps off a week of events that included tribute concerts and the opportunity to firms to view the music legends open casket. a rousing start to a final farewell. from celebrities like whoopi goldberg to former u.s. president bill clinton. from family to friends.
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aretha franklin's funeral a celebration of every part of the star's incredible life. ariana grande they performing a cover of one of franklin's biggest hits. them motown singer smokey robinson dedicating a song to his childhood friend. and there were touching tributes from a wreath as own family. know monna worst not you can. thank you for loving me. thank you for believing in me as much as you do. former u.s. president bill clinton also paid his respects she worked. for she.
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stood against. everything. but there was no getting away from the prejudice this woman had overcome she was. there no white where all she had hoped crowds product could fight. franklin's long time friend stevie wonder closed out the concert and this was a goodbye fit for a queen especially the queen of so. that they were held to a goalless draw by one of the chaps in. the sides best shots in the fuss hall who could only hit the ball from close range. that's the latest. on her in the house.
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thanks to a company and sewer at the top of the hour. for first cleaning less of a minute or as grand the moment arrives. jointly arranging on her journey to freedom. in our interactive documentary during an orangutan returns home. in tanks.


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