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tv   Check-in - Berlin Around the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2018 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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today and i'm in berlin in from the central station it's just a short walk to the german capital governmental border built in the years following the cold war everything is the shiny made mostly of concrete and glass. and right in the middle of all this modern architecture is the historic price tag building one of the lens most visited sites this is where the german parliament known as the born this stock convenes it's a center of power and tourist magnet like. today i'm going to explore that in this and outs of the rice stock from its underground tunnels all the way up to the glass cupla i'll also show you plenty of sites in the around the government quarter and i'll have a photo op with angela merkel herself believe me wait and see.
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well also visit the brandenburg gate berlin's most famous landmark and learn about its history. will wander through the impressive holocaust memorial. and later will relax by the river for a rather unique screening. the right stock is visited by around three million people every year at mission is free but it's a good idea to book your tickets in advance on line tours are available on a variety of topics such as the building's history architecture or the procedures of the parliament. i've arranged to meet. with turkish groups she's been representing the social democrats on the one stark since two thousand and thirteen so she knows her way around first she shows me the
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debating chamber the heart of the problem and really german democracy as a whole. have it there but we debate vote and pass laws here for the. who and that's where you work yes that's right who is a how does it feel to stand up there at the podium. it's nerve wracking i can imagine especially the first time in with a thought well over time you get used to it and the nervousness doesn't fade but that is all right but i've been a member of parliament for four years and it's truly special to have a chance to speak in this hallowed hall. i come from an immigrant family and belong to what they call the guest worker generation. on the fourth and it's really something significant for me and my parents as well than that i got a good education and today i'm representing people in germany as
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a member of parliament. to mention boschfontein. walking the halls of the bundestag is like taking a journey through time this graffiti was scrawled on the walls by soviet soldiers after they won the battle for the right stock in one thousand nine hundred forty five british architect norman foster integrated them into his plan when the building was reconstructed and he left the bullet holes to. the. now corner and the delicate lobby this painting represents the right stock fire and nine hundred thirty three the nazis used the event as a pretext to persecute their political opponents and the books of names commemorate the hundred twenty members of parliament who were murdered in the aftermath of. the next stop is the prayer room a place of quiet and reflection for the m.p.'s for guard lists of their faith.
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there's a lot more going on up on the roof of the building the glass dome is the biggest attraction for visitors to their rights talk. from the top we had all the way to the bottom in the basement we come across five thousand boxes with four thousand nine hundred ninety nine names on them a sofa in need and the more cot there's a box for every democratically elected representative in the years between one thousand nine hundred. in one thousand nine hundred nine the empress i'm on the phone. said is there anything in them no. these boxes are all shaped the same to stand for the equality of all elected representatives and independently of their function and nothing to feel for whom
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the years of naziism are symbolized by a black box there's no name on that one can see. the. tunnels least from the right start building to parliamentary office buildings nearby. i'm going to now we've emerged from this tunnel into another very futuristic looking building. and on oath of palm yes this is the power lou behind us from that the representatives offices and the committee rooms are here on the right and left when i'm not on biden. so lots of heated debates behind these walls you know that one right on. my committee the finance committee meets in this room every wednesday from nine
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fifteen till about noon or one o'clock. it's in. the polar bear house on the western bank of the reverse just across the money at the new us house some members of the bundestag kept their offices over there when the city was divided in this area the rivers served as the border between east and west berlin the crosses remember people who lost their lives trying to escape from the east. i'm standing in front of the chair. yes larry up there on the seventh floor that's where angola merkel works unfortunately i can't get in but on her official website you can take a look at her office. wow
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look at that view you can see the tear garden the big inner city park and all the way to the right stuck. right next to the chancellery i'm going to hop on the bottom nicknamed the chancellor train it will get me to germany's most famous landmark in a matter of seconds. and here it is the brandenburg gate. nowadays everybody can easily walk through the brandenburg gate from former east berlin to former west berlin and vice versa for decades that wasn't possible because the berlin wall rent just a couple of meters behind the monument the gate was right in the middle of restricted territory and that's just one chapter of the very exciting history of the brandenburg gate. the brandenburg gate there's a triumphal arch krohn two other quadriga it's twenty metres higher and flanked by
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two feet on such. good jordan with the roman goddess of victory drives the chariots for horses millions of people have seen the game but very few of them know howard came to be. fixed and will not often offer a key event occurred in seven hundred eighty eight in prussia frederick william the second forged an alliance with britain and the dutch republicans you see it was very important to him and he wanted to commemorate it properly so he built a triumphal arch here. anyone who wishes to learn more about this monument can visit the nearby brandenburg museum called the gate bergland i multimedia show reviews three hundred years of history in twenty
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minutes it seemed at today's young tourists who are often pressed for time on their travels. the journey through time in pictures highlights for instance the roaring twenty's. then are up at letters third rice with nazi troops marching through the brandenburg gate. the nine hundred fifty three peoples uprising in east germany and its bloody suppression is also commemorated. the building of the berlin wall in one nine hundred sixty one left the brandenburg gate inside a restricted area between east and west berlin. since the fall of the wall in one thousand nine hundred nine they gave his stood as a symbol of germany's reunification.
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from the new year's fireworks. to the fan zone for the soccer world cup today the brandenburg gate is germany's most prominent venue for large scale events and the tourists they can't get enough of the brandenburg gate. just the magnificence of the building how tall it is the carvings that are in each individual pillar is quite spectacular i felt so tight and they when you are in front of this and not say bill day this is like my first time to europe and i've never been able to experience anything such as grand as this. visitors can. home with them.
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the brandenburg gate marks the beginning of the grand. and right here and i have this very important date. i'm going to take the v.i.p. entrance i mean i have a photo session with the chancellor. ok ok. all that exclusive after all. everyone can take a picture with. morocco obama. other celebrities a bit stiff but pretty close to the original. across the street at the house or european house here you can get all kinds of information about the european union. it's a kind of embassador to germany he shows me around. and around some european cities
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at least. twenty four year or. so every. year so how many of them do you. even if i'm going to. french of course. speak spanish. europe that's first and foremost it's people a european house. and all seven hundred. fifty one members of the european parliament you can even come to my message or ask the question if you have.
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the help of our main attraction is a three hundred sixty degree theater where you can watch the european parliament in strasbourg and actively debating and you're in the middle of this movement you can take a seat like a european representative and want european democracy live in action. here two people can choose between the twenty four edu languages and by the way the european house is open seven days a week and entry is free of charge. are your attacking and jordan lives and one of the e.u. member states and ireland and she invited us to take a tour of her hometown dublin i bet after this video you'll understand why the irish are famous for their cheerfulness and hospitality. have made false. clear not sirish our gaelic on maine's one hundred thousand
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welcomes to my daughter and i'm tanya i can't wait to show you my city of dublin. even though dublin has one point two million people it really feels like a large village wherever you go you get a sense of friendly most amazing no clue how from the chaff this is typical dublin pub culture here everybody sitting outside enjoying themselves in the crack as we call it an irish sloane to your lawn chair. so this is molly malone dublin's fishmonger who pushed her car. to the streets of joplin and sold cockle some muscles from hard boston as the old song goes as your weird are waylaid by roads or the streets right on narrow right that.
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can't come to dublin without visiting the home of guinness you can even smell it in the air here it's the smell of home for any dubliner let's go in. this is what a doctor will call mother's milk. here we are on the top of the guinness storehouse in the gravity bar with a pint of guinness to go we have the best view in joplin from up here and we can see right across the city. welcome to trinity college the oldest university in dublin where writers such as jonathan swift and oscar wilde one study. i mean the queue for the long room
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library there must be at trinity college. here in the long life where you have books dating back well over a thousand years and have right up to the nineteenth century it is a collection of over two hundred fifty thousand folks here all found in leather some reckon on calfskin. own what's more typical for dublin whiskey so now i'm going to show you the jemison distillery both straight. here's where the story of whiskey begins the irish word for it is issued a baha'i which means. the war for all the life. you. love your. kind of course because you have a typical day and don't come without ending up in a typical music hall let's go the way they are the only
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way. to do it was. no room for. doubt is a great crack tame top and all be enjoyed in our way to welcome you all to my hometown of. would you like to show us around your hometown. become our travel guide. find out. on our website at u.w. dot com fresh from. this huge field filled with steelies in the heart of berlin and the holocaust memorial almost three thousand concrete slabs have been arranged on the spot to commemorate the six million jews who were murdered during the third reich the memorial was inaugurated in two thousand and five.
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ballard is going to tell me more about it originally from ireland he's worked as a tour guide in berlin for several years he says a lot of people are interested in nazi era history how many tours about the third reich to offer all money i think which ever torture to in berlin that's going to come up with of course everything jewish berlin cold war berlin of course you discussed the third crush but i also would give tours on much earlier history and renaissance berlin when i would say the third rush is the primary topic that's what most people are interested in so that's the main focus of my work for sure and who are the people interested in the third reich all kinds. people often it could be school groups called age groups individuals families are mostly do private tourists a small group tours they come from all over the world and this is a very compelling interest for many people for sure now of course where the morial but the third reich was a lot more than that are there any remnants of that time maybe around the
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government quarter that we're in right now sure that's one reason why the jewish memorial is here to reclaim this quarter in a way because very close to here the chancellor only used to stand hitler's suicide was a few hundred meters away from us there are still building standing from the time that the nazis took over and the ability of the nazis created that are still standing so very close to here for instance is their former propaganda ministry the former air force headquarters there a stone's throw away so reclaiming this area for memorials of course is the real priority here not i think berlin does that fairly well that that very well it's still an ongoing process to some degree but it took a very long time you might say and a lot of this process was impeded by the cold war and by the building of the berlin wall system after world war two so we're standing in the no months on the berlin wall now that would have been the two parts of the berlin wall flanking us here so again they're claiming this land to say well this was not done during the cold war so we'll do it in the space taken up by the cold war so i think it's belated it
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takes a very long time but there is this very strong effort in berlin to confront this past. across the street from the holocaust memorial you can enter the tear garden fane is going to show each other memorials which also draw attention to atrocities committed by the nazis this one is dedicated to homosexual victims the radio on the inside calls for more tolerance and inclusion. and so it's the memorial to homosexuals persecuted on the national socialism it's three years younger than the jewish memorial so for sure it's directly visually inspired by the jewish memorial but just one stone almost three thousand stones across the road. hundreds. of this was inaugurated in two thousand and twelve is dedicated to the half a million persecuted and murdered cindy and roma people. in the pond symbolizes the suffering and the tears shed by the victims. of the.
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fence got to go the next tour group is already waiting i think i'll use this opportunity to take a stroll through the tear garden. the park is the perfect spot for a little break and it's right in the center of the city just behind the rice talk and the brandenburg gate and oasis of peace and quiet for linares and tourists longing to rest their life. here in the park you can rent a rowboat and chill out in a beer garden. are six back and watch the boats go by.
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the bank of the reverse grey is a great place to kill some time especially during the summer months because every day at dusk the government quarter turns into a huge open air thelema and the best part is it's completely free of charge. when the sun starts to set to it's a good time to secure a spot on the steps from the spray just beyond their high strung. as night falls the round window will. the modern yet is a bit new to us ops becomes a movie screen showing milestones of german history such as the end of the german empire and the birth of the weimar republic in one nine hundred nineteen. there are stock fire in one nine hundred thirty three the second world war in the postwar era
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. the founding of the federal republic in one thousand nine hundred nine and konrad adenauer as an action as first west german chancellor. the light and sound show on the banks of the spray lasts nearly thirty minutes and the central park is of course that fateful august thirteenth nineteen sixty one when the berlin wall went up dividing germany for nearly three decades. then come the images from the one nine hundred eighty nine and the people of east germany took to the streets to demand their rights and refused to be ignored to high cigarette or a certain historic press conference. the wall was opened on november ninth. is one of the most joyful days in the history of the german nation and the
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highlight of the nightly open air movie. it's a great institution great film that doubt talks about the best money to the freedom of all the people around the world i was a great film is about and i like this area on the river banks the buildings that i stock it's really nice here that this transition is it's really impressive the atmosphere is to just incredible while beauty devil is in. the open air presentation in the government district can be seen during the summer months starting at sunset. it was my day in and around government quarter and the political heart of the city and the country for that matter it was really exciting to get to know that part of the german capital and i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did see you next.
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. a huge. the end. so at. at least two people have been wounded by gunfire targeting anti-government demonstrators in nicaragua's capital protests have flared up in managua over president daniel ortega recent decision to expel a human rights team who blamed his government for the violent repression of opposition protests break groups say around three hundred protesters have been killed over the
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past four months. the u.s. military has honored the late senator john mccain with a fly over as his body arrived for burial at the u. .


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