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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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visited every news line from berlin more than sixty five thousand people turned out for a free concert against the racism in the eastern german city of cabinet's a show of defiance against neo nazis following last week's violent anti migrants protests also on the program to palliate by the strongest typhoon for more than twenty five years more than a million people evacuated rather than traffic massively destructive. taking sides of the taking of the need for struct nike puts american football player
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calling company at the center of its new ad campaign and ignites a new controversy. i feel gail welcome to the program it's not about being left wing or right wing it's about doing of a decent thing. that lead singer of one of germany's best known rock bands to total hosen describe last night's concert against racism in the east german city of cabinets musicians said they wanted to send a signal after the violence that followed last week's protests in the city tens of thousands of people turned out to watch. and you. may have there are more of us that was the motto of the candidates concert is liberal germans responded to calls to stand up against far right racism before it started there was a minute of silence for the thirty five year old whose fatal stabbing unleashed
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last week's anti migrant protests. he thought. the mood was peaceful albeit with a clear message to the racist moms who shocked the country with thousands chanting nazis out. i. think. this is absolutely fantastic because the people of chemist's we have to show that our city is colorful open to everyone and that we have no sympathy for what's happened here in recent days as i said. because you can't rush there just we're not a far right city the majority of the population is totally normal democratically civilised but not far right for god's sake we don't want that we don't want such people and you know it was ok. several well known german bands performed in kemet including local group comes close the driving force behind the concert as the group
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singer explained at a press conference earlier. today asking. after all this rubbish happened we called friends on tuesday evening and asked them if they would join us for the concert. from. within twelve to twenty four hours everyone had said yes everyone was just getting in touch with everyone else and then all these people here agreed to join the concert and gets in with them starts the lead singer of one of germany's most popular rock groups to talk in horse and explained his motive for taking pot. it's essential that we're clear that this is not about a fight between left and right everybody who's in any way decent and it doesn't matter what political beliefs you have should oppose a radical right wing mall that attacks people it's also a good fish but. few people at the candidates concert would disagree with that their city put on a different face on monday with thousands united in
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a fun loving show of music and tolerance. now japan's being hit by the strongest typhoon to hit the country for twenty five years or thors is a million people in western and central regions to leave their homes and move to temporary shelters typhoon gebbie made landfall in the country's southwest bashing six of kobe osaka and kyoto with torrential rain and violent gusts at least two million households without power the typhoon is also causing serious disruption to road rail and traffic. you know the latest from but journalist michael penn who joins us from tokyo welcome michael. b. has just made landfall talk us through what's happening. well the typhoon is extremely powerful in fact they're saying that it could be the most powerful typhoon to hit japan in twenty five years. however it's also fast moving it hits
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the concept of region which is the second largest urban area of japan and it moved quite quickly through it and is now going along the japan of sea coastline the amount of damage that it did in terms of you know ripping off rules and and smashing a ship into a bridge and cutting off the khans like airport was pretty amends but the good news is that it seems that the human toll is relatively light compared to the ferocity of the storm so far there is only reports two people have been died in a almost one hundred wounded but when you think of how strong this storm is that's that's not a very high figure that japan seems about and all of its face share of natural disasters recently thing about two thousand and eleven the typhoon and of course just a couple of months ago there was another one of these storms is the country well prepared at. all well i think that among the nations of the world there's probably
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no country that's as well prepared to deal with the massive natural disasters in japan precisely for the region reason you say it's a country which is hit by natural disasters quite regularly major earthquakes volcanoes storms and this summer in particular has been a dramatic one with a heat wave which killed many people giant rainstorm so it's been rough going but japan handles it pretty well michael pad in tokyo thank you. thank you now there are reports that a highway overpass in calcutta in india asked collapse there's no word on fatalities as yet at the broken bridge section appears to be about thirty metres in length the police and firefighters are using cutting tools to try to free people from the wreckage. and so you can get the latest from a d. to news or indeed correspondents on your family car who joins me on the line welcome sanyo what walkley tell us. well since this incident happened really
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because off to new no eyewitnesses say that you think that the march is a bridge between king watching the. crushing because now this happened in a southern products can part of calcutta it also happens off the rush hour and it's followed heavy rain in the city triggered a lot of shock and panic across the city and as you mentioned there's a massive rescue operation underway the army which has a base nearby that sentence personnel for rescue work appraisal requesting the services of tons of concrete and my middle infield which you know classes to be removed until really the school extent of the tragedy becomes clear. calcutta of course a big city a crowded city what's being said about casualties. that's why the me calcutta has been population of you know over the million people and this bridge you know which is said to be about forty two years old because we among one of the busiest in the
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city it was really used all the time a lot of heavy catholic to agree over some old way cracks in one of the oldest areas in the city canonical are and the city is really on that that part of the city really densely populated and the bridge connecting saddam city to the north now we still have no confirmation of any casualties but there are reports here where you know minister west bengal has a key six people only to be critically injured and taken to hospital. and the word yes on the potential or possible cold. we still don't know what really triggered this accident but i have to say that you know major kolaches also buildings and other infrastructure are unfortunately really not uncommon in the old you know the incorporate the construction standards here that often we could then say many western countries and the frequencies the accidents like this and i know you need to see on more than eighteen people were killed when a fly over in the northern city of honesty you know crashing people and cars.
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concerning march two thousand and sixteen also saw a major accident where an under construction lie a local markets we know which went to six people died in that accident so unfortunately incidents like this are all to come so near falling off on cue. thank you we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the syrian observatory for human rights says russian warplanes have resumed bombing rebel controlled province after three weeks iran says efforts are being made to remove militants with the least human cost us president donald trump warned syria and its allies against what he called a reckless attack on the own claim. france's popular sports minister laura flat has resigned from president macro's cabinets the second ministerial departure in as many weeks her resignation comes as the president's popularity dips because of disappointing economic figures and the scandals surrounding the beating of a protester by
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a presidential bodyguard. officials in brazil say underfunding is to blame for the five that gutted the country's oldest and most prestigious museum the national museum in rio de janeiro housed twenty million items including the oldest human skull found in the americas the cause of the blaze is not yet known but the buildings had no sprinkler system and the fire hydrants closest to the museum were dry. angry scenes the morning after the disastrous fire which ripped through brazil's historic national museum. protesters demanding to inspect the damage for themselves they want to see the museum rebuilt and punishment for those who failed to protect the two hundred year old building and its priceless contents. how can we explain in words what you have lost we are here to say goodbye to the museum and to fight for its restoration our national memories
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are here. but i went to sleep thinking it was a nightmare i thought i was going to wake up from it is that this is just i feel more anger than sadness because it could have been avoided there wasn't even water course of. guilty people and they have to be punished. devastated staffer devoted their careers to looking after the twenty million pieces in the museum's collection this curator came straight to the museum on hearing about the fire she helped to recover some valuable meacher writes. that i was in a rush to get in because i knew where the meteorites where they were brought out of the ashes the real phoenix. officials admit the museum suffered from years of underfunding and neglect under successive brazilian governments it's necessary for all the authorities that have the
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resources specifically the federal government to help the national museum put its history back together now. we've already lost part of our collection brazil cannot lose its history. but as you. wish but. it's feared as much as ninety percent of the museum's collection has been destroyed even if the structure is rebuilt huge numbers of irreplaceable artifacts have been lost forever . in football spanish media are reporting that manchester united manager jersey a marine you know has reached a deal with spanish tax authorities to serve a year in prison in a tax evasion case however he is unlikely to serve any actual jail time because under spanish law any sentence of under two years for a first offense can be served on probation prosecutors have previously stated that
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marine you know owed millions of euros in taxes dating to when he was head coach of the trade they say he failed to declare revenue from his image rights. and you advertising campaign from sports john to nike has served its support behind american football player colin kaepernick and rig knighted already racially charged debate in the united states this just days before the start of the new season cap and it is the quarterback who caused a division by protesting racial injustice by nailing during the american national anthem a protest started more than two years ago and president shelby even tried chimed in forcefully against that movement not he's new campaign pulls no punches believe in something even if it means sacrificing at not being offered a new contract by any n.f.l. club with. his decision to protest racial injustice specifically police brutality against african-americans cause division as fellow n.f.l.
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players join the movement. u.s. president donald trump was among the most vociferous critics. when you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now out of the sky i heard. in may n.f.l. owners ratified a post seawitch directed protesting players to remain in the locker room during the end them all face punishments we want people to be respectful to nationally it's they want people to stand that's all personnel and make sure that they treat this moment in a respectful fashion. that policy is yet to be implemented and the new nike campaign has now intensified the divisive issue nike and cap the knicks face a backlash on social media class tax boycott nike and just burn it showed fans
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discussing nike products with just days before the start of the new season not he has added fire up to an already fiery debates have a good day. they make a commitment. they find. a constructor. africa . stories about people different shaping their nation. and their continent. t.v. series for africa. w dot com or go.


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