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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 5, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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well the great recession designer has some small. stuff it starts september. this is you know we do is live for berlin suspects that were built in the case of the poison spy british prosecutors charge these two russians with attempted murder by using a nerve agent against the former spy sergei screwball and his daughter prime minister theresa may says the suspects are agents of russia's military intelligence agency also coming up a good one when international chorus warns the syrian government against
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a looming attack on rebel held it live problems the u.s. now doubling down threatening to retaliate if syrian forces used chemical weapons. on little rock is great to have you along everyone well we start off in the u.k. where prosecutors have charged two russian men with a nerve agent attack on former russian spy sergei script all and his daughter earlier this year the british government believes that the suspects are members of russia's military intelligence agency and that their operation almost certainly received the seal of approval from the kremlin. these are the men british prosecutors have charged with conspiracy to murder. alexander petroff and. are russian citizens but police believe their names are probably in the it says.
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the men are accused of attempting to murder former russian double agent. and his daughter yulia with a military grade nerve agent. a police officer was also hospitalized following the attack in march in the english city of salisbury. another couple also fell seriously ill after coming into contact with the nerve agent police believe it was through this person bottle don sturgis of salisbury later died. british justice. at the time we want to see what we have managed to achieve to help. british police have released close circuit t.v. images of petrol of and it off arriving at london's gatwick airport two days before the script polls were targeted. this image of the man was taken at salisbury train
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station a day before the attack and this at the same station on the day of the poisoning. moments later they're seen on closed circuit t.v. walking through the city police say traces of the nerve agent were also found in their london hotel room where they stayed that weekend. in the house of commons the british prime minister claimed the two men are russian military intelligence officials this is speaking repeatedly asked russia to account for what happened in saul's re in march and they have replied with obfuscation and laws this is including trying to pass the blame for the attack on terrorists onto our international partners and even on to the future mother in law. they even claimed that i myself invented. british prosecutors say they won't ask russia to extradite the man but they have obtained european arrest warrant. the kremlin denies it
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played any role in the poisonings. all right let's get you more on this story want to cross over now to london to the mosque who is standing by a bigot as we have just been reporting the suspects have already returned to russia soon after the poisoning took place what chance do the british police have of ever getting their hands on these two men. well the british government has concluded that actually a formal arrest warrant is going to be futile we know this from the case of alexander litvinenko who was killed here in london and the british government had also for russian suspects to be extradited that has never happened so their only chance they conclude is a european arrest warrant so if they ever travel abroad that they could be called in other e.u. countries and could then in this case come come to the u.k. and stand trial. talk to us about a very notorious perfume spray bottle britain says it poisoned don burgas and her
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partner is a connection also being made to the script case when it comes to this perfume bottle. well the connection was made by the prime minister and his statement she said that this was likely the bottle where the nerve agent was smuggled into the country with an old say the method of delivery of the nerve agent at the door handle off the screen paul's the police meanwhile still also appealing for anybody who knows more about this plot was seen at all as the books to come forward so clearly this is a really very important piece of information and for months the police will be looking for the link what is the actual link between this group calls and then the other couple that was in contact with a nerve agent and now they have released this information and would like to know even more about it so we're getting conclusion where does this leave british
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russian relations. british russian relations were already rock bottom off of this people because even before after the murder of alexander litvinenko all of this creep all case the u.k. has x. extradited expelled twenty three russian diplomats other countries have followed also expelled russian diplomats now the question is are they going to be most sanctions as the u.k. austyn allies foremost sanctions but definitely in you know in these already not very good relations household all right to begin mass reporting from london thank you. let's get you caught up now with some of the other stories making news around the world at least twenty people have been killed including several journalists in twin suicide bombings in the afghan capital kabul scores more are wounded in the blast tore through a sports center in a heavily shiite area of the city officials say the death toll is likely to rise no
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group has yet claimed responsibility. u.s. secretary of state my pompei o is in pakistan where he's held talks with new prime minister imran khan peo is also set to meet the country's powerful military chief ties between washington and islamabad have plummeted in recent years where u.s. accusations that pakistan is doing too little to fight terrorism. german chancellor angela merkel is standing by her previous comments condemning the anti migrant protests in the eastern city of commits after talks with the czech prime minister in berlin medical said the chemist's demos quote very clearly revealed hate german far right leaders have accused the chancellor of exaggerating anti migrant violence in the city. now it may be the final showdown in the seven year long civil war in syria the united nations is warning of a bloodbath if syrian and russian forces move to take the last rebel held province
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of idlib about three million people live there many of them refugees from elsewhere in syria the first big influx came back in december twenty sixth season after government forces took control of aleppo then in twenty seventeen the last rebel fighters left the city of homes and in march twentieth after fighting ended in eastern huta more convoys headed to lip and the un has called now for diplomacy between the major players to avoid a bloodbath in the u.s. has warned syria not to resort to chemical weapons on friday the leaders of iran russia and turkey are due to hold a summit that could determine the course for an offensive. dark clouds warn of an impending catastrophe the first strikes on it lib region were reported on tuesday these images posted by activists show bombings in villages
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close to ellipse city several civilians have reportedly been killed the syrian observatory for human rights says russian warplanes carried out the attacks on behalf of its ally syrian president bashar al assad. his regime is preparing its forces ready to close in on one of the last enclaves of rebel resistance. the united nations wants the assault to stop before it reaches the city of it lived and its three million residents. at war and it because it's fin to the brim with the internally displaced with civilians we've been for sanity know at the end hopefully of this the worst for a generation civilians hoping to flee to the nearby border with turkey may be met with force turkey has moved military hardware to block another mass influx of refugees. meanwhile in it live a lesson in patience schools of carrying on with classes full some parents keeping
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their children close as they await the unthinkable. such scenes of normality could be erased off to friday when regional powers a jew to hold a summit which may decide the fate of the people of it lib rebels and children alike. art i'd like to welcome now professor daniela server he directs the conflict management program at johns hopkins school of advanced international studies in washington a very warm welcome professor i mean this is starting to feel like a deja vu we've seen this before massive offensive is announced un warns of a bloodbath offensive goes ahead and the world moves on for the nearly three million people in this area what can the international community do because words like bloodbath they're meaningless at this stage i think the international community can do very little now it's a large scale and tear on the restrain damascus and i don't see either one is
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willing to sacrifice much in order to do that iran seems to be wanting the fighting include russia might prefer restraint but if the fight begins i expect them to support. us president donald trump has warned president assad not to quote recklessly attack the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley said this let's take a listen i will continue our conversation at the i think what you are seeing is the president saying to iran russia and assad don't go there we're not going to accept it it's not ok what you're saying from us and the fact that the security council wants to talk about it is do not let a chemical weapons attack happen on the people of it led. it's a strong warning but what does it mean i mean all the rest is fair game massacre
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torture just don't gas your people. at least that is what it means that i don't expect them to use gas at this stage they have sufficient manpower to go into it live with conventional force. i think the americans have a very weak position here one that could. be their demand that chemicals not be used might be satisfied but i don't think they have much influence over whether a conventional attack occurs right now and let's talk about the role of the us in this theater because it's played a very insignificant role up to now do you see that role may be changing in the near future. i do not i wouldn't describe it as entirely in significant the u.s. has played a pretty strong role in defeating the islam and state especially in eastern syria but the president clearly wants to get out the americans are looking for some sort
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of resolution that will enable that happen it probably won't happen right away but i do expect eventually that the americans who would draw. do you expect me to we now and friday for disaster to be avert it. predicting the events of this sort. is difficult i'd be surprised if a full fledged salt occurs before friday but i won't be surprised if the person next week so. i haven't seen anything yet that would stop it professor daniel directs the conflict management program at johns hopkins university sir thank you for weighing in i thought i should. and the situation in syria is likely to be on the agenda as the german foreign minister heikal moscow meets his turkish counterpart today in ankara
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a mosque has called turkey an important partner for germany despite recent problems he's promised to push for the release of seven german citizens currently being held in turkey they were detained on political charges and after the failed coup two years ago before arriving in ankara out ma says the human rights situation in turkey was overshadowing bilateral relations. and finally a visitor is it to the take on safari park in crimea got more than they bargained for when one of the lions decided to literally get on board. and get the t.v. off that might be able to get in shows the lion known as philly a climbing into the openside bus and over the driver before turning its attention to the other passengers you know as you can imagine that clip has gone viral and shows that cats can get in the mood for
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a cuddle yet because it does you might yell much too close for comfort for me all right you're watching the news it's still to come. a wake up call for germany's banks a new player has just bumped a big name lender off the blue chip dax el fers is up next with the details. and i'll see you again at the top of the hour. i've attempted going on and calorie expenditure. don't miss the story for john mccain should johnson takes you along on a thrilling and beneficially.


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