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the most traditional. find any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on g.w. dot com. loop. welcome to kino from the venice international film festival now it's been
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a while since myself and my colleague. ben develops but we just had to come this year i mean venice this year the stars the films the buzz i mean if i'm honest i think venice you book can to say they would have loved to have this light up look at films like first man with ryan gosling or a star is born but they have your own superstar lady gaga yeah i mean the line up this year in venice made it even more difficult for the jury under president. to pick this year's winners in particular the golden lion. the venice of noise around what was amazing to us the mexican director alfonso cuarón deservedly took the golden lion for the most personal film of his career. is stark and intense. black and white tells the story of his childhood in next. in the
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one nine hundred seventy s. . this film is an ode to the women who shaped his mother and his name. they survive all the trials life throws at them and hold the family together. the ground round grand prize go through the favorite by your loved one to thank you ben this is a runner up on are also one to director with the spotlight on women. the favorite is a bizarre british period drama do your reading. how does the kingdom. and scored three women engage in a nasty dance of power and intrigue deliciously played by emma stone rachel weisz and as queen phenomenal olivia colman the british t.v. star one venice is prize for best actress. and citizen of his i thought we could raise the money i wasn't seeing. female characters represented in cinema and in an
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interesting complex way as human beings they're usually the housewife or the girlfriend or the opposite building desires. strong women and powerful artists. willem dafoe won best actor on earth for his role as an aging mad genius vincent van gogh. i know my paintings thanks this year's venice with an appetizer perhaps for the coming oscar season. well we'll see how the film celebrated in venice this year due next year at the oscars because the venice film festival has become a platform for the academy awards ever since films like spotlight birdman or the shape of water premier here and went on to win the oscar for best film won director in venice who already has an oscar is florian henckel fun dawna's mark who won for his very first film the lives of others with his new movie never look away he's
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trying to make it a two piece and the film is really a cinematic tour de force it's the story of a german family told through three generations and their struggles for life love and the pursuit of artistic freedom. from donna's moccasin penchant for complicated stories his latest film is the only john one competing at the venice film festival thomas mok took seven years to make it an expectation to highlight. the film tells the story of course not. into the heart beats them but i believe it comes back rest must muster the best as i. wished i know their best and. their best that time chilling place the young east german who wants to become an artist by itself i've been called just annoyed because his biggest critic is his own father in law the brigadier who considers not. the designers and such or
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brilliantly portrayed by. the two rivals bound by a traumatic event in the past. but me at first and yet what fascinated me was that i had the possibility to depict how interwoven victims and perpetrators are within a family i found that intriguing like this bond the film shot cuts life beginning with us childhood in nazi germany was that us would constitute. the boys aren't as his only son might but she is mentally ill. soonish that events in court as first class is should. be looking. at watches as his aunt is carried away by the nazis the man who will become his father and more as jointly responsible for the nazis euthanasia program and the lizabeth is one of its victims. it's a lost cut never gets over even in adult court in east germany begins his studies at the arctic atomy where he meets the love of his life and he's
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a bond he also meets her stepfather but is oblivious to his past because a band has adapted nicely to life in the g.d.r. but the story goes on the other one was lost. to me. but i'll get us to magazine associate if he died of a curt flees to the west and is accepted into the world renowned does a lot of academy of art is that it would surely it. is a profile. no real life names are mentioned but the film clearly reflects events in the life of god and other artistic greats from that time like yourself voice done as marcus said many times he didn't want to make a biopic he wanted to tell a story about the nature of art never look away is intensely less than three hours long it's an ambitious work and the challenge for the audience.
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is to found on his mark in never look away and the lives of others you take a look at german history in the light of victims and perpetrators. you seem to be fascinated by both why. many always always the eternal question what would one of done back then for exactly this relationship between perpetrators and victims in this case within the family that i find so fascinating because it was like that throughout the whole country to a certain extent our country was a big family of victims and perpetrators after nine hundred forty five or also after nine hundred eighty nine and i think you can't really tell our countries big stories without that relationship. that the english tell your film is never look away what is it that we should look away from. so i saw it more as the kind of thing the anti says to the boy in the film always questioning the truth.
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make your own mind up about things but looking closely at them without judging them that's actually the most important thing to always take a good close look at things that's what's meant. the stomach for mind is into you know we're here in venice you have a special relationship with this city you made your second film here the tourist. what was your most intense experience. i had. we had these huge stars and julian and jolie and johnny depp. and in every scene on a tiny intimate square we had thousands of people standing around and before every single take i had to grab the microphone and tell them we're really glad that you love our stars so much but please try not to scream and julianna and johnny. while we're filming.
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ok stop me if you've heard this one before a has been performing discovers a younger talent and decides to hitch his wagon to a rising star now that's the lot of a star is born a story that's been told and retold for hollywood history in fact there's been three film versions of a star is born perhaps the most famous being the one from the one nine hundred seventy s. starring barbra streisand and kris kristofferson for the twenty eighteen edition we have instead of kris kristofferson bradley cooper who also directs but the real surprise is his leading lady none other than pop icon lady gaga in her film debut. bradley cooper plays musician jack mayne he used to be successful now he's an alcoholic. is the first time i worried about. chiles so maine has lost his grip but then he sees allie played by lady gaga and
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instantly she's got what it takes to be a star just like in real life. while we were filming this movie we also had the opportunity watching and being a part of watching her seeing it every day and it was literally the whole crew would just sit back and we were all we all kind of forgot we were even doing a job. as a parent on the red carpet was one of the most magical moments of the festival. it was if the public had been waiting for it for years. for bradley cooper i i what i love so much about working with bradley is that you know there was a true exchange you know he accepted me as an actress and i accept him fully as a musician and. i. own is almost as old as hollywood itself in the one nine hundred seventy six
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version of the film streisand and kris kristofferson play the love struck. prosecute potential story into a modern romance where both artists meet on equal terms. sean penn was on twitter that it was one of the best films he'd seen in years and we found enough to. turn most of. them seem. like. that's all from our special from the venice international film festival for more on
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this year's festival and all this year's winners check out our website we're back next week from a very different festival from the german town up until then it's a riveting from that trial. urine everything man knows that a child needs food without food can do nothing before maybe his muse can really have a lot of problems then drop out of the school because of the way he did nothing when
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he comes from home that could have easily been us. any one of us. big fun be to. his work and the goddess fortuna. the maestro and finish. the job.


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