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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2018 12:00am-12:15am CEST

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by late nine hundred sixty eight many of the dreams born in the proceeding yes a date submerged in bitter dissolution in the us to come someone who themselves had no means of finding. all those words on their backs in society preferring an alternative lifestyle still others were thought to change society through activism in favor of the violence women's liberation for gay rights. and still this impression of looking through a glass doctrine. on
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the university of california campus in berkeley traces of the dream to system nine hundred sixty nine. let's remember that in the free speech movement the students did take over buildings and they laid claim to the grounds the material structures of the university were theirs they occupied them they inhabited them they actually asserted a kind of right of ownership not as private property but as public property this is public this is public university the public belongs here we are the public we are here. the other dimension of it was a broader understanding that market forces were taking over much of life that we had been conventionally protected from market forces what are the public services that ought to be so kept separate from private markets and private goods.
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berkeley april nine hundred sixty nine a group of activists takes over a derelict site belonging to university that's located not far from telegraph avenue where the students often demonstrate they call the site people's park and declared open to one and all it can be. but ronald reagan governor of california takes the creation of the park as a leftist challenge to the settlers and principle of private property he sees it as an opportunity to fulfill his campaign promise to correct down on drug using communist sympathizing students he sends in both the police and the national guard boating will soon experience the most violent confrontation and history of student activism in california.
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sheriff madigan unchallengable versions would literally mean that some of his men and many from vietnam war veterans had been overzealous in attacking the protesters . acting as though the words that caused. the use of shotguns loaded with buckshot the least of the death of a student james wrecked on may fifteenth nine hundred sixty. by the end of the sixty's i would characterize the mood in a broader circle. in which i was involved as a form of almost a collective madness. that is the vietnam war going on and on and on everything that we had done to stop it and failed protest became an end in itself i remember people flocking to berkeley from all over the country because they wanted to get involved in riots and they want to fight in the streets they really
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care what it was about. the real problem was that until there was a progressive social movement within the blue collar section of american society within the working class and things were going to change there was a whole section of american society that had not been moved and the fact we're being moved in the opposite direction in reaction to things that we were we were engaged in. a big. eight.
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in the central to a few gigantic shinjuku train station was the city for students and counterculture demonstrations in the sixty's. and spun by american protest songs this is where the japanese activist founded the folks who really didn't. see the movement's personalities stew them in streets in front of the station every says it's. not gonna happen though. metion america needs to be done and i got me some all the taco who are coming out at ya with a major yes i start i don't match that up to date on my last sink you couldn't because you had to because you can have that. somehow do it in your home run shibu matsumoto i do it must command that but another sense on the.
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oh yes. this. kind of back on to. a story you see today without that. commitment from that. point on. so he took it on a must and they're going to. the most. significant amount. because funny consequences committed and. at the moment i hear no knock up out there most at the moment. want to be forgotten new generations pass this bill approaches continues in other forms. twenty five years old founded seals students emergency action for
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liberal democracy to challenge the government's focus on security and the prime minister shinzo i mean wanted to revise the country's pacifist constitution that in order to leverage.


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