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and it's been extremely shady how it's gone about i mean substantively you look at the decision and there's been you know no fulfillment of the two remaining conditions and you know it's why you see outrage by athletes all around the world right now and the possibility that russia could be reinstated under under these circumstances. i'll have more of a christopher coke but we'll have your business updates in just a matter of a bit that. he takes it personally. with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. because more than football online climate change. least. pollution. isn't it time
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for good news eco and africa people and projects that are changing our lives are meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference listen to each other. the environment magazine. long t w. i think. they said goal are getting low just over six months until britain leaves the european union and it's from going to surgery some may say as a withdrawal deal is in sight she writes also the program that beneficiary is the quintessential british brand jaguar wants to ramp up production and small baki while in their factory one thousand jobs will go and as the u.s. slaps new taxes on chinese imports the premier league says the place to deal with
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the trade disputes is the negotiating. i'm christopher good to have you with us writing in a leading german newspaper today a british prime minister to resign may says the u.k. and the e.u. are close to agreeing to an orderly breakfast after banks said she wants a u.k. you free trade zone for goods including agricultural products but not for service you officials have rejected her plan as cherry fifty mate will set out her case for the future relationship to other e.u. leaders at a summit in salzburg later today britain is due to leave the european union as early as next month. and for more let's bring in karen jones he's an economist at lancaster university in the u.k. gerund welcome to the program theresa may wants a free trade deal including goods but excluding services what do you make of the polls. kristoff yes it's an interesting proposal that's come out of checkers the
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prime minister's country residence and it's the deal that she has agreed with her own policy of governments in the in very different voices from different parts that government arguing for different types of breaks it and so this is a kind of compromise that they've reached amongst themselves as the governing party in the u.k. this is what the case proposing to the european union that should be essentially a common rule book that covers goods so that goods stay in something that is like a quayside single market but not for services the freedom for the u.k. to various regulations in the arena of services so it's a bit of a clunky arrangement clunky also in terms of how the the customs arrangements would work with different countries collecting customs revenues for each other which is the really bureaucratic obviously now why would services be excluded from this idea . all the people who keenest to have a brags it would want to keep clean gregg's the detaches the u.k.
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entirely from european regulations but on the manufacturing side covering goods it's become clear that that would be very difficult for british companies that export into europe because a lot of them are involved in supplying chains to straddle across the boundary between the u.k. and the rest of the european union and with goods in various intermediate stages of production going between firms in different countries and with just in time production being involved in this not having freedom of movement of goods would be extremely difficult for produces in that manufacturing sector and i guarantee you talked about a compromise in the prime minister's party in the u.k. now from the e.u. as perspective such a trade agreement can only be signed once there's a withdrawal agreement but the issue of northern ireland is still not resolved how sensible is it to talk about trade at this stage. well that's very astute of you
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from i say so christophe because there are two things two separate things involved here first of all this the withdrawal agreement that needs to be signed and that is the urgent thing that needs to be done now by the end of march when britain leaves the european union and then secondly there is the trade agreement and the two sides to these negotiations seem to have been taking a different line completely so the u.k. seems to have been saying if we can get the trade agreement sorted out then that will involve things that will reassure the european union about things like the border in northern ireland about the freedom of mobility of goods across the border specifically meanwhile the european union has been taking a different tack and has been looking at well where can we put border arrangements in place so it now has it is coming back the indications are the michel barnier
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is going to propose that this is not a border at the border in northern ireland but that customs checks and other bits of bureaucracy are done elsewhere firms or in the market and open up some scope for negotiations to move ahead jones economist at lancaster university thank you for your insight. now britain's imminent exit from the e.u. is already casting a shadow on british industry now jaguar is thawing down production and its plant near birmingham owned by indian conglomerate tata jaguar says it's up up to one thousand jobs could go at the same time it's ramping up hiring and production in slovakia. the city of detroit and slovakia is already profiting from brags that india's tata motors is building a factory here at a cost of one and a half billion euros tata has chosen to open a manufacturing plant where traditional british brands like jaguar and land rover
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will be rolling off the production line. the investment will create around eight thousand new jobs in the area. economy it's a very good economic boost for our city most people here think the factories a very positive thing because it will lead to more economic development for fear. of if you're not with. as new factory is located close to many suppliers the german company impose a for example manufactures door components it's expecting to get business from jaguar and land rover compared to britain and germany it's an extremely competitive location. in momentous india here at the moment an hour of work costs about a third of what it does in germany in the next ten years it will probably be more like half. slovakia has become a hotspot for the european car industry new manufacturing hubs are opening up and
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existing facilities are being expanded. car companies operating here will be able to continue to benefit from the freedoms conferred by the membership of the e.u. the large scale investment has made it difficult for some companies to fund staff folks wagon recently agreed to raise salaries to encourage its workers to stay. there was a four point seven percent rise at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year they'll be a further four point one percent rise going to touch as management is warning that a no deal brags it could prompt them to move more jaguar and land rover production out of the country a move that eastern european countries like slovakia would surely welcome. this c.e.o. of denmark's largest bank thomas borgen has resigned over his role in a money laundering scandal he had minute bank has done too little to stop the flow of illegal catch between two thousand and seven and twenty fifteen dystonia branch
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of the bank handled around two hundred billion euros from suspicious russian sources moving it from one account to another the banks chairman said he too planned to leave his post soon following one of europe's worst ever banking scandals. all right let's bring in our financial correspondent daniel cold here daniel this scandal has dragged on for quite a while now why has it taken for so long for the sea all to step down. yeah exactly that's a very interesting question we're talking here really of all the years were pretty much nothing was done and that is quite significant it seems that many many inside of them there felt that something was going wrong and they also did internal investigations but it seems that the many warnings were ignored and initially nobody was willing to report who was going wrong we have received a statement today from the lender there saying that there is no doubt that they you
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know as an organization have failed in this situation and did not live up to the expectations by their millions of customers and after the news was breaking shares of the bank fell by eight percent the currency all will remain in office until a new one will be in charge and it seems they will be a lot of new changes and they were really want to make sure that something like that can't happen again and then you know briefly give us a quick market update. here the router in the exact right now here is not really much under fire we are a little bit here even in the class of two big topics of course the trade conflict but it seems that investors are already sort of used to it and then brecht's that investors are really prepared that those ongoing brics the talks of possible summit now in november will be very difficult then you're hoping frankfurt thank you. now as the world's two top economies trade to terror of blows the stakes are getting higher china's second highest official has now said the world is at
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a crossroads between globalization and the globalization. chinese premier league has urged governments to defend free trade after the latest round of tit for tat tariff action between washington and beijing gold also promised to improve conditions for foreign companies in china. that it is indeed necessary to operate fairly and to maintain the principal rules of multi-lateralism and free trade because no matter how much these rules need to improve only what it offers us is inclusive of the it's progress for how many civilizations if there are issues that we should resolve them through negotiation no unilateral action stands a chance of solving the problems we. see china faces a tough balancing act that has to uphold a multilateralist message decrying washington's protectionism while defending itself against complaints of its own unfair trade practices it's now slap retaliatory duties on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s.
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products in response to washington's new taxes on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods first part u.s. president donald trump appears unmoved he spoke at a news briefing alongside the president of poland we are the people bank to the world we've been ripped off by china we've been ripped off by excuse me mr president the european union of which you're a part of. we've been ripped off by everybody and i want to protect the american worker the american farmer the ranchers the companies. and we're not being. that's a show thanks for watching. me
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a welcome to the sidelines and joining us here in berlin off times that's events is heavily on the program today here's a look at what is coming up. walking on water french it's a great privilege to keep using lakes and rivers especially. to meet the demands of the new episodes of the w. web series empty.


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