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i am. sure this is deja news coming to you live from berlin europe's leaders effort to break the deadlock over refugees leaders look for consensus over an issue that's become a rallying cry for the far right there in sounds good for the second day of an e.u. summit also coming up north in south korea a kitchen scale new heights of cooperation as washington signals its intent to restart talks with pyongyang that is the korean peninsula any closer to denuclearize ation. and in sport is russia about to be brought back in from the
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cold and russian track and field athletes haven't completed a competed in that country's callousness two thousand and fifteen but that could or change today if the blood anti doping agency decides to lift a ban on russia's testing the bar a trade class players. play a bit of a maverick conduct a mix of still in stuttgart france conduit to see what he's got installed as he takes over the city in symphony orchestra. played have. played. a warm welcome to you on the cima dealing with refugees and migration is full of the key issues on the agenda at the summit of european leaders in the austrian city of science book. while many several countries are calling for more e.u.
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solidarity others like italy austria and seven central european countries oppose attempts to redistribute asylum seekers across the bloc there's also growing concern that far right and populist parties are using the issue to make further political gains. austrian chancellor sebastian could appear in good spirits on the second day of an informal meeting of e.u. leaders in salzburg. but the days agenda of migration is one that has been a thorn in the side of the blocs leadership the twenty eight leaders are looking for new ways to stem the flow of refugees and europe's borders. going into today's talks e.u. official donald had a word of caution. instead of taking political advantage of the situation we should focus on what works and just get on with it we can no longer be
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divided into those who want to solve the problem of illegal migrant flows and those who want to use it for political gain at the migration crisis peak in twenty fifteen more than a million migrants and to do europe by sea. the unprecedented crisis proved a strain on european unity some members rejected the european commission's mandatory migration quotas. today's summit will revisit the question of solidarity and how to share the burden created by refugees and migrants inside the block one idea proving controversial is a suggestion countries that don't host refugees should help foot the bill. on the we don't start we are not at the market we're speaking about humans we're not speaking about topics or goods so i say if we start to begin how much is the price of an immigrant it's a shame for all of us the leaders are also courting egypt to stop people leaving its shores for europe. and for more on this let's cross over to
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a sounds about ready to be correspondent max hoffman is covering the summit for us i still miss more about the talks on refugees and migration particularly the overtures to north african nations egypt seems to be the new hope of the european union you know for months now we had this idea of so-called disembarkation platforms it's another word for migrant camps in northern africa where the application of migrants could be treated the problem so far with a concept was that none of the northern african countries seemed interested now for the first time they have a name it's egypt that is willing to talk to them that doesn't mean they're really willing to have those camps in egypt but they're willing to talk which is sold here as a huge success and apparently all the leaders when this idea was brought forward by the bus are called the austrian chancellor of said. refugees another major issue looming at these talks is break that and there is a man and
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a prime minister present it happen and two leaders there how was it received. nobody really said anything as we understand midnight on wednesday that's when she presented her so-called checkers plan and the reaction is for today from the e.u. twenty seven so all the you member states minus the united kingdom but it seems like everybody is reading your calls at least for compromise the tone the atmosphere seems to be very positive although we really haven't understood yet how this compromise what it's supposed to look like but it could also be that they're trying to keep a low profile on the topic because some a has to go to her party conference as soon and she will have to survive those so they don't want to put her under pressure just now but we'll see afterwards what the cards really are how far the e.u. is willing to go and how far a threesome a is willing to go because there are still two remaining issues of course you know them future trade ties and the border between northern ireland and
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ireland and exactly you mentioned northern ireland that has been long a sticking point on the issue of brigs it hasn't been any movement that. we really hadn't heard anything convincing yet because not remaining part of the single market the e.u. single market and not having a border those things are contradictory it hasn't been done yet before but all the parties want to avoid at all costs this border between northern ireland which is part of the united kingdom and the rest of ireland which is part of the european union so you had suggestions like push back the border into the irish sea that's something that's recently has rejected very very strongly so we don't know it also depends on the future trade ties this is probably going to be the the last issue to be resolved if at all. a lot still needs to be done max health man at the summit in the austin city of thank you. but as we had an elusive struggling
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to come up with a unified plan on how to deal with refugees and migration at the height off europe's refugee. crisis in two thousand and fifteen the overland passes through the board consult a surgeon though seeking refuge and asylum but a key transit country hungary erected a border fence two years ago that effectively blocked the route forcing refugees to find alternatives now the e.u. estimates around four thousand refugees are stuck just outside your boundaries now the bosnian border many allege violence at the hands of border guards did every reporter frank off line visits a makeshift camp to investigate. getting to the e.u. has been an impossible fate for this afghan refugee ever since about konrad was close two years ago. made it to serbia last year he recently arrived in the small boston in town of the hutch near the border with crazy an e.u.
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country. border when it on sunday night try one of the. border border when it on top of the baby thing a lot of very few allegations against gray shell like those by name a tool of as you are mounting d.w. reporters took photos during many visits to north western force yet to go vino the summer refugees this say these injuries were inflicted by creation border police. an hour north of here is one of the border crossings integration into the. we confront a local border police chief with the allegations but he dismisses them. the croatian police strictly adhered to the law and regulations i emphatically reject every allegation that the creation police are acting unlawfully for. the e.u.
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border runs right through a former warsaw prominently muslim be had was heavily contested during the bosnian war and hostages many refugees. in one nine hundred ninety two there were more than fifty thousand refugees here so the number of migrants today is not really so high many think it's high simply because there's no solution in sight. they get very close. like often in this multi-ethnic state the nationalist parties of the boss next creations and so have been at odds also on this issue and elections are imminent nationalists here in boston had to govern i have used to my current question from the beginning of this election campaign to the nationalists the migrants on issue for the e.u. to resolve since that's where they want to go brussels has given u.n. organizations seven point two million euros this year to help asylum seekers but
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most and be had say that's not a viable solution the town has spilled out a modest tourism industry sensible scene more ended twenty three years ago a model which for example runs a guest house on the river a favorite spot for because and nature lovers especially from the middle east. have a lot of arab visitors who don't want to get in a situation where the police are checking their i.d.'s and assuming they're migrants that's why fewer of them are coming here now but people still invested heavily in tourism. through the poor. and that will inevitably make life for refugees such as. here even worse many living just outside the use of external borders say the europeans are merely shifting the problem further down the balkan route. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news
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around the world former malaysian prime minister najib razak is appearing in court following his arrest he faces fresh charges of money laundering and abusing his position it follows allegations that six hundred and twenty eight million dollars linked to a state investment fund ended up in his personal bank accounts. japan's prime minister shinzo abi has been reelected as head of his ruling liberal democratic party in a landslide victory he won around seventy percent of members votes if a third term has become japan's longest serving premier and opus two thousand and twenty one. bitches have emerged capturing a dramatic moment when a rare fire tornado snatched up firefighters hose in british columbia in canada it happened in august as more than five hundred wildfires were blazing across the region fueled by rising heat and high winds.
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south korea's president says north korean leader kim jong un wants to restart nuclear talks with the chief u.s. diplomat mike pompei or any hopes for a second summit with president donald trump mosher in was speaking after he returned from three days of talks in pyongyang during which he signed several agreements aimed at bringing peace to the peninsula the summit ended on a high with move in and kim jong un keen to show they can overcome obstacles together. visiting the peak of a sacred volcano in north korea was perhaps a fitting end to this historic summit north korean leader kim yong and south korean president mungy in race to their class turns against the stunning backdrop of mt pake to follow in what seemed like positive talks some south koreans there had mixed feelings about the outcome of the summit. and the kind of personally i believe that peace on the korean peninsula will be possible because times have changed both leaders are actually trying to find new ways to improve into korean
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relations and no one talking about condemning the torn cardboards they took on a man who didn't get anything out of north korea in terms of denuclearization kim jong un only wants to get rid of us military stationed here and destroy our alliance with washington this summer declaration was nonsense and should be nullified. whatever their skepticism efforts are being made to allow international inspectors to observe the dismantling of north korea's main rocket launch site but kim yong says the closure of the yongbyon nuclear plant depends on reciprocal steps by the united states what he means by that is unclear. back in june donald trump became the first u.s. president to meet with a north korean leader analysts believe that north korea will want the u.s. to declare a formal end to the korean war possibly demanding a withdrawal of u.s.
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forces in the south and the relief from sanctions that are hurting north korea's struggling economy president trump has not ruled out making concessions. well we'll see what is what is at work but in the meantime we're soft it is very calm he's gone so we'll see what happens a similar kind of calmness perhaps between these two leaders on the peak of this sacred spot although both of them and the rest of the world too was surely aware they were standing on a volcano. joining me now is to. south korea say the three day visit and we saw that the two leaders standing up against the backdrop of the sacred volcano what was the message their leaders were giving by choosing this location. well i really think that unity was the definite message here of the idea of the korean peninsula could be entering
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a new era you know this mountain is basically known as the setting of a sort of a logical story about the beginning of the korean people so it's a symbol of century of what it means to be korean. and south korea's president has said that he dreams of going to this mountain. and by feeling that wish is kind of sending the message that korea may be divided right now but there are still indeed one people right to read this is to take a stand because now let's go to give a drunk so welcome you seem to be happy they could this be heading to well it's a korean dream if occasion in the coming months. you know i'd i'd like to think that it is but it won't be a quick process if we do indeed see you know reunification or of the merging of these two countries and then near future there's a new reasons for that the first one being you know to formally create a peace agreement or an end to the korean war north and south korea really need
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more than just themselves to sign on and that would basically require for the u.s. to be on board and right now i'm not so sure that the americans want to be washington this reading of pieces surance between the u.s. and north korea as a bargaining chip and they have expressed that they want to see more solid seps towards denuclearization of furze and then there's the idea that denuclearization itself would take a very long time if it's a prerequisite to reunification of the actual process of dismantling and surrendering these weapons and you know as someone who lives in the reports in south korea i have seen that a lot of south korean people are not necessarily receptive to the idea of reunification right now mainly because their economy and really struggling and they're not necessarily ready to open their doors you know potentially millions of other people right. to south korea thank you very much for that assessment.
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here in germany the accidental death of a journalist has led authorities to halt an operation aimed at removing environmental activists from a wooded area designated for clearing the operation had been running for a week in the humble forest just west of the city of cologne the protesters had been trying to block a power company from felling the forest when tragedy struck. all efforts to save his life were invading on wednesday a young journalist fell fifteen metres to his death in humble forest he had fallen through the planks of a walkway between two tree houses erected by environmentalists. seriously injured and we immediately tried to resuscitate him. sadly all the emergency doctor could do was ascertained his death. a police operation was launched more than
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a week ago aimed to clearing away clusters of tree houses built by environmentalists now following the journalist tragic accident that operation has been suspended the energy giant plans to clear what remains of the forest to facilitate more open cast late night mining for coal fired power plants the mine is already one of the biggest of its kind in europe and via mentalists say it's pointless to continue clearing the forest while a government commission is discussing ways to permanently stop burning coal to generate electricity. russia could be cleared to make a first come back to the world of sport today the world anti doping agency wada is deciding whether to lift a ban on the country's drug testing laboratory that would pave the way for russian athletes to return to track and field the ban has been in place since two thousand and fifteen after revelations of a major state sponsored doping scandal let's take a look back at how the unfolded. the
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twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi a crowning achievement for russian sports. celebrations were short lived however as one of the largest doping scandals in sporting history began to unravel later in twenty fourteen husband and wife whistleblowers vitale stepanov and yulia stepan over helped to lift the lid on a widespread drugs cover up in russian athletics russia's testing laboratory was suspended by water the world anti-doping agency an all russian track and field athletes were banned from international competition but the scandal was to get far bigger thanks to testimony from the former head of the russian the poetry gregory richman called. just before the twenty sixteen rio olympics what investigator richard mclaren revealed russia had adopted a state sponsored doping program in the lead up to the sochi games he concluded more than one thousand russian athletes across thirty sports benefited from the
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program very quickly we learned that there was a lot more going on than just social once we learned that it was just a geisha yes we were. surprised. at the potential scope of what was going on at this year's winter olympics in south korea russian athletes were only allowed to compete under a neutral flag to have the ban on its testing the poetry lifted russia needs to fulfil two key conditions the first to accept the findings of mclaren's report the second to release historic data and samples to water for further investigation. in football christiana rinaldo has had a ninety two forget on his champions league debut for his new club you ventus he was sent off in the twenty ninth minute funding and off the board incident before leaving the field in tears hernando will now miss the club's next three champions
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league matches including a return to form a club anxious to get knighted despite his dismissing your dentist and cruised to a tuna victory over palencia. a wild child of classical music is set to make his grand entrance in germany to your dog out insists will take over as chief conductor of a symphony orchestra and stood guard hailing originally from greece this is a radical approach to conducting has gained him something of a cult following and is already creating quite a stir here in germany you know when you see it. and all these things i do feel that. i prefer. to have a title. of musician. thank you for inviting. and let's make some of.
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the rehearsal and stuttgart with maverick conduct corrent says. he's unrelenting forceful and perfecting every single note. he's trying to make work and not make a factory look and i think a lot of conscience if you. only consider the can spot it and give one hundred percent. grants us approach to classical music is the original idiosyncratic fun the great composer has lived in russia for years he directs the opera house and power some one thousand kilometers east of moscow and founded his own world class orchestra there he's also an actor designer and writer. corrent says is in demand his decision to take on the role of chief conductor of the new s.w.
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last symphony orchestra and germany has caused a stir. agents. there were ready to make it sound like you're in the red square after the set i want to do that one two three one two. but the challenge of forming a new orchestra and creating a fresh sound with the musicians excited him. to take it slow so he teases things out of us and the pieces was. magnificent again he's a conductor who gets applauded after each rehearsal it's read. the moves his body like a baton fully devoted to the music. sounds wonderful it doesn't. you remember ali baba fonda jacmel had promised to create one
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million jobs in the united states now he says he's not going to do that he's going back on that pledge and guess knows why he does indeed the emirate of the billionaire owner of china's biggest shopping portal made the original promise in january last year in a meeting with donald trump just before his inauguration as u.s. president but now has now said that the u.s. china trade war as quote destroyed the original premise the idea was to set up one million jobs by helping american entrepreneurs to place their products on ali baba while the plans viability was met with some skepticism at the time it was considered a notable sign of economic ties between china and the u.s. growing closer. we stain china which is planning to slash the average tariff rates on imports from most of its trading partners as early as october according to the bloomberg news agency the
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move would come off to china imposed higher duties on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. products this week in reaction to washington's new tariffs on chinese goods it's not yet clear to which countries the reed used tires would apply analysts see china's reduction of import taxes as a signal that the world's number two economy is continuing efforts to reform and open up its market trade will almost. three . u.s. pressure on european companies slightly confused by the next report but this is it u.s. pressure on your opinion companies to seize doing business with iran appears to be working american ambassador to germany richard grenell tweeted that the chemical company v.a.s. said it was going to comply with u.s. sanctions on iran imposed over tehran's nuclear program that means it will seize trade with the country he also told news agency bloomberg that washington has
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managed to force folks to suspend its deals with iran declined to confirm that claim the comic has said its position on iran remains unchanged. earlier i spoke to our correspondent in frankfurt and i asked him about his assessment. yeah this is indeed a little bit confusing a little bit earlier we got a report from bloom worked out at the end now volkswagen decided to leave iran now we are hearing that they have not confirmed that i will we can be sure about one thing of the company not just a volkswagen also other countries they are under big pressure at the moment because for them the market there is extremely interesting and they would be able to sell her really millions of cars on the other hand they also don't want to ruin their very good business with the united states because we have to remember the interview
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with the u.s. ambassador here to germany was very clear and he was stating some weeks ago if you continue to do business with iran at the same time you can do business with the united states and we just have to speak about some other companies. for example they decided also to pull out off the country even though they had his mega deal with iran's national carrier they wanted to sell more than one hundred planes to the carrier so yes going to be very interesting at the end now how really volkswagen is going to decide. and frankfurt than that since you're watching news live from then on which i will have more news for you lots of the talk shows come right that long go to our web site it's most news in the commission that are on trial. thanks for watching by.
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enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful this week conflict zone is in vienna to talk to us from foreign minister implies she was nominated for the post by the n.p. immigration and why we. feel although she is not a member of the policy but who view the ost policy views mecha views conflicts of. g.w. . making
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a fashion splash at october fact. this year the prince of palm. has created the perfect. he designed the outfits for a famous store that sells traditional german full costumes. creations and ask him what makes for a good. sixty minutes on d w. upgrade yourself. interior design channel on. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our
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firemen for the better it's up to us to make a difference. this week conflict zone as in vienna out to talk to all the strength foreign minister. she was nominated for the post by the immigration and right wing. paula the f p o although she is not a member of the polity but do the f p o's policies mecha views and how does all of this affect all stressed place in europe.


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